Is Zazzle a Legit Online Shop? Our Zazzle Review Tells All!

This article provides you with everything you need to know about Zazzle, including whether the site is safe for your credit card, and whether the company is legit.

If you have experienced any positive or negative shopping experience with Zazzle, and would like to share your customer review about the company, we’ll love to hear from you, email our editorial team.

When you’re shopping online and looking for something unique to give as a gift or to sell, may be a site you’ve come across during an online search for personalized products. Technology has made it much easier to create your own custom products for gifts or to sell in an online marketplace, and Zazzle printing offers multiple options for your creativity.

However, it’s not the only choice out there for custom printing and you may be on the fence about using Zazzle website as compared to competitors, like CafePress or Teespring. makes it easy for anyone to instantly create a custom product, but is Zazzle legit and is Zazzle safe to use? review

Zazzle Reviews 2022-2023

This Zazzle review offers a look into the shopping experiences of customers that have ordered Zazzle invitations, t-shirts, cards, and other products from this online marketplace of personalized goods.

In this Zazzle website review we’ll answer all questions you may have including the following:

  • What is Zazzle?
  • Is Zazzle a legit site? Is Zazzle trustworthy?
  • Is Zazzle safe to order from?
  • Are Zazzle product good quality?
  • Are reviews mostly positive or negative?
  • What is a Zazzle free shipping code?

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If you’re also wondering what Zazzle reviews are saying about their experiences with shopping online at, you’ve come to the right place.

AdvisoryHQ Zazzle review aims to answer all of your pressing questions about the company to give you a better view of what to expect when shopping online for custom Zazzle invitations and other merchandise.

You’ll get a review of, including a quick overview of the site and its product selection to help you get a better understanding of what Zazzle has to offer. We’ll also go over Zazzle shipping subscriptions and Zazzle customer service responsiveness.

We’ll start by answering: What is Zazzle website?

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What Is Zazzle? | What is Zazzle Website?

Zazzle Inc. is an online on-demand marketplace that offers a platform for people to create or customize ready-made products for gifts or to create and sell. While founded in 1999, the Zazzle website launched in 2005. website provides products to 30+ million customers across the globe. The company dubs itself as “the Make Engine” and uses cutting-edge technology to make it easy for people to design Zazzle invitations, bags, shirts, and multiple other items online that they can buy or sell.

zazzle customer reviews

What is

Who is Zazzle? Who Owns Zazzle?

Zazzle Inc. is owned by the Beaver family. Robert Beaver founded the Zazzle website with his sons Bobby and Jeff, and his sons were actually built the first version of the Zazzle website.

Do you have any insight into who is Zazzle or who owns Zazzle? If you think that there’s valuable information about that we missed, we’d love to hear from you!

Zazzle Reviews 2022-2023 | Where is Zazzle Located?

If you’ve been wondering Where is Zazzle based, you’re at the right place.

Zazzle location is in Redwood City, California, USA.

We often receive enquiries from potential customers that want to know more about where is Zazzle based. Two most commonly asked questions about Zazzle location are:

  • Where is Zazzle located in Canada?
    Our review of Zazzle found that the company currently doesn’t have any locations in Canada.
  • Where is Zazzle located in Australia?
    Our review Zazzle found that currently doesn’t have any locations in Australia.

According to many other Zazzle website review, the company currently doesn’t have any locations outside of the USA, but it is catering to customers globally.

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Zazzle Review | What is Zazzle Website Selling?

In addition to being a creative platform for designing items to sell in the Zazzle marketplace, online shoppers can browse products and find personalized gifts in a variety of categories, including:

  • Weddings
  • Invitations & Cards
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Home
  • Electronics
  • Office
  • Baby & Kids
  • Art
  • Gifts

Items you can buy on the Zazzle website include everything from paper products like Zazzle invitations and Zazzle business cards to things like mugs, luggage tags, t-shirts, and Apple Watch bands.

People that use Zazzle printing come from all walks of life. It could be a fashion illustrator that wants her art to be printed on a variety of products or a son who wants to make a unique Father’s Day gift for his dad with a customized mug and cap.

