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The first thing to note in this Vivint Smart Home review is the following: the “Smart Home” and security devices market is expected to generate $84.6 billion by the end of this year.

Your home is an intimate place, the spot where you can feel safest. Home security and automation devices help you manage your home, providing security, control lighting, remotely adjustable temperature, and much more. Home automation systems provide not just security, but also comfort and convenience.

It’s no wonder that devices like Vivint home security systems are in high demand.

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What is Vivint?

This Vivint review covers everything you need to know about the company, as well as its services and products. In addition, we evaluated online Vivint customer reviews to assess the company’s service delivery.

We conducted a thorough review of whether each Vivint product enabled users to really achieve comfort and a sense of security. A key component of any Vivint Alarm review should involve educating you, the reader, on the security capabilities of the company’s product offerings.

But what makes Vivint different? Are there any negative aspects of Vivint products that you should be aware of? Let’s dig in to find out.

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First, What is Vivint?

Vivint is a technology company offering Smart Home products and services. All of its products and registered brands are proprietary, and the products provide all-around security services and round-the-clock monitoring.

Vivint operates primarily in North America, and over 1.5 million households use at least one Vivint home security system. The firm’s product catalog includes home automation systems, wireless security cameras, smart thermostats, doorbell video cameras, and more.

vivint smart home reviews

Vivint Home Security System Reviews

Let’s get into the Vivint Smart Home review. The Smart Home system is an App that manages multiple smart devices, each installed to serve a particular purpose. For example, a smart thermostat is installed to automatically regulate the temperature of your home, based on your preferences.

The thermostat learns your preferences based on what you enter into the Vivint app on your smartphone. Then, once you’ve done that, your smartphone automatically manages key operational functions of the house, which minimizes the manual work on your part.

vivint home security system

About Vivint. This Year’s Reviews.

A smart lock can also be installed and can be programmed to do several tasks automatically. For example, it can watch for your arrival and open the door automatically when you arrive.

Besides selling its products directly, Vivint also partners with industry giants, including Amazon, Next, and Google. Through Vivint, consumers can also conveniently buy third party home security systems.

Most importantly, all Vivint home security system products can easily be integrated with its competitors’ products.

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Vivint Customer Plans

No Vivint Smart Home review is complete if it does not include a review of the company’s customer plans.

Vivint customers are offered a month-to-month contract.  This shorter contract is highly beneficial to most customers since most people don’t want to be locked into a long-term payment plan.

However, before you choose a monthly plan, you’ll also want to consider the cost of the necessary hardware. A Vivint Starter Kit, sold together with Smart Hub, costs $599. Although various consumers have left Vivint security reviews stating that this is a little bit pricey, it looks like a fair deal compared to similar packages offered by its competitors. 

Once you have the hardware installed, you will then start paying $29.99 in monthly service charges. The plan includes full access to the smartphone app as well as round-the-clock professional monitoring.

Vivint does not offer a contract option, which, based on the various Vivint Smart Home reviews that customers have left online, seems to not be a problem.

Nevertheless, customers have access to 60-month interest-free financing. Some extras include vehicle monitoring and seamless integration with Google Assistant and Alexa voice controls.

vivint security reviews

Vivint Security System Reviews

Features of the Vivint Home Security System

One of Vivint’s strong selling points is that it provides a wide range of valuable features, including:

  • Full Integration with Google, Amazon, and Nest Devices

In a highly competitive market like the Smart Home market, one would expect that companies would mark and protect their territories viciously. Vivint, however, has taken the opposite approach. The company’s offerings integrate seamlessly with the industry’s giants. This is one of the many features that has earned Vivint security reviews from its customers that are mostly positive.

  • Easy to Customize

In many Vivint security reviews posted online, users spoke fondly of the Vivint starter kit. It comes with a Smart Hub from where users can customize the security systems. From the control panel of Smart Hub, users can access an array of additional offerings such as sensors and alerts.

  • Offers Complete Mobility

All of Vivint’s security systems are wireless. This reduces maintenance since users do not have to do anything dramatic, like drill holes through the walls of their home in order to attach a long cable to some random camera. This provides easy mobility and flexibility when using this system.

It also means that one can simply integrate additional devices without worrying about entangled cables.

  • Energy Efficient

The absence of cables means less electricity usage, saving you money on electric costs. In addition, the Vivint Smart Energy Thermostat knows to automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on your pre-defined preferences, which helps control and reduce your overall electricity bill.

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Vivint Smartphone App

Vivint security reviews are incomplete if they don’t discuss Vivint’s smartphone app.

The Vivint Home security system is entirely and remotely accessible via Vivint’s smartphone app, which is available on both the iOS and Android operating systems.

In addition, PC users can control their Vivint security systems through a web platform.

One useful feature of the smartphone app is the ability to view the various rooms in your home, wherever a camera has been installed. Each camera’s feed appears as a small window on the smartphone screen.

Below the feed, there is a huge button where you can quickly arm or disarm the alarm system. At the bottom of the screen, a taskbar outlines the functions for controlling other devices.

vivint security system reviews

2-Way Communication

Pros and Cons of Vivint


  • Vivint offers a wide range of products that cover all aspects of home automation.
  • Vivint products easily integrate with offerings from other security companies.
  • Customers can opt into Vivint’s convenient month-to-month contract option.
  • Users can control all products via a smartphone app.
  • Vivint’s customer service is highly responsive.


  • Some offerings are expensive.
  • The month-to-month contract option could be pricey if compared to long-term contracts.

Vivint Customer Reviews

Today’s shoppers spend a lot of time online.

While online, consumers share a lot of information about their experiences with all kinds of companies. For this article, we searched online for Vivint customer reviews to get a comprehensive overview of consumer sentiment concerning the company’s services.

