Should You Use ZipRecruiter Job Search? Everything You Need to Know is in this AHQ Zip Recruiter Review

The job search market has had many players over the years. Remember when Monster was the main place for online job searches? Then Indeed came along in 2004, and after that, starting in 2010, came ZipRecruiter job search.

The internet has become increasingly important both for finding employees and looking for jobs. According to Pew Research Center, 79% of US job seekers in the last two years, utilized online resources to find employment.

ziprecruiter cost

With multiple choices for online job searches, how does ZipRecruiter measure up? Many people wonder, “Is Zip Recruiter legit?” and “Does ZipRecruiter work?”

Hiring managers looking to fill positions are more concerned about ZipRecruiter pricing for companies and ask, “How effective is ZipRecruiter at finding the qualified candidates my organization needs?”

In this AdvisoryHQ News ZipRecruiter review we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the ZipRecruiter job search website. We’ll also answer the question, “Is ZipRecruiter free for job seekers?” and tell you whether we found any ZipRecruiter scams.

You’ll learn exactly how ZipRecruiter works, how much ZipRecruiter costs, and how to delete a ZipRecruiter account once you’ve scored a job.

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What is ZipRecruiter? | About the Company

First, let’s look at the question, “What is ZipRecruiter, the younger player in the job search market?”

ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace where those looking for jobs can upload resumes and apply for positions, and employers can post jobs and hire qualified people for their openings.

The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA and helps connect job seekers and employers in both the US and UK. Within the first two years after being founded, ZipRecruiter job search helped over 10,000 employers with their hiring needs.

After receiving $63 million in funding, the company’s growth trajectory continued to skyrocket, and in our ZipRecruiter reviews of their achievements, we found the following highlights:

  • They’ve helped over 120 million job seekers and over 1.5 million employers.
  • More than 430 million job applications have been submitted through ZipRecruiter.
  • The ZipRecruiter app is the #1 rated job search app on Android and iOS, with over 9 million downloads.
  • ZipRecruiter job search has over 64 million subscribers to their job alert emails.
  • Each month, an average of over 10,000 companies subscribe to their service.

That last statistic may help answer the questions, “Is ZipRecruiter legit?” and “Is ZipRecruiter good for finding lots of different jobs.” Because a job search website is only as strong as the number of employers that post their jobs there and the number of people looking for them.

AdvisoryHQ ZipRecruiter Review | How Does ZipRecruiter Work?

We’re going to split this section up between job seekers and employers, since the answer to “How does ZipRecruiter work?” will be slightly different for each group.

We’re going to get into ZipRecruiter pricing in another section shortly. For this one we’ll give you the basic step-by-step of how to get going with ZipRecruiter job search whether you’re posting a new job or looking for one.

ziprecruiter app

Zip Recruiter Reviews | How it Works for Job Seekers

  • Begin searching millions of jobs by entering a keyword and location.
  • Seekers can choose to send a search link to the ZipRecruiter app on their phone.
  • Press the option to apply to get more information about the position.
  • If it’s your first time, you’ll be asked to enter your name, email, and phone number.
  • When you apply for a job, you’ll be taken to an application to fill out.
  • You can also upload your resume and save it for use later for “1-Click Apply” options.
  • Employers will contact you if they’re interested in setting up an interview.

Is ZipRecruiter good for setting up automated job alerts? The site allows you to set up to 20 job alerts to be notified of new positions that match your search criteria.

You can also find in their blog ZipRecruiter reviews and tips for best practices for job searches, resumes, and making yourself a great candidate.

Once you’ve found a great job and want to know how to delete a ZipRecruiter account, you can’t cancel or delete it, but you can close it. You can do that in your account settings. Also, make sure to unsubscribe from all emails in the notifications area.

If you’re asking yourself, “Is ZipRecruiter free?” We’ll get into that shortly when we talk about the ZipRecruiter cost.

Zip Recruiter Reviews | How it Works for Employers

  • Employers can fill out a form or use a customizable job description template to post a new job.
  • Enter your company information and sign up for the appropriate subscription plan.
  • Employers can add pre-screen interview questions to filter the most qualified candidates.
  • Your job is sent to over 100 job sites across the internet.
  • You get a listing of qualified candidates replying to your job offer along with their resumes or applications.
  • You can interact with candidate from your Candidate Dashboard.
  • Close the job out once the position is filled.

