Intro: Using the letgo Buy and Sell App

If you’re like most Americans, your house is filled with things that you don’t often use or simply don’t need anymore. In fact, a quarter of Americans report having too many things inside their home.

Rather than giving them away or holding a garage sale, what if you could use a garage sale app to sell your unwanted items right from home?

If you’re a bargain hunter, letgo is also a great way to find a deal on secondhand items, with listings for everything from bedroom dressers and kitchen chairs to shoes and children’s clothing.

Recently, letgo has emerged as the best app to sell stuff locally, making it easy to post pictures, list prices, and talk to potential sellers.

While the letgo app may be getting increased media attention, many consumers are asking questions like:

  • How does the letgo app work?
  • Should I be worried about letgo app scams?
  • How can I avoid a letgo app scam?
  • What do letgo app reviews from actual users say?
  • Is the letgo buy and sell app the best garage sale app to use?

In our letgo app review, we’ll answer all of these common questions about the letgo app so that you know exactly what you’re getting into before downloading letgo.

Our letgo app review will use reviews from the letgo app for Android and iOS to see if this popular garage sale app really is the best app to sell stuff locally.

We’ll also look at letgo app reviews about letgo app scams to see what you can do to protect yourself from a letgo app scam while buying and selling on this popular platform.

letgo App Review

Photo courtesy of: letgo

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letgo App Review | How Does the letgo App Work?

The letgo app was created in 2015, built as a mobile marketplace to buy and sell things locally. Today, the app is available in over 25 countries and has received a total of $375 million in funding from investors.

The idea behind the letgo app is to create an easy, convenient way to buy and sell things within your community.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of holding a garage sale, sellers on the letgo app can simply take a picture of their item, list a price, and wait for sellers to make an offer.

Our letgo app review found that it’s a great system for buyers, too, since the letgo app makes it easy to search for secondhand items across multiple categories. These include Cars, Tech, Home, Leisure, Motors, Fashion, Child, Entertainment, and Other.

When it comes to answering the question, “How does the letgo app work,” there are a few key points for buyers and sellers to know about the app, listed below.

Intuitive Imaging Technology

Our letgo app review found that this garage sale app is often considered the best app to sell stuff locally because of its intuitive image recognition software.

When sellers take a picture of their item, the letgo app will automatically recognize the type of item and assign a label, creating a quicker and more efficient posting process.

Buyer & Seller Reviews

Buyers and sellers can rate and review each other to describe their individual experiences and transactions.

This is a great way to promote trust and transparency within the letgo app community, and it can also be a great way to avoid letgo app scams.

In-App Messaging

Each item listed on the letgo buy and sell app has a link to directly message the seller.

The in-app messaging system is a convenient way for buyers and sellers to communicate about items and schedule meeting times without compromising their personal information.

The letgo app will send a push notification or an email to let users know when they have a new message, ensuring that communication is both timely and effective.

Option to Give Away Items

For those who simply need to empty out their space as soon as possible, the letgo garage sale app now allows for “Free” listings.

Buyers can easily search for free listings by selecting the newly created “Free Stuff” category, making it one of the best mobile selling apps for bargain shoppers.

“Bump Up” Your Products

Although the letgo app for Android and iOS is free to download and use, sellers have the option to use the Bump Up feature.

For $1.99, the Bump Up feature lets sellers increase their listing visibility. For many sellers, this small fee is worth it to push their listing to the top of their category and attract more buyers.

Hidden Personal Information

Because the letgo buy and sell app works through connecting local buyers and sellers, each user profile has an approximate location. Personal information like your address or phone number will never be publicly displayed by letgo.

If any personal information is shown in a listing or description, the letgo garage sale app will automatically hide it to discourage any sharing of personal information between buyers and sellers.

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letgo App Review | letgo Scams & How to Avoid Them

letgo app scams are not entirely unheard of, as is the case with many apps to sell stuff. Unfortunately, mobile selling apps create accessible forums for scam artists to work, infiltrating even the best apps to sell stuff.

This past June, two men in South Carolina were arrested for running a letgo app scam by selling stolen cellphones.  A few weeks later, a Jacksonville man experienced a letgo app scam when processing a fake PayPal payment from a buyer.

Additionally, a recent ABC Action News report details how one buyer got roped into a letgo app scam when the seller asked to exchange Amazon gift cards as payment for a used truck.

With letgo app scams appearing at the top of headlines across the country, it’s hard not to be worried about becoming a victim of a letgo app scam.

Before discussing how to avoid letgo app scams, let’s look at a few other reports of buyers and sellers getting involved in a letgo app scam.

letgo App Reviews

Photo courtesy of: iTunes

Common Elements of letgo App Scams

Consumer review website #reportscam lists 395 complaints about users falling victim to various letgo app scams.

Based on their complaints about letgo scams, our letgo app review found a few common elements that lead to letgo app scams:

  • Sellers agree to process payments via PayPal, receiving false confirmation that results in a letgo app scam
  • Sellers accept fraudulent money order payments, checks, or wire transfers 
  • Buyers are redirected to Amazon to process payments, leading to a letgo app scam
  • Buyers do not test or inspect the product before finalizing their transaction
  • Sellers offer extremely low prices, or buyers offer payments much higher than advertised

One report of a letgo scam described meeting a buyer in a parking lot, handing them the item, and watching the buyer drive off without providing payment. There also seems to be a recurring letgo scam involving the fraudulent sale of an RV.

No matter what the details of each letgo app scam, nearly all of these letgo app scams begin with buyers and sellers communicating off the platform, exchanging personal information, and accepting alternative forms of payment—all clearly advised against within the letgo app’s policies.

Should you be worried about letgo app scams? Yes and no—ultimately, you should be just as worried about letgo app scams as you would be about scams on eBay, OfferUp, Craigslist, or any other mobile selling apps.

