Introduction: How to Find the Best VA Mortgage Calculator

Finding a bank willing to give a loan to a person who has been working outside of the country for several years without solid credit or savings is a difficult process. Veterans of the United States military often face this challenge.

The years that they dedicate to defending our country sometimes can leave them in a difficult financial situation. 

Luckily, there are a number of VA mortgages that veterans can apply for that offer favorable terms for a mortgage. A simple VA mortgage calculator can help you understand the specifics regarding your VA mortgage. 

There are a number of different VA loan mortgage calculators that you can find on the internet. Since these loans do come with special benefits, using a VA home loans mortgage calculator can make it easier for the borrower to understand the terms and conditions of their mortgage. 

A VA mortgage calculator with taxes, for example, will make it easier for you to understand how your taxes will calculate into the total cost of your home. 

In this brief article, we will look at the different benefits that a VA mortgage offers veterans, as well as how a VA home loans mortgage calculator makes it easier to understand and calculate those benefits. 

We will then go on to look at who needs to use a mortgage calculator for a VA loan and what a VA loan mortgage calculator actually calculates. 

We will then go on to review some of the best VA home loan mortgage calculators on the internet, including a VA mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance, a VA mortgage payment calculator, a USAA VA mortgage calculator, a VA mortgage affordability calculator and other VA home mortgage calculators on the web. 

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The Benefits of a VA Mortgage and How a VA Mortgage Affordability Calculator Can Help You Understand Those Benefits

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A VA mortgage loan calculator can help veterans understand the numerous benefits that a VA mortgage offers.  For example, most banks and financial institutions will require borrowers to put a down payment on their home. This down payment is usually anywhere between 5% and 20% of the value of the home. 

Since many veterans don’t have an excess of cash on hand, VA mortgages allow for no down payment. A VA mortgage calculator will take this special benefit into consideration when calculating the total cost of the loan. 

Furthermore, since veterans may be able to apply for certain tax breaks, a VA mortgage calculator with taxes will help veterans understand the total tax burden associated with their home loan. 

Lastly, most VA loans come with a special annual percentage rate that is almost universally recognized as the lowest on the market. A VA home loan mortgage calculator will calculate the overall interest to be paid on the mortgage, taking into account the special low rates.  

Who Needs to Use a Mortgage Calculator for VA Loan?

According to the Veterans Benefits Administration of the U.S. Government, “you must have suitable credit, sufficient income, and a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to be eligible for a VA-guaranteed home loan. The home must be for your own personal occupancy.”

It isn’t only veterans who qualify for VA loans, but also certain spouses of military veterans, people who have served as public health service officers, and even members who served with the armed services of allied countries of the U.S. government. 

Whatever category you fall under, A VA mortgage loan calculator can help you understand the full benefits of your VA loan. A complete list of people eligible for a VA mortgage loan can be found here.

Furthermore, many VA mortgages are assumable, meaning that if you do decide to sell your primary residence that has a VA mortgage, the buyer can assume your mortgage and thus benefit from the favorable terms. This can give you a decided advantage in competitive real estate markets. You will want to make sure that potential buyers understand the terms of your VA mortgage, and introducing them to a VA loan mortgage calculator is a great way to help them understand the favorable financing options that you can provide them with. 

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What Does a VA Loan Mortgage Calculator Do?

Trying to keep up with all of the costs, fees, and variable interest rates associated with a home mortgage can be difficult. You’ll have to decide between a fixed-rate and an adjustable-rate mortgage.

Furthermore, you will also have to determine whether or not you’ll have to be paying taxes, homeowners insurance, and a number of other fees that all get factored into your final mortgage monthly payment. A mortgage calculator for a VA loan can help you manage all of these difficult-to-understand numbers. 

While some of the most basic mortgage calculators on the internet simply ask for your total loan amount and interest rate, a quality VA mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance will take into account a number of different charges to give you the most reliable and trustworthy calculation. 

For example, while other mortgage calculators will automatically calculate a percentage based on primary mortgage insurance (PMI), the best VA mortgage calculator will omit this cost since the majority of veterans can apply to have this cost waived. 

The Best VA Home Loan Mortgage Calculators on the Market

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Not all VA mortgage payment calculators are made the same. While some offer more complex options such as a VA mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance, others such as the USAA VA mortgage calculator are more specifically tailored to the loan conditions offered by specific lenders. 

We will look at some of the best VA mortgage calculators out there so you can find the best mortgage for you and understand how the complex terms and conditions will factor into your monthly mortgage payment.

