Intro: Finding Affordable Art & Home Décor Online

When it comes to purchasing one-of-a-kind statement pieces, affordable art is rarely accessible.

Instead, many shoppers wind up purchasing the same canvas print, framed artwork, comforter patterns, and clothing designs that are mass-manufactured and sent to every other department store.

What if you could buy art online that is just as unique as it is versatile? What if you could find creative, one-of-a-kind designs at your fingertips?

Here enters Society6, an online marketplace where affordable art takes many different forms, from traditional framed art prints to stationery and comforters.

The same original design created as a framed print can also become affordable home décor as a throw pillow, rug, blanket, or even a shower curtain.

No matter what type of affordable art you choose, items from Society6 are unique, filled with personality, and best of all, created by independent artists across the world.

affordable art

Finding Affordable Art – Society6

If you’ve never heard of Society6 before, you probably have a lot of questions, including:

  • What is Society6?
  • How does Society6 work?
  • What are the Society6 shipping & return policies?
  • Are Society6 reviews positive or negative?
  • Are there any sites like Society6 that I should check out?

Our Society6 review will cover these questions—and more—to help you determine whether you should buy art online through Society6.

Do you love the idea of supporting independent artists? Have you been searching for affordable home décor that doesn’t sacrifice personality? If so, read on—you may find that affordable art on Society6 is the perfect fit.

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Society6 Review | What is Society6?

Society6 is a global marketplace for independent artists to sell their unique, original designs in the form of over 30 premium consumer goods.

Shoppers looking to buy art online can choose from a wide array of affordable art and affordable home décor, including (but not limited to):

  • Art prints, canvas prints, & wall tapestries
  • Throw pillow, blankets, & curtains
  • Beach towels, coffee mugs, & stationery
  • Phone cases, backpacks, & purses
  • Shirts, leggings, & hoodies

Ultimately, Society6 is meant to create and support a global community of independent artists, making it possible for anyone to buy unique, affordable art online.

Society6 Review | How Does Society6 Work?

From an artists’ perspective, Society6 provides a seamless, effortless way to produce affordable art across a wide variety of categories.

Artists upload their original designs, choose the items they want to sell, and Society6 takes care of production, payment processing, and shipping.

From a shopper’s perspective, Society6 makes it incredibly easy to buy art online. Shoppers can choose to browse through the website by specific category, theme, women’s, or men’s apparel.

affordable home décor

Buy Art Online – Society6

Our Society6 review also found unique featured categories to browse through, called Collections, Popular Artists, Trending Products, Lookbooks, and New Artists.

After making a free account, shoppers can follow artists, make collections of their favorite designs, create wish lists, and buy art online all through the same affordable home décor platform.

How does Society6 work? In many ways, it functions like a social media platform, allowing users to interact with and save affordable art that matches their unique taste and style.

Pricing & Society6 Coupons

Prices for affordable home décor and affordable art through Society6 can vary depending on the artist, the product, and what type of Society6 coupons are currently available.

Society6 coupons are periodically available directly through the website, often applying to specific categories or even specific stores.

Our Society6 review found a few other online resources for shoppers to increase their savings when buying affordable home décor, clothing, and accessories.

Society6 coupons can be found on the following websites:

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Society6 Review | Society6 Shipping & Return Policies

If you’re considering buying affordable home décor or affordable art online through Society6, you’ll want to make sure that the Society6 shipping and return policies align with your shopping needs and expectations.

Society6 Shipping

Unfortunately, our Society6 review was unable to find concrete information on shipping charges—although we did find that the website is constantly running specials for free Society6 shipping.

According to their Facebook page, all affordable home décor within the Wall Art category is currently available for $40 off and an automatic Society6 coupon for free shipping.

what is society6

Society6 Shipping

Society6 is consistently running these types of sales, offering free shipping across various categories to make it even more affordable to buy art online.

As for shipping times, Society6 estimates that all US orders will be delivered within 4-14 days by USPS. Shoppers can easily track their order either through a confirmation email or by directly accessing their account.

Society6 Return Policy

Our Society6 review found that the Society6 return policy is surprisingly lenient when compared to other sites to buy art online.

All shoppers have 90 days to process a return, replacement, or exchange after their order has shipped.

According to the Society6 return policy, shoppers can receive:

  • A full refund, arriving 4-7 business days after processing
  • A replacement for incorrect items or delayed shipments

Shipping is free of charge for any replacements, making it easy for shoppers to buy art online with confidence through Society6.

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Society6 Review | Society6 Reviews from Popular Consumer Sites

Buying affordable home décor from Society6 might be the best choice for your budget, but what about the overall shopping experience?

Can you count on their customer service department if something goes wrong when you buy art online? Even further, are shoppers satisfied with the quality of affordable art on Society6?

In this section, we’ll look at Society6 reviews from actual customers to provide a picture of what the overall shopping experience is like when buying affordable home décor, clothing, and accessories through Society6.

Society6 Reviews on SiteJabber

There are nearly 1,000 Society6 reviews on SiteJabber, giving the online marketplace a total rating of 4.5 stars.