Our methodology involved categorizing the Vivint reviews into positive and negative. The positive category included feedback praising the company, while the negative category included Vivint complaints.

We narrowed down our investigation to two platforms on which consumers review products and services. For positive Vivint reviews, we focused on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is a highly regarded platform where millions of users look for product recommendations.

For Vivint complaints, we identified the Better Business Bureau(BBB) as an ideal source of information. Why? Because BBB has the most extensive catalog of Vivint complaints. Vivint reviews on BBB offer a unique opportunity for people like you to size up the company’s downside versus the upside.

Positive Vivint Reviews

Vivint home security reviews act as the first line of defense for prospective buyers. It is especially critical in an era where fewer consumers trust an advertisers’ word. Instead, they scour platforms like Trustpilot to see what other people are saying.  

In total, there are 15,160 Vivint customer reviews on Trustpilot. Of that number:

  • 82% of Vivint security reviews on Trustpilot were positive.
  • 60% of the Vivint reviews declared that the company’s Smart Home services were excellent.
  • 13% said Vivint’s service was excellent.
  • 9% said Vivint’s service was average.

A user by the name Stephanie said, “Very happy with the security system. It gives me peace of mind when we are home and away. Very easy to use.” Stephanie gave Vivint five stars.

Most of the Vivint security reviews focus on specific offerings rather than the entire product catalog. William Blake, for example, provides one of the most compelling Vivint Alarm system reviews on Trustpilot. Blake raved that “service on alarm calls are extremely quick.”

vivint home security reviews

Vivint Alarm System Set-Up

According to Blake, Vivint ranks at the top of their list of favorite Smart Home companies.  Blake noted that they received a call from Vivint customer care at 3:30 PM to schedule an appointment for 4 PM. As promised, a representative was on the ground at 4 PM.

When searching through Vivint home security reviews, we saw several that focused on customer service. This is likely because Smart Home companies are, essentially, security companies, and customers appreciated prompt and professional responses to their questions.

A common theme among Vivint security system reviews was praise for their top-notch of customer service. For example, Renee was ebullient and singled out a sales agent by the name Statler. Statler, Renee said, ensured that she got her installation done just a few hours after scheduling.

Trieva wholly agreed with Renee. Trieva wrote, “I’m generally pleased with the service I love not having to check to see if I have my front door key with me whenever I leave the house...”

According to Trieva, there have been some problems with the Vivint secure lock system arising from a faulty door. Overall, though, Trieva is “very grateful for the security the system affords me.”

Vivint Complaints

Every business has customers who felt disgruntled or upset by their interaction. Interestingly, many such customers vent on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Indeed, Vivint reviews on BBB offer a more sobering view of the Smart Home company.

Vivint customer reviews are critical for users who wish to buy from the company someday in the future. 

BBB has 4,340 Vivint complaints. About 70% of the Vivint reviews on BBB think the company deserves only a single star. Interestingly, several reviewers admit that the relationship started well but turned unfavorable fast.

Amanda S wrote a long and heavily worded complaint decrying being overcharged by Vivint. A customer of more than five years, Amanda S complained that the company delayed a refund request. Amanda further wrote that customer service has been playing hide and seek her.

An equally long Vivint complaint, written on June 18, 2020, by Kat D., also concerns Vivint’s customer service. They claim that they were overcharged and that Vivint’s customer service could not offer useful assistance after Kat canceled the contract.

Additionally, Kat decried a case where an installation agent from Vivint left the house in a mess. “So so angry with my experience. I am going through the cancellation process now and will post again if that goes as wrong as everything else does,” Kat shared.

Not all Vivint reviews on BBB are negative, though. It just happens to be a favorite platform for consumers to vent their frustrations. It should be noted that our research on Vivint reviews identified several positive Vivint security reviews on BBB, as well as the negative ones.

Our Verdict on Vivint

Going through Vivint security reviews, it is apparent that the company has carved a niche in the Smart Home market. Specifically, Vivint Alarm System reviews reveal that customers find the company’s offerings appealing.

When evaluating a Smart Home services company, one must be clear on its objectives. An ideal company is one which meets all the needs of the consumers. Smart Home consumers want comfort, convenience, and, above all, security.

On the comfort front, Vivint security reviews show that the company’s services are sufficient. The company’s Smart Thermostats, for example, automate temperature regulation based on personal preferences. Users can also access the thermostat remotely to ensure the conservation of energy.

Convenience is another area where Vivint succeeds. Users can control the entire home security apparatus via a smartphone app, and can even greet visitors without having to answer the door. Information derived from Vivint home security reviews indicates that the company offers the kind of convenience users enjoy.

Finally, Vivint also scores high marks on security. From the many Vivint Alarm System reviews online, one can conclude that the company’s alarm system is a consumer favorite. The Alarm System detects burglars, carbon monoxide (especially crucial in a home with an internal fireplace), smoke, tilt, and even broken glass.

All of these, in addition to other items like automatic door locks, ping cameras, and sensors, offer a robust sense of security. Indeed, one need not be worried about a break-in while away from home. There is a Vivint team that monitors breaches 24/7, and you would be alerted right away if there were any issues.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Vivint Review Conclusion

By and large, Vivint security system reviews are positive. Users are content with the comfort that the products offer. Similarly, Vivint Alarm reviews speak of a system whose capability to make its users feel secure more than passes muster.

However, the Vivint reviews are not without complaints. Most of the Vivint complaints concern customer service, especially when dealing with refunds.  Some customers have also complained about installation agents with unsavory behaviors.

Customers should take all of these Vivint reviews into account when deciding whether or not to purchase a Vivint Home Security System. Hopefully, this article has given you all the tools you’ll need to determine if it’s a right choice for you!

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