The Benefits of Opening a Second Chance Checking Account

A checking account is a banking product we tend to take for granted. Unless you’ve ever had troubles qualifying for a checking account, you won’t realize how difficult and pricey it can be to make do without one. 

Checking accounts provide safety and security for your money. They also make it easier to budget and manage because of all the online tools and mobile apps that are available.

Not having one can also be a pain on the employment front. You need a checking account in order to set up direct deposits with your employer or to receive deposits from the government instead of receiving checks that don’t let you access your money instantly. Checking accounts are also linked to debit cards, which provides you with the opportunity to shop conveniently and online. 

Unfortunately, there is a segment of consumers with bad credit or a poor checking account history, so banks will often reject them when they try to open an account.

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Award Emblem: Top 12 Best Second Chance Checking Accounts

So, what’s the solution?

Increasingly, many of the nation’s leading banks are offering second chance bank accounts. These second chance bank accounts offer many of the privileges of a conventional checking account, but they’re specifically for people who don’t qualify for a traditional account.

The following list highlights some of the best second chance bank accounts and second chance banks from across the country, including large national banks and smaller community institutions.

AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 12 Best Second Chance Banking Options

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the below names to go directly to the detailed review for that bank)

Top Second Chance Checking Accounts | Brief Comparison

Second Chance Checking Accounts

Highlighted Feature

Axiom – Opportunity CheckingAxiom Bank Debit MasterCard
BBVA – Easy CheckingUnlimited Check Writing
Capital One – 360 CheckingAccess to CreditWise
Citizens National Bank – Clean Slate CheckingOpportunity to Open a Clean Slate Savings account
First National Bank and Trust – Renew CheckingApplePay
OneUnited – Unity CheckingUnity Visa Secured Credit Card
Peoples Cash Solutions – Second Chance Checking AccountOnline Money Transfers
PNC – Foundation CheckingOnline banking integration with Quicken and QuickBooks
United Bank – Gateway CheckingMobile Check Deposit
US Bank-Easy CheckingMobile Wallet Options
Wells Fargo – Opportunity CheckingPlatinum Visa Debit Card
Woodforest National Bank – Second Chance CheckingOption to add Overdraft Protection

Table: Top 12 Best Second Chance Checking Accounts | Above list is sorted alphabetically

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Detailed Review: Top-Ranking Second Chance Checking Accounts

Below, please find the detailed review of each firm on our list of the best second chance checking accounts. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these second chance checking accounts to score so high in our selection ranking.

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Axiom Bank Opportunity Checking Review

Based in Central Florida, Axiom Bank is a community financial organization that’s federally chartered and offers a full range of retail banking products and solutions. Retail banking includes checking, deposit accounts, money market accounts, and more.

The majority of the Axiom Bank branch locations are located inside Walmart Supercenters for added accessibility.

As well as offering second chance checking accounts, Axiom also provides business services and online banking for added customer convenience. Its signature second chance checking account is called Opportunity Checking.

Axiom Bank Opportunity Checking - Best-Rated Second Chance Checking Accounts

Image Source: Best Second Chance Checking Accounts

Key Factors That Enabled This Bank to Rank as a Second Chance Bank Account

Listed below are details of why Axiom was included in this ranking of the top banks with second chance checking options.

Low Service Fee

Many banks that offer second chance checking options also charge account holders high annual fees and service fees to maintain their accounts. One of the reasons Axiom’s Opportunity Checking was included in this ranking is because associated costs are relatively low.

The monthly service charge for holding an Opportunity Checking account is only $10 per month, and the annual fee is only $12. This makes it more attainable for anyone to open this account without having to worry about paying extremely high fees each month.

Additionally, account holders can access more than 55,000 ATMs throughout the world at no charge, and they can take advantage of no-fee telephone banking.

Debit Cards

Axiom Bank offers Opportunity Checking account holders the option to utilize an Axiom Bank Debit MasterCard. These debit cards include MasterCard SecureCode technology, which is a feature designed to protect online shoppers when they use their card.

These cards are also chip-enabled, and other MasterCard features available to debit card holders include:

  • MasterCard