Is TrackR Bravo the Best Bluetooth Tracker? Learn All about it in this AdvisoryHQ TrackR Review!

Ever since Apple released the “find my iPhone” feature for their smartphones, people have been wondering how they can use that technology on things like keys, wallets, and more to make life less stressful.

And so TrackR was born from necessity. Because it’s really, REALLY a pain to lose important things like your wallet, backpack, or car keys.

But how does the TrackR work to find your stuff? And what do TrackR bravo reviews say about how well it works? That’s what we’ll cover in our ultimate TrackR review of this popular item finder.

AdvisoryHQ’s TrackR review below will cover everything from the TrackR bravo battery life to the TrackR distance, and you can also see why some people say it’s the best key tracker they’ve ever owned.

trackr review

If you’re a surfer (most of us are not), don’t you hate when you’re out surfing, and after riding the waves, you realize your keys are lost and you begin a panicked search? That’s exactly how the TrackR GPS tracker was invented.

Two University of California, Santa Barbara engineering students never wanted to repeat that fateful day on the beach (they thankfully found their keys before their car was taken by the tide), and the TrackR bravo GPS was born.

AdvisoryHQ TrackR Review: What is the TrackR Tracking Device?

The TrackR company was started in 2009, following that “lost keys” surfing trip. They have two main TrackR GPS products, the TrackR pixel and the TrackR bravo. We’re focusing on TrackR bravo in this review.

If you search “TrackR Amazon” you’ll find that people use it for just about everything. They use TrackR for dogs and cats and bicycles. Keys, of course, are popular to use with the device and many think it’s the best wallet tracker ever.

TrackR Bravo Review | TrackR GPS at a Glance:

  • Slim, round device, slightly larger than a quarter
  • Uses Bluetooth to keep track of the item
  • TrackR app for Apple and Android devices controls the finder
  • TrackR bravo range of up to 100 feet
  • Out of your range, use Crowd Locate to see if another TrackR bravo GPS found your item
  • Press a button on the TrackR best Bluetooth tracker to find a misplaced phone
  • Use the pairing of TrackR bravo and Amazon Alexa

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How Does TrackR Work? Detailed AdvsioryHQ Review

The TrackR wallet or key tracker uses Bluetooth and GPS to locate lost things. It’s designed to fit easily onto a keychain, slip inside a wallet, or use an adhesive strip to attach it to items.

People find all types of uses for this item locator beyond being the best key tracker around. They use TrackR for pets, passports, or even to remember where they parked their car.

The TrackR range distance is up to 100 feet, according to the company. However, in some TrackR reviews, people say it can be less than that. The company’s FAQ section regarding the TrackR distance does note that walls or furniture can diminish the range.

The master control of the system is the TrackR bravo tracking device app.

TrackR Review – Four Main Things the TrackR Tracking Device Does

  • Locates items within the TrackR bravo range
  • Displays an item’s last known location (as long as the app is running)
  • Connects you to a global lost & found community
  • Makes your phone sound off when you press the TrackR bravo tracking device

The TrackR battery life is noted as up to a year, however when you take a look at a TrackR review on Reddit or search “TrackR Amazon reviews” you’ll find that some people mention only getting about 2 months of TrackR battery life.

A big advantage the TrackR bravo battery has over some other GPS item trackers on the market is that the CR1620 battery is replaceable. And it’s free! You can order a free battery replacement right from the TrackR bravo app.

How Do You Use the TrackR Tracking Device App?

Before you can begin using the TrackR wallet or key tracker, you need to download the TrackR GPS app. The app is free, no extra charge over the TrackR price (we’ll get into pricing a little further down). It’s your master controller for your TrackR bravo.

The TrackR bravo GPS app is compatible with the following mobile devices:

  • iPhone 4s & later (iOS 9 & later)
  • iPad 3rd Generation & later (iOS 9 & later)
  • iPad mini & later (iOS 9 & later)
  • Android 4 & laterwith Bluetooth Low Energy

Want to use it on your computer or laptop? Sorry, the TrackR tracking device app is designed specifically for tracking with a mobile smartphone or tablet.