How effective is ZipRecruiter at finding qualified candidates? The company states that about 80% of employers posting on ZipRecruiter job search get a qualified candidate through the site within the very first day.

If you’re wondering, “What is ZipRecruiter doing to help you connect with Millennials?” you’ll be happy to know that they offer social network job posting on Facebook and Twitter to help you reach a wider pool of candidates.

If you don’t have a need for the service any longer and are wondering how to delete a ZipRecruiter account before the next ZipRecruiter costs come through, you have two options. You can either cancel by phone or through your account options online.

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How Much Does ZipRecruiter Cost?

Now for the answers to the questions, “Is ZipRecruiter free for job seekers?” and “How much is ZipRecruiter pricing for companies posting jobs?”

Those looking for jobs will be happy to know that the platform is completely free for you. So, if you’ve been waiting to find out, “Is ZipRecruiter free to find a job?” you can get started posting your resume; you won’t be charged a thing.

The site makes money from charging employers for job posting services. There are a few different subscription options for company job postings at the site, but the ZipRecruiter cost for each isn’t easily found there.

One of their pages shows three plans: Standard, Premium, and Pro. Another of their pages shows plans called: Simple, Team4, and Enterprise. But neither of those pages answer the question, “How much does ZipRecruiter cost?”

After looking through multiple ZipRecruiter reviews for employer plan costs, we found the following ZipRecruiter pricing information:

  • Starter: 3 active job slots, $249 to $349/month
  • Team: 10 active job slots, $375 to $549/month
  • Company: 20 active job slots, $576 to $799/month

Each option offers the premium version that gives 25 resume database downloads per month and extra user seats beyond 1. Some of the higher priced plans also include TrafficBoost™ for urgent or hard-to-fill job openings.

If you’re asking, “Does ZipRecruiter work?”, you can try it before you spend money on it. They have a 4-day free trial that allows you to post a job and see how you like it before you commit to a monthly subscription.

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AdvisoryHQ ZipRecruiter Reviews | What Job Seekers Say

How do those that are looking for a job like the service? How would they answer the question, “Is ZipRecruiter legit?” Let’s find out.

We looked over multiple ZipRecruiter reviews to bring you the highlights of what job seekers say about the service, both good and bad. We’ll start with the negative ZipRecruiter reviews, then hear from the positive ones.

ZipRecruiter Review | Unhappy Job Seekers

  • One ZipRecruiter reviewer said they felt like they were doing a lot of work for zero results. The notices they received about potential jobs never went anywhere. If asked, “Does ZipRecruiter work?”, they’d say, “No!”
  • In another ZipRecruiter Review, the job seeker was frustrated with the poor filtering. They were being sent jobs nowhere near where they lived and not properly filtered by their qualifications.
  • Receiving spam calls after they signed up for the job hunting service was among the ZipRecruiter complaints at TrustPilot. We did note that the company attempted to offer assistance.

ZipRecruiter Review | Happy Job Seekers

  • A job searcher that wrote a ZipRecruiter review at TrustPilot said the website is very useful for finding jobs that they wouldn’t have typically found in other places and thought it was like “Google for job listings.”
  • One reviewer gave the ZipRecruiter app and customer service a 5-star rating. They said the site has helped them more than others and within about two weeks they were invited for an interview with a potential employer.
  • ZipRecruiter’s great customer support was noted in another ZipRecruiter review. After having problems getting back to a page for an applied for job, they used the online chat support who knew just what they needed to do and were very helpful.

what is ziprecruiter

AdvisoryHQ ZipRecruiter Reviews | What Employers Say

There are a lot of ways that employers can post jobs, but finding the most efficient and effective save time and money.

Is Zip Recruiter good for locating the best and most qualified candidates? We’ll see what companies using the service have to say about it below.

ZipRecruiter Reviews | Unhappy Employers

  • A ZipRecruiter complaint from a company on HighYa, said that they didn’t have any problems with the ability to find qualified employees. However, they found ZipRecruiter customer service to be poor and they had issues getting a refund.
  • Another employer felt they weren’t up front about the short length of the free trial. When they wanted to know, “How much does ZipRecruiter cost?”, they felt the company wasn’t transparent about pricing policies.
  • The ZipRecruiter pricing was too expensive for one company that had just one job to post. They didn’t think the cost was worth the benefit.

