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If you are a fashionista, there is no doubt that finding an easy way to sell your unworn clothes could make some additional space in your closet while, at the same time, putting extra cash in your wallet. Or maybe you are in the market to refill that closet with designer clothes for less.

Either way, Tradesy and its peer-to-peer marketplace may appeal to you.

Like other resell websites, Tradesy is a middleman service that connects a selling fashionista with a buying fashionista. But is Tradesy legit? You don’t want your precious fashion pieces or money to be scammed.

This Tradesy review will answer all your questions and give you a better idea if Tradesy, as well as the Tradesy app, is for you.

What Is Tradesy?

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Tradesy connects women who want to sell high-end clothes to women who want to buy designer clothes for less. It is an online marketplace similar in concept to eBay that allows anybody to post and sell their high-end fashion items.

Since all the clothing and accessories are secondhand, the prices are more affordable for the average shopper.

Aside from women’s fashion, Tradesy also has options for selling and buying wedding items. It allows you to find a high-dollar wedding style at a fraction of the cost.

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How to Sell on Tradesy or the Tradesy App

Sellers on Tradesy create a closet to start “hanging up” their clothes to sell either online or by using the Tradesy app. Tradesy offers information on how to write better informative descriptions to help your fashion sell.

A buyer will ask for the item and the seller confirms that the item is still available. This is followed by the shipping process. With Tradesy, you have three shipping options:

  • Shipping Kit: You are sent everything that you need to ship (not available for wedding items)
  • Label: You are provided with a pre-paid label for shipping using your own materials
  • Own Postage/Materials: You pay for the cost upfront, but Tradesy adds a shipping fee that the buyer covers

Tradesy’s website mentions there are times when you have to ship orders using your own method, though there are no online specifics of when these occasions occur. There are a few negative online Tradesy seller reviews discussing this specific issue.

Getting Paid on Tradesy

Sellers manage payments on their Tradesy accounts through their computer or the Tradesy app.

What is Tradesy doing to make money? All sales have a 9% commission that goes to Tradesy directly for its services. The balance that is left never expires.

Sellers can then choose to use that balance as Tradesy credit within the store for no extra fee. Or they can pull out the money from the account with their PayPal, debit card or bank account. There is a 2.9% transfer fee for doing this.

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Items You Can Sell on Tradesy

What is Tradesy selling on its website? Not everything, but if you are a woman or a bride-to-be, you are in luck.

Women’s fashion items include:

  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Outerwear
  • Activewear
  • Bottoms
  • Jeans
  • Suiting
  • Maternity
  • Swim
  • Shoes
  • Bags and accessories

Wedding items include:

  • Wedding dresses
  • Bridal veils
  • Bridal jewelry & accessories
  • Wedding decorations
  • Bridesmaids dresses
  • Mother of the bride dresses
  • Grooms & groomsmen
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding gifts
  • Invitations & paper
  • Wedding Miscellaneous

Fashion that is not sold on Tradesy includes:

  • Swimwear (unless new with tags and sanitary liner)
  • Intimates
  • Menswear
  • Children’s clothing
  • Anything not covered by the Return Policy

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How to Buy Tradesy’s Designer Clothes for Less

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Image Source: Tradesy

Buying designer clothes for less on Tradesy is a simple process not much different than other online shopping sites: you can use your computer or the Tradesy app. However, canceling an order can be difficult, as you have to message the seller directly. The seller can then decide if he/she wants to accept the cancel request or not.

Beyond the discounts, there are often promo codes to save even more. At the time of this Tradesy review, the company is even offering a Tradesy promo code for first-time customers.

A common negative experience throughout customer Tradesy reviews online is the fact that buyers won’t always get what was advertised to them. One reviewer wrote, “purchased two watches, advertised as ‘Rolex’ watches. When I received the watches the weight was very flimsy and light. Not a quality of a true Rolex watch!”

Throughout the research process for this Tradesy review, we noticed this issue is, by far, the number one problem. “What is Tradesy doing about it?” you ask? The answer: returns.

What About Tradesy Returns?

Buyers have four days after delivery to request a return. If the item does not fit or you do not like the item, you can receive store credit. This is not true of wedding items, however. If the wedding dress doesn’t fit, you are out of luck.

The only time you can receive a full refund on anything or be compensated for a wedding item is if the seller misrepresented it in the advertisement. Since negative online Tradesy reviews are most upset over misrepresented sells, this is an important feature.

