Intro: Zulily Dresses and Clothing | The Truth About Dresses, Shoes, and Clothes is the digitized incarnation of the flash sale. With steep discounts and a wide range of products, Zulily women’s clothing and Zulily clothing for children are growing in popularity.

Zulily dresses offer style and comfort with the draw of discount prices. This model applies also to Zulily shoes and Zulily clothes of all kinds.

This billion dollar ecommerce giant offers inexpensive style, and their business is based on a model that utilizes limited time merchandise held at other companies. 

This relatively new, though not unheard of, practice leads many to question, “Is Zulily legit?” Let’s take a closer look in this Zulily review that delves into the characteristics of a towering organization.

zulily review

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We’ll get a closer look in our Zulily review by examining:

  • Zulily dresses
  • reviews 
  • Zulily complaints
  • The Zulily shopping experience
  • The Zulily app
  • Is Zulily legit?

There are a lot of reasons for the stylized, cost conscious consumer to like Zulily dresses and clothing. But does the low-cost clothing come at other costs like customer service and speed?

Zulily Review: Zulily Dresses

This truly modern business model seeks to bring value to the customer thorugh targeted sales. As Zulily states on their site, “Every day is special.” This can be taken literally.

Zulily dresses within Zulily women’s clothing feature low retails because the company negotiates special pricing with their vendors. These deals are limited in quantity and thus duration.

Our Zulily review reveals that this approach is best suited for the value shopper. Zulily clothes do offer style and a chic appeal.

However, delivery times are longer than what the average online consumer expects, as the merchandise is shipped to Zulily and then from Zulily to the customer. For this reason, some Zulily reviews lament the slow pace of their fulfillment.

When it comes to Zulily dresses –including the majority of Zulily clothing– the demographic driving the Zulily brand is not that of women, but rather babies. Nearly four million babies are born every year in the United States. New mothers need new outfitting options for themselves and their children.

This is why our Zulily review quickly honed in on two similar offerings, “Maternity” and “Baby & Maternity,” where a new mother or an expecting mother can find dozens of options. This also explains the presence of Zulily plus size offerings.

Impulse is at the center of the Zulily experience. Customers are conditioned to seek short-lived value. Dresses and other apparel don’t last long on the site.

Co-founder Mark Vadon built the Zulily strategy around this, explaining, “We are in a unique position of changing what we sell every day, sourcing unique product that people might not otherwise find.”

This concept of an ever- changing stock cycle within Zulily women’s clothing has led to some angst among customers. Zulily complaints and various Zulily reviews underscore the problem with the model.

One customer reports, “They told me no refund or return.” The structure that allows for deep discounts also dictates the difficult “one and done” policy.

Zulily reviews concerning their dresses are also troublesome. Given that Zulily clothes are not kept on the premises, there is virtually no oversight regarding quality of the pieces.

One disappointed customer remarked, “products are made very cheaply and are not what they look like on their website.”

This is common among Zulily reviews. The discounted prices are likely a function of liquidated stock or near non-sellable merchandise.

An honest Zulily review, however, should also note that this inferior quality is not necessarily viewed as a core default by the company themselves. For them, the core concept here is pricing, not quality.

These goods, worn by women going through temporary body changes, are not meant to last. The value-centric approach also explains the prevalence of Zulily coupons.

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Zulily Review: Reviews

The Better Businees Bureau reports an “A+” Zulily review. However, the customer reviews listed there posit a different image.

Our Zulily review shows that over the last three years, the BBB has closed 294 complaints. These Zulily reviews are concentrated around problems with the service and the merchandise(53%).

The founders built the company to be a resource for mothers to buy things repeatedly, as opposed to one-time, big ticket purchases. This is true of Zulily clothes, Zulily dresses, and Zulily shoes.

This is where the question, “Is Zulily legit?” comes to the forefront. The construction of the clothing and the material used is less of a priority given their limited use before being replaced.

Those asking, “Is Zulily legit?” are right to do so. The practices of the company are not fraudulent, but they do represent the adage, “You get what you pay for.”

Asking “Is Zulily legit?” might be asking the wrong question. Instead, “Is Zulily clothing legit?” or “Is Zulily advertising legit?” might be more helpful questions.

Zulily cannot examine every good. Many of the dresses and other Zulily clothes are available suddenly, with just one piece brought on-site and only for the purposes of photography.

Poor Zulily reviews are the result. The company simply doesn’t have time to inspect each garment, and the same goes for Zulily shoes.

Zulily reviews often include complaints of sizing. The true sizes of the pieces are likely provided by the vendors, not Zulily’s own staff. As a result, the parameters of a “medium” are closer to the body type seen in the clothing’s country of origin, not the U.S.

Platforms like the Zulily app are designed to capture the impulse buy, which might make it a victim of it’s own success in this regard.

