Overview: Wish.com Reviews | What You Should Know About Wish (Reviews)

Wish.com is an international online shopping site that looks like a bargain hunter’s dream. Shopping on Wish reveals stunning deals, such as $40 dresses for just $13 and watches and sunglasses for just $1.

So, it is no surprise that shoppers are seeking out Wish.com reviews to see whether the site delivers the great bargains that are promised and if online Wish reviews offer a positive or negative overall rating of the site.

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In this Wish review article, we will walk you through the pros and cons of the many Wish website reviews, discuss how this online retailer works and where it is based, take a look at both good and bad Wish online shopping reviews, and answer the question “What is wish.com?”

Wish Reviews Introduction – What Is Wish.com?

This hot online retailer already has “over 100 million people getting trending items 50–80% cheaper than what you pay at the local mall,” according to Wish.

While there are quite a few international shopping sites with great prices popping up, our Wish review of the site shows that its prices are truly “rock bottom,” and shopping on Wish reveals that its prices are less than those on most of the similar sites.

what is wish.com

Wish Founders

Wish was first launched in November of 2011, and the shopping concept was created by startup company ContextLogic. It was designed to connect consumers with product merchants while providing a personalized experience, including the ability to share and suggest items to friends.

In our Wish shopping review research, we first looked to see where the company was headquartered. It is based in San Francisco, California, according to its contact page, but a Wish review by The Wall Street Journal states that most of the products are shipped directly from China.

Besides the wish.com site, it also has a popular shopping app and Facebook page, all which garner various Wish.com reviews that we are going to take a deeper look into.

The site offers incredibly low prices on items ranging from clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes to makeup and beauty items, wallets and bags, home décor, and more.

The site offers “Hourly Deals” that can give discounts of 92% or more. Many of the Wish clothing reviews note the big bargains as a main reason for shopping there.

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What Wish Reviews Say About the Site

In our search for reviews on Wish, we found a mixed bag of both positive and negative Wish reviews. We will provide both sides to you, collected from various Wish online shopping reviews, followed by an overall ratings recap so that you can get a better picture of the ratio of positive reviews for Wish.com as compared to the negative Wish reviews.

Positive Reviews on Wish.com

Let’s first take a look at some of the positive Wish website reviews to find out just what has made this site so popular with shoppers.

SiteJabber Wish reviews:

  • One reviewer that gave a 5-star Wish review provided the advice to expect longer delivery times from China and to buy 1 to 2 sizes larger. The individual has “had no problems so far” and has bought several items.
  • Another shopper said in her Wish shopping review that it was the “best deal ever,” and that she made sure to order the largest size possible, as the XL size tended to be more of an American medium size.

TrustPilot Wish reviews:

  • A 5-star Wish review from a German shopper stated never having any problems and, regarding the site, “it’s easy and the service is really good.” In a case where an item didn’t arrive, the customer never had to pay.
  • A Japanese shopper praises the quality of the products in a Wish shopping review, stating that the “quality is great” and that it took “just a few days to arrive in Japan.” He also praises Wish’s Android app.

ProductReview Wish reviews:

  • Another shopper with a positive experience claims that some of the items bought were “really good and cheap.” The customer gives some good advice to check the seller feedback before buying because quality can differ.

wish.com reviews

Image from SiteJabber

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Negative Reviews on Wish.com

Now, let’s take a look over some of the negative reviews on Wish to learn what people are complaining about the most in their Wish clothing reviews and Wish online shopping reviews.

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SiteJabber Wish reviews:

  • Another unhappy customer stated in her Wish shopping review that she paid but never received her item and that “all my email inquiries were ignored.” She requested but had not yet received a refund.

TrustPilot Wish reviews:

  • One shopper that gave 1 star in a Wish review did not like the quality of the items ordered and complained that “the jewelry is cheap plastic” and that some of the electronics did not work.

ProductReview Wish reviews:

  • One disappointed reviewer was upset with “wasting $90 on 3 items of clothing” and was “highly unsatisfied” with both the delivery time and the sizing of the clothing in the Wish shopping review.
  • Another shopper with a negative experience warned in a Wish review that you “get what you pay for.” Out of the 8–10 items purchased, only 2 arrived in a reasonable amount of time, and the rest took months. The customer also complained about poor quality.

wish online shopping reviews

Image from: BBB review

The Big Picture of Stars & Ratings of Wish.com Reviews

Now that we have looked at some of the reviews in detail, let’s step back to get an overall picture of the percentage of good Wish reviews in comparison to the bad. We will take a look at the overall stars and ratings from several online sources that provide Wish website reviews in both areas.

