U.S. Bank Review

If you’re in the market for a bank or simply want to find out how your bank stacks up against the competition, this U.S. Bank review will help you assess the features you need to determine if this bank is right for you. 

Ranking sixth of the ten top biggest banks in the United States, U.S. Bank holds assets of approximately $389 billion. As one of the largest banks, it makes sense that it would have one of the widest numbers of options available for consumers to choose from. In almost every category, consumers have a variety of choices designed to meet every conceivable financial need. 

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A quick overview of U.S. Bank’s services include six checking accounts, seven savings accounts, and a host of other financial products such as mortgage refinancing, insurance and retirement accounts, and loan options. This banking institution has established itself as a one-stop financial center and can easily handle all of your monetary needs at every stage of life.

Finding a U.S. Bank (U.S. Bank Locations)

As a national bank, U.S. Bank has over 3,000 branches located in 25 states. In addition, there are more than 5,000 U.S Bank ATM locations throughout the country, making your money easily accessible.

U.S. Bank Review - Finding a U.S. Bank (U.S. Bank Locations)

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To assist consumers even further, it has partnered with the MoneyPass network to offer even more surcharge-free ATM options. A branch and ATM locator is available on both the U.S. Bank website and mobile app so that you can find a bank even while traveling.

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Connecting with U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank’s online banking is an important aspect of the bank review. With more consumers turning to their mobile devices to handle their banking needs, the usability of U.S. Bank Internet banking is a key component of its customer service. Beyond its website, U.S. Bank offers technology-driven tools to enhance the customer experience.  These offerings include:

  • Mobile and online banking

          – Track spending

          – Send money

          – Deposit checks

          – Pay bills

  • Personalized alerts via text message and/or email
  • Text banking
  • Pay a Person

A comparison of U.S. Bank online banking and mobile offerings demonstrate why it is one of the largest banks in the nation: its features are top-notch. Easy accessibility, at-a-glance account information, and easy bill pay makes banking happen at the touch of a button. For consumers who like instant access to their U.S. Bank accounts, these features are both user-friendly and functional. Banking via text will appeal to a tech-savvy consumer, and branch locations are available to help those who may prefer face-to-face interaction. 

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U.S. Bank Customer Service (US Bank Review)

Another important feature of bank reviews is the level of customer service offered. In this area, U.S. Bank appears to fall short, according to many customer-level reviews. On average, U.S. Bank scores 1.5 stars on sites that have customer ratings, although the Better Business Bureau graded them an “A.”  Common complaints vary from a lack of concern from customer service agents to unfair fee structures or policies that hurt the consumer. 

U.S. Bank customer service operatives are available via an 800 phone number, or consumers can utilize the many features available on the U.S. Bank online banking center. It is possible to report lost/stolen credit or debit cards, make loan and lease payments, update personal information, get help logging into online banking or take advantage of the extensive FAQ section. 

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U.S. Bank Banking Features

With a range of bank account options, U.S. Bank has a competitive number of offerings that consumers can choose from. Everything from student accounts to IRAs is available at U.S. Bank. It is impossible to cover every feature of the multitude of bank account types offered by U.S. Bank, but we have included a brief overview of some of the most popular accounts. For more information, the bank offers Simple Snapshots – a quick, detailed snapshot of each specific account type (including potential fees) that may be used to inform customers of the most current information. 

A few of U.S. Bank’s features at a glance:

U.S. Bank Checking Accounts

AccountInterest RateMonthly FeeATM Fee (US/Other Bank)
Easy0 %$8.95$0/$2.50
Silver0 %$8.95$0/$2.50
Gold0 %$10.95$0/$0 (two per month)
Platinum0.01 %$19.95$0/$0

It’s most popular checking account – the Silver – is an easy-to-use, inexpensive account that suits the average consumer’s needs. It also offers a Student Checking option with reduced fees to help students learn the financial ropes of managing their money. 

U.S. Bank Savings Accounts

AccountInterest RateMonthly FeeMinimum Balance
Standard Savings0.01 %$4None; to avoid fees, maintain a $300 balance
Goal Savings0.01  %$0None
Package Money Market  Savings0.05 %$0None

A total of seven savings accounts are available for U.S. Bank customers to choose from, and the benefits vary from better interest rates to reduced monthly fees. To help consumers save, it offers a Goal Savings account which automatically transfers set amounts into a savings account each month. 

U.S. Bank Certificate of Deposit

TypeInterest RateTermsMinimum Deposit
11 varieties0.10% APY–0.75 % APYOne month–five years$500

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U.S. Bank’s CD rates and terms can vary depending on the specific product type you select. Evaluating your saving style should help you determine which, if any, CD is right for your needs. 

If you’re unsure of which account type would best suit you, U.S. Bank offers a quick, four-question tool that will pair you up with the financial package which would best meet your needs. An assortment of package account types are available as well, making it easy to select the account types you will need to reach your financial goals.  

U.S. Bank Banking Fees (Review of US Bank)

U.S. Bank fees are generally higher than most other national banks. In areas such as monthly maintenance fees, U.S. Bank has strict requirements if consumers wish to avoid paying the steep fees. Additionally, it has a varying fee structure based on the type of statement you receive (printed statements cost more than online statements, for example), the balance requirements of the account or the specific features used. It has a steep overdraft charge, topping the banking charts at $36 per infraction over $5, and while consumers can opt-in to overdraft protection, it does not come without a price. 

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U.S. Bank Interest Rates

On average, U.S. Bank rates are lacking when compared to other national banks. The highest paying non-CD rate applies to their Package Money Market Savings account and is 0.10%, a rate that only applies to deposits of over $50,000.

The bank offers periodic special rate packages on its CDs, however, making it worth the consumer’s time to pay attention to these offerings and take advantage of them as they occur. 

In a Nutshell – US Bank Review

U.S. Bank offers multiple options to consumers and provides more options than most customers would ever need. If you want variety and choices, U.S. Bank may be just the bank you’ve been looking for. However, if you want to capitalize on high interest rates or high-performing CDs, there may be an alternative bank that would better suit your needs. With less-than-stellar rates and high fees, customers may become frustrated or decide to look elsewhere. However, U.S. Bank has proven that it is adept at making market changes as needed and has definitely given itself a head start on many aspects of the banking world. Should it align its fee and rate structure with other industry leaders, there would be few things to detract from U.S. Bank’s steady reputation. As it is, while the rate structure is mainly higher than the competition, that alone should not disqualify U.S. Bank from consideration.

The trend towards mobile banking has given U.S. Bank an advantage over other banks that have been slow to adopt new banking initiatives. Pay a Person, for example, makes it easy, for example, to split a check or pay your brother back the $30 he loaned you earlier with a few simple clicks. As the demand for mobile banking services increases, U.S. Bank can watch the other banks scramble to catch up to its lead. 

After an evaluation of each aspect of U.S. Bank, it has received 3.5 out of 5 on our rating scale. In some areas, it seems that the bank would be better served by reducing the number of services offered and improving the existing ones. Overall, U.S. Bank does an excellent job in providing customers with the tools that they need and should be a serious contender for anyone shopping for a new bank.

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