Overview: We Buy Houses Reviews | Is This Firm Legit? Details on Companies That Buy Houses

Although companies that offer get-rich-quick deals are tempting in many ways, they are all in business for the same reason: to make money. While some are more legitimate than others, companies that buy houses offer you quick cash for your home whether you are struggling to sell it or just need cash in your pocket fast.

We will look at We Buy Houses reviews to get a better idea of whether webuyhouses.com is a reputable business.

Two key questions being asked by consumers are:

  • Is We Buy Houses legit?
  • Is We Buy Houses a scam?

Whether or not you need a service like this is ultimately up to you, so it’s time to look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a company that says “we buy any house.”

What do we know about We Buy Houses? It’s a relatively new company, but companies that buy houses are nothing new. They all say, “We buy your house at the best price,” but determining whether or not that is true is the million-dollar question.

It’s important for you, the consumer, to know what the We Buy Houses reviews are actually saying so you can make the most informed decision possible.In our We Buy Houses review, we will walk you through what services We Buy Houses offers, evaluate the We Buy Houses reviews that are online, and help you answer the questions, “Is We Buy Houses legit, or is We Buy Houses a scam?”

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What Do You Know About We Buy Houses?

Do you know how companies that buy houses for cash work? If you are looking to sell your house fast, you can list your house with one of these companies, and they then make an offer to you to purchase your home. With a reputable company, this process is generally quick and painless. With a less reputable company, it can become a nightmare.

we buy houses reviews

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The primary benefit of using one of these services is that many of the companies that buy houses will offer to pay you in cash on the spot. You do not have to go through a realtor, deal with all the paperwork, or show the house, so it’s very convenient. Many of these businesses say, “We buy any house,” so even if your house isn’t in the best condition, it is likely that you will receive an offer.

Like anything else in the world, there are both ethical and unethical investors in this business, so it’s important for you to do your homework before choosing a service.

As with many other businesses that offer fast cash, you generally are not going to receive an offer on your house that matches its true market value. There is a formula that these companies that buy houses will use to determine what your offer is going to be, but generally you can expect that the offer will be around 60%-75% of the true market value for your home.

The company then turns around, cleans up the property, fixes whatever needs to be fixed and sells your house as close to market value as possible, and that’s where they make their profit.

A Google search of this particular company does not yield many results, and they are actually quite difficult to locate online if you are not searching for their company specifically. There is not any information on their website about who the CEO is, how long they’ve been in business, or where the company was started.

At the bottom of their site there is a piece that says “popular cities” that leads one to believe that their services are most popular in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. However, without the company specifying what this means, it could simply mean that these are popular cities in the United States.

We Buy Houses reviews are nonexistent on external websites, yet on the company website there are multiple positive reviews of the service. A We Buy Houses review on an external website would be helpful and lend credibility to the reviews. However, there are hundreds of reviews for all kinds of companies that buy houses, and many are not positive.

Some of the most frequent complaints are that the companies that buy houses offer incredibly low prices on the homes or customers get locked into a contract with a company and never get to closing.

With that said, there are plenty of companies that buy houses that are legitimate and do have plenty of positive reviews.

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Is Using Companies That Buy Houses Worth It?

Whether using companies that buy houses for cash is worthwhile is completely situational. Some people need a guaranteed sale of their house, so this is definitely a viable option for them.

You will more than likely receive a cash offer on your home, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle and paperwork involved in selling your home through a realtor.

There is also the added bonus of not having to fix up anything that may be wrong with the house. This is one of the biggest appeals for a lot of people.

If you have the time and patience to sell your home through a realtor on the market, then you are going to be rewarded with more money than if you use companies that buy houses for cash.

There are also more legitimate outlets to sell your home in the traditional way, so you won’t have to worry nearly as much as if you are just trying to sell it off quickly.

Is We Buy Houses Legit, or Is We Buy Houses a Scam?

It’s nearly impossible to tell whether or not this company is legitimate because they are essentially nowhere to be found outside of their main website. We Buy Houses reviews are nowhere to be found on any of the major review sites or even on the industry websites.

Their website is pretty bare bones and doesn’t offer much information about who the company is or what kind of work they actually do.

There isn’t much contact information on their website other than the contact form that they offer on one of their pages. There is no email address or physical address where the company can be located, but they do have a phone number posted next to the contact form.

The images on the website are all stock photos and not unique to the company.

Is We Buy Houses a scam? It’s difficult to say for sure.

Is We Buy Houses Safe?

Due to the lack of We Buy Houses reviews, many people still may be wondering whether “we buy your house” companies are safe.

This is an important question to ask because your house is a serious investment that needs to be protected. It’s difficult to say whether this specific company is safe, but overall, not all companies that buy houses are safe for consumers. Many of these companies are predatory in nature and want to take advantage of people who need money fast.

Many people have been taken advantage of by companies that buy houses, so you need to make sure that you do in-depth research before you make a decision with such serious implications.

If you choose the wrong company, are you going to be able to handle the financial loss of not receiving the amount of money that your home is worth?

If you were planning on using that money to pay for a different bill, are you going to be able to pay that bill if you lose out on the money from your home?

Bankruptcy is no joke, so you need to make sure that whatever company you choose is legitimate. The lack of We Buy Houses reviews is not a good sign.

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Warning Signs to Look Out for

Fortunately, when you are researching potential companies that buy houses, there are certain warning signs to watch out for. One potential warning sign is that the company’s contact doesn’t have a strong command of the English language.

Real estate transactions are not often outsourced due to their permanent nature and being tied to their location; a foreign customer service representative is a red flag that something might not be right.

we buy houses reviewImage Source: Pixabay

Another sign to watch out for is that your potential buyer is frequently unavailable. They might be trying to keep a low profile to keep other people from finding them, or it could be that they just aren’t a legitimate business.

Either way, stay away from these kinds of business relationships.

You also need to make sure that you are dealing with people who behave in a professional manner. If you call their business and they don’t respond the way that you think that a business should, then it’s best to just walk away.

Also, if they have an email address that is not tailored to their company, be careful. Most legitimate businesses will pay to have their own domain names.

One last sign is a buyer who is a bit too eager to get your deal finished. If they are pushing you to get it done fast, you need to ask them to slow down, and then you need to do your research on your buyer. Companies that buy houses legitimately will always communicate well with you and will not rush you through the process. Don’t let anyone pressure you into making a decision as important to you as selling off your home.

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Conclusion – We Buy Houses Review

Is We Buy Houses legit? Is We Buy Houses a scam? Consumers are frequently asking these questions about companies that buy houses, but We Buy Houses hasn’t inspired confidence that they are a legitimate business that will take you through the buying process with care.

Until there are more We Buy Houses reviews online and more information available about who is running the company and who is working for them, we recommend great caution.

Hopefully our We Buy Houses review was helpful. Next time you are looking to sell your house with companies that buy houses, find a company that is very transparent so you know exactly what you’re going to get.

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