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One of the hottest and most popular shopping sites with great deals nowadays is

You may have noticed Wish app reviews online and wondered, “What is the Wish app?” and whether its mobile app is worth downloading.

The downloads for iPhone/iPad and Android show multiple reviews on the Wish app and millions of Wish app downloads, so we wanted to take a closer look and answer the question, “Is Wish a good app?”

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The Wish platform was designed by ContextLogic, and its concept involves making shopping easy through the use of mobile apps and sharing, so a look at Wish shopping app reviews is just as important as the Wish website itself to see how users like the app and the mobile shopping experience.

In this article, AdvisoryHQ is going to answer, “What is the Wish app?” as well as provide Wish app reviews from Apple’s iTunes Store and the Google Play Store to view ratings as well as look deeper into reviews of the Wish app to see what people like and what they don’t like.

We will also search several other sources for reviews for the Wish app. In addition, we are going to take a look at the company and who is behind it.

wish shopping app reviews

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What Is the Wish App?

The Wish app is the mobile-enabled version of, a shopping site that offers deals like 7-inch tablets for just $30 (90% off) and fashionable dresses for $8–$13.

Wish has become a very popular shopping site because of the great bargains that mainly come from Chinese merchants, and the Wish app helps enable the shopping experience.

We took a closer look into the San Francisco, California-based company behind Wish to get a better understanding of reviews on Wish app.

Wish was first launched in November of 2011 by founders Danny Zhang, chief technology officer, and Peter Szulczewski, CEO, of startup company ContextLogic, Inc. It was designed to connect consumers with product merchants internationally and provide a personalized experience, including the ability to share and suggest items to friends.

The Wish app is an important part of the equation because it allows the ease of shopping for great Wish deals over multiple mobile devices, as reflected in many Wish shopping app reviews.

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Wish App Reviews for iPhone/iPad

We are going to start with reviews on the Wish app from Apple’s iTunes store for “Wish – Shopping Made Fun.” The app has a 4.5-star rating out of five stars, with a total of 112,185 ratings. The app is free, is for both the iPhone and iPad, and requires iOS 7.0 or later. Note: You may have to log in to the iTunes store in order to see all the Wish app reviews.

wish shopping app reviews

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Positive reviews on the Wish app:

  • One reviewer that gave one of the 4-star reviews on Wish app said there were both “ups and downs,” but that you get fairly quality items for great prices, and it’s efficient and easy. However, the sizing is not in American sizes, so items come smaller than expected, and shipping times can be long.
  • Another of the positive reviews of the Wish app stated that the app provided an enjoyable experience, where the user described that one “can get lost for hours looking through pages” but warned that some of the items can be great deals while others turned out to be poor quality. Overall, the individual loved shopping on the app.
  • One of the 5-star reviews for the Wish app praised how it was easy to “upload and look at other people wearing the clothes/jewelry you want to buy.” The user also said to make sure to read the product reviews in order to get a decent-quality item.

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Negative reviews on the Wish App:

  • A reviewer that gave one of the 1-star Wish shopping app reviews liked shopping on the app at first but “started getting fraudulent charges” on credit card statements about a month or two after starting to purchase from the app. The user warned to watch your credit card statements carefully if using the app.
  • One of the 2-star Wish app reviews said it was a good site to buy cheap knock-off brands, but “the cheap price comes with consequences.” The individual mentioned long shipping times, with items received in poor condition, and recommended reading item reviews before buying.
  • Another of the 1-star reviews on Wish app complained about the “horrible shipping service” with long delivery times. The user also mentioned poor quality and poor customer service.

Wish App Reviews for Android

Next, let’s take a look at Android reviews on the Wish app from the Google Play store for “Wish – Shopping Made Fun.” The app has a 4.5 star rating out of five stars here, with a total of 2,823,318 ratings. The app is free and requires Android 3.0 or later. Note: You may have to log in to the Google Play store in order to see all the Wish app reviews.

Positive reviews on the Wish app:

  • One reviewer that gave one of the 5-star reviews on Wish app said it was the “Best site ever.” The person stated that the quality of the items was excellent and that it takes a couple of weeks for shipping but is worth the wait.
  • One of the 5-star reviews for the Wish app said that the user loved the site because it has “a ton of great products for low prices.” That person also praised the site due to its convenient and easy shopping.