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VA Mortgage Calculator with Taxes and Insurance

One of the most complex and complete VA mortgage calculators out there is a VA mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance factored into the calculations. A VA mortgage calculator with taxes will help you understand how taxes and insurance fees will factor into your mortgage terms and monthly payments. 

Furthermore, since all VA mortgages include a one-time VA funding fee, these VA loan mortgage calculators will also automatically factor in this fee. 

Veterans United offers a quality VA loan mortgage calculator that automatically factors in all relevant taxes, insurance fees, and other fees. According to their website, where you can find their VA mortgage calculator with taxes:

“[T]his free VA Home Loan calculator from Veterans United Home Loans gives you a snapshot of what your monthly payments would be with a VA Loan. Use this mortgage calculator to determine your monthly payments with taxes and insurance included for both VA Purchase and VA Refinance Loans. This VA mortgage calculator automatically estimates your VA Funding Fee.”

This quality VA mortgage calculator offers unique and easy to read graphs that break down your estimated monthly payment so that you can see what part of your payment goes to principal and interest, taxes, insurance, and your VA funding fee. 

You can also customize your payment snapshot with this VA loan mortgage calculator through custom tools for down payments, your estimated credit score, homeowner’s insurance fees, etc. 

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VA Mortgage Payment Calculator

Many veterans who apply for VA mortgage may simply want to know what their monthly payments might be if they are accepted for a VA loan. A simple VA mortgage payment calculator is a good first step that can help you easily compare the terms and conditions of different loans between banks. offers a simple and extremely easy to use VA loan mortgage calculator that doesn’t ask for lots of information that you may not have on hand. This VA home mortgage calculator simply asks for your loan amount, loan term, interest rate, and the start date of the loan. It will then calculate your projected monthly payment. 

If you are beginning your research into the best terms for possible mortgages, using a simple VA mortgage payment calculator can help you do a quick comparison between regular mortgages offered by banks and VA loans. Once you’ve determined which loan you plan to choose, you should look for a more complex VA home loans mortgage calculator that requires you to input more detailed information regarding your loan terms. 

USAA VA Mortgage Calculator

Many people might not think that the United States Automobile Association offers VA loans. However, they are one of the leaders in offering VA mortgages at competitive rates. Furthermore, they have their own USAA VA mortgage calculator that you can find here

This VA mortgage calculator will offer you specific information regarding the loans offered by the United State Automobile Association. 

This simple and easy-to-use VA loan mortgage calculator only asks for your loan amount, loan term and interest rate. You can choose between a 15-year mortgage and a 30-year mortgage. Furthermore, this VA mortgage calculator allows you to calculate for your monthly payment or for your overall loan amount. 

The USAA VA mortgage calculator also allows you the option of comparing the USAA VA mortgage to other loan options that they offer here. You can discover through their VA mortgage calculator that you can reduce the funding fee with as little as a 5% down payment. 

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VA Mortgage Affordability Calculator

When starting your search for a mortgage, most people are interested in knowing whether or not they’ll be able to afford the monthly fee. Taking on a mortgage often means having an extra monthly bill for around $1,000. A VA mortgage affordability calculator can help you understand how much you can afford before making an offer on a house. offers a quality VA mortgage affordability calculator that you can use “to help you determine an affordable monthly payment so that you know what you can afford before you make an offer on the home you want to purchase.”

To use this VA loan mortgage calculator, there are a number of unique sliding icons that allow you to choose your desired mortgage loan amount, the loan term, desired interest rate, property taxes, among other options. Furthermore, if you are a disabled veteran, you may also apply for a 10% discount, and this VA loan mortgage calculator also allows you to select this option. 

Other VA Home Mortgage Calculators on the Web

There are other VA mortgage calculators on the internet to choose from. These VA loan mortgage calculators can be useful in helping you compare different rates and benefits. It’s always good to get as many quotes as possible before settling on one VA loan. offers an unbiased VA mortgage calculator that can help you compare rates with some of the other VA loan mortgage calculators we reviewed above. 

How a VA Mortgage Loan Calculator Can Help You

According to, “the VA Home Loan Guaranty program protects mortgage lenders against loss, which allows banks to offer reduced rates to borrowers. VA mortgage rates can be 100 basis points (1.00%) or more below rates for comparable conventional home loans, especially for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit.”

If you are a veteran or otherwise apply for a VA mortgage loan, it is definitely in your interest to search for a VA loan that can help get you into the house you have dreamed of. VA mortgage calculators are by far the best tool to help you comprehend the benefits that come with a VA loan. 

With a VA loan mortgage calculator, you can determine whether or not the benefits of these loans are enough to help you afford a potential mortgage. Any of the VA mortgage calculators we reviewed above can help you get prepared to finally sign your name and get into the house of your dreams. 

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