Intro: TrendsGal Reviews | Is TrendsGal Legit?

If you’re in the market for wholesale clothing, you’ve probably heard of TrendsGal. The global online seller offers fashion items from the Chinese wholesale clothing market.

Even though it’s carving out a niche in the industry, many consumers are still asking, “Is TrendsGal legit?” Our TrendsGal review will not only answer this question but will also describe the available services and whether customers are getting value for their money.

There is little information available online about the company itself, but our TrendsGal review will provide an in-depth look at this overseas wholesale clothing company.

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TrendsGal Review | Wholesale Clothing Products

TrendsGal offers a vast array of wholesale clothing and other fashion products at rock-bottom prices. TrendsGal clothing and TrendsGal dresses aim to be fashion-forward and trendy.

trendsgal review

Image Source: TrendsGal

Product categories include:

  • Women: Clothing, outerwear, accessories, lingerie, swimwear
  • Men: Clothing, outerwear, workout clothes, suits, accessories
  • Bags: Clutches, wallets, satchels, messenger bags
  • Shoes: Boots, pumps, sandals, flats, sneakers
  • Jewelry: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, sunglasses
  • Watches: Digital, waterproof, automatic
  • Accessories: Belts, gloves, sunglasses, beauty products
  • Kids: Boys & girls clothing, suits, dresses
  • Home: Decor, bed & bath, office, pet supplies

The wholesale clothing products offered by TrendsGal are too numerous to name individually in our review.

However, whether you’re looking for cheap women’s clothes or stylish decor for your home, it’s worth taking a look at the TrendsGal clothing website before you shop on specialty sites.

Some of the most interesting products on the site have nothing to do with wholesale clothing. Under the “Home” category, you can find everything from novelty mugs and aprons to melon slicers and mermaid blankets, including:

  • Home decor
  • Kitchen
  • Bed and bath
  • Office
  • Festive and party supplies
  • Pet supplies

While many of the products we found during our TrendsGal review veer towards novelty items, shoppers can also find more traditional products, such as kitchen gadgets and throw pillows.

TrendsGal Review | Wholesale Clothing Prices

The first thing we noticed during our TrendsGal review of the website was the prices. For example, they have a vast array of cheap women’s clothes. TrendsGal dresses can be found starting as low as $5 and under!

However, when you browse TrendsGal clothing, you can find more than just a cheap dress and low-priced shoes to match.

The most expensive TrendsGal dresses can reach over $80, and women’s fashion shoes have a high-end price of around $40. Even the higher-priced items at TrendsGal are still low enough to entice wholesale clothing shoppers.

For shoppers who are basing their purchasing decisions solely on price, the TrendsGal clothing website gives consumers the option to refine their search not only by category but also by price.

This can be particularly used for wholesale clothing purchases made by people who are using TrendsGal clothing to start their own online retail business.

The TrendsGal clothing website also has a section for special offers, which are timed offers that expire, and a clearance section, which offers discounts on items that are going away.

According to one TrendsGal review, there are even points you can earn via the website in order to save more money.

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TrendsGal Review | Quality

Considering the low prices of TrendsGal clothing, potential customers want to know, “Is TrendsGal legit?”

In other words, is TrendsGal clothing sacrificing quality in order to provide some of the lowest prices on wholesale clothing in the industry?

Some insight is offered by reviews from customers. The quality of TrendsGal clothing seems to be hit or miss.

TrendsGal reviews on Trustpilot either claim that the “quality is really good” or that the quality is so poor that it “looks like a child did it.” reviews on Trustpilot give the company an overall rating of 4.0/10 rating.

Some reviews by customers on SiteJabber claim the quality isn’t just bad but that the items look “completely different from the pictures.” Other Trendsgal reviews state poor fabric quality and inaccurate sizing as major downfalls.

Overall, however, SiteJabber customers rate the quality of TrendsGal clothing at 3.5/5 stars.

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In answer to the issue of TrendsGal clothing not looking like the items pictured, the company offers a disclaimer that states that the precise color of the wholesale clothing items may vary “depending on the specific monitor, the settings and the lighting conditions.”

It also says the items on the website should be used as an approximate guide, rather than an exact representation of their cheap women’s clothes.

Another issue our TrendsGal review uncovered is related to the sizing of the wholesale clothing.

In a few reviews, customers point out that because TrendsGal clothing is an Asian company, the sizes are in centimeters. According to company policy, orders for incorrect sizes of TrendsGal clothing will not be refunded.

TrendsGal does claim that all of its wholesale clothing is “extensively tested to comply with rigorous and strict QC standards.”