The overwhelming majority of Society6 reviews are positive, with over 800 Society6 reviewers rating their shopping experience with a full five-star rating.

Many positive Society6 reviews focus on the high quality of the affordable art products, convenient shopping process, and outstanding customer service practices.

In fact, glowing Society6 reviews on customer service are perhaps the most prominent within five-star reviews, a general rarity among consumer review sites.

society6 reviews

Society6 Reviews

In a recent Society6 review, user Emily H. describes her experience with customer service as “[having] never in my life left a customer service experience smiling like I am right now.” After buying the incorrect print size, she immediately got a refund without having to fight customer service, and even received a Society6 coupon to decrease the replacement cost.

A few Society6 reviewers have even taken notice of the company’s ethics, praising the Society6 marketplace for supporting independent artists.

For example, in her Society6 review, user Charlotte T. says, “Great company with great ethics. Really good to see such a diverse collection of artwork on one website.”

Of course, there are still negative Society6 reviews on SiteJabber—currently, over 70 Society6 reviewers have rated their experience with one star.

Our Society6 review found that the majority of the negative Society6 reviews came from 2015-2016, which may point to a recent change in customer service policies and practices.

Based on Society6 reviews on SiteJabber, it seems that the vast majority of shoppers have positive experiences when buying affordable art through Society6.

Society6 Reviews on TrustPilot

There are over 100 Society6 reviews on TrustPilot, giving the site a total rating of 6.1 out of 10.

Of these, 58 percent of Society6 reviewers rated their experience as “Excellent,” whereas 23 percent gave the site a “Bad” rating.

Many Society6 reviewers applaud the site for the same common attributes as Society6 reviews on SiteJabber—customer service that goes above and beyond, and the ability to purchase high-quality, affordable art products.

In his Society6 review, user Michael Reynolds says:

So far I have ordered 3 towels, 1 duvet cover, 1 Mug and 1 rug…All great quality, can’t fault the products, had one problem where they sent me the wrong rug, but customer service couldn’t have been better, I received my replacement rug about 10 days later and was allowed to keep the one sent in error at no cost.

In a similar positive Society6 review, user Kristen Simpson says:

I have been extremely impressed with Society6 in every way. The items I have purchased are stunning and so unique and I love the fact that I am also supporting some very talented artists in the process… I couldn’t recommend this company to you more highly.

On the other hand, there are Society6 reviewers who have had negative experiences when buying affordable art online.

Many of these seem to express directly opposite sentiments, describing affordable home décor that does not match the photos online and difficulty reaching customer service.

For example, one recent Society6 review from user Cheryl says:

Terrible product…wasted my money! The image does not even come close to what is shown on the web site. And forget about talking to anyone. Terrible customer service!

Another negative Society6 review states that customer service is “very poor,” and unresponsive to emails. Others also complain about poor print quality on t-shirts, warning shoppers to stay away.

Despite the negative Society6 reviews on TrustPilot, it’s worth mentioning that the majority of shoppers have had great experiences buying different forms of affordable art through the website.

Still, repeated complaints about customer service and poor quality should be a deciding factor when deciding whether it is worth it to buy art online through Society6.

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Society6 Review | Websites like Society6

If you like the concept of supporting independent artists through a website like Society6, but aren’t completely sold on their affordable art, you may want to check out one of the sites like Society6 below as an alternative option.

affordable art

Websites Like Society6


Etsy is perhaps one of the most well-known websites like Society6, offering independent artists the ability to create their own shops and fully manage their own businesses.

As one of the top sites like Society6, Etsy also provides an invaluable way for artists to get their work seen by a large audience—but if you aren’t willing to search for affordable art, you may find yourself frustrated by Etsy’s selection.

Shoppers can buy art online through Etsy, but they will also find craft supplies, handmade items, vintage clothes, antiques, and a host of other products on the same platform, which may make finding affordable art into a complicated process.

Eyes On Walls

Eyes On Walls is one of the top sites like Society6, exclusively dedicated to providing fine art prints in varying shapes and sizes and helping independent artists reach a wider audience.

Quality, experience, and customer service are three core pillars of their business model, making them one of the best websites like Society6 to consider.

For those on a budget, however, the affordable art through Eyes On Walls may not be as affordable as that on Society6, as prints range between $30-$350.

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Conclusion: Is Buying Affordable Home Décor Through Society6 Worth It?

If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind, affordable home décor and art, Society6 is a great place to start.

Society6 occupies a unique space among sites to buy art online—not only does each purchase directly support independent artists, but many original designs are completely customizable.

Shopping for affordable art on Society6 means that designs can be applied to an art print, a canvas, bedsheets, curtains, or even a t-shirt, offering a wide realm of possibilities for shoppers.

Although past Society6 reviews have criticized their customer service and quality, our Society6 review found that recent reviewers applaud the site’s ability to resolve issues promptly and courteously, making affordable art on Society6 well worth a shot.

If you’re looking for affordable home décor—or even your next unique t-shirt—that embodies personality and creativity, Society6 could quickly become your next favorite shopping destination!

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