Overview: Wescott Financial Advisory Group Reviews

Wescott Financial Advisory Group is an independent, fee-only, investment advisory and wealth management firm that is registered with the U.S Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

Founded by Grant Rawdin, Esq. in 1987, the firm now serves individual and institutional clients through offices located in Philadelphia, Boca Raton, Miami and San Francisco.

The firm’s Wealth Management Program is strategically designed as a continuous process that is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs on an ongoing basis, adapting itself to changes in the investment landscape.

The firm’s clients greatly benefit from the uniquely personalized approach to delivering all of its services, whether it is for financial planning analysis and consulting; ongoing updates to their financial plans; periodic consultations about personal or financial issues; or questions related to a client’s family and financial independence.

The company brings together a highly experienced team of interdisciplinary specialists, including J.D.s, LL.M.s, CPAs, Ph.D.s, MBAs, CFP®s and CLUs, who are experts in the field of investment, financial planning, law and taxation, to deliver a complete set of integrated services to its clients.

Wescott Financial Advisory Group Reviews

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The company is rated as one of the top wealth management firms across the United States, and is nationally ranked #3 and #25 on CNBC’s list of Top 100 Wealth Management Firms and Barron’s respectively.

The firm’s Investment Research Group has been listed as a top-5 firm by Financial Advisor magazine, and Wescott holds the distinction of being designated Best Places to Work by the Philadelphia and South Florida Business Journals.

The firm is proud of its independent status, and does not promote or sell any investment or insurance products.

Wescott Financial Advisory Group Review – Team Members:

Sample List of Team Members

  • Grant Rawdin, Founder and CEO
  • Margaret M. Abrams, Director of Business Operations
  • Tracy T. Abriola, Manager of Marketing and Communications
  • Helen C. Andrick, Manager of Account Administration
  • Christopher A. Cortese,Associate Financial Advisor        
  • Stephanie M. Curtis,Financial Advisor
  • …and many more

Wescott Financial Advisory Group Reviews - Top Independent, Fee-only Manager

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Wescott Financial Advisory Group Reviews – Services:

For Individuals

  • Wealth Management
  • Portfolio Management

For Institutions

  • Foundations/Endowments
  • Pension Funds and 401k(s)
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Sub-Advisor
  • Investment Research
  • Portfolio Management

Wescott Financial Advisory Group’s Address Information:

  • One Market Plaza, Spear Tower, Suite 2200, San Francisco, CA 94105-1127

To Contact Wescott Financial Advisory Group:

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