Zazzle’s ecosystem includes over 900,000 designers, over 150 makers, more than 500 brands, and millions of customers.

What is Zazzle App?

The Zazzle app gets positive reviews on both iOS and Android platforms. Shoppers that use the Zazzle app will notice a similar experience as if they were shopping online from their home computers.

The Zazzle app has more than 8,700 reviews on the Google Play store and a rating of 3.6 out of 5-stars.

Most of the users have noted their love of how easy it is to place orders on the Zazzle app. Some sellers, however, aren’t thrilled with the recent updates, saying it makes it harder to find their images.

Zazzle app reviews on the Google Play store, whether from shoppers or designers, do state that Zazzle app is great for buying items and very easy to use when shopping from Zazzle com.

what is zazzle app?

What is Zazzle App?

Users at the Apple App store also scored the Zazzle app highly, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5-stars from over 18,900 Zazzle Inc reviewers.

The Zazzle app for iOS devices is praised for its great design and most users are happy with it, but we did find a review that said the app can stick at times and close unexpectedly.

Overall, the general consensus indicates that using the Zazzle app is an excellent alternative to using the website.

zazzle wedding invitations

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Do you have any information that would make our “What is Zazzle App” and “What is” review sections even better? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

Zazzle Shipping | Zazzle Shipping Reviews

Zazzle shipping availability and options we’ll vary based on where you’re located and how quickly you want to get your Zazzle order.

Based on our Zazzle shipping reviews, we’ve noticed that Zazzle website offers a lot of different shipping options and conveniently also offers a tool that gives you an estimate of Zazzle shipping times.

Zazzle shipping times will vary based on the product, quantity, and location.

Zazzle shipping reviews

Zazzle Shipping

Zazzle shipping reviews point out that for Zazzle shipping and delivery estimate, you have to click the “Shipping options” link on the product page that will show you all available Zazzle shipping options for that particular product.

According to our Zazzle shipping reviews, quantities of 50 or more pieces of any product on Zazzle website will be considered “High Volume Orders” and may result in 2-3 additional business days to the timeframes listed.

Furthermore, if you’re ordering 100 or more units of any Zazzle ornament, necklace or premium keychain style will add additional 5-7 business days to manufacture.

Zazzle shipping estimates will vary depending on the Zazzle shipping method you select at checkout and are not included in the manufacturing turnaround times.

Zazzle shipping

Zazzle Shipping Reviews – Shipping Methods

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Zazzle Shipping FAQs | Is Zazzle Reliable?

Below we’ve prepared Zazzle shipping FAQs that we frequently get from our readers. To best answer all the most commonly questions, we’ve looked at Zazzle website and sifted through hundreds of Zazzle shipping reviews.

  • Where is Zazzle shipped from? Where does Zazzle ship from?
    Most Zazzle products are shipped from its partner makers located in the USA.

  • How long does Zazzle take to ship to USA?
    Since Zazzle is all about personalization and customization, our Zazzle shipping reviews found that the shipping time will vary depending on the type of product and quantity.

    On average, it takes anywhere from 24 hours to 3 business days for Zazzle website to manufacture and ship products. Customers in the USA can choose between 5 shipping methods: Standard (no tracking), Premium, Express, Zip, and Zip Plus.If you need your urgently, you should choose either Zip or Zip Plus Zazzle shipping method as these will prioritize both manufacturing and shipping.

    Standard Zazzle shipping will take 4-7 business days after manufacturing while with Express shipping you can expect the delivery 2-3 business days.

  • How long does Zazzle take to ship to Australia? reviews share that on average it takes 1-3 business days to ship to Australia.
  • How long does Zazzle take to ship to Canada? reviews share that it typically takes 24 hours to 3 business days for Zazzle Canada products to be shipped.

  • How long does Zazzle take to ship to UK?
    Zazzle UK reviews point to same shipping times we’ve seen for another destinations: 1-3 business days.

  • How long does Zazzle take to ship Reddit?
    We’ve looked into Zazzle reviews Reddit community left and found that the answer to “How long does Zazzle take to ship Reddit?” varies. While we did find that Zazzle Reddit community most commonly reports 1-2 business days shipping time, we also found a few that reported longer shipping and delivery times.