Speed comes at the sacrafice of information. There are no rating systems for Zulily clothes, and these fast offers have no history.

Without history, there is no backdata to mitigate Zulily complaints about sizes that are slightly larger or smaller than expected or to warn of any other complaints.

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Zulily Review: Zulily Complaints

Customer review site Highya shows Zulily reviews at only an average of 2.3 out of 5 based on 72 Zulily reviews. These poor ratings only reinforce the underlying problem with the model.

One Zulily review reads, “the quality of the sweater was very poor.” Another Zulily review mirrors this, “The material is cheap and badly made.” This arises time and time again among Zulily reviews and Zulily complaints.

The zero-merchandise concept reduces operational complexities but leaves customers scorned. One writes, “I don’t want to use this site anymore because it takes them too long to ship.”

Our Zulily review reveals that their exceedingly cost-conscious ethos affects the sales cycle. Also, an item must be identified on the product information page as eligible for return, but this kind of fine print is difficult to ascertain on the Zulily app.

One reviewer, offering only one star on Amazon, reports, “They have a NO RETURN policy that was not apparent on their site. I am VERY displeased and would strongly suggest NOT purchasing from them.”

Our own Zulily review found that, while Zulily states that they are “generally unable to process returns,” the company may make exceptions in limited circumstances or in special promotions. Still, with such a vague return policy, it seems as though the Zulily complaints about returns may be legit.

While the flash sale structure depends on the convenience offered by the Zulily app, it seems only lead to customers who are ultimately unhappy with their purchases.

There are also some complaints about expensive Zulily shipping costs. This likely comes as aresult of a tier shipping chart that curtails slow shipments but only at a higher cost from the customer. The average cost to the customer for Zulily shipping is approximately $8.00.

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Zulily Review: The Shopping Experience

It’s not a surprise that our Zulily review shows great online usability as the company self-identifies as a technology company. Zulily leverages countless tests to ensure thay each user is presented with increasingly desirable options.

The system uses volumes of data to get to the core of each user’s preferences. Zulily reviews reflect this positive aspect.

The founders come from a tech background and expertise that this gives them an advantage in the marketplace.

To access the site and the offers, customers must first sign up. The site is designed to limit the purview of those who aren’t members.

While it does not cost anything to sign up for membership on the Zulily app or website, this limitation may also form the basis of the question, “Is Zulily legit?”

The shopping experience can be strange when a first-time buyer is not permitted to view the full set of merchandise. This also makes the Zulily app cumbersome. 

The Zulily app is, however, aggressively promoted. Any Zulily review should note that there are in fact some perks and offers only available via the Zulily app.

Though not strictly a “membership” service, the company operates based on many of those principles. This is seen not only in the Zulily app but also in the incentive program.

When a user invites a friend, they’re rewarded with $15 toward future purchases on the site. These Zulily coupons help the company widen their base.

This reference component may draw the skepticism among those asking, “Is Zuliliy legit?” as it seeks to get members to recruit others.

Rewards like Zulily coupons are also given to those who invite friends to join via social media.

Zulily Review: The Zulily App

While all the clothing options are made available on the Zulily app, other goods including décor, toys, and gifts for sale. The interface is breezy and direct.

The perfect photos and data-driven approach seek to call the customer to action. The Zulily app is also the perfect tool for capitalizing on the impulse nature driven by the limited stock.

zulily app

Photo courtesy of: Zulily

Reviews of the Zulily app are strong. The averge rating is 4.5 stars out of 5. This Zulily review is particularly impressive given that it’s based on 17,708 ratings.

The sheer number of Zulily reviews regarding the Zulily app is impressive. The answer to the question, “Is the Zulily app legit?” seems to be a resounding “yes.”

The Zulily app review on Google Play is even more impressive. An astounding 26,664 reviews yield an average 4.5 out 5 star review. 70% of those engaging with the Zulily app give it a top score.

The advertised discounts are up to 70% on some items. The short-term offers last no more than three days before being eliminated, playing off our bargain hunting instincts and desire for novel items.

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Conclusion: Is Zulily Legit?

The company is legit in the most basic sense of the word. They are upfront about how the business operates, and they are clear on the costs.

On a more nuanced level, new customers might be surprised at the quality of the clothing, the slow shipping, and the poor or non-existent refund policy.

While they soared to incredible heights in their nascent years, recent history hasn’t been so kind, and reviews illustrate this.

The share price has seen substantial erosion over the years. However, in 2015, QVC acquired the firm in a $2.4 billion cash and stock deal.

Since then, they have been making headlines and expanding their reach, marking a bright future for the business.

Zulily is a great option if you’re willing to sacrifice quality for cheaper goods that you expect to discard after a short period. It’s possible the Zulily review composit will improve under the new management, but only time will tell.

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