Overview: Turkish Airlines Review

If you aren’t familiar with Turkish Airlines or haven’t considered a Turkish Airlines booking in the past, you may be surprised to know that they are the fourth largest carrier in the world based on number of destinations.

In our Turkish Airlines review, we found that they fly to over 120 countries and 302 airports, so you can get Turkish Airlines tickets from the U.S. to the Far East and just about anywhere in between.

turkish airlines review

When you take Turkish Airlines flights, you’re on the official national flag carrier of the country of Turkey. The company was first founded in 1933 and has worked its way up to become a Star Alliance member—one of 28 airlines that share co-locations at airports and other infrastructure to provide top reliability and innovation.

But what about Turkish Airlines customer service? What destinations are offered with Turkish Airlines? And are there any Turkish Airlines online booking options?

In our research of several Turkish Airlines reviews online and the airline website itself, we’ve got those answers and more!

This full review of Turkish Airlines will take a look at what multiple passenger reviews say after flying both Business Class and Economy Class with Turkish Airlines.

We will also take a look at the reliability and safety record of Turkish Airlines, and for those bargain flyers out there, we’ll point you to places where you can find cheap Turkish Airlines flights and Turkish Airlines traveling deals.

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Turkish Airlines Review | Where Can You Fly on a Turkish Airlines Booking?

Some of the biggest reasons that people pick one airline over another are the destinations and the airports served. Turkish Airlines flights go to more places than many people realize.

You’ll be pleased to know that Turkish Airlines booking online process is just as easy as with other major carriers. You can do it 24-hours in advance and print your boarding passes for your Turkish Airlines booking before you leave for the airport. What a time saver!

In the U.S. alone, Turkish Airlines tickets can be bought for the following departure or arrival cities:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Washington DC

When trying Turkish Airlines booking online, you’ll get choices for nearly anywhere you want to go internationally. Here is a full count by world zone for Turkish Airlines destinations:

  • Africa – 51 cities
  • America – 17 cities
  • Europe – 113 cities
  • Far East – 35 cities
  • Middle East – 34 cities

So, you’ll see that the good and bad Turkish Airlines reviews we’ve noted cover the globe, tracking along with the multiple Turkish Airlines destinations.

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Turkish Airlines Review | Quick Facts About Turkish Airlines Safety and Reliability Reviews

After taking a look over reviews of Turkish Airlines and any awards, safety, or reliability data, we put together this Quick Facts list for you to consider before buying Turkish Airlines tickets.

(Note: Due to an update on the Turkish Airlines website, you may need to click the option “Revert to old version”, then enter the link to get to the appropriate page for the 1st link below.)

  • Turkish Airline is the SKYTRAX Best Airline in Europe for 6 consecutive years
  • AirlineRatings gives Turkish Airlines flights a 6 out of 7 safety rating
  • TravelTruth.com gives a Turkish Airlines review of C+ for safety (with their Boeing 777 being the most reliable)
  • SKYTRAX compiles several Turkish Airlines reviews for an overall 6 out of 10 score on reliability and value
  • Tickets.ru gives hope to those that buy Turkish Airlines tickets, giving the carrier a 4.48 out of 5 star rating for on-time flights.

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Passenger Turkish Airlines Review | What do Flyers Have to Say?

There is no better information, on whether you want to chance a Turkish Airlines booking or not, than those that have flown the airline. As you can imagine, there are both positive and negative Turkish Airlines reviews.

We’ve sorted through them all to bring you a sampling of the good and bad reviews on Turkish Airlines customer service, Turkish Airlines online booking, and the overall comfort of the Turkish Airlines flights of all types.

First, let’s start with some of the positive reviews of Turkish Airlines and see what’s made Turkish Airlines tickets popular with so many travelers.

Positive Reviews |  Turkish Airlines Review

Here are some of the best Turkish Airlines reviews from multiple sites. Where available, we’ve noted whether the reviewer made a Turkish Airlines online booking for Business or Economy Class.

tripadvisor® Turkish Airlines Review:

Overall, those that bought Turkish Airlines tickets give the airline a score of 4 out of 5, over 10,079 reviews of Turkish Airlines passengers.

