Yoins Clothing Review: Is Yoins Legit? Where is Yoins Located? Everything You Should Know about This Shopping Site!

The internet has definitely made price shopping for fashion much easier than it was two decades ago. Today, a world of runway-ready clothing at rock-bottom prices is just a click away.

If you love searching for unique styles at low prices, you may have heard of Yoins. This online boutique offers a variety of cut-rate Yoins fashion for women and men.

With an incredible range of dress styles for under $20 and flash sales offering 80% off, it’s easy to see why shoppers in the US, UK, and other countries would flock to Yoins clothing for their next big haul.

But with the ease of finding cheap fashion on sites like Yoins also comes the danger of running into problems. For example, what if the Yoins collection items you buy end up looking nothing like the photo?

yoins reviews

Yoins Reviews

How do you know if purchasing Yoins dresses and clothing is worth it? Is Yoins legit? Can you trust that you’ll get what you pay for, or is Yoins a scam? And, where is Yoins shipped from?

These are all good questions to ask before you spend a lot of money on an international budget fashion site for the first time.

In this AdvisoryHQ Yoins clothing review, we’ll take a close look at Yoins.com to see if the website is legit, safe, and most importantly, whether you will end up getting scammed out of your money or just get an incredible deal.

We’ve taken a look at Yoins reviews from actual shoppers. Our goal is to let you know exactly what you can expect when placing an order, how long you can expect to wait, and how easy Yoins returns are to make if you’re not happy.

Before you click to purchase, you’ll want to take a look through this Yoins review to make sure you go in with your eyes wide open.

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Yoins Review | What is Yoins? Where is Yoins Located?

First, let’s begin exploring a little more about the company behind the website, which will help us answer questions like, “Is Yoins a legit website?” and “Where does Yoins ship from?”

Founded in 2014, Yoins is an online retailer that aims “to give young people the opportunity to express themselves through high-quality fashion at an affordable price.”

According to Yoins, its name comes from a combination of “your inspiration,” as all products are meant to inspire fashion-conscious shoppers to express their true personality and style.

Shoppers can choose from a wide range of Yoins collections from casual to dressy. You’ll find a variety of clothing options, including Yoins dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, active, and plus-size clothing.

Where is Yoins Located?

Where does Yoins clothing come from?

The website lists an address for the parent company of Yoins, Cyllar Co. Ltd. The address is in Nicosia, Cyprus. However, the site notes this is not the address to use for Yoins returns.

We dug a little deeper because the listed address may not answer the question, “Where is Yoins shipped from?” as often these types of budget e-commerce retailers will ship from China or Asia.

After reviewing the parent company’s business registration, Yoins shipping times, and details listed on Yoins clothing review sites (like Sitejabber), it seems likely that Yoins has a presence in and ships from Hong Kong or another location in China.

Estimated shipping times generally fall between 7-25 business days, which is common with sites that ship from Asia.

More insight into the question, “Where does Yoins ship from?” can be found in the following customer service reply to a Yoins review on Sitejabber. It clearly notes Chinese New Year as a reason for a shipping delay.

“Due to the Chinese New Year holiday extend in China and postponed collecting by some of logistics partners, there might be a slight delay…Really sorry about the inconvenience, and we totally understand that you would like to receive this order urgently. This Chinese New Year holiday is one time in a year for traditional celebration.”

So, where is Yoins shipped from?

While the company does not specifically answer the question, “Where does Yoins ship from?” on its website, we think it’s safe to assume that your order would ship from Hong Kong or another location in China.

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Yoins Review | Overview of Yoins Reviews from Actual Shoppers

If you’re considering making a purchase from a new website, it can be helpful to look at Yoins reviews from actual customers to see what the shopping experience is like.

Yoins is very popular in North America and England so we’ve zeroed in on Yoins reviews UK, US, and Canada. We’ve researched Yoins plus reviews as well as reviews for other Yoins fashion styles.

What are shoppers saying about their experience with Yoins clothing? In the sections below, please find a brief overview of Yoins clothing reviews from shoppers on Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

Yoins Reviews on Sitejabber

There are over 1,300 Yoins reviews on Sitejabber, giving the retailer an overall rating of 3.18 stars out of 5. Of these, approximately 37% of shoppers rated their experience with Yoins clothing with 1 star, while around 39% gave a 5-star rating.

So, the Yoins reviews UK, US, and other countries are pretty evenly split here between shoppers that think Yoins is great and those that would answer, “No” to the question, “Is Yoins legit?”

Many positive Yoins reviews applaud the customer service department, saying that issues with out of stock items or missing orders were resolved promptly and fairly. Praise for clothing and customer service quality is a common thread in many of the positive Yoins plus reviews and other complimentary Yoins reviews.

According to one of the positive Yoins reviews on Sitejabber, customer service was helpful when they were experiencing a long shipping time and they were very pleased with their Yoins fashion item.

