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In a recent Washington Post article, fashion consultant Tim Gunn made a plea for fashion show hosts and clothing labels to provide greater recognition for average- and plus-sized women—meaning those who wear sizes 10 and above.

The days of stick-thin models serving as icons and gracing the covers of popular health magazines are dwindling, making way for the emergence of a realistic new image.

Women today embrace their healthy, curvy bodies, and the fashion industry is supporting them with a myriad of clothing lines that are stylish and comfortable for women who wear clothing in sizes 10 and above.

torrid plus size

Source: Torrid Homepage

While women have a number of suitable options today, Torrid clothing stores offer a variety of unique and elegant items that are ideal for any occasion.

The company provides women with brick-and-mortar locations across the country, including stores from Salinas, California to Meriden, Connecticut, and nearly everywhere in between. Additionally, the Torrid clothing website supplies online shoppers with a vast selection of styles in sizes from 10 to 30.

Before you begin your fashion journey through premium leggings, vintage tees, and foxy camis, however, there are some things you need to know about Torrid clothing.

This article provides a detailed overview of the Torrid clothing store that includes an outline of the types of clothing it sells, positive and negative Torrid reviews, and an explanation of the Torrid clothing store’s quality standards.

This information will help you understand and examine the following aspects of the Torrid clothing store:

  • Which types of clothing do Torrid clothing stores carry?
  • How are Torrid returns conducted?
  • What are some Torrid reviews?
  • What are Torrid clothing store’s quality standards?

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Torrid Clothing Options

In order to learn everything you need to know about Torrid clothing, you first need to understand what the company offers with regards to styles and sizes.

The Torrid clothing store is a company that manufactures the following categories of clothing for women who wear size 10 to 30:

  • Torrid Plus-Size Tops
  • Torrid Dresses
  • Torrid Plus-Size Jeans
  • Torrid Plus-Size Bottoms
  • Torrid Plus-Size Intimates
  • Torrid Plus-Size Active
  • Torrid Plus-Size Swim
  • Torrid Plus-Size Essentials

Torrid clothing makes comfortable, stylish, fashion-forward clothing for women seeking clothing that fits their style and body type. With so many options available for women today, Torrid clothing creates a unique line of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and intimates for women ranging in size from 10 to 30.

The Torrid clothing store is especially known for its trendy cocktail dresses, denim, and lingerie for the confident, outgoing Torrid plus-size woman.

With 329 Torrid clothing store locations across the United States, there is a wide selection of stores to choose from in nearly any state.

Torrid clothing stores are prevalent in many shopping malls, outlet malls, and stand-alone locations in popular cities throughout America, with future plans to continue adding more locations.

The Torrid clothing store also caters its popular denim line to a variety of body shapes and sizes. For example, women who wear sizes 10 to 30 can select from a wide range of jeans that include the Torrid Plus-Size Slim Boot Jean, the Torrid Plus-Size Relaxed Boot Cut Jean, the Torrid Plus-Size Skinny Jean, and even Torrid plus-size jeggings. Below is an example of the various types of jeans that are available via the Torrid clothing store website.

torrid clothing

Source: Torrid Jeans

Furthermore, women who shop at Torrid clothing stores can also select from a number of Torrid dresses within the following categories:

  • White Torrid dresses
  • Casual Torrid dresses
  • Club & Party Torrid dresses
  • Maxi Torrid dresses

In addition to these popular dress types, Torrid clothing stores also provide women with a selection of jumpsuits and rompers in various seasonal patterns and colors.

In order to stay current with popular fashion, Torrid clothing stores rotate trends on the website, including Torrid plus-size clothing in the following colors, fabrics, and patterns:

  • Black and white
  • Harbor green
  • Floral
  • Black lace

Torrid clothing stores also stay on trend with regards to seasons and holidays with its special sections for activities and occasions. In the months leading up to October 31st, for example, the Torrid clothing store features a section both in its stores and on its website for special Halloween outfits that include Torrid plus-size costumes, dresses, jackets, and T-shirts, among other items.

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Torrid Size Chart

In order to determine the size of Torrid clothing that fits you best, whether shopping online or in an actual Torrid clothing store, you can utilize the Torrid size chart. As indicated on the company website, the Torrid size chart lists all Torrid clothing sizes, along with their equivalent “standard market” sizes.

In addition, the Torrid size chart includes measurements for your bust, waist, and low hip so you can accurately determine which Torrid clothing size will fit you best based on your personal measurements. Included below is a section of the Torrid size chart that is available on the company website.

torrid review

Source: Torrid Global Size Chart

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Torrid Returns

For women who use the Torrid clothing store’s website to browse items and make purchases, there is the option to create an account in which women enter their personal information to be stored for shipping and billing purposes. This feature also makes Torrid returns easier for customers, as their previous order information is readily available and easily accessible both through the website and in the Torrid clothing stores.

Women shopping at the Torrid clothing store online also have the option to browse items in the online database and have the item shipped to their nearest Torrid clothing store location. This provides you with the opportunity to browse in the comfort of your home and simply pick up your Torrid plus-size item from the store, where you can then try it on to ensure it fits properly.