  • One Business Class flyer to multiple Turkish Airlines destinations touted the “punctuality of departure and arrival time” They also thought that Turkish Airlines customer service was “excellent” all the way from check-in throughout the flight.
  • An Economy Class reviewer of Turkish Airlines flights traveled domestically on a one hour flight, and noted that “inflight a local breakfast was served” and they gave Turkish Airlines top marks on everything from seat comfort to value for money.
  • A reviewer making a Turkish Airlines booking for the very first time, noted the toilets were “very clean” even though the flight was full. They enjoyed the overnight packs and appreciated the excellent Turkish Airlines customer service, with the crew helping make stowage room for late-comers.

SKYTRAX Turkish Airlines Review:

Passengers that gave a review of Turkish Airlines on SKYTRAX accumulated an overall rating of 6 out of 10, with food and beverages getting 4 stars out of 5 stars.

  • One Turkish Airlines reviewer from Business Class that was on a flight from Hong Kong to Istanbul gave the carrier 8 out of 10. They noted that the “food was very good, with options” and the transit process through Istanbul airport was unusually smooth.
  • A reviewer that had bought Turkish Airlines tickets for Economy Class gave the airline 9 out of 10. They gave seat comfort 5 stars out of 5, said that “these were really nice flights” and that they would make a Turkish Airlines booking again.
  • Another Economy Class review of Turkish Airlines on a trip from New York to Paris via Istanbul, gave their Turkish Airlines online booking an impressive 10 out of 10. Highlights were “meal service was exceptional” and “the amenity kit in economy class with socks, slippers, toothpaste and lip balm” was really nice.

Negative Reviews | Turkish Airlines Review

Everything isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Some travelers just weren’t happy at all with the experience their Turkish Airlines tickets provided. Let’s take a look at some of the more negative reviews of Turkish Airlines.

tripadvisor® Turkish Airlines Review:

  • An Economy Class reviewer from Milan to Venice did not appreciate the Turkish Airlines deals they found. They said that Turkish Airlines customer service provided “horrible service” and said that their call center was “pathetic.”
  • A reviewer that had purchased Turkish Airlines tickets for Business Class also mentioned they were “low on service.” They noted the “extremely slow check in” departing from Copenhagen, and said that will be the last time they travel Turkish Airlines.
  • A US traveler that made a Turkish Airlines booking online noted the “overheated flights” and poor Turkish Airlines customer service. They said the flight attendants seemed “disinterested” and gave low scores on legroom and seat comfort.

SKYTRAX Turkish Airlines Review:

  • A Business Class reviewer of Turkish Airlines took a flight from Brussels to Istanbul, and although they noted a very comfortable seat, they said that the check in experience was “horrible” and next time they will choose another airline.
  • A reviewer that made a Turkish Airlines booking for Economy Class gave the carrier a 1 out of 10.  They mentioned that paid reservations on two flights “were not honored” due to changes made to aircrafts and they had a difficult time getting a refund for their Turkish Airlines tickets.
  • Missing and late arriving luggage was a big reason this Economy Class reviewer of Turkish Airlines gave then 2 out of 10. They made a Turkish Airlines booking from Los Angeles to Bucharest and after their bags went missing were “shocked by the lack of involvement of the Claims Department.”

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Where to Find Cheap Turkish Airlines Flights?

No matter what airline you choose, everyone loves a great deal. So we’ve put together a list of where to find Turkish Airlines deals and Turkish Airlines cheap flights to get the very best value.

turkish airlines booking

You’ll see that the first on our list is from Turkish Airlines cheap flights noted on their very own website. You can conveniently choose the “lowest price” option to find Turkish Airlines deals of the moment.

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Conclusion – Good, Bad, Overall Turkish Airlines Review

As with any airline, there are some things that are excellent and some that need improvement. Overall, we found in our Turkish Airlines review that the carrier has a lot of great things going for them. But there are some areas that Turkish Airlines reviewers identified as needing improvement.

Turkish Airlines customer service looks to be dependent upon the crew you get. Some reviewers raved about the excellent service, and others found it lacking. We did find that most of those traveling to Turkish Airlines destinations enjoyed the seat comfort and the great food.

In many of the negative reviews of Turkish Airlines, we noted that the ground services, like check in and lost luggage support, seemed to be the main reason that people would not make another Turkish Airlines booking in the future.

Our assessment after reading several online Turkish Airlines reviews was that generally people had great things to say about this airline, found it a good value, and that people around the world were making Turkish Airlines bookings, and most of them said they would fly with them again.

Image sources:

  • https://p.turkishairlines.com/en-us/flights/fly-different/
  • https://p.turkishairlines.com/en-us/flights/

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