While several positive Yoins reviews say that the fit and quality of Yoins clothing is excellent, negative reviews state otherwise. The vast majority of critical Yoins clothing reviews say that the quality of their purchases was cheap, flimsy, or not as advertised.

yoins review

Yoins Reviews on Sitejabber

Many negative reviews of the retailer wonder, “Where is Yoins shipped from?” because some have noted waiting two or three months and not receiving anything. There are also complaints about Yoins returns policy and the difficulty in getting a refund.

One example of the costs of Yoins returns being a problem is from this Yoins reviews UK shopper:

“When my return was approved as dress was too short, I was asked to send it to their uk warehouse with tracking number through Royal Mail. That cost £7.50 where the dress cost £15!!! Another return was not approved and they offered me 30% off.”

There also seem to be issues with the Yoins website allowing shoppers to purchase items that are out of stock without any prior notification, as many Yoins reviewers state having paid for Yoins dresses and other items and being told weeks later that they are unavailable.

Yoins Reviews on Trustpilot

There are over 2,600 Yoins reviews on Trustpilot, giving the site an overall rating of 3.2 stars out of 5. Of these, 58% of Yoins reviewers rated their shopping experience as “Excellent” or “Great,” while 37% said that they had a “Bad” or “Poor” experience.

Positive reviews of Yoins collection items on Trustpilot state that customer service is both timely and efficient, particularly when using the Live Chat option. This includes revolving questions or issues with shipping, delivery, Yoins returns, and refunds.

One shopper of Yoins dresses stated, “The shipping was RIDICULOUSLY long. BUT the product is great 🙂 I received a blue dress exactly how it was pictured.”

Despite the glowing Yoins reviews, there are plenty of shoppers who have had the exact opposite experience when ordering Yoins clothing.

Many shoppers discuss ordering packages that never arrive (even after months of waiting), reaching out to customer service multiple times with no answer, and the inability to receive a refund.

Other negative Yoins reviews deal with the overall quality of the Yoins fashion, such as these two:

“The delivery was quick, but the clothes themselves were nothing like in the pictures, made from low quality fabrics and with some seams ripped.”

“I ordered 4 shirts from here, they look nothing like the pictures and are just awful! When I called them out on it on there Facebook page they just blocked me! Don’t waste your money and the return policy is ridiculous!”

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Yoins Review | Is Yoins Legit? Is Yoins a Scam?

Before using any new website for the first time, online shoppers should always ask themselves whether it is legit and safe. Is Yoins a legit website? Is Yoins a scam? See below for a quick overview of whether you can trust that Yoins is legit and not out to scam you.

Is Yoins a Legit Website?

Yoins is a legit website in the most basic sense. The site does have an SSL certificate (https) which indicates it is a secure shopping website with an online standard of safety and security for entering sensitive information (like a credit card number).

Shoppers can place an order and generally expect to receive an item, although it could take quite a while, and according to Yoins plus reviews and other reviews, it may not look like the photo.

There are enough positive Yoins reviews from shoppers who have successfully received their orders and spoken with customer service to attest that yes, Yoins is a legit website and a legit company, with real people filling orders and answering questions.

However, the multiple complaints of receiving canned replies from customer service and poor quality of clothing make one wonder. For some shoppers, this raises questions on the overall quality of Yoins clothing and shipping reliability.

yoins dresses

Yoins Dresses Review

Is Yoins a Scam?

Although their product quality, shipping, and delivery may not be as reliable as one would hope, it does not appear that Yoins is a scam.

Additionally, we have not seen customers complaining about false charges on their credit cards, only about the difficulty of getting a refund.

Customer service representatives are actively responding to complaints on review websites and attempting to resolve issues, speaking to a genuine effort to keep customers happy

It’s worth mentioning that even if Yoins is not a scam, there are plenty of frustrated shoppers who have had significant trouble with receiving and returning Yoins clothing.

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Conclusion: Is Yoins Clothing Worth It? Is Yoins Legit?

Yoins clothing is definitely low cost, so if you’re looking for rock bottom prices and don’t mind long shipping times, you could find this site a viable option to locate excellent deals on attractive fashions.

Yoins reviews from shoppers are almost equally divided between highly satisfied and dissatisfied, meaning that new shoppers must be willing to take a 50/50 chance that they will actually receive or enjoy their Yoins clothing order.

While, Yoins does not specifically answer the question, “Where does Yoins ship from?” they do offer an address on their contact page in answer to, “Where is Yoins located?” which is more than some e-commerce sites offer.

Keep in mind that, although Yoins is not a scam, there are enough negative Yoins reviews to suggest that you may end up with poor quality clothing that looks nothing like the website photo or with missing packages.

Yoins returns also seem to be very difficult to obtain, although we did read one Yoins clothing review from a PayPal customer that confirmed receiving one.

For shoppers that simply want low prices, Yoins could be worth it. However, this AdvisoryHQ Yoins review found that ordering Yoins clothing does come with a high degree of risk. For this reason, we’ve rated this retailer with 2 stars out of 5.

If you aren’t comfortable taking a risk and possibly being stuck with poor quality merchandise, you may wish to choose a more dependable retailer with a solid history of high product quality and reliable shipping.

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