Misrepresentations could include:

  • Receiving a different category of product than the one you ordered
  • Being labeled “Like New,” but arriving with wear and tear
  • Realizing it is a replica
  • Getting a different size than the one you ordered

How Good Is the Tradesy App?

With over 1370 Tradesy reviews, the free Tradesy app gets 3.5 out of 5 stars on iTunes. Having nearly 400 reviews, the free Tradesy app on Google Play for Android receives 4 out of 5 stars.

One happy Tradesy review says, “Easy to navigate I absolutely love Tradesy! I have bought & sold several items with no problem.”

But not everyone is so happy. Android complaints often center on difficulty selling items. One Tradesy review complains, “I just got this app and can’t seem to find a way to actually list an item…definitely not as user friendly as other sales apps.”

Overall, the Tradesy app seems to be well liked and nicely functional for most users. The majority of problems reported have to do with the app itself – not the Tradesy service.

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Is Tradesy Legit?

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Image Source: Tradesy

Just because it’s designer clothes for less does not necessarily mean Tradesy is a legit or safe business for buying and selling. Typically, a great factor for determining the legitimacy of a business is its ranking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Unfortunately, Tradesy is not accredited with the BBB. In fact, there are currently 166 Tradesy review complaints on the BBB website. 118 of those complaints were due to “Problems with Product/Service.” All seven of the BBB customer Tradesy reviews are negative.

The BBB issue is a large negative strike against Tradesy’s legitimacy, but other positive factors should be considered:

  • Tradesy is up front with its commission percentage and the PayPal fee
  • Tradesy does have a decent return policy
  • Tradesy offers three convenient ways to find customer service: email, chat, and phone

So, is Tradesy legit? Yes. You aren’t entering a scam when you use Tradesy or the Tradesy app. But that does not mean the full Tradesy experience is successful for everyone.

What Do Online Tradesy Reviews Say?

Besides our Tradesy review, reading other online Tradesy reviews is a great way to understand the ways in which buyers and shoppers are either enjoying or experiencing frustrations with Tradesy. Here is an overview of some reviews you will find online:

  • Trustpilot: Having 4 out of 5 stars on this Tradesy review board, with over 900 reviews, you think you’d scroll through one happy review after another. You may be surprised to see so many 1-star reviews warning both sellers and shoppers to stay away. Many are displeased with the customer service and product quality.
  • SiteJabber: With nearly 200 reviewers, this Tradesy review receives 2 out of 5 stars. Many of the negative reviews stem from customers receiving items that were not what they were expecting to get – often in quality. The specific Tradesy seller reviews also complain about not easily receiving money.
  • ResellerRatings: This website has collected over 1,300 customer Tradesy reviews with an average rating of 8.59 out of 10. At the time of this Tradesy review, most of the comments on the front page, however, were quite negative – frequently using the word “scam.”

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Our Tradesy Review: the Wrap-up

To wrap up our review, here are a few things we think Tradesy is doing well:

  • Creating an easy-to-use web interface that allows you to shop for and sell fashion
  • Providing extensive FAQs to answer most, if not all, your questions
  • Offering multiple methods of customer service
  • Coming through with its promise of designer clothes for less
  • Understanding the need for mobile access with the Tradesy app
  • Encouraging further discounts with Tradesy promo code options

However, there is a catch: you may be getting designer clothes for less when you use Tradesy, but you might also end up with problems that are more than you bargained for. Here are a few things that Tradesy may be lacking in:

  • Offering better returns on wedding items
  • Ensuring items meet the quality standards that it is advertising
  • Encouraging sellers to remove listings as soon as they have sold
  • Providing easier cancellation practices

Should You Be Using Tradesy?

Tradesy is a brilliant idea that serves a very particular clientele: women interested in designer clothes for less and brides-to-be.

If you’re a shopper who realizes you could make a purchase that may not look the way you hoped it would, you might enjoy using Tradesy. Or if you are a seller who understands there may be some hiccups or slowdowns if someone doesn’t like what you sell, you may also enjoy Tradesy.

However, if you are into hassle-free shopping and buying, look elsewhere. If you’re expecting to sell your fashion without shelling out a commission, also look elsewhere. The Tradesy seller reviews and buyer reviews show that you are likely not in for a problem-free experience.

But if you like high fashion and don’t mind the potential issues, if you focus on the positive Tradesy reviews and enjoy the Tradesy app or if you desperately need to make a few bucks, Tradesy could be a good option.

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