In the next section, our letgo app review will provide a few expert tips on using this best app to sell stuff locally while protecting yourself against a letgo app scam.

Best Ways to Avoid a letgo App Scam

Although letgo app scams do exist, there are a handful of effective ways to protect yourself from a letgo app scam.

Below, our letgo app review has compiled a list of the best safety tips from the letgo website to ensure your safety when using the garage sale app.

  • Meet in a public place
  • Bring someone else along
  • Only accept payments in-person
  • Avoid accepting any payments that are not cash (many letgo app scams use money transfers, credit card payments, and personal checks)
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with common PayPal scams
  • Don’t buy anything without first inspecting or testing it
  • Watch for unrealistically high or low price offers as a marker for a letgo app scam
  • Avoid listings that have catalog photos instead of in-person photographs
  • Never share personal information, including your phone number, address, login information, or your credit card numbers
  • Do not interact with anyone who asks for personal information
  • Research user profiles to identify warning signs of a letgo app scam

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letgo App Review | letgo App Reviews from Android & iOS Users

The letgo garage sale app is available for Android and iOS. With over 30 million downloads and 13.2 million active users across the globe, it’s not surprising that letgo is considered one of the best apps to sell stuff.

How does the letgo app perform? Are users leaving positive or negative letgo app reviews?

In the following sections, we’ll look at letgo app reviews from both Android and iOS users to see if letgo really is one of the best apps to buy cheap stuff.

letgo App Reviews from iOS Users

letgo is available as a free download on iTunes, with a total of 41,761 letgo app reviews.

The garage sale app has an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, making it one of the top-rated mobile selling apps on iTunes.

Most users give incredibly positive letgo app reviews, praising the letgo buy and sell process as being convenient, simple, and efficient. For example, one letgo app review says:

Great place to buy and sell things. Very easy to post your items. Better than most of the other selling apps. Love the ability to post multiple pics and the search feature work great. Highly recommended!

In a similar letgo app review, another user writes:

Super easy to use. Love that it’s free to use! Easy to chat with sellers and buyers. Would recommend!

However, there are also some critical letgo app reviews from iOS users that suggest that the garage sale app may need some fine tuning. One such letgo app review states:

It would be OK if you were only hiding PHONE numbers. But whatever filter you guys have installed hides all kinds of numbers not just phone numbers…tire sizes, mileage, serial numbers, etc. ANYTHING that’s got a number in it gets hidden. SO STUPID! And also…when a scammer gets reported…GET RID OF THEM!!!

Another critical letgo app review says:

The app is good but the support is bad. Many seller[s] are low baller and when you don’t agree on their offer they will bad-review [sic] you. I have tried to contact the support without any results. The technical part seems to be working good.

Despite a few negative experiences, the letgo app reviews from iOS users tend to be positive, with many reviewers naming letgo as the best app to sell stuff locally.

What is the letgo App

Photo courtesy of: letgo

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letgo App Reviews from Android Users

The letgo app for Android currently has over 671,000 letgo app reviews, giving it a total rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Similar to the letgo app reviews from iOS users, many Android users applaud the letgo app for efficiency, ease of use, and its ability to connect local sellers and buyers.

A few examples of short letgo app reviews on Android include:

  • “Very easy website to use.”
  • “Easy to work app.”
  • “So easy to use!”
  • “Way better than Craigslist.”
  • “Great app. Time to let go!”
  • “Great site. Finding lots of things at good prices.”
  • “Very good app for selling things locally.”

Throughout letgo app reviews on Android, the letgo app is often compared to other apps to sell stuff. The most common comparison is to Craigslist, as seen in this letgo app review:

Very convenient app for selling and buying stuff! I think of it as a better Craigslist for buying and selling!

A few letgo app reviewers also offer praise for the ability to connect with Google+ for an easier setup process, which makes letgo one of the most convenient apps to buy cheap stuff.

There are also critical letgo app reviews that should be considered before downloading the letgo app on Android. For example, in his letgo app review, user Ross Tyrell states:

User-unfriendly during search you click on a person’s item then when you select an item and after viewing it go back to the person’s listings for sale and you lose where you were in the search process and all of the items reshuffle themselves into an order you didn’t experience before, so all of the items become jumbled into a different order, rather than being able to pick up where you left off in the search process, Really frustrating.

Some critical letgo app reviews even mention the possibility of letgo app scams, like this letgo app review from user Erik Sandoval:

Full of scammers. Posted a phone for sale and in 10 minutes was bombarded with messages trying to buy the phone but then they said they only wanted me to ship it and would pay me $400 for shipping bunch of scammers

Based on letgo app reviews from Android users, the best characteristics of the garage sale app are its ease of use and convenience.

Although there are certainly a few technical aspects that could be improved upon, the overall consensus from letgo app reviewers is that letgo is the best app to sell stuff locally.

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Conclusion: Is the letgo Buy and Sell App the Best Garage Sale App to Use?

If you’re looking for apps to buy cheap stuff and the best apps to sell stuff locally, letgo seems to be a solid choice.

Overall, the app seems to demonstrate high performance, offering a simple, convenient, and safe way for buyers and sellers to connect.

Even when using the best app to sell stuff locally, being aware of letgo app scams is important. Use caution when interacting with buyers and sellers, and follow the safety tips listed in this letgo app review to ensure that you do not get involved in a letgo app scam.

Is your garage overflowing with tools or appliances that you aren’t using anymore? Are you getting ready for a big move and looking to get rid of extra clothing, shoes, or accessories? Do you love searching through garage sales to find the best deals on secondhand items?

If so, you might want to consider downloading the letgo buy and sell app—who knows, it may just be the best garage sale app for you!

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