ZipRecruiter Reviews | Happy Employers

  • Extremely helpful and patient customer support was praised by one company posting a job at ZipRecruiter. They never felt rushed as they were walked through the process and felt their support agent was pleasant and knowledgeable.
  • A reviewer that has been a hiring manager for ten years would answer, “Very!” to the question, “How effective is ZipRecruiter?” They were able to fill their four open positions within a week and found the process simple and fast.
  • Great customer service was a compliment we saw echoed in many employer ZipRecruiter reviews. When a new iPhone leads layout did not work for a hiring manager, customer support helped them find a work around that worked for their needs.

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How Good is the ZipRecruiter App?

In today’s mobile world, it’s not enough just to have a good website if you’re a top job search site, you’ve also got to have a decent app.

So, how effective is ZipRecruiter’s mobile app? We’ll let the ratings for the ZipRecruiter app speak for themselves.

  • ZipRecruiter App for iOS: 4.9 out of 5 stars (from 69.7K ratings)
  • ZipRecruiter App for Android: 4.8 out of 5 stars (from 143K ratings)

So, if you’re wondering, “Is ZipRecruiter good if you use the app?”, the users definitely think so and give their app high ratings for both Apple and Android devices.

ZipRecruiter Review | ZipRecruiter vs Indeed

When looking at a ZipRecruiter vs Indeed comparison, both sites offer many of the same types of job posting, searching, and alert features. Indeed has been around about 6 years more, so it has a longer track record, but ZipRecruiter is going on 8 years in business, so it’s not really brand new anymore.

Looking at ZipRecruiter reviews of multiple user ratings at G2 Crowd for both services, they’re pretty close. Indeed rates 4.2 out of 5 stars and ZipRecruiter has 3.6 out of 5 stars.

Is Indeed free and is ZipRecruiter free? Yes, if you’re a job seeker. If you’re posting a job, then the pricing models are a little different. ZipRecruiter pricing is based upon the subscription model, where Indeed’s is based on a “pay-per-click” model.

When looking at ZipRecruiter vs Indeed app ratings, ZipRecruiter reviews are slightly higher. Indeed’s app scored 4.7 for iOS and 4.3 for Android. (As compared to 4.9/iOS and 4.8/Android for ZipRecruiter).

ZipRecruiter Scams to Watch Out For

Even though ZipRecruiter reviews job postings by employers, there are job scams that get through that are posted by scammers trying to prey on people looking for work.

Some of these ZipRecruiter scams may promise a great job, but try to charge you for a “background check” or other “administrative fees.” Remember, it’s not the norm for a job searcher to have to pay money up front to a company offering a job. That’s a huge red flag.

Another dangerous job scam is to be offered an assistant-type position that asks you to receive packages and re-ship them to another address. The US Postal Service has a warning about this, as those packages often include stolen credit cards or other illegal goods.

ZipRecruiter complaints often come from those scam postings, so the company provides tools to help job seekers identify them and stay safe. This includes the ability to flag suspicious job postings so their Trust and Safety Department can review them.

You can also find tips on how to avoid falling for ZipRecruiter scam job postings in the Tips & Advice section of their website.

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AdvisoryHQ’s ZipRecruiter Reviews Conclusion

Though ZipRecruiter job search may be newer than a few others out there, it’s already gained a pretty good reputation. Besides having an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, the company also recently won an award for Best Company in Los Angeles.

If you’re wondering, “Does ZipRecruiter work?” for most people it does, but not for everyone. The biggest ZipRecruiter complaints we found were in the filtering and receiving of job alerts for positions not in a job seeker’s search criteria.

How does ZipRecruiter work for employers? Pretty well according to many, and they can’t say enough good things about the excellent customer support. Many ZipRecruiter employer reviews praised the knowledgeable staff that go above and beyond to help.

Because ZipRecruiter is free for job seekers there’s no risk in giving it a try to see how it works for you. Plus, their mobile apps get excellent marks.

If you’re an employer wondering, “What is ZipRecruiter going to do for my hiring?” you can join for a free trial, just be aware you’ll need to cancel before it ends if you don’t want to be charged for the first month.

With any job search engine, you’re going to get scammers trying to post fake offers, but the company does do a good job of addressing ZipRecruiter scams and giving users a way to report them.

We feel that ZipRecruiter has definitely earned its place among the top job search engines as a leading online employment marketplace. With exceptional customer support and over a million employers using their service, they’re a great option whether you’re looking for a job or searching for the right person to fill one.

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