Intro: Verizon Fios® Reviews | What You Need to Know About Verizon Fios®

Most people have heard of Verizon; they are a telecommunications company that provides services for internet, TV, and phone.

Fios is a division of Verizon that offers services over a fiber-optic network. Today, we’re going to look at Verizon Fios® reviews so we can get a better understanding of whether the Verizon reviews on the Verizon website are truly dependable.

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In our own Verizon Fios® review, we’ll answer the question: is this a service worth trying?  

We’ll start by looking at Fios reviews on the Verizon website and then present our own unbiased Verizon Fios® review, so you can make an informed choice of whether or not to use this service.

Verizon Fios®​ Reviews on the Verizon Website

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When you look at Verizon Fios® reviews on their website, the first thing you notice is that the Fios experience is rated 9/10 stars, based on 545 reviews from popular review website Trust Pilot.  

Likely, Verizon reviews are prominently displayed so that consumers can see what other customers have to say in their Verizon Fios® reviews. This provides a sense of trust for potential customers.

However, just because Verizon is willing to put the ranking from Fios reviews on their website, does not mean this is an accurate portrayal of the service.

A simple Google search makes this clear when on another popular review website, Consumer Affairs, Verizon Fios® reviews were only given a 1/5 star ranking, based on 255 Fios reviews. Clearly, these Verizon reviews and rankings from Consumer Affairs are in direct conflict with the 9/10 rating from Trust Pilot.

So, which Verizon Fios® review should we trust? How do you know if Fios is a 9/10 service or a 1/5 service?

Don’t worry. We’re going to dig deeper and present our own Verizon Fios® review, based on what we’ve seen with the service. We will look at what the service actually provides to customers — the good and the bad.

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Verizon Fios® Review: The Good (Overview)

What do we know about Fios as a service? Well, we know:

  • Fios uses a 100% fiber-optic network to provide Internet, TV, and phone service
  • Fios provides a wide variety of channels, plus 130,000 Fios On Demand titles
  • Fios offers Verizon apps for various features and customizable options
  • Fios is quick and easy to install if your home is wired for fiber-optics
  • Fios offers different pricing plans to suit different needs, ranging from $64.99/month to $114.99/month

These are all positive features for Fios, but let’s talk about what really stands out about Fios in our Verizon Fios® review.

Verizon Fios® Review: The Good (Fios Mobile App)

One big selling point for Fios is the Fios mobile app. Verizon apps give you access to various cable television channels that you can stream right from your mobile device! You can also remotely control your TV, schedule recordings, and even watch recorded shows remotely!

According to PR Newswire, the Verizon Fios® mobile app is another way in which “Verizon continues to take the traditional TV-viewing experience outside the home. It’s also another new feature most cable providers don’t offer their customers.”

Based on reviews from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, it seems most customers are relatively satisfied with their Verizon Fios® mobile app, providing a rating of 3/5 and 3.5/5, respectively.

While these ratings are decent, many reviews definitely indicate the app still needs work. It can be unreliable and there are limited stations, many say. However, this is still a service that not many providers offer; therefore, despite the definite issues with the app, we are considering it a positive in our Verizon Fios review. We don’t recommend solely deciding to go with Fios because of the Verizon Fios® mobile app, but its unique capability is worth considering.

Before moving on, it’s important to note that in many Fios reviews, customers are finding the Fios mobile for a laptop somewhat tricky if you’re running Windows.

The Fios app for Windows 10 or 8 will have no issues; however, issues have been reported for those running older systems. If you do want to run Fios mobile for a laptop, it is recommended you run the Fios app for Windows 10 or Windows 8 at minimum.

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Verizon Fios® Review: The Good (Fast Internet)

When it comes to fast internet, Fios excels. They use a 100% fiber-optic connection, which means faster and more reliable internet.

They offer up to 500 Mbps upload and download speed with their Quantum package; however, they do offer packages based on the various needs of your household (i.e. 50, 100, 150, 300 Mbps).

These Quantum upload and download speeds can be more than 25 times faster than a 20 Mbps cable connection — a major perk for Fios reviews! You can test your internet’s current speed by heading to the Verizon Speed Test. However, chances are good that Fios Quantum is the fastest connection available, according to

Verizon Fios® Review: The Good (Customer Service)

When looking at what other customers are saying in their Verizon Fios® reviews, it is impossible to ignore that the overwhelming majority mention Fios’s excellent customer service, which is, of course, something every business strives for.

However, one thing to note about the Fios reviews going up on Trust Pilot — the review website that Fios references on their own website — is that it appears Fios may be asking customers to review the service very soon after set-up or before it is even active. One of the Fios reviews points to this:

verizon fios review

Image via TrustPilot

There are many Fios reviews on TrustPilot that exclusively discuss customer service and set-up, but fail to mention what the service is actually like on a daily basis, which seems a bit suspicious. So, while we can say that Verizon Fios® reviews from TrustPilot tell us that customer service and set-up are strengths for Fios, we may be missing out on long-term reviews.

