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In the age of the internet and online shopping, it’s very often a buyer’s market with multiple options for great deals. It has also become so much easier to sell and buy internationally, which has brought a prevalence of online clothing retailers from China and the rest of Asia.

Retailers like Zaful offer trendy fashion that is continually being updated with the latest trends. Zaful’s own clothing line and Zaful shoes are sold at significant discounts over what designers would typically charge. However, the deep discounts have consumers wondering, “Is Zaful legit?”

is Zaful legit?

Zaful Reviews

Is this retailer any better or worse than other e-commerce sites in Asia that provide similar deals on dresses, shoes, activewear, etc.? How do you know if you can trust this online shop and if you will get a product that’s the same quality as the product photo listed on

AdvisoryHQ has taken an in-depth look at Zaful, including multiple online Zaful reviews, to provide you with an objective overview of everything you should know before shopping on this site. Our review will cover their policies, quality, and the Zaful app in hopes that it will help you make an informed decision about the site BEFORE making a purchase.

Is Zaful a scam? What do you need to know about Zaful?

We will take a look at what the research shows on whether or not Zaful is legit or if Zaful is a scam. But first, let’s find out more about the company behind the fashion and other things you need to know about Zaful.

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Detailed Zaful Review

When deciding whether or not is legit, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the company. Their mission statement establishes them as a self-proclaimed source for “daring, exciting, and edgy fashion.”

Zaful was founded in 2013 and its e-commerce site featuring Zaful clothing launched in 2014. According to its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile, Zaful is owned by Hong Kong Bi’an Information Technology Co. Ltd.

What Do You Know About Zaful?

Consumers are wondering about Zaful because of the steep discounts offered on a number of trendy items. They’re afraid that it might look too good to be true.

The trendy Zaful clothing and Zaful shoes are the results of partnerships with 128 suppliers around the world and their ability to “know the design.” Zaful has over 400 pattern copyrights, and from the patterns to inks, this company works to create clothing sustainably.  

Zaful reviews styles from multiple sources before committing to selling it on the webshop. They tout themselves as a direct-to-consumer shop, claiming that they cut out the middleman.

Is Zaful legit? Well, the company carries its own clothing lines, over which it would have complete control over the sourcing and quality of the items.

The fact that Zaful both designs and manufactures its own patterns puts it a step up from e-commerce sites that are only reselling clothing made by others or simply connecting buyers with sellers.

While the website does mention manufacturing, it’s hard to know whether all the Zaful clothing and Zaful shoes listed on the website are made specifically by Zaful or other suppliers. Some of the clothing names contain “Zaful,” while many others do not.

It appears that Zaful carries a mixture of their own fashion and items sourced from other sellers.

is zaful legit

Everything You Need to Know About

Is There a Zaful App?

For those that prefer shopping from their smartphones, there is a Zaful app – available both on iTunes and the Google Play store.

Zaful app is advertised as “fashion at your fingertips” and it allows you to:

  • Browse over 100,000 Zaful clothing fashions
  • Purchase products
  • Take advantage of app-only deals
  • Share your photos with over a million other Zaful fashion fanatics
  • Form a fashion team
  • Get purchase points

What do Zaful reviews look like for the Zaful app? Here are the ratings for both Apple and Android users.

  • Google Play Store: 38,384 Zaful app reviews – Rating 4 out of 5 stars
  • iTunes Store: 20,300 Zaful app reviews – Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Sites Linked to Zaful

An oft-neglected fact included in a Zaful review is the link between Zaful and other online clothing retailers, many of whom have been labeled as fraudulent or as scams by shoppers.

The retailer has two sister sites that you might recognize – Sammydress and Rosegal. Each site is set up to focus on different target customers.

The sites that are linked to Zaful’s parent company have reviews similar to Zaful reviews, which can lead many consumers to believe that Zaful is a scam.

Is Zaful a scam? Now that we have a better understanding of the history and story behind the company, we will take a closer look to determine whether or not Zaful is a scam.

What do the Zaful reviews have to say? Is a legit website? Let’s find out!

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Zaful Clothing Review

One of the biggest complaints listed among Zaful reviews is that the clothing items they carry are of poor quality. In some instances, they are noted as being specifically designed to be imitations of high-end items carried by well-known name brands.


Zaful Clothing Reviews

Unfortunately for many consumers, what they received was actually a poor imitation of the photograph listed on their website.

