Intro: Revitalizing Skin Care with Dr. Murad Skin Care Products

No matter what age you are at, it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. Maintaining a strong skin care routine is vital to improving health and restoring youth.

Skin care routines have become a significant point of focus lately—after all, healthy skin not only keeps us looking healthy, but it’s an important part of feeling healthy, too.

As important as skin care is, it’s often difficult to narrow down a line of products that fits your unique skin care needs. It’s also hard to separate fact from fiction—especially when it comes to tackling tricky problems, like wrinkles, cellulite, and acne.

In a market flooded with an endless array of anti-aging serums, deep exfoliators, acne creams, and moisturizers, how can you find the right skin care products for you?

What is Murad Skin Care

Murad Skin Care

For those who are looking for medicated formulas with decades of success, Dr. Murad skin care is a great option.

Whether you have heard of Murad products in passing, or if you’re completely new to the Murad skin care line, our Murad review will provide you with everything you need to know about the brand. 

We’ll look at the basics of Murad skin care, where to buy Murad, provide an overview of the best Murad products, and look at real Murad skin care reviews from customers to see how the products perform.

Are Murad skin care products right for you? Could Murad skin care be the newest addition to your beauty routine? By the end of our Murad review, you will have all the information you need to answer both these questions—and more!

Murad Skin Care Review | What is Dr. Murad Skin Care?

Founded by Dr. Howard Murad, Murad has been providing expert skin care solutions for nearly three decades.

His research into the science of cellular water is at the cornerstone of his line of Murad products, which states that the ability of cell membranes is a fundamental marker of good health.

As the first modern doctor brand of clinical skin care products, the goal of Murad skin care is simple: to help everyone attain beautiful, healthy skin.

All Murad products are created on a deep-seeded belief that living younger is a choice you can make every day—a philosophy that Dr. Murad calls Connected Beauty.

As explained on their website,

We believe that youth is a reflection of how you feel, how you look and how you live, because every aspect of your life is as interconnected as every cell in your body.

That’s why everything we do at Murad is designed to help you activate youth through hydration at the cellular level.

Murad—a connected life is a beautiful life.

As reported in Vanity Fair, Dr. Murad’s accolades include creating the first line of doctor-branded skin care, developing of the first Esthetic AHA formulations, and founding the first-ever medical spa and Inclusive Health Center. 

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Murad Skin Care Review | What Kinds of Murad Products are Available?

Murad products are split into three general groups—Skincare, Anti-Aging, and Acne. From there, Murad skin care products are then divided into Categories and Concerns.

For example, the available categories underneath Skincare include:

  • Cleansers & Toners
  • Serums & Treatments
  • Moisturizers
  • Eyes & Lips
  • Masks & Exfoliators
  • Supplements
  • Body
  • Sun
  • Regiments & Kits

Along with categories, shoppers can also select specific concerns for their Murad skin care products to address, including:

  • Acne
  • Oil Control
  • Pores
  • Hydration
  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Lifting & Firming
  • Dark Spots & Uneven Tone
  • Radiance
  • Sensitive Skin & Redness

Each section of Murad products also provides specific collections and kits that offer ready-made Murad skin care solutions to make finding the right skin care regimen as convenient as possible.

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Murad Skin Care Review | Average Prices & Where to Buy Murad

Before beginning a new beauty routine with Murad skin care, it may be worthwhile to consider what your average cost per product will be.

In this section, our Murad review will cover the cost of Murad products, show you where to find Murad coupons, and look at the best places to buy Murad skin care products.

Prices & Discounts on Murad Products

Because there are so many different types and sizes of Murad products available, it’s nearly impossible to estimate your expected cost.

Our Murad review found that the products within the Murad Skin Care line fell between $24-$150, which is a fair representative for the remainder of Murad products.

While the prices of Murad skin care products may be higher than other competing brands, it’s worth noting the brand uses decades of scientific research to support its higher prices.

For bargain shoppers, however, there are plenty of Murad coupons and Murad promo codes available directly on their website.

Murad promo codes give free gifts with qualifying purchases, which can certainly help to offset the cost of Murad products. Many of these Murad promo codes offer free gifts between a $65-$85 value.

The company also offers promotional offers to automatically apply Murad coupons. For example, select skin care duos are currently 10 percent off for customers ordering through the website.

They also list value sets at a discounted price, available without the use of Murad coupons or promo codes.

Where to Buy Murad

Although many Murad promo codes and Murad coupons can only be used while ordered through the company’s website, it may still be worthwhile to check prices and product availability at participating retailers like:

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Murad Skin Care Review | What are the Best Murad Products?

While determining the best Murad products for you may be best left up to individual needs, there are a handful of best-selling Murad products that continue to bring in positive Murad reviews.

Murad Resurgence Reviews

The Resurgence line of Murad skin care are certainly some of the most popular—if not the best Murad products.

Made for anti-aging and skin conditions due to hormonal imbalances during menopause, the Resurgence products are formulated to diminish wrinkles, improve skin texture, tighten loose skin, and provide intense hydration.

Murad Resurgence reviews are incredibly positive, with every product bringing at least a 4-star review from users. In fact, many of these Murad products have a full 5-star rating.

One of the most popular items in this line of Murad products is the Resurgence Introductory Kit. To date, it has over 1,300 Murad Resurgence reviews and almost a perfect 5-star rating.

One Murad review for the kit states:

I love this eye cream. I have tried so many different eye creams and this one is by far the best. It has really made a difference in the fine lines under my eyes…This cream is great to wear alone or under concealer. I use it twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Murad Skin Care

Murad Products

Another Murad reviewer for the Resurgence kit says:

I use this Rapid Collagen Infusion at least twice a day every day and sometimes more. My favorite thing about it is that it’s NOT greasy or oily. Makeup goes on beautifully over it. I just purchased 2 bottles of it. One for home, and one for summer travel. Get it!