  • Is there a Zazzle free shipping code?
    If you’re wondering if a Zazzle free shipping code exists, don’t hold your breath. Unfortunately, there is no Zazzle free shipping code for consumers to use on the site, though they do offer other Zazzle coupons and deals.

    While we did find that the company will occasionally offer Zazzle free shipping code, we didn’t find any available at all times.However, if you opt for Zazzle Plus membership, you get Zazzle free shipping with every order.

  • Is Zazzle reliable? Is Zazzle good?
    Yes, based on our Zazzle review, Zazzle is reliable and good.

zazzle review

Have you ordered anything from this shop? Do you have any more insight into where is Zazzle shipped from? Contact AdvisoryHQ

Zazzle Customer Service

According to hundreds of Zazzle customer service reviews we went through, most Zazzle customer reviews highly praise and appreciate the help and kindness of Zazzle customer service.

According to the company’s website, most questions will be answered in 1-2 business days.

Certain Zazzle customer service agents have been complemented by more than one customer in their Zazzle reviews. One in particular, named Bianca, was praised for being extremely helpful and responsive.

One important factor to note is that Zazzle customer service appears to take its reviews seriously. After reading responses to reviews, you can gather that the company has a dedicated person or team that reviews Zazzle Trustpilot, Zazzle BBB, and Zazzle Yelp.

We found that Zazzle customer service reaches out to customers that leave negative feedback. The company’s attempt to resolve issues in a timely manner to enhance customer experience is commendable and shows that the company is responsive.

How can I contact Zazzle customer service?

According to many Zazzle customer service reviews, it’s pretty easy to contact the company.

There are several ways to do so: email, chat, and phone. Regardless of your communication preference, Zazzle customer service reviews point that company offers effective service.

Where is Zazzle customer service located?

Zazzle customer service location is in Redwood City, CA, USA.

What are Zazzle customer service hours?

From company’s website and Zazzle customer service reviews, Zazzle customers service hours are not clear. However, if you’re calling the company the hours are clearly stated.

Zazzle customer service hours: Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM PT (12PM – 8PM ET).

Zazzle customer service phone number: 1-408-983-2800

Have you tried contacting Zazzle and have more insight into Zazzle customer service hours for chat and email? Let us know!

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Zazzle Reviews 2022-2023 | Overall Zazzle Ratings

When it comes to buying from a company, especially an online retailer, it is best to always look at the company reviews to see what the shopping experience entails and what the majority of consumers are saying about the site.

This section of the article will reveal the consensus of reviews from popular review websites, including Zazzle Trustpilot, reviews on Zazzle Sitejabber, and the Zazzle Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Here are some highlights of Zazzle customer reviews on some of the popular review websites.

  • Zazzle Reviews BBB – 4.18/5 (657 Zazzle BBB reviews)
  • Sitejabber Zazzle reviews– 4.4/5 (7,439 reviews for Zazzle)
  • Zazzle Trustpilot reviews – 4.5/5 (13,836 reviews on Zazzle)
  • Zazzle reviews Yelp – 8 reviews on Zazzle

Zazzle BBB | Zazzle Reviews BBB

Zazzle reviews BBB rated the company a high 4.18 out of 5 stars. Zazzle Better Business Bureau profile has an A- rating.

Zazzle Better Bussiness Bureau

Zazzle Better Bussines Bureau (BBB)

Overall, Zazzle BBB reviews are generally void of complaints about the company’s pricing which means that online shoppers can expect competitive price points for Zazzle website, products, and services. Zazzle reviews also highlight that orders aren’t generally canceled due to lack of inventory or issues with the company’s website.

So, if you’re ordering Zazzle business cards, stationary, or personalized gifts, you shouldn’t run into out-of-stock problems.

The company’s security features also appear to be excellent based on Zazzle reviews BBB. We did not find customers claiming to have their credit cards stolen or notice fraudulent charges after shopping at

Additionally, many Zazzle reviews BBB indicate they are very pleased with the quality of the company’s products, although this seems to vary according to the product ordered. Customer ordering Zazzle printing of images that they upload into items like bags, are typically very pleased with the quality.