In one Zaful review from Buzzfeed, they noted an example of a bathing suit listed on the Zaful clothing site for less than $14 each. The image used in the advertisement for the suit was identical to that listed in Free People for over $155.

In fact, this isn’t the first time that a review has noted that the images listed on the site and on the Zaful app were stolen from other sources and marketed to consumers who later received a poorly made imitation of those items.

The issue of featuring stolen images on international e-commerce sites has been so prevalent that Facebook modified its advertising policies a few years ago to combat the issue.

With the influx of consumers listing complaints about Zaful and other similar retail sites sending them knockoffs, Facebook investigated because it violated their advertising standards

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In Zaful’s defense, the company lists an intellectual property policy on its website that states they fully respect intellectual property rights of third parties and have a strict “zero-tolerance” policy against infringement.

They note that any product listing found to violate their policy will be removed.

The stolen images from other companies aren’t the only complaint about Zaful. What other issues exist that have consumers wondering, “Is Zaful legit?”

Primary complaints concern the differences between items ordered and items received as well as the shipping and quality of the clothing.

More recent Zaful complaints that we round in Zaful reviews were heavily weighted on customer service and difficulty getting shipments or refunds.

It seems that Zaful has been working on its image in recent years because we found an improvement in their BBB rating according to Zaful reviews.

In a review from Woman’s Day magazine from three years ago, they listed the site on their list of eight online retailers to avoid, and they noted them having an F rating at the BBB. However, as of July 2019, Zaful’s BBB rating is a B.

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Zaful Returns

Because merchandise and Zaful shoes and clothing come from a number of sources, the sizing can be slightly different on each item, which can make getting the right size hit or miss.

Zaful reviews the sizing of each item prior to listing it in their retail store. Be sure to check the sizing guide prior to placing an order.

If you receive an item that doesn’t quite fit the way you would like it to or the quality is far below what you expected, what does a quick Zaful review of their return policy say? Is Zaful legit when it comes to processing your returns?

Zaful offers a satisfaction guarantee through its 30-day return warranty. If you’re not happy with your order, you can contact them within 30 days to request a refund for a return. Note: return shipping fees are at the customer’s expense.  

You must contact customer service first to explain your dissatisfaction with the Zaful shoes or clothing items you received. For faulty items, you must be able to show the issue with photos or videos.

Customer service reserves the right to study the evidence you provide before offering up a solution. Before you can send your product back, customer service must provide an RMA form. Without this form, the items you return will not be accepted when Zaful reviews them.

There is a list of items that Zaful will not accept as returns:

  • Discounted items
  • Intimates (including underwear, socks, and tights)
  • Swimwear
  • Accessories (earrings and hair accessories)
  • Beauty items

It takes 3-6 business days for their team to process a return, after that, if you use Paypal, you should see the refund in 48 hours. If you used a credit card, you’ll receive it in 7-14 business days. For wallet payments, refunds are received in 24 hours.

If you do choose to order an item off of this website to create your own Zaful review, you want to be sure that you understand the return policy thoroughly.

In our opinion, it would be best to opt for an item that can be returned, just in case you are unsatisfied with the Zaful clothing or items that you receive in your order.

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Zaful Shipping Review

With time it takes for orders to arrive, it’s no wonder that consumers are asking, “Is Zaful a scam?” Many Zaful reviews we’ve read note long shipping times and frustration with receiving items long after they were actually needed.

The retailer is clear about their shipping policy and the time entailed, but there are still many complaints that question whether or not Zaful is legit because of the length of time it takes to receive items.

Could it be that consumers simply aren’t waiting long enough to receive their packages?

Zaful reviews

Zaful Shoes

Good news for those that don’t want to wait long shipping times for their items is that Zaful has recently updated their shipping system to reduce shipping times, especially for US and UK customers.

They note that for the US customers shipping is reduced to:

  • Standard: 6-8 business days (previously 8-15 business days)
  • Express: 3-7 business days (previously 6-10 business days)

For the UK customers shipping is reduced to:

  • Standard: 6-10 business days (10-20 business days)
  • Express: 3-7 business days (previously 6-10 business days)

Another change is in their free shipping option, the minimum order amount was increased due to higher shipping costs. Zaful is now offering free standard shipping on orders over $49 USD (previously, it was $30).

We feel it’s important to highlight the fact that the processing time is not included in the shipping time listed on the website. Zaful reviews each order individually before shipping by performing quality checks, packing, preparing paperwork, etc.

