Ogbe Airiodion | Sr. Change Management Lead & Program Management Consultant

Ogbe Airiodion is the Senior Project Manager and Change Management Lead (Consultant) of AdvisoryHQ’s Business Transformational Team, and is helping to drive the company’s multi-year enterprise-wide business and process transformation, scheduled to be completed in 2018.

With 14+ years of organizational change management, compliance, and project management experience, Ogbe specializes in delivering large, complex, and enterprise-wide transformational changes, and he brings these skillsets to AdvisoryHQ.

Ogbe has an extensive level of experience working with large, global and fast growing institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Fannie Mae, AIG, HSBC, Transamerica Insurance, Capital One, State Street, Principal Financial Group, Sears, and other retail, financial and health services institutions.

Organizational Change Management and Program Management 

Ogbe Airiodion is experienced in applying two sets of proven and well-researched change management and project implementation frameworks to deliver mid-to-large scale transformation of business processes, systems, organization talent, and structures.

Ogbe Airiodion - Change Management & Project Management Frameworks


Ogbe Airiodion has an extensive level of experience supporting top organizations  in implementing complex/large scale transformation, firm-wide restructuring, business process improvement, AML/KYC remediation, compliance program improvement, ERP/system integration, risk management, and efficient compliance operations across the globe.

  • End-to-End Project Management (Requirements Gathering, Design, Build, Test, Go-Live, & Post Go-Live)
  • Prosci ADKAR OCM, Communication Plans, Training, and Stakeholder Readiness Assessment
  • Current State/Gap Assessment, Remediation Blueprints, & Implementation Roadmaps
  • Regulatory Compliance, AML/KYC, Operational & Process Improvement, and Risk Management

3 Highly Essential Skillsets

Ogbe Airiodion brings three key transformational skillsets to enterprise-wide project implementation