In fact, it’s difficult to find a critical comment among the Murad Resurgence reviews, which certainly attests to its popularity and its effectiveness.

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Murad Acne Reviews

There are two Murad products focused on acne that top the list of best Murad products—the Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement and the Clarifying Cleanser.

Both products bring in large numbers of positive Murad acne reviews, with many Murad reviewers reporting decreased breakouts and softer skin.

The Dietary Supplement is a unique form of Murad skin care, as it works from the inside out to prevent acne. There are currently more than 350 reviews for the supplement, with nearly every Murad reviewer giving five stars.

For example, one of the product’s most recent Murad acne reviews says:

I told myself if I actually saw results I would write a review… I almost didn’t want to believe this product was working because I thought it was too good to be true. My skin is almost 95% clear – all I’m working on is the post acne scarring left behind. If you’re reading this and you’re skeptical, just give it a try. that’s what I did. & it paid off. Worse case [sic] scenario it doesn’t work for you… but at least you tried it and can cross it off your list of things you’ve tried. but definitely give it a try, its [sic] worth the money if you see the results you’re looking for. also, keep in mind that nothing will clear your skin overnight, it will take time. but progress is better than nothing at all.

Nearly all Murad acne reviews for the dietary supplement echo similar sentiments, particularly from those suffering from both hormonal and regular acne.

As for the Clarifying Cleanser, there are over 1,350 positive Murad reviews, with many Murad acne reviews praising the product’s ability to keep skin both clear and soft.

For example, one Murad reviewer says,

I use this about 5 times a week on my face and body. I definitely have noticed a difference since I started using it! Less breakouts on my face, chest, and back. When I left it at home for two weeks while on vacation… well, it wasn’t good. I prefer the pump version for the shower at home and will take a travel sized bottle next time.

While your skin care needs may point you to other Murad products, these are certainly some of the most popular Murad products available.

To view other best-selling products, you can visit the Murad website for a full listing.

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Murad Skin Care Review | What do Murad Skin Care Reviews Say About Murad Products?

While we’ve already discussed Murad skin care reviews for a few specific products, this section will look at general Murad reviews from customers to see whether they are satisfied with Murad products.

Murad Reviews on SiteJabber

There are currently 28 Murad reviews on SiteJabber, giving the company an overall rating of 3.5 stars.

Interestingly, over 70 percent of Murad reviewers gave the company four stars, meaning that they were satisfied enough to leave a positive Murad review, but not enough to award a perfect score.

Based on Murad reviews, it seems that customers are mainly frustrated by the high prices and the small product sizes. For example, in her Murad review, user Kimberli H. writes:

[T]he amount of product they send you is not enough for a month to test and find out if it really works. However what you do get does feel delightful on your skin. I really feel that it would be a good product to try if they give you enough product to make a real evaluation.

On the other hand, there are some Murad reviewers who have had serious issues with billing. In her Murad review, user Sheila M. writes:

I made the mistake of ordering directly from and ended up getting screwed. They sent me $105 worth of product that I didn’t order and then told me that I had to pay for shipping both ways if I wanted a refund. What a scam. You can get better prices on and anyway. Stay away from at all costs (or it will cost you!).

Regardless, many Murad reviews on SiteJabber praise the quality of Murad products, like the Murad review pictured below.

Murad Reviews

Murad Reviews

Murad Reviews on Better Business Bureau

Interestingly, there are no Murad reviews listed on the Better Business Bureau. Instead, there are a total of 56 complaints against the company, with 18 closed within the past 12 months.

In a similar fashion to Murad reviews on SiteJabber, the majority of Murad reviewers on the Better Business Bureau had issues with billing or collections.

One complaint states that the “Company did not disclose that I was enrolling in a prigram [sic] that would result in recurring payments.”

Another complaint describes a similar situation, saying:

The Auto-Subscription Agreement this Company practices is Fraudulent. I ordered the 30 Day Kit and Unbeknownst to me I was automatically agreeing to some subscription. I didn’t even know about this subscription until I received an email from my PayPal account that I was being charged $60.33…That is very fraudulent and duplicitous. The company did NOT do its part to ensure I the customer knew what I was agreeing to. I am requesting a refund.

In the case of Better Business Bureau, it seems that most negative Murad reviews deal with the company’s billing policies, rather than Murad products themselves.

Murad Reviews—The Verdict

Murad reviews from popular consumer review sites tend to focus largely on commentary about the company’s billing structure and the overall price of Murad skin care products.

Interestingly, even reviews that are not completely positive still acknowledge the overall quality of the products, meaning that Murad skin care may still be worth trying.

Based on Murad reviews, however, ordering from the Murad website might not be advisable—at least not without proper precaution to ensure that you are making a one-time purchase and not a recurring one.

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Conclusion: Are Murad Products Worth It?

If you’re looking for a high-end, high-results product backed by years of scientific research—and are willing to pay higher prices for it—then you will probably find that Murad skin care is worth it.

Murad reviews for individual products are overwhelmingly positive, specifically the anti-aging and acne treatment products. For those who need a reliable, effective skin care regimen for either of these common issues, Murad products demonstrate consistent, powerful performance.

By looking at Murad reviews, however, it seems the company does not draw a clear distinction between making a one-time purchase and a recurring one.

If you choose to buy directly from the website to take advantage of Murad coupons and promo codes, make sure that you know what type of purchase you are making.

While Murad products have proven results to back them, Murad reviews show that their effectiveness may not matter if you end up paying for more than you bargained for!

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