Once you download the app, simply add your TrackR GPS device(s) and pair them with your mobile device, following the prompts. This will enable the connection between them so you can use TrackR for dogs, wallets, umbrellas or anything else you don’t want to lose track of.

The TrackR bravo app allows you to see a map with your item highlighted, as long as it’s within the TrackR range distance of up to 100 feet. If your item is lost and out of your range, then you can use the Crowd Locate option to request other TrackR owners to alert you if it’s found.

Important tip mentioned in many TrackR bravo reviews: You must keep the app running in the background on your phone in order for it to track your item.

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TrackR Review: How Does TrackR Work with Amazon Alexa?

A nifty feature that we found when researching for this TrackR bravo review, was the ability to connect TrackR and Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based virtual assistance gadget that you can ask to do all types of things.

So how does that TrackR bravo Amazon connection work?

In the TrackR bravo tracking device app, simply enable Alexa integration. It can now use the TrackR Find My Phone skill to locate a misplaced phone that has the TrackR app.

Once TrackR bravo and Amazon Alexa are connected, if you can’t find the last place you laid down your phone, just say, “Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone,” and it will cause your phone to ring loudly even if it’s on silent mode.

This is a bonus benefit you won’t find with all other item tracking devices.

TrackR Review: How Much is the TrackR Bravo Price?

So, what is one of the best wallet trackers going to cost you? It’s $29.99 for a single TrackR Bravo GPS device, but you can save more when you buy them in packs.

If you’re reading a TrackR review in order to compare it to another tracking device (like Tile), it’s important to remember that the battery is replaceable and the company replaces it for free. That’s a big benefit over other Bluetooth tracking products.

TrackR Price for the Bravo:

  • 1-pack – $29.99
  • 3-pack – $59.99
  • 5-pack – $89.99
  • 8-pack – $149.99

You Get Colors

The TrackR bravo GPS comes in 4 color choices. Pick from silver, black, rose gold, or sky blue. This is a nice feature that was mentioned in the TrackR review posted by several users.

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TrackR Review | The Positive

Now that you know the answer to, “How does TrackR work?” and have learned why some think it’s the best Bluetooth tracker available, let’s dig into the TrackR reviews and ratings.

We’re going to start with positive TrackR bravo reviews and then get into the negative ones to give you the complete truth on what people think about the TrackR bravo range of item finders so you can decide for yourself whether it’s for you.

Online TrackR Review & Ratings

  • PC Magazine, 3 out of 5
  • Best Buy, 3.5 out of 5
  • Tom’s Guide, 7 out of 10
  • Click Reviewz, 3.8 out of 5

Best TrackR Amazon Review Highlights

Here’s why people think TrackR Bravo is the best key tracker (or anything else tracker) they’ve ever used.

  • Small and lightweight
  • The free replaceable battery is a huge plus
  • Network of users is sizeable
  • The best wallet tracker ever
  • Lifesaver when a wallet is lost on vacation
  • Very easy to set up

What We Like about the TrackR Wallet & Key Finder

The coin-sized convenience of the TrackR bravo is one of the best features. It’s easy to use the same tracker for both keys and wallets, since it fits well on either and isn’t in the way. You can even use TrackR for pets by attaching it to their collar.

The price may seem a little high at first glance for a small GPS device, but with the replaceable battery, the TrackR battery life is less of an issue. And it’s a huge bonus that the company replaces the TrackR bravo battery for free.

Many of those posting a TrackR review on Amazon mention that it’s easy to set up and use the tracker and phone app. Lots of people also buy them as gifts, since they can save a decent amount on the TrackR bravo price when getting them in multi-packs.

The Crowd Locate crowd sourcing feature is nice! It greatly expands your TrackR range distance since you can anonymously enlist the help of other TrackR owners around the world to help you find your lost stuff.

TrackR Review | The Negative

Now that you’ve read all the great stuff from TrackR reviews, let’s stay real and look at the other side of the equation. What do people that don’t particularly like this gadget have to say in their TrackR review?

We did see some common themes when reading through multiple TrackR bravo reviews. These included issues with TrackR price verses the TrackR battery life and problems with the stated TrackR distance.

Here’s the lowdown on the not so great TrackR bravo reviews and ratings.