  • SiteJabber: 2.5-star rating out of 5. A total of 750 reviews for wish.com
  • TrustPilot: 3-star rating out of 5. A total of 222 reviews on wish.com
  • ProductReview: 2.4-star rating out of 5. A total of 16 Wish website reviews
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau): Grade of A+. A total of 35 Wish clothing reviews
  • Amazon: 4.5-star rating out of 5. A total of 3,007 wish.com reviews

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Main Things You Should Know About Wish Reviews Before Buying

With a mixed bag of both positive and negative Wish website reviews, it may be difficult to know what to believe. Some of the Wish review sites have overall low ratings while others have the opposite, like the Better Business Bureau’s excellent A+ rating from reviews on Wish.

We’ve compiled some of the main things you should know about Wish reviews before you buy in order to help you navigate the positive and negative aspects of the site before shopping on Wish or entering your credit card details on the site.

Many of our tips can be used for similar types of sites that offer hot deals for low prices from international manufacturers, such as RoseGal.com, Zulily, and AliExpress, since many may use the same suppliers as those you’ll find shopping on Wish.

Here are the main things you should know about Wish reviews before you shop there:

  1. Wish connects shoppers with multiple manufacturers. The San Francisco-based Wish is not the one selling or shipping the items; it is just the middleman. So you’ll want to carefully look at Wish reviews for each seller separately to find those that have the best comments.
  1. All sizes are not created equal. One common complaint in many Wish.com reviews was that the sizes were wrong. Many of those that wrote Wish clothing reviews recommended buying at least 2 sizes larger than you usually buy.
  1. Understand that shipping times can be quite long. Shipping from China to the US by parcel post can take more than 8 weeks. This was a common thread in many Wish online shopping reviews. Knowing you may have to wait a while upfront may make shopping on Wish a slightly better experience.
  1. You ultimately may get what you pay for. While many people were thrilled with getting great stuff for really cheap prices, others mentioned in their Wish reviews that they were very disappointed with the quality. So, if you’re buying a $1 pair of sunglasses, it may be exactly what you get.
  1. Be careful who you buy from. Some of the Wish.com reviews mentioned having issues with false charges from unknown companies after shopping on Wish. Whether it was actually due to a vendor they used or not, it is always a good idea to use a credit card that has a safeguard for false charges and that is not a debit card attached to your main bank account.

shopping on wish

Screenshot from YouTube.com

Wish.com Reviews to Watch on Video

Video reviews are all the rage now, and they really do help provide a better look at merchandise that someone has purchased from a bargain shopping site like Wish. These video versions of Wish reviews offer great details on the quality of items received by the reviewer as compared to what they ordered. Here are a few you can watch.

Social Links to Find More Wish.com Reviews

Social media is a great way to get real-time Wish reviews as people post them. Often, on Twitter and Facebook, you can gauge both the Wish review and the response to see how well its customer support is addressing customer concerns. Here are the social media links where you can find Wish website reviews:

Wish Shopping Review Recap

We hope that we have not only answered the question, “What is wish.com?” for you but have also given you some helpful insights into the many wish.com reviews on the Internet and what exactly you should look for in the Wish reviews when deciding to take advantage of one of its great bargains.

There are multiple sites like wish.com coming online that offer great deals and rock-bottom prices. It is possible for you to actually get stylish clothes and accessories for a fraction of the cost you usually pay at your local mall as long as you know what to watch out for by reading the reviews for wish.com.

We did find that it is a good idea to look over more than just one or two Wish reviews websites and to also include a video Wish shopping review or two. This way, you can get the best balance of both negative and positive reviews on Wish as well as see what the clothing looks like when delivered to someone’s door.

Our Wish review shows that “buyer beware” is just as applicable in today’s digital age, perhaps even more than ever before. While shopping on Wish, you can find some excellent bargain prices on cute clothes, but you might get exactly the value you paid for as some Wish reviews stated. If you check out the sellers carefully and read wish.com reviews, then you may have a much better experience and end up being quite happy with what you buy.

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