Synopsis of We Buy Ugly Houses Review: How to Know if HomeVestors’ Award-Winning Real Estate Franchise is Right for You (Pros & Cons)

This We Buy Ugly Houses review is directed toward HomeVestors of America, also known as We Buy Ugly Houses. The site’s purpose is to help homeowners who may be in a difficult selling situation.

They are one of several current companies that buy houses considered “ugly” in the market. In other words, they are the people who buy houses that are difficult to sell for various reasons, be it structural, cosmetic, or otherwise.

What Does We Buy Ugly Houses Do For You?

We Buy Ugly Houses purchases ugly houses for sale and pays you in cash, cutting out the banks as middlemen. After they take the property off your hands, they fix it up and resell or rent it out.

This service’s ultimate goal is to help frustrated sellers who may be in a desperate situation. Read further to gain insight on the service gathered from our research of the franchise and other We Buy Ugly Houses reviews.

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We Buy Ugly Houses review

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What is An “Ugly” House?

To be clear, an “ugly” house can be many things, but essentially it is a home that causes the owner to want or need to leave, but it either isn’t getting offers or isn’t moving quick enough.

In this particular We Buy Ugly Houses review, we strive provide you with a detailed overview of, as well as a look at the positive and negative aspects to choosing this brand.

If you’re a potential customer looking to put your “ugly” house for sale, then this We Buy Ugly Houses review will help you narrow your research and ask the right questions. Consider the following details before choosing this company for your selling needs:

  • Who We Buy Ugly Houses caters to
  • We Buy Ugly Houses complaints
  • How to spot a We Buy Ugly Houses scam
  • We Buy Ugly Houses awards
  • We Buy Ugly Houses benefits

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Who Does We Buy Ugly Houses Cater To?

There are a lot of legitimate reasons to put your “ugly” house for sale and sell it quickly.

Of course, you may dislike the house’s general appearance and want to sell for a cosmetic upgrade, but some other reasons for wanting to sell your property quickly, as as listed in other We Buy Ugly Houses reviews and testimonials, include the following:

  • Structural problems/safety concerns
  • Foreclosure
  • New job/job loss
  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Death of a loved one
  • Bad mortgage financing/high interest rates
  • Liquidating assets to pay bills
  • Downsizing
  • Bad location (crime/weather)
  • Selling an inherited house

So, while in some cases, the desire to put your “ugly” house for sale may be strictly cosmetic, in others, it’s more personal and possibly much more time sensitive. We Buy Ugly Houses wants to buy ugly houses for sale and turn around your “ugly” house as quickly and effectively as they possibly can. They specifically cater to customers who want a speedy turnaround.

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Online, We Buy Ugly Houses reviews are peppered with customers who appreciate that the company understood their unique selling stations. Consider the following quotes from some satisfied sellers:

We Buy Ugly Houses Reviews

  • “My wife and I had been engaged in a financial tailspin with no relief in sight. We turned to HomeVestors for assistance, and it was the smartest decision we ever made.” —Brian and Ulla, Apollo Beach, FL
  • “I lived in the house for 32 years and spent the last three years trying to fix it up and sell. Finally, I had to sell it quickly and was tired of putting money into the rehabbing the house… A friend of mine encouraged me to call even though I really didn’t have an ugly house… HomeVestors was my answer!” —Brenda, Atlanta, GA
  • “Letting go is hard to do. At least, that’s the way my sister and I felt when it came to selling my parents’ home. The house was in great need of repair. I saw the job of cleaning out their home, repairing, and selling it as an overwhelming and time-consuming burden. That’s when I decided to talk to HomeVestors.” —Bob, Barnhart, MO
  • “Thanks for the outstanding service and convenience your company provided me in the sale of my parents’ home. Due to a medical hardship, my family elected to relocate our parents from the Midwest to the Southeast. Your company provided the perfect economic solution that eliminated all the hardships and worries associated with selling their home.” —Kevin, Roeland Park, KS

Each of these We Buy Ugly Houses reviews, including others found online, appreciate the convenience and speed of the service during extremely sensitive times, and many hail it as the “smartest decision [they] ever made.” This selling service, considered one of the best companies that buy houses, is for someone who wants to move on and move on fast. Overall, We Buy Ugly Houses will cater to any “ugly” homeowner, including townhouses, condos, duplexes, multitenant buildings, and some commercial properties. They do not, however, buy and sell mobile homes.

We Buy Ugly Houses Complaints

Naturally, there are some We Buy Ugly Houses complaints and negative We Buy Ugly Houses reviews. While, yes, We Buy Ugly Houses will buy your “ugly” house, they will buy it below the market value in order to resell later for a profit.