TrackR Review & Ratings (Lower end)

  • Tech Advisor, 4 out of 10
  • HighYa, 1.1 out of 5
  • Site Jabber, 1.5 out of 5

Bad TrackR Bravo Amazon Review Lowlights

Here’s what people said they didn’t like about this item locator in their TrackR review.

  • Poor TrackR distance (less than expected)
  • App is clunky to use
  • The alert sound is too soft
  • The construction of the TrackR bravo tracking device is not very sturdy
  • Device has to be re-paired with the phone if it turns off
  • Does not work as well as advertised

What We Dislike about the TrackR Tracking Device

Cheap construction is something that was repeated over and over again in many a TrackR review. It seems the convenience of having a small, portable device means this isn’t necessarily the best Bluetooth tracker for durability.

Some people noted that it wasn’t that easy using TrackR for pets due to the poor construction causing it to break easily.

Another main negative we found in many of the 1 and 2 star TrackR bravo reviews was very short battery life. Even with the free replacement, only getting a TrackR bravo battery life of a few weeks, turned many buyers off right away.

To be fair, it’s possible that some of those TrackR Amazon reviewers purchased an older or used device from an Amazon reseller, and not a new device from the manufacturer. So be sure you check seller reviews if you’re buying TrackR bravo on Amazon.

The third main issue we found that many people mentioned in their TrackR bravo review was a short Bluetooth range. It’s expected to be up to 100 feet, but some people were reporting just 3 to 4 feet before the TrackR app lost connection.

Other’s like Tom’s Guide, measured a TrackR range of 50 to 70 feet before losing the item connection. Which is still well short of 100 feet.

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TrackR GPS Review: Finding Your Item Through TrackR Crowd Locate

When you purchase a TrackR GPS item finder, you’re automatically part of the global “lost and found” community. A few of the TrackR reviews we read didn’t quite understand the feature fully, so we wanted to go through how Crowd Locate works.

If your lost item is outside your own TrackR bravo range you can still be alerted if it’s in someone else’s range. And it’s completely secure.

You don’t have to worry about a stranger knowing you lost your best key tracker. Other people aren’t even alerted if their phone is near your item.

You simply click on Crowd Locate Alerts in your TrackR app, leave your Bluetooth and app running in the background, and you’ll be sent a secure and private alert if another TrackR user is near your item. And you’ll be the only one that knows.

trackr bravo review

TrackR Bravo Review | Extra Things to Know

Before we conclude our TrackR review, we wanted to share a few “extras” about the TrackR bravo that you might like to know. Knowledge is power and can also save you a little money!

  • TrackR has a 1 year warranty
  • Students can get a 25% discount at the company website
  • TrackR bravo has a 30-day money back guarantee
  • You can get a free TrackR by referring a friend 

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TrackR Review Conclusion: Is It Worth Getting the TrackR Bravo GPS Locator?

The main selling point of an item locator is being there when you need it. In many a TrackR review, people said that peace of mind from immediately finding a lost wallet or purse was definitely worth the TrackR bravo price.

But, others stated in their TrackR Amazon review that just when they needed it most, it didn’t work. As we mentioned earlier, this could possibly be due to not purchasing a brand new unit, and instead getting one with a dead battery or little battery life.

If you want to use TrackR for dogs or cats, the construction might not stand up to their outside adventures. However, it should be fine to use as your best wallet tracker or purse tracker, where it’s a little more protected.

A huge benefit that makes this one of the best key trackers you can get for the price is the fact that you can replace the battery. Some competitor products are designed without that ability, so you have to purchase another one after about a year. Not so with the TrackR.

Free batteries allow you to keep your device longer without it costing you more, and that’s definitely something TrackR reviewers mentioned as a big plus.

The TrackR Amazon ratings were only “okay” with an average of 2.4 to 3 stars, out of 5 on several Amazon listings.

Overall, our advice is that this is a great device for versatility, making it the best Bluetooth tracker that can fit just about anywhere. It’s not incredibly durable, however, so if you’re planning to use the TrackR for dogs or cats, you may want to look at something more rugged.

When it comes to reducing the stress of needing to search for your keys in the morning, The TrackR bravo tracking device is a great option. And avoiding a major catastrophe like losing your passport or wallet on vacation is definitely worth the TrackR price.

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