Overview of Vessos Review. Is Vessos Legit? A Scam?

If you ever browsed the web or, specifically, Amazon for trendy, fashionable women’s clothes at affordable prices, then you may have come across the Vessos brand and online store.

This store has been selling both through its website and Amazon store and has recently changed its name to Fairy Season as of 2016. With these changes, you may be wondering, “Is Vessos legit?” or “Is Vessos a scam?”

This Vessos review article will explore the legitimacy of Vessos and whether it is a scam or not.

It will also dive into what types of Vessos clothing are available for consumers to purchase as well as examine what Vessos reviews have been saying regarding people’s shopping experiences with the brand. Let’s see what Vessos has to offer.

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Key Concerns About Shopping with Vessos

If you think you are the only one with concerns about shopping with Vessos, then you’re not alone. Here is a list of common questions that shoppers have about the brand:

  • Is Vessos legit?
  • Is Vessos a scam?
  • Is it worth shopping at Vessos?
  • Can you find better deals than Vessos elsewhere?
  • What are Vessos reviews saying about the brand and shopping experience?
  • How do you get a Vessos coupon?
  • What type of Vessos clothing options are there?

vessos clothing 

Source: Vessos Clothing

Vessos Clothing and Merchandise

Vessos clothing appears to offer a variety of selections on Amazon, and it looks like the same offering is available via its Facebook page. An extensive selection of tops is available, broken down into categories that include blouses, T-shirts, crop tops, kimonos, and more.

 The site also offers dresses, bottoms, swimwear, sleepwear, and jackets, among many others. In addition, there is a large assortment of accessory items to choose from.

It seems you may have difficulties going directly to the new Vessos clothing website, Fairy Season, as the site was not up and running and seemed to be having server issues at the time of this Vessos review. The images below of an advertisement from the Vessos clothing Facebook page can give you an idea of the types of Vessos clothing and accessories that are available for sale.

vessos clothing

Source: Vessos Clothing

By going off the company’s social media platform and Amazon store, we can only assume that it primarily focuses on women’s apparel. Furthermore, the brand appears to specialize in selling accessories that match the outfits.

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Vessos Coupon Codes

Due to the Vessos clothing website being down, there is no current option for obtaining a current Vessos coupon.

However, conducting a Twitter hashtag search on #vessos indicates that the company once offered a Vessos coupon for 20 percent off for consumers to use when placing an order.

The newly rebranded site, Fairy Season, doesn’t seem to indicate that you could use any type of coupon when placing an order. However, it may be worth occasionally checking the company’s Facebook page and Twitter feed to see if one day it will come out with some sort of Vessos coupon for consumers to use on the new site.

Is Vessos Legit?

At the time of this article, Vessos’ website appears to be defunct. It no longer displays an active status. This makes it easy to wonder whether this company or brand is even real.

is vessos legit

Sometimes visitors are redirected to the below page:


is vessos a scam

Source: Is Vessos Legit?

So, is Vessos legit? It is difficult to answer this question regarding the brand’s legitimacy since the company appears to have discontinued use of its website for unknown reasons. Furthermore, the company’s Facebook page leaves out details regarding why the site is no longer working.

Additionally, searching for the hashtag #vessos on Twitter shows the brand has opted to leave out information regarding why it no longer exists. A deeper dive into who owns the Vessos website and its social media history provides insight on the brand’s legitimacy. A quick check into the company’s status via ICANN’s whois.org site reveals that the registering company is Aukey E-Business Co, Ltd.

vessos contact information

Source: Is Vessos Legit?

The brand’s website was officially registered on August 20, 2013 via godaddy.com. However, the current status of its website prohibits any domain transfers, updates, renewals or deletion, which may indicate that the administrator never renewed the domain and that it’s parked. The official expiration date is August 20, 2017.

Also, the brand’s Facebook page directs users to the rebranded Fairy Season website as the Vessos clothing website is no longer operational as of 2016. The owning company of this website – Aukey – appears to have some legitimacy in Shenzhen, China. Aukey seems to be the supplier of the brand and has been in business since 2005, starting in Germany and eventually moving to Shenzhen.

However, it does not indicate Vessos or even Fair Season as one of its brands, which raises questions regarding its legitimacy. Furthermore, it’s difficult to determine the legitimacy of the company without knowing the native language to search the Shenzhen Administration of Industry and Commerce site. Therefore, it is safer to say that the now defunct brand Vessos is not an official company.

vessos address

Source: Is Vessos Legit?

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Is Vessos a Scam?

It’s understandable that you may be wondering, “Is Vessos a scam?” The company’s website is no longer operational as of 2016. Additionally, the company’s Facebook page and Twitter handle do not provide any phone number, physical address or any means of how to contact any representative from the brand.