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Verizon Fios®​ Review: The Bad (Overview)

As with most companies, it is very difficult to have a perfect track record; Fios reviews are no different. There is definitely a large portion of Fios customers who have not been happy with the service, as evident by the 1/5 star rating from Consumer Affairs.

So, what are the top factors you should consider before deciding whether to trust Fios? Let’s discuss.

Verizon Fios®​ Review: The Bad (Availability)

In this Verizon Fios® review, we want to make it clear that Fios is not yet available everywhere. Because Fios uses a fiber-optic network, it requires a huge infrastructure change since other providers still use cable. This change cannot be implemented straight away and will take time to reach more locations.

Do not conduct all the research and decide you want to switch, only to find Fios is not available in your area. Fios is only currently available in 10 states. Head here to ensure that Fios is even a viable option before proceeding.

Verizon Fios® Review: The Bad (Pricing)

For many, Fios’s packages can be quite confusing, with hidden fees and extra charges. Bob Sullivan, a consumer advocate who has written two New York Times bestsellers, recently wrote that Verizon has started introducing complex pricing schemes that are “creating confusion for customers that’s unnecessary and unfair. Verizon’s new $55-a month packages, which cost closer to $100 a month, are an example.”  

Fios also requires that you pay a rental fee every month for Fios TV Set-Top Boxes. There is no way around this fee.

These boxes are required for each TV in your house that you wish to run Fios TV. A router is also required for the installation of Fios TV services (i.e., program guide and pay-per-view options). Coming right from the Verizon website, “listed monthly prices do not include equipment fees.”

This section of Fios reviews can be subjective. It all depends on what you want from your Fios package and how much you’re willing to pay.

With our Verizon Fios® review, we want to let consumers know Fios packages can have multiple hidden charges, and you should be diligent when setting up your service. Ensure when speaking with a Fios agent that they’re very thorough in your monthly cost breakdown so you know exactly what you will be billed. Once you’re locked into an agreement, a hefty early exit fee will apply.  

Verizon Fios®​ Review: The Bad (Customer Service?)

This may seem conflicting, since in an earlier section of our Verizon Fios® review, we named customer service as one of the strengths of Fios; however, once you look at comments customers who are not posting to TrustPilot, Fios reviews sing a much different tune.

Customer service complaints vary from unresponsive service agents, long wait times, unhelpful support, communication issues, faulty information, and lack of knowledge. This review from Consumer Affairs summarizes customer service issues:

fios app for windows 10

Image via Consumer Affairs

There are multiple reviews similar to this one all over Consumer Affairs. We will discuss potential reasons for these conflicting reviews in the conclusion of our Verizon Fios® review, but for now, it’s important to be aware that customer service from Fios is extremely varied.

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Verizon Fios®​ Review: Conclusion

After reading our Verizon Fios® review, if this is a plan that you’re interested in, we suggest considering the following:

  • Is Fios available in your area? This is the first thing you should check before even looking into Fios services.
  • What is more important to you: price or fast connection?
  • What is your budget for TV, internet, and phone? Ensure you are financially secure enough to potentially incur hidden charges, or be very thorough when discussing your plan’s cost.
  • How interested are you in being able to remotely watch television? Do you think you’ll use the Fios mobile app or any of the Verizon apps?
  • Are you a Windows user? Ensure if you want to use Fios mobile for a laptop that you only use the Fios app for Windows 10 (or Windows 8, at minimum).

Taking all these factors into consideration, you should be able to make an informed decision about whether or not Fios is for you. However, one issue in our Verizon Fios® review remains unresolved: customer service.

As discussed throughout our Verizon Fios® review, customer service reviews coming from Consumer Affairs and TrustPilot — equally respected review websites — are extremely varied.

The main difference we found with the Fios reviews on TrustPilot and on Consumer Affairs is the timing of when these reviews are being written. The majority of TrustPilot reviews are written in the initial stages of set-up, while Consumer Affairs reviews are written throughout Fios service use, which means it’s possible customer service is excellent during initial set-up, but becomes poor as you use the service.

 To determine whether this is true, a thorough investigation would need to be conducted.

However, we can say in our Verizon Fios® review is that experience of customer service is extremely varied, which means that you could run into problems when trying to resolve an issue with your Fios service. Please be cautious of this when making your decision.

Our suggestion to you in our Verizon Fios® review: if price isn’t a concern, speed is top priority, and you’re comfortable with a 2-year agreement, Fios could be worth trying.

Fiber-optic networks seem to be the future of TV, internet, and phone services. Verizon appears to be ahead of the game here. However, if budget is a concern, speed isn’t your top priority, and you’re suspicious of the varying customer service reviews, we suggest looking into alternatives.

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