For example, one Zazzle BBB reviewer stated:

“Just received an order of reusable grocery bags, which I gave as little gifts to high school friends as we met for lunch…These bags are just outstanding! great quality, great photo printing. I am always impressed w/the items which I buy from Zazzle!”

When a Zazzle review indicates quality issues, we’ve found that it generally falls into product categories such as cell phone covers or miss-sized t-shirts. We also found that most quality issues weren’t with the product, but rather with the printing quality, which could possibly be due to a poor-quality image provided by the customer.

Additionally, Zazzle customer service seems to be very quick in resolving Zazzle complaints on BBB and from what we’ve seen, most times subsequent Zazzle customer reviews are very satisfactory.

If we had to determine is Zazzle trustworthy based on Zazzle reviews BBB, our answer would be “Yes!”

Zazzle cases review

Reviews for Zazzle on Sitejabber

Zazzle customers left almost 7,500 reviews for Zazzle on Sitejabber and gave the company an overall rating of 4.4/5 which is pretty great considering the number of reviews.

Over 4,829 Zazzle customer reviews rated the site with 5 stars while 1,298 decided that Zazzle ratings should be 1-star only. We took a look at what customers are saying about pros and cons of using Zazzle to determine why they rated it either high or low. We’ll start with positive reviews for Zazzle.

Majority of positive reviews for Zazzle praise the fast shipping, quality of print, Zazzle quality, and affordability. While Zazzle website reviews are for different type of products, we’ve noticed that among positive ones the biggest chunk is for Zazzle invitations and Zazzle business cards.

Zazzle reviews

Reviews for Zazzle on Sitejabber

We’ve also seen many positive Zazzle website reviews that are thrilled to have received their orders quicker than expected. We should also mention many positive Zazzle customer reviews.

Among negative reviews on Zazzle, we found that there are many complaining about Zazzle quality and also some that received seemingly wrong orders. However, the company replied to every single Zazzle complaint and tried to resolve it to the customer’s satisfaction which is something you don’t see so often.

While there are over 1,000 Zazzle complaints on Sitejabber, a lot of them are coming from impatient customers or customers that didn’t even bother to try to resolve it with Zazzle website before leaving a negative Zazzle review.

So if asked, is Zazzle trustworthy based on Sitejabber reviews on Zazzle, we would say “Yes, Zazzle is trustworthy.” Is Zazzle a scam? We have to say “No, there’s no Zazzle scam.”

zazzle invitations review

Zazzle Trustpilot | Reviews on Zazzle Trustpilot

There are 13,836 Zazzle Trustpilot reviews giving the company an overall score of 4.5/5 which is the best Zazzle ratings we’ve seen across all the review sites.

Over 76% of Zazzle customer reviews have rated the company with 5 stars, while only 13% of the customers thought Zazzle ratings should be a 1-star rating. So what do Zazzle Trustpilot customers have to say? Is Zazzle reliable? Is Zazzle a legit company? Is Zazzle a reputable company?

Majority of 5-star Zazzle Trustpilot reviews would say “Yes!” to all of those questions. Most positive reviews for Zazzle praise the Zazzle quality, Zazzle customer service, and overall experience of shopping from Zazzle Inc.

While there’s always another side of the coin, there are some customers wondering is Zazzle a scam?

Some of the most prevalent complaints in reviews were with delayed Zazzle shipping. Multiple customers were upset that they didn’t receive their products when expected.

And in the case of orders for Zazzle invitations and other stationery products for weddings and time-sensitive events, customers were quite upset when Zazzle shipping took longer than promised, especially when they paid for expedited shipping. reviews also revealed issues with order fulfillment for certain types of designs. For example, one Zazzle Trustpilot review indicated that the customer was upset because the company refused to create a sticker with a Donald Trump Quote and a few other reviewers felt their free speech was limited due to Zazzle refusing to print items considered racist.

Zazzle Inc and other sites like Zazzle Inc do typically have policies that don’t allow printing of anything that infringes on a copyright or that would be considered hate speech or that’s obscene. Zazzle’s allowable content policy can be found here.