Negative reviews on the Wish App:

  • Another of the 1-star reviews on the Wish app complained that the customer service was terrible and there was no phone number to call. The person said it took about 5 emails back and forth to customer support for every nickel spent.

Wish Shopping App Reviews and Awards

After drilling down into the iPhone and Android Wish app reviews, we took a look further into what was being said about the Wish app on other sites and whether there were any awards out there that you should know about. Here are a few other reviews of the Wish app that you will want to take a look at. Wish app reviews:

The reviews of the Wish app on Amazon are fairly good, with 68 percent being 5 stars and 17% being 4 stars, out of 3,041 total reviews.

  • One of the positive Wish app reviews says it’s a like having a “flea market on your phone.” The user was very satisfied, stating the prices are ridiculously good and the products are better than expected.
  • One of the negative Wish shopping app reviews states that the dress ordered was “horrible quality,” and the person felt it was false advertising and was planning to uninstall the app. Wish app reviews:

Influenster also shows a very good overall rating in its reviews on Wish app. The app has a 4-star overall rating out of 5 stars, with 34 total reviews.

  • One of the positive Wish shopping app reviews gave 5 stars, praising the site: “Wish is the best thing ever!!!” The individual also mentioned that once you begin buying things, you’ll see extra discounts, from 5–15%, being offered.
  • One of the negative reviews on a Wish app described the user’s unpleasant experience: “Everything I bought from this app was horrible.” The individual mentioned the too-small sizing, even after following the suggested size chart.

Google Play Best List Award

The Wish app for Android garnered some praise in 2014, being listed as a “Best Android App” in the shopping category that year.

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The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Wish App Reviews

After reading through multiple reviews of the Wish app to answer, “Is Wish a good app?” as well as find out more about the merchants behind the Wish phenomenon, we came up with the top 5 of things you need to know about the Wish app:

  1. Multiple Sellers. You are purchasing from multiple merchants, not from itself. One big reason there is such a mix of both positive and negative reviews on Wish app is that anytime you buy, you could be purchasing from a different seller, and most of the sellers are from China. It’s important to read the product and merchant-related Wish app reviews.
  1. Long Shipping Times. Shipping times can be lengthy to certain parts of the world. Most of the items will be coming from Asia, so be ready to have longer-than-expected shipping times. Many of those giving positive Wish shopping app reviews said they knew and expected this ahead of time so it was not a problem.
  1. Sizes Run Small. Order sizes larger than you usually buy. One of the top negative comments in the reviews for the Wish app was about too-small sizes. Sizing in Asian countries can be drastically different than in the U.S. and Europe, so most users typically said to order two sizes larger than usual to ensure you don’t end up with something that won’t fit.
  1. People Love the App. Most people overwhelmingly love the app user interface, with issues mostly relating to ordering and products. The reviews on Wish app itself are very favorable across the board. The negative reviews tend to be about product quality, size, and shipping issues.
  1. Look at User Photos. You can see photos that other users have uploaded in the app after receiving products. This is a great way to avoid receiving something that doesn’t look as good as the sale image. Look for product photos that other app users and Wish app reviews have uploaded to help avoid disappointment from receiving an item with lower quality than you expected.

Wish App Reviews Recap

We have gathered a few key points from reading through multiple reviews on Wish app. The app itself works extremely well and tends to be addictive. People generally answer “Yes” to the question, “Is Wish a good app?” and those that write both positive and negative Wish app reviews do mention the ease of use of the app and that it makes shopping easy.

The negative and positive comments in reviews for the Wish app tend to be very similar to reviews about the website itself. Complaints seem to revolve around the same issues of shipping, occasional false charges from certain vendors, and problems with quality and sizing whereas positive reviews describe great prices and excellent bargains.

In our final analysis of Wish shopping app reviews, we would have to say that the Wish app is very popular and is both engaging and easy to use.

People love the great deals. However, just as with any other online purchases, it’s best to do your homework by thoroughly reading the product, seller, and Wish app reviews, along with viewing user photos, before you make that impulse buy.

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