TrendsGal Review | Customer Service

Our TrendsGal review discovered that customer service is a potential problem area. Though representatives are available by live chat, submitting a ticket or by phone from 8:30–18:00 (GMT +8), the information is not easy to locate on the site by looking under “customer service” or “contact us.”

However, the support center appears to be highly interactive and user-friendly, once you locate it on the website.

Issues most frequently cited by reviews of customer service are:

  • Shipping time
  • Lack of customer support, even through contact via phone
  • Problems with refunds

TrendsGal reviews seem to agree that refunds are particularly hard to deal with, and even if returns qualify for a refund, the money doesn’t show up in the purchaser’s account.

A few customers claim exceptional customer service and timely responses. However, others complain that they do not receive responses to refund or shipping issues.

Despite having a support center that now includes phone contact, follow-through on customer issues seems to be a problem according to several reviews.

After reading one negative TrendsGal review after the next regarding shipping times, it’s clear that shoppers need to be keenly aware that their items are being shipped from Asia. The wholesale clothing must go through customs among other hurdles with international shipping.

The TrendsGal clothing website lists 8–15 business days as an estimate for shipping times to the United States and Canada–but this is often a best-case scenario, as shipments are commonly delayed at international borders.

The other issue with returning TrendsGal clothing and TrendsGal dresses is the cost of shipping. Often, the cost to return items overseas is more than the original purchase amount.

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TrendsGal Review | Overall Pros & Cons

As with any wholesale clothing website, there are pros and cons to buying from TrendsGal clothing. No matter where they are posted, reviews seem to have certain praises and complaints in common. 

A few common praises listed by TrendsGal reviews include: 

  • Low prices
  • Huge selection of wholesale clothing, fashion accessories, and home decor

On the other hand, a few common complaints included in reviews are:

  • Quality of wholesale clothing items
  • Customer service follow-through
  • Shipping times

There are many shoppers who are highly satisfied with their TrendsGal clothing and TrendsGal dresses. However, there are even more who write negative TrendsGal reviews, citing the issues above.

TrendsGal Review | Is TrendsGal Legit?

Many potential shoppers have seen the TrendsGal wholesale clothing ads on Facebook and heard about the rock-bottom prices, but more often, people are asking, “Is TrendsGal legit?”

Caution is important when dealing with overseas wholesale clothing companies. There is little public information available to answer the question, “Is TrendsGal legit?”

While it’s true that, in most cases, customers will receive merchandise ordered from the China-based company, it’s also true that you might not get what you expect. Our TrendsGal review uncovered cases, where items received, were not true to size or completely different than what was pictured.

One TrendsGal review cited a Better Business Bureau representative who said that it’s difficult to get your money back from overseas wholesale clothing sellers.

Our review found that the Better Business Bureau gives TrendsGal an F and even has an alert for this business. One of the reasons given for TrendsGal clothing receiving the lowest rating is that the “business has failed to resolve underlying causes of a pattern of complaints.”

The Better Business Bureau tried to coax TrendsGal into resolving complaints voluntarily in 2015, but the wholesale clothing company had yet to respond.

If you’re a bargain wholesale clothing shopper who’s asking yourself, “Is TrendsGal legit?” the rating from the Better Business Bureau should give you pause.

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Conclusion: Is TrendsGal Clothing Right for You?

Despite the negative reviews from customers and the company having received the lowest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau, there is still a segment of online shoppers who might benefit from purchasing through this wholesale clothing website.

TrendsGal clothing, accessories, and TrendsGal dresses might be right for people who:

  • Need the lowest possible price on an item
  • Desire a wide range of product options for fashion, accessories, and home decor
  • Value price over quality
  • Like trendy fashion items
  • Buy well in advance and do not need a rush shipment
  • Want a novelty product, such as mugs and wall decals
  • Take careful measurements prior to purchasing wholesale clothing

If you’re a careful shopper who is well aware that the product you receive may not be an exact match to the website photo, you might have a good experience.

If, however, you’re looking for wholesale clothing that’s an exact match to the picture or you need rush delivery, it might be better to look elsewhere.

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There are customers who have had positive experiences. One TrendsGal review at says that the wide range of products has made her a repeat customer. Other reviews claim to have nothing but positive experiences with the products and customer service.

Despite the negativity surrounding this overseas wholesale clothing company, there’s still a segment of the population who is pleased with the product offering.

The final opinion of our TrendsGal review is that, as with all overseas online shopping, shoppers should exercise caution. Unless you have money that you can afford to lose, it may be a better idea to shop around before placing a big order with TrendsGal.

Sometimes, spending a few dollars more is worth the peace of mind to know that you’ll get what you pay for and that your order will arrive in a timely fashion.

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