Their shipping page notes that Zaful’s processing time is typically 3-7 business days, which is additional to the shipping timeframes quoted. Another area of the same page, notes that it can take 5-10 business days for processing, and the average is 4 days.

Many customers waiting longer than expected on their Zaful clothing items, may not take this additional processing time into account.

Things that can impact the processing time include:

  • The complexity of the order
  • Design and size
  • The size of the order

For an additional charge, you can opt to receive your Zaful shoes and clothing items slightly faster. To get express shipping, it’s $11.99 for US customers or free for orders of $99 or more.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Zaful Order?

One thing that makes people ask, “Is Zaful legit?” is the fact that they might have to pay an additional fee (the customs tax) in order to collect their order from the shipper.

Zaful notes that all items are delivered duty unpaid and customs or import duties are charged once the package reaches the destination country.

If you refuse to accept the item, you still have full liability for all return shipping costs, customs charges, and handling fees, according to our review of Zaful’s tax policy.

Tracking Issues

Zaful is also supposed to provide tracking information on each package once it ships, but many Zaful reviews comment on the fact that the tracking information doesn’t work.

It can be difficult to determine whether or not Zaful is a scam based on the longer-than-average shipping times. Longer shipping time can be expected on orders arriving from China and certain shipping methods can have poorly updated tracking systems.

If you’re not sure if Zaful is legit based on the shipping times and not yet receiving your order, you might just need to wait a little longer to see if your package arrives and take that additional processing time into consideration.

Zaful Customers’ Reviews

A trusted consumer review site, TrustPilot, collected more than 7,800 Zaful reviews to assist others in answering the question, “Is Zaful legit?” When all the Zaful reviews were tallied and collected, they came in with a 4 out of 5 stars rating and a Trust Rating of 7 out of 10.

Nearly half the ratings in TrustPilot’s Zaful review (48%) awarded Zaful with a 5-star rating. However, it’s also important to note that 26% of Zaful reviewers gave the site 1 star. The primary complaints were identical to those covered in other parts of the review: slow shipping, inaccurate sizing, and poor customer service.

On review site Sitejabber, a total of 5,112 Zaful reviews have been submitted. Overall, Zaful scored 4 out of 5 stars, with a majority of the Zaful reviews being positive ones. 2,842 reviewers gave Zaful 5-stars and 1,092 of them gave a 1-star Zaful review.

Positive Zaful reviews note that clothing is a great value and great quality. Negative reviews note receiving the wrong sizes and issues with returning items.

How can you avoid a negative experience on Zaful or other overseas cut-rate fashion sites? Here are a few tips:

  • Pay Attention to the Sizing
    Because Zaful purchases some of their clothing from outside sources, it’s important to pay attention to the measurements and sizing charts. The measurements may be different for each piece. Zaful shoes tend to run small. Some customers bought Zaful shoes that were two sizes bigger than what they would normally buy but still experienced the shoes being too tight.
  • Check for Customer Reviews
    Look to see if you can find customer Zaful reviews for the identical items you are interested in purchasing. If you can find positive reviews for the exact items, it is more likely that you will find Zaful is legit for your types of purchases.
  • Keep an Eye Out for Fake Images
    Do the images of the Zaful shoes or Zaful clothing look like they came from the pages of a high-fashion magazine?

    You can easily do a reverse image lookup these days to check a product image and see if it might be taken from a higher-priced fashion retailer.

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Conclusion: Is Zaful Legit? A Scam?

With so many negative Zaful reviews available online, it’s no wonder that consumers are asking the question, “Is Zaful legit?”

In our own review, we’ve taken a look at the company’s structure and history to learn more about Zaful as well as the quality of the Zaful clothing you can expect to receive.

An important thing we found was that it appears Zaful is working to improve their customer service and their reputation issues. We’ve found that several Zaful ratings have improved over the last few years with more positive reviews.

It’s also impressive that Zaful has changed their shipping policy to address a key complaint about long shipping times and is trying to get its products out faster.

While some individuals end up happy with the purchases they make and the clothing in their Zaful reviews, there are also many disgruntled customers.

Is Zaful a scam? No. In our opinion, although they have a troubled past when it comes to their reviews of shipping poor quality items, they’ve made great strides to improve.

But you should still be wary and understand that you may not get the item you think you will. We recommend caution because there are still many mixed reviews for Zaful clothing out there, even with their recent improvements.

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