In the event that a Torrid dress, top, or any other piece of Torrid clothing does not fit or is not what the customer expected, Torrid returns are accepted. The process includes returning your item(s) to the nearest Torrid clothing store or mailing your item(s) using Torrid clothing’s self-serve return form. When returning a Torrid clothing item, there are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Clearance items may not be exchanged or returned
  • You cannot return an item that was washed or worn
  • Torrid clothing stores do not accept exchanges or returns of certain types of jewelry, cosmetics, or lingerie items
  • Torrid returns must be made within 60 days of the initial purchase date

Most items are accepted and may be returned if they are in pristine condition and include their original tags and/or packaging.

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Torrid Reviews

According to Nielsen Scarborough’s comprehensive study of retail shopping trends, 42 percent of adults living in the United States have purchased women’s clothing within the past 12 months. Out of those adults, 10 percent spent $500 or more. This shows how popular this particular market is and the potential effect that online reviews can have on other consumers.

With the range of options that Torrid clothing store provides for women, there are a number of different opinions and experiences that customers have shared online in the form of a Torrid review for others to read. While some women are very fond of Torrid clothing and share positive reviews, others are tainted by poor experiences, and their Torrid reviews are not as favorable.

In order to present you with all the information you need to know about Torrid clothing, this article includes both the positive and the negative Torrid reviews. As you read a positive Torrid review, you may feel that this is the right place for you to shop; however, you should also read a negative Torrid review in order to gain a complete understanding of all possible experiences. Your encounter may be different than any other customer’s, so you are encouraged to try Torrid clothing on your own and make your own decision.

Positive Reviews

While loyal Torrid clothing store shoppers are more likely to present favorable opinions online, a majority of online Torrid reviews appear to reflect the poor experiences of shoppers. However, there were a number of positive Torrid reviews that particularly relate to shoppers’ opinions of the clothing itself.

Since Torrid clothing stores cater to women who wear sizes 10 to 30, the likelihood of women within this size range finding clothes that fit their body is higher. Many reviewers expressed this sentiment, sharing that they were pleased with the selection of clothes that fit and felt comfortable in the environment in which they were shopping.

Another Torrid clothing store customer who shared a positive Torrid review wrote that she thought the clothes were fashionable and the prices affordable, making Torrid plus-size shopping a more pleasurable experience.

Additionally, a frequent Torrid clothing store shopper shared in a Torrid review that she was satisfied with the selection and seasonal options, as well as with her experience on the company website.

Negative Reviews

Overall, there was a wide variety of opinions with regards to Torrid clothing store experiences, both online and in the brick-and-mortar stores. While some reviews were positive, there were also many negative experiences that were shared on popular review sites such as

Several customers of Torrid Clothing Store shared negative experiences with the online ordering system, explaining that they did not receive their clothing, the length of time it took to receive items was much longer than expected, and they received poor customer service.

One customer, for example, wrote a Torrid review about how she was disappointed with her shopping experience because she didn’t receive her item and was sent unrequested items instead. She expressed that this was one of multiple negative experiences with the Torrid clothing store.

The important point to remember when reading online reviews about products or services is that everyone has a different experience. Depending on which store location they visited, what they ordered, what their expectations were, and how they interacted with the sales associate, customers’ experiences with Torrid plus-size clothing will always vary.

One loyal Torrid clothing store shopper actually dedicated an entire blog to write a Torrid review about each and every purchase she makes in order to present real-life accounts and photos of her experiences.

Torrid Clothing Store’s Quality Standards

Despite the mixed reviews, Torrid Clothing asserts that it is strongly committed to providing its customers with products that are manufactured in a legal and socially responsible manner. The company not only requires compliance with appropriate local and federal laws, but they also request that all manufacturers follow strict standards. These standards include the following:

  • Torrid clothing store prohibits forced labor
  • Torrid clothing store prohibits child labor
  • Every Torrid clothing store employee is treated with respect and dignity
  • Torrid clothing store employers will provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • Torrid clothing store employers pay employees sufficient wages to meet their basic needs

Torrid clothing store also created a program designed to train its employees about its products, the significance of complying with the Torrid clothing store standards, ways to identify and avoid violations of its standards, and actions that should be taken if a manufacturer fails to comply with its standards.

Conclusion—Torrid Review

There are a number of plus-size clothing stores in business today, and many department stores designate specific areas for clothing that ranges from size 10 to 30. With the number of options available, women may want to consider what they read online or hear from other customers before making their decision on where to shop. This article is designed to present all information about Torrid clothing store in order to help women make the best decision about where to purchase their clothing.

Most online reviews for Torrid clothing store depicted mixed opinions, particularly with regards to the online ordering system. For women who frequently purchase clothing online, you may want to read these reviews before making your online purchase at Torrid clothing stores.

Women who shop in brick-and-mortar stores more often may find that visiting an actual Torrid clothing store location will help them develop their own opinion based on their personal experience.

Regardless of which method you use to shop or what your preference is for the type and style of clothing you purchase, each of these considerations should be taken into account in order to make the right decision for your clothing purchases.

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