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United Community Bank was recently ranked and reviewed by AdvisoryHQ as a top rated bank. 

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Below we have provided a detailed review of United Community Bank, including the specific factors we used in our decision-making process.

United Community Bank Review

United Community Bank has been in existence since 1950, and its headquartered in Blairsville, GA. This is the third largest traditional bank in Georgia, with more than 130 locations throughout the state as well as in North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina.

United Community Bank has grown over the years but remains committed to personal attention to build a better banking experience. United Community Bank delivers retail banking products as well as business and mortgage services.

United Community Bank Review

Photo courtesy of: United Community Bank

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This Bank as a Top Rated Bank

Below, please find a detailed list of the key factors which enabled us to rank United Community Bank as a top banking firm.

Online banking and Bill Pay (United Community Bank Review)

For added convenience and to allow customers to maintain full control over their finances, United Community Bank offers many online and bill pay services, with features including the following:

  • Review all account activities as well as balances for checking, savings and loan accounts
  • Organize, categorize and search transactions to monitor spending
  • Transfer money
  • Review scheduled transactions
  • Used Popmoney to send money to friends and family
  • Access, download, and print account statements
  • View and print check images
  • Request stop payments on checks
  • Order checks

e-Statements (United Community Bank Review)

Account holders at United Community Bank can take advantage of the opportunity to receive electronic statements as opposed to traditional paper statements that are mailed each month.

e-Statements are received a few days earlier than paper statements, and they also allow customers of United Community Bank to manage and monitor their accounts in real time.

Additionally, this is a preferential option for many banking clients because it allows them to be more environmentally friendly and stay organized without paper clutter. It can also be easier to refer back to e-Statements.

Zero Balance Accounting (United Community Bank Review)

As part of the United Community Bank offerings for business customers, there is Zero Balance Accounting. The goal of this service is to help business customers simplify their cash consolidation.

Funds are transferred between accounts as needed, and it’s an effortless way to make sure there is adequate funding in subsidiary accounts.

Since it’s automated, this reduces the amount of time business banking customers spend transferring money between accounts. It can also help avoid overdraft fees related to disbursements that occur late in the day.

Fraud Prevention Tools (United Community Bank Review)

As one of the most reputable banking firms, United Community Bank has ample safeguards in place to help protect customers against fraud.

Some of the fraud prevention tools available to business account holders include:

Positive Pay

This is a way to uncover potentially unauthorized payments by looking at the file of checks that have been issued, as compared to the checks being presented for payment. Positive Pay also gives tellers relevant information to reject suspicious checks, to monitor any potential problems so they can alert the customer.

ACH Debit Blog

This is an option business account holders have that lets them block and return all ACH debit transactions against certain accounts.

ACH Debit Filter

This enables business banking clients of United Community Bank to preauthorize the companies and agencies that can draft from an account as ACH debit transactions. All other transactions are blocked and returned to the bank they originated from.

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