Once again, while there are some negative reviews that at first may leave you thinking: “Is there a Zazzle scam?”, we found that there are no Zazzle scams. There are some unsatisfied Zazzle customer reviews, but all have been addressed by the company and most of them have been solved to customers satisfaction. So, if you’re looking to find Zazzle scams, we’re happy to tell you that there aren’t any.

Lastly, we’ll take a look at Zazzle reviews Yelp users left and see what they have to say about shopping on Zazzle com.

Zazzle Reviews Yelp | Is Zazzle a Scam?

Surprisingly, we only found 8 Zazzle reviews Yelp users left. While the person that started the thread is claiming that there may be some Zazzle scams, it seems that it was really an issue with delivery and not Zazzle com.

Additionally, due to this issue, they even received the replacement order from Zazzle com, so we really see no reason to claim there are Zazzle scams.

Based on our Zazzle reviews Yelp, “Is Zazzle a scam?”. No, there is no Zazzle scam.

zazzle com review

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What do Zazzle Reviews Canada, Australia, & UK Say?

Next, we’ll take a look into Zazzle Canada reviews, Zazzle reviews Australia, and Zazzle reviews UK to see what customers around the world have to say about Zazzle com.

Zazzle Reviews Canada | Is Zazzle a Legit Site?

Our reviews found that most customers were quite happy with their shopping experience. We found that 81% of customers that left their Zazzle Canada reviews gave company a 5-star rating and only 6% of customers left a 1-star Zazzle rating.

Positive Zazzle Canada reviews bring up great Zazzle quality, fast shipping and delivery, and just an overall satisfaction with the shopping process. Additionally, most reviews point that they were positively surprised with the cost of Zazzle Canada shipping costs.

Negative Zazzle reviews Canada were mostly dissatisfied with the quality of the print, or the end result just wasn’t quite what they expected. We were happy to see that all negative Zazzle ca reviews were addressed by the company. It seems that most of them were solved to the satisfaction of the customer.

It’s also important to note that all negative Zazzle reviews Canada were left between 2015 and 2017 and we couldn’t find any more recent ones.

Apart from the short overview of Zazzle reviews Canada, we also decided to include the most commonly asked questions that we got from our Zazzle Canada readers.

Zazzle Canada reviews

Zazzle Canada Reviews

Zazzle Reviews Canada FAQs

  • What is is a Canadian domain for the Zazzle Inc website where Canadian customers can pay for Zazzle products in Canadian dollars.
  • Is Zazzle Canadian?
    No, Zazzle is not Canadian. Zazzle is an American company.
  • Where is Zazzle located in Canada?
    Zazzle Canada doesn’t have a location in Canada. Zazzle Inc is located in the USA.
  • Is legit? Is Zazzle Canada Legit?
    Yes! After thoroughly reviewing the Zazzle ca website and numerous reviews, we have to say that Zazzle is legit.

Zazzle Australia Reviews | Is Zazzle a Legit Site?

We sifted through hundreds of Zazzle reviews Australia and we found that Zazzle Australia shoppers are very happy with purchasing and delivery experience.

We found that over 87% of reviews rated the company with a 5-star rating while only 6% of all Zazzle Australia reviews gave the company a 1-star rating.

Positive Zazzle reviews Australia praise the amazing customer service, quality, and selection of products.

Among negative reviews we found Zazzle complaints from angry customers that waited for their orders for too long, received wrong Zazzle Inc orders, and mixed-up orders. With all that said, once again, all negative Zazzle reviews Australia were addressed and taken care of by the company’s customer service team.

Zazzle reviews Australia Reviews

Zazzle Reviews Australia FAQs

  • Is Zazzle in Australia? Is Zazzle Australian?
    While Zazzle is available to shoppers in Australia through, Zazzle Inc is not an Australian company.
  • Is Zazzle in Australia legit? Is Zazzle a legit site?
    Yes, regardless of some negative Zazzle reviews Australia, Zazzle Australia is legit. This is confirmed by numerous reviews from legit customers.
  • Where does Zazzle Australia ship from?
    Our review of Zazzle website and Zazzle Australia reviews points to all orders being shipped from the USA. This is the reason why you will some Zazzle reviews Australia that complain about longer delivery times.

