Intro – Union Savings Bank Reviews & Ranking

AdvisoryHQ recently published its list and review of the top banking firms in Ohio, a list that included Union Savings Bank.

Below we have highlighted some of the many reasons Union Savings Bank was selected as one of the best banking firms in Ohio. 

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Union Savings Bank Review

Union Savings Bank has been serving the communities of Ohio since 1904. As a community bank, this bank in Ohio is committed to providing personalized financial services through their friendly and experienced staff.

Union Savings Bank Review

Image Source: Union Savings Bank

Union Savings was founded on the principle that a savings association should serve the community by encouraging savings and promoting affordable homeownership through the prudent lending of deposits, and that remains their core principle today.

Union Savings Bank may be a good choice for those looking for the best banks in Cincinnati, as they are headquartered there.

They currently provide a full range of traditional banking services and mortgage loan products at their 29 locations, which include eight banks in Cincinnati, three Columbus banks, four locations in Indiana, and one location in Kentucky.

Key Factors Leading Us to Rank This Firm as One of This Year’s Top Banking Firms

Upon completing our detailed review, Union Savings Bank was included in AdvisoryHQ’s ranking of this year’s best banking firms based on the following factors. 

Union Savings Bank Review: Free Checking

It is not easy to find completely free checking offered by a bank. Many claim to be free but have hidden fees if the account balance falls below a certain level, or if a certain number of transactions are not performed each month. But at Union Savings Bank, free really does mean free.

Not only is this account totally free with no hidden fees or requirements, but it comes with benefits rarely seen with free checking accounts. Benefits of this account include:

  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly fees
  • No per item fees
  • Visa check card/debit card
  • First box of checks free
  • Free traveler’s cheques

Being a completely free checking account with a free box of checks sounds too good to be true, but at Union Savings Bank it is. With perks like these for their customers, it is no surprise that they are considered to be a best bank in Cincinnati.

Union Savings Bank Review: Checking Navigator

Checking Navigator is an online financial education tool provided by Union Savings Bank to help their customers better understand how checking accounts work and how to manage their checking account.

The online program is divided into two sections, first providing information about general money terms and then providing information on how to manage a checking account. The program also provides a printable quick reference guide that can be kept for future reference.

The Cincinnati bank designed this course to help educate customers on the ins and outs of using a checking account so that they get the most out of their account and avoid overdraft fees.

Union Savings Bank Review: Mortgage Loan Products

Union Savings Bank is a bank in Cincinnati that is focused on helping their customers achieve their dream of homeownership.

As such, this Ohio bank offers a home loan for just about every situation and does everything in their power to help find a home loan that their customers can qualify for.

The mortgage loan products offered by Union Savings Bank are:

  • Fixed rate loans
  • Adjustable rate mortgages: 1/1 and 3/1
  • Balloon loans
  • FHA loans
  • VA loans
  • Permanent/construction loans
  • Construction only loans
  • Building lot loans
  • Blanket loans
  • Jumbo loans
  • Non-conforming loan brokerage services
  • Home equity loans/second mortgage

No matter what type of home financing a consumer is looking for, odds are that this best bank in Cincinnati can help turn their dream into a reality.

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