In fact, contact information via email seems to only be provided when a customer makes a complaint.

From the information gathered, it appears the only method for contacting the company directly or to see if it exists is via social media. Instead of completely going out of business, the company rebranded itself as Fairy Season.

What makes this company questionable is that it did not indicate why the sudden change or drop of the old brand name.

To truly classify an operation as a scam, you have to consider whether the company is providing you with what it promises and determine its intent. To discover whether Vessos is a scam or not will require a look into the consensus of Vessos reviews posted on the Internet to get a general idea.

Vessos Reviews

Positive Vessos Reviews

Although most Vessos reviews on SiteJabber are adverse, there was one positive Vessos review. However, this Vessos review is not what you may be expecting. The only positive aspect this Vessos review revealed is that the customer was happy to cancel her order after reading all the negative Vessos reviews.

On the review website Trustpilot, one positive Vessos review indicated that the customer ordered a two-piece bathing suit and another item and was happy with what she had ordered. Although that person did give a good Vessos review, she also stated it did take a long period of time to receive her items, and one of the items was shipped at a later date.

Negative Vessos Reviews

Evaluating Vessos reviews that are negative helps to determine whether or not Vessos has any legitimacy to it or if it is a scam. Overall, the Vessos reviews that gave a negative outlook on the company seem to have had issues with the quality of the products ordered.

Several Vessos reviews have an adverse outlook on the company. Sitejabber.com highlights Vessos reviews, giving the company an overall rating of 9 percent out of 100. This is alarming as it is indicative of a poor experience with the brand.

vessos review

Source: Vessos Reviews

So, why such harsh Vessos reviews? One Vessos review indicated shipping and actual delivery time frames were too long. For example, this Vessos review noted that a product ordered from the company’s website took over a month to arrive.

The review went on to state that the items ordered were nothing like the pictures on the site. Furthermore, this Vessos review highlighted the poor quality of the product and that it came in the wrong size.

It seems rare to find a Vessos review where a customer actually didn’t receive a product; most appear to criticize the quality of the items ordered as being rather cheap. Almost all the Vessos reviews indicated only receiving half of the original order or that the order itself was incorrect.

Furthermore, a majority of the Vessos reviews concluded that the product was supposed to take no more than two weeks to arrive but actually took over a month to several months for delivery.

Other negative Vessos reviews stated that the product was so cheap that asking for a refund was not viable. This Vessos review explained that the item would first need to be shipped back in order to receive a refund, and the shipping cost alone would be more than what the item cost, making getting a refund not worth it. Additionally, shipping back to the company could take a long time.

Finally, these Vessos reviews appeared to be even more upset with the lack of contact information that the company could provide.

Shoppers could only reach the company from either communicating via Facebook or Twitter since the company had no known phone number. These Vessos reviews also noted that it took days to even hear a response from the company in regards to what could be done to fix the issue at hand.

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Is Vessos Legit or Is Vessos a Scam, and Is It Even Worth Shopping for Vessos Clothing?

Based on all the Vessos reviews out there, it appears that if you do place an order with the company, you will obtain your items. However, it may not be the quality or exact representation you paid for or even the correct size.

It doesn’t seem that Vessos is an actual scam as you should obtain the items that you order. Instead, it appears the company mismanages orders and handles customer service in a poor manner. Therefore, it is not advisable to place any orders on the site without seeing some drastic improvement.

Vessos needs to implement a better form of communication and be more transparent with who represents it. The company also needs to clearly indicate that it is, in fact, licensed to operate in China.

Alternatives to Vessos Clothing

Although the company seems to offer great deals through its Vessos clothing available online, there are still better and safer alternatives to consider for the time being. Try fast-fashion stores that are budget-friendly, such as H&M, Charlotte Russe, Rue 21 or Love Culture.

Although this list does not provide all of the Vessos clothing alternatives available, it is a good start. Some of these stores are also located internationally, and you can even find stores with in-store pickup options, such as JCPenny. Keep these following tips in mind before making your next Vessos clothing alternative purchase:

  • Make sure the return policy is simple and convenient.
  • Consider all the costs involved to see if the prices for the merchandise you want to buy are truly competitive in comparison to other Vessos clothing alternatives.
  • Consider the reviews of Vessos clothing alternatives before making a purchase.

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Final Thoughts

It’s a huge red flag when a company suddenly shuts down its website and changes its social media links without communicating the reasons for doing so. What’s even more of a concern is when the new site is not fully operational. These are the issues that have plagued the legacy of Vessos clothing and challenged its legitimacy.

If you’re looking for cheap women’s clothing and great-looking accessories, it might be in your best interest to choose the alternative fast-fashion sites for now and check back later to see if Vessos reviews improve. Hold off on ordering from the company until its site and contact information – and its business license – can be verified.

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