Zazzle Reviews UK | Is Zazzle a Legit Site?

Lastly, we’ll be looking into Zazzle UK reviews to see what customers that shopped on had to say in their reviews.

We dug through a lot of Zazzle reviews UK customers left and over 65% gave a 5-star Zazzle ratings. This is a bit lower percentage when compared to Zazzle Australia reviews and Zazzle reviews Canada.

Furthermore, the percentage of negative Zazzle reviews UK is also higher than what we’ve seen previously. Over 20% of Zazzle reviews UK were 1-star reviews from disheartened customers.

Most positive Zazzle reviews UK were quite pleased with fast shipping and delivery, outstanding customer service, and Zazzle quality.

However, negative Zazzle reviews UK point out that there may be Zazzle scams going on. With accusations of unfulfilled orders, missed deliveries, and expensive service, Zazzle UK reviews are by far the worst.

We’re however pleased to see that the company is addressing all the issues and working with customers that left negative Zazzle reviews UK to help resolve the situation.

Zazzle reviews UK Reviews

Zazzle Reviews UK FAQs

  • Is Zazzle in the UK? Is Zazzle a UK company?
    While customers in the UK can shop goods on the website, Zazzle is not a UK company.
  • Where is Zazzle UK based?
    Zazzle is not based in the UK. Zazzle is based in California, USA.
  • Is Zazzle a legit site in the UK?
    Yes, Zazzle is a legit site in the UK?

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Is Zazzle Canada legit from your experience? Is Zazzle a trustworthy site in your opinion. Let us know!

Is Zazzle Safe to Order From? Is Zazzle a Reputable Company?

If you’re wondering is Zazzle a safe website and is Zazzle a trustworthy site, you’re not alone. A primary concern of many online buyers is: “Is Zazzle a legit company” and “Is Zazzle safe to order from?”. Safety can be measured in several ways, but many individuals want to know that their personal information is safe.

One important safety note is that the company states that children under the age of 13 may not use the site.

Zazzle’s privacy policy is in compliance with the privacy regulations from the EU (GDPR), which puts more stringent rules on how consumer data is handled. And it’s transparent about third parties that it may share your information with, such as Google Maps for tracking Zazzle shipping.

The company also secures users’ information via secure server software, or SSL, to encrypt information and requires passwords when using a Zazzle account.

Therefore, the company makes it a point to keep your private information safe when using

So, if you’ve been wondering “Is Zazzle a safe site to order from?”, the answer is “Yes, Zazzle is safe to order from?”

So, Is Zazzle Legit? Is Zazzle a Legit Website?

The legitimacy of Zazzle can be verified by checking the company’s status with California’s Secretary of State’s website.

Conducting a simple business entity search based on corporation name will pull up the company’s official name: Zazzle Inc. According to the website, the company filed for business status in 1999. As of January 2023, Zazzle is an active company.

Another indicator that Zazzle is indeed a legitimate company is to review some of the name brands they work with. Zazzle printing and personalized items include licensed products like Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, and more.

Is Zazzle Safe?

Is Zazzle a Legit Website?

If Zazzle wasn’t legitimate, they would not be able to sell so many well-known brands and licensed products because companies that grant permission to sell their brands don’t typically want to be associated with unsafe websites or retailers.

Is Zazzle a good site? Is Zazzle a safe website? How has your experience been? We’d love to hear from you! Contact AHQ here.

zazzle review

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AHQ Zazzle Reviews 2022-2023 Conclusion

If you’re still wondering is Zazzle legit, you can rest easy. The company is legally registered with California’s Secretary of State and based on many Zazzle website reviews it is in fact a legit company.

Zazzle offers unique products at competitive pricing and although Zazzle does not offer new or existing clients Zazzle free shipping codes, with Zazzle Plus customers can get unlimited free standard or expedited shipping for as little as under $19.95 a year.

Zazzle customer service is also very responsive to customer issues, as evidenced by their replies to reviews on other websites.

So, if you’re in need of custom-made items, it might be in your best interest to look at or download the free Zazzle app and enjoy browsing and shopping for all kinds of unique custom items.

With everything said, we’ve awarded Zazzle company with a 5-star rating.

Happy shopping!

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