Investors will generally pay 60 to 80 percent of the market value, which is fair to some, but for other sellers, this is a disadvantage.

However, the benefit is that you receive cash from We Buy Ugly Houses. Again, this service is for people who want to move on with their lives quickly and aren’t too concerned with making exactly market value for their ugly house for sale.

Another We Buy Ugly Houses complaint is that there is always the possibility of being scammed when working with a companies that buy houses, because you are putting your trust in individual investors.

There are people who buy houses who are potential threats.

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How to Spot a We Buy Ugly Houses Scam

Some sellers and We Buy Ugly Houses reviews are wary of using these services, and they are wary about the possibility of a scam. There have been instances of individual real estate investors—people who buy houses—trying to take advantage of vulnerable home sellers under the guise of the HomeVestor and We Buy Ugly Houses trademark.

Elizabeth Blakeslee, former regional vice president for the National Association of Realtors, says about these “fake” branches, “If you talk with a realtor, you can get information about the true value of the house relative to sales in the area.

That’s not something these companies tend to do.” In other words, if you’re being scammed, you’ll often find that the investor doesn’t know much about your current housing area’s market.

But, We Buy Ugly Houses also offers direct advice on how to avoid these individuals and their scams as well:

  • Vet the company: It’s important to do your own research when selling your house, and even though you are trying to sell quickly, verify that your investor has experience in the field and that you’re not falling for a “virtual” company that buys houses that only exists online and simply sells to the highest bidder.
  • Check out the advertising: Don’t rely on staked signs scattered throughout a neighborhood to find an investor. Most of the time, this kind of disorganized advertising is actually illegal and is an illegitimate technique that was learned at a seminar. Professionals will not advertise their company that buys houses this way.
  • Know the offer: You may receive an offer that is under market value, but that doesn’t mean you should be completely ripped off. A qualified investor will be knowledgeable about your current market and will consider all aspects, like time and repair issues and adjustments when making an offer. On the other hand, be extremely wary of an offer that seems “too good to be true” because, of course, it usually is.

Blakeslee advises that home sellers read all contracts carefully before they sign to make sure there are no hidden fees or points of confusion or concern. The best advice to avoid being scammed by a faction of unreliable people who buy houses is to call HomeVestors directly.

Their policy is to vet all branch services, including the independently operated franchises. This significantly reduces your chances of being scammed for an individual not associated with a professional company that buys houses.

We Buy Ugly Houses Awards

We Buy Ugly Houses reviews applaud the site for having been the recipient of several prestigious honors and awards since coming to fruition as a franchise of HomeVestors in 1996. Consult the following list of awards:

It’s comforting for customers who want to put their “ugly” house for sale when a company displays their awards and seems to have earned favor with reputable reviewing sites, magazines, and schools of business. We Buy Ugly Houses seems to be one of the best current companies that buy houses.

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We Buy Ugly Houses Benefits

In addition to working fast, there are some other real benefits to choosing We Ugly Houses to buy, repair, and put up your “ugly” house for sale:

  • We Buy Ugly Houses will pay your closing costs.
  • We Buy Ugly Houses buys your property as is, no personal repair required.
  • We Buy Ugly Houses cuts the bank from the equation and pays you in cash.
  • We Buy Ugly Houses is known to close in as quickly as one week.

companies that buy houses

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This national network of investors can be a real asset to home sellers who want to make a quick escape, and We Buy Ugly Houses claims that they will buy your house, “no matter what condition it is in.”

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Conclusion – We Buy Ugly Houses Review

When you’re selling your home, you’re often in a vulnerable position, be it a personal or financial situation, and that makes you susceptible to scams and schemes.

Ultimately, selling your “ugly” home can be a nerve-racking decision, but as long as you are capable of doing some of your own research, We Buy Ugly Houses can be a legitimate option for you, especially if you are looking to sell your home fast.

The company is great if your property has been deemed “ugly” or hard to sell. They boast many benefits and awards that We Buy Ugly Houses reviews take note of and that deem them to be a reputable company.

Pros and We Buy Ugly Houses Benefits

  • They work fast.
  • They will pay your closing costs.
  • They have been recognized as successful by magazines/websites.
  • They will buy and put any “ugly” house for sale.

Cons and We Buy Ugly Houses Complaints

  • They pay under market price.
  • There is a risk of being scammed.

To conclude this We Buy Ugly Houses review, if you do decide to sell your “ugly” home with We Buy Ugly Houses, trusting them to repair and sell your house, just keep in mind that scams do exist, and you should review all paperwork thoroughly before signing.

As long as you are capable of spotting suspicious investors, then choosing We Buy Ugly Houses could be a potentially life-changing (in a positive way) decision.

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