What is a Fund Manager? What is Fund Management? 

A fund manager is the professional responsible for deciding what securities will be held within a given investment fund.

Fund management is the art of creating a balanced portfolio for a given fund, while also knowing when to exit positions that are no longer profitable.


In a nutshell, the goal of the fund manager is to make investors money.

They do most of the hard work of buying and selling stocks so that investors only have to invest in the single fund, rather than all of the stocks and bonds that make up its component parts. 

What Does a Fund Manager Do?

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Often, an investment fund won’t be operated by a single person.

Instead, a team of investment managers will work together to make the fund as profitable as possible.

This is often the case with larger funds that require more work to maintain. 

Strategic Planning

A fund manager will sometimes create a specific strategy for managing his or her fund.

For instance, they may focus on securities gathered within a single industry, or they may focus investing in a particular part of the world.

This is often done when a fund manager has a specific area of expertise, as it allows them to apply their knowledge to the timing of buying and selling the holdings within the fund. 

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