Intro: Warby Parker Glasses vs. Warby Parker Competitors

As shopping online continues to grow in popularity, shoppers are demanding more convenience, better prices, and high-quality customer service across a variety of shopping sites.

One popular online shopping niche that has emerged is the ability to order prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses online.

Rather than schedule an appointment with a local optometrist, eyeglass wearers can simply enter in their prescription and browse through thousands of frames and lenses online, creating a truly customized shopping experience.

For those who want stylish eyeglasses at affordable prices, Warby Parker is one of the most popular sites for online prescription glasses. With prices starting at $95, Warby Parker glasses are a competitive alternative to the local optometrist.

Before you order Warby Parker glasses, however, you’ll want to know that you are investing in a reliable product—especially when it comes to your eye health. Looking at reviews from customers is a great way to identify whether ordering Warby Parker glasses online is the best decision for you.

Of course, sorting through one Warby Parker review after the next can be incredibly time-consuming. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you.

warby parker glasses

Warby Parker Glasses

In our Warby Parker review, we’ll highlight a few popular consumer review sites to see what shoppers are really saying about Warby Parker glasses to help you determine whether you should order Warby Parker glasses.

If you find that you aren’t swayed by Warby Parker reviews and would prefer to purchase glasses similar to Warby Parker, our review has got you covered.

After looking at the most common pros and cons from Warby Parker reviews, we’ll also show you the top Warby Parker competitors and companies like Warby Parker that you can use to find affordable, stylish glasses like Warby Parker.

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Warby Parker Review | Warby Parker Reviews on SiteJabber

There are over 140 Warby Parker reviews on SiteJabber, giving the site an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

Positive Warby Parker Reviews

About 40 percent of Warby Parker reviewers gave their experience with Warby Parker glasses a full five-star rating, applauding the site for their affordable prices and stylish selection of Warby Parker lenses and frames.

For example, in his Warby Parker glasses review, user Michael W. says:

I love all of my Warby Parker glasses. For around $100 you simply can’t find anything better in that price range in terms of style, quality and price.

Many positive Warby Parker reviews also applaud the ability to try on Warby Parker glasses at home before committing to a purchase. For example, in another recent Warby Parker review, user Ally S. says:

I had a really positive experience with Warby Parker – from ordering 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home, to returning them (couldn’t be easier!) to customer service to finally the glasses I ordered coming in. I love my Warby Parker glasses – and will recommend this company to my friends and family.

Some Warby Parker reviewers even address complaints about Warby Parker glasses, like the review pictured below:

warby parker review

Warby Parker Online Reviews

Overall, Warby Parker reviewers leaving 5-star ratings love the low prices, trendy styles, shopping convenience, and great customer service offered by the company.

Negative Warby Parker Reviews

Negative and positive Warby Parker reviews on SiteJabber are nearly equal, with approximately 30 percent of Warby Parker reviewers leaving a 1-star rating.

Many reviewers state poor quality of Warby Parker glasses as a critical issue, detailing experiences with premature cracks, breaks, and even faulty Warby Parker lenses.

For example, in her Warby Parker glasses review, user Caitlyn C. writes:

Looked in to these just to see if they are all the cracked up to be…. And you get what you pay for is all I can say. Worst quality glasses I have ever seen. Scratch at the slightest touch and the lens are such a poor quality. Go to your optometrist and order a real pair of glasses that is worth your money instead!

In a similar Warby Parker review, user Kc S. says:

My glasses broke 2 weeks after I received them! I guess you get what you pay for. I will go back to my optical shop. They charge us more but gives me [the] high-quality I am used to!! Never again online glasses!!!

Some Warby Parker reviewers also point to issues with prolonged shipping times and difficulty reaching customer service to discuss issues with their Warby Parker glasses.

It may be relevant to note here that the majority of negative Warby Parker reviews on SiteJabber come from 2016 or earlier, which may indicate that their service has since improved.

Still, there are enough critical reviews on Warby Parker lenses and glasses to warrant hesitation before ordering prescription glasses online, particularly when considering quality.

Even if Warby Parker glasses are offered at steep discounts, it’s important to get a valuable product for your money, and based on critical Warby Parker reviews on quality, that may not always be the case.

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Warby Parker Review | Warby Parker Reviews on ConsumerAffairs

There are currently 13 reviews of Warby Parker Glasses on ConsumerAffairs, giving the site a total rating of 4.0 stars out of 5.

Positive Warby Parker Reviews

Over 75 percent of Warby Parker reviewers on ConsumerAffairs rated their experience with Warby Parker glasses with a full five stars.

Many Warby Parker reviews applaud the company for their stylish options and, of course, their affordable prices. For example, one Warby Parker review says:

I was very pleased with what they had to offer. I love everything about them. The price was always right. Their prices was [sic] always in my budget and I always felt comfortable with them. Their quality was beyond good. No one that I could think of could possibly compare to their quality. I would say that their quality is top-of-the-line.

In a similar Warby Parker review, Brenda of Augusta, GA states:

I had shopped pretty extensively at brick and mortar stores for eyeglass and was worried that buying online might be more expensive. I was happy to discover that prices were if any thing better. I truly believe the quality of the glasses that I purchased from Warby Parker is every bit as good as the quality of the eyeglasses that I purchased from other places such as LensCrafters. I have had them for several months and they are holding up just fine.

Although some critical Warby Parker reviewers on SiteJabber mentioned difficulty with prolonged shipping times, many reviews on ConsumerAffairs state the opposite.

One such Warby Parker review from Kim of Lake Ariel, PA calls the shipping process “fast and easy to track,” noting that her glasses arrived in secure packaging and undamaged.

Negative Warby Parker Reviews

Although negative reviews for Warby Parker glasses are few and far-between, critical Warby Parker reviewers do raise important questions about the quality of Warby Parker lenses and frames.

warby parker reviews

Warby Parker Lenses

Each negative Warby Parker glasses review on ConsumerAffairs details an issue with durability and quality, describing defects in the coating for Warby Parker lenses and glasses frames stretching out over time.

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Warby Parker Review | Overview of Warby Parker Reviews

After reading through one Warby Parker review after the next, there are a few common themes that shoppers love and hate about Warby Parker glasses.

Positive Warby Parker reviews show that Warby Parker lenses and frames are equal parts affordable and trendy, making them an incredibly popular company for shoppers that value the contents of their wallet and a sense of style.

Even critical Warby Parker reviewers periodically admit that Warby Parker glasses offer a wide array of fashionable styles. Unfortunately, where Warby Parker reviews tend to disagree is on whether the quality of their glasses and sunglasses is worth the cost.

Although often few and far between, there are enough Warby Parker reviewers detailing quality issues to cause potential customers to pause. Many shoppers describe significant issues with Warby Parker glasses, like cracking, peeling, and stretching out.

For some Warby Parker reviewers, the lower cost of prescription glasses and sunglasses is worth the sacrifice in durability—for others, the value simply is not there.

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Warby Parker Review | Warby Parker Competitors

Although Warby Parker glasses are significantly cheaper than what you would find at your local optometrist, shoppers have plenty of options available when looking for glasses like Warby Parker.

Below, we have listed a few of the top Warby Parker alternatives and companies like Warby Parker to choose from when ordering prescription glasses online.

warby parker lenses

Warby Parker Review

While these Warby Parker competitors may not carry the same unique trends, these companies like Warby Parker offer the same philosophy: to provide affordable, fashionable, and convenient prescription eyeglasses online.


Founded in 2015, EyeBuyDirect has a solid reputation for providing a wide variety of fun and functional eyeglasses. Similar to Warby Parker, they are a socially-conscious eyewear company, donating over 250,000 eyeglasses to charity.

If you like the on-trend styles of Warby Parker, but would prefer an even lower price, EyeBuyDirect is the best Warby Parker alternative to consider. With women’s eyeglasses frames as low as $15, shoppers are likely to spend half—or even less—than what they would spend on Warby Parker glasses.

Even better, EyeBuyDirect is consistently running sales and promotions to help shoppers save even more on their prescription eyewear, making them into a strong Warby Parker alternative for the budget-conscious shopper.

Uniquely, EyeBuyDirect also offers digital screen protection lenses, helping to shield eyes against harmful blue light rays emitted by laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

For shoppers who prefer to buy designer brands, is the perfect Warby Parker alternative.

While Warby Parker sells their own brand of frames, offers over 250 premium brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Kate Spade, and more.

Although is one of the top Warby Parker competitors, the two companies are vastly different in pricing. Because FramesDirect offers name brands, their prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses are much pricier than that of Warby Parker.

Still, purchasing from FramesDirect can save a ton of money if name brands are what you’re after—and you’ll get the same convenient online shopping experience similar to Warby Parker.

Zenni Optical

As one of the most well-known companies like Warby Parker, Zenni Optical strives to provide prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses that are “trendy, not spendy.”

Although they provide convenient, fashionable glasses like Warby Parker, where Zenni Optical shines is through their easy filtering and broad range of categories. Shoppers can search within 10 different styles and categories, making it easy to find the right pair of glasses.

Their pricing is also impressive, with frames starting as low as $6.95. For a wide array of more classic styles—and a deeply discounted price tag—Zenni Optical is one of the best Warby Parker alternatives to consider.

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Conclusion: Are Warby Parker Glasses Worth It?

Warby Parker reviews are generally positive, with many Warby Parker reviewers expressing high levels of satisfaction for their trendy styles, affordable prices, and free at-home try-ons.

Conversely, there are plenty of negative reviews that suggest Warby Parker glasses may not be as durable in comparison to glasses from the optometrist, which may decrease the appeal towards bargain prices.

Should you invest in a pair of Warby Parker glasses for your next prescription eyewear purchase? Are you better off selecting one of the top Warby Parker competitors?

Ultimately, this decision depends on your personal style preferences, your budget, and your expectations for ordering prescription eyewear online. Warby Parker glasses certainly have their own distinct style, and while they are certainly affordable, there are certainly cheaper Warby Parker alternatives available.

Regardless of whether you choose Warby Parker lenses or if you opt for a Warby Parker alternative, keep in mind that paying a lower price may mean sacrificing things like durability, brand-name appeal, and overall quality.

Still, if you’re in the market for a new pair of prescription glasses—and would prefer to save some cash—you might want to give Warby Parker glasses a try. Based on positive comments from Warby Parker reviewers, there’s a good chance that you might find your new favorite online eyeglasses shop.

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