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In March of 2017, First National Bank successfully merged with Yadkin Bank, a Raleigh-based financial institution.

With the merger of Yadkin (and NewBridge Bank), First National Bank now has nearly $30 billion in assets and over 400 locations, making it one of the largest banks in the southeast. 

Below, please find our 2016 review of Yadkin Bank, prior to the merger and acquisition by First National Bank.

Yadkin Bank Review

Yadkin Bank is a full service, chartered community bank with locations across North Carolina and upstate South Carolina. The institution markets itself as a mountain-to-coast franchise, demonstrating the reach of its services with more than 80,000 customers.

As of October 13, 2015, Yadkin and NewBridge Bancorp announced that the two companies had signed a merger in which Yadkin Bank acquired NewBridge.

According to the CEO of Yadkin Bank, Scott Custer, the firm’s mission is to help its customers meet their financial goals. It does so through strong customer service and sound financial education that empowers clients to take control of their finances.

Yadkin can be found among banks in North Carolina’s major urban centers as well as in smaller communities. This includes banks in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, among other centers, to best serve clients across the state.

Yadkin Bank Review: Reverse Mortgage

As one of the top ranked banking firms, Yadkin offers reverse mortgages.

This means that instead of receiving the full amount of your home loan up front and making payments back to the lender, the lender makes payments to you. Essentially, you receive cash based on the accumulated wealth in your home.

Most often, reverse mortgages are chosen by those who need the funds to cover health care and basic living expenses or to avoid using Social Security. However, the funds can be used for anything you wish, from vacation to home renovations.

Your age, home’s value, and interest rate are all taken into account to determine the amount of money you will receive. Most often, you will receive a greater amount the older you are.

Offering choices to clients, such as the reverse mortgage, especially to those facing financial hardship, is one of the reasons Yadkin is one of the top ranking banks.

Yadkin Bank Review: [email protected]

Geared toward business owners, [email protected] is a program that can benefit both you and your employees through one banking package to be shared across the company.

There are different packages that you can choose from featuring different products and services for a range of prices.

The program itself is designed to meet your deposit and borrowing needs, so you will be sure to find both of these services in each package.

For example, highlights of the [email protected] Complete Checking account includes:

  • Regular monthly maintenance fee of $20 is waived for [email protected] users, without having to maintain a minimum balance
  • Free executive banking checks
  • Enrolled business owners receive a special interest rate
  • $40 discount on safety deposit boxes each year
  • Access to a suite of online banking services, including bill payments, mobile banking, mobile deposits, and e-statements

The [email protected] program is a beneficial bonus for Yadkin Bank’s business clients. You can contact the bank to learn more.

Yadkin Bank Review: SBA Lending

SBA lending is another option for small business owners. Through the program, Yadkin Bank can help eligible small businesses qualify for and access loan programs that are backed by the government as well as other financing options.

Projects up to $12 million can be funded, and loan deals can be designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. Yadkin Bank can simplify the process of finding funding for you so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Yadkin Bank has completed numerous SBA lending deals to date, including multi-million-dollar building purchases and business acquisitions. Contact Yadkin’s lending team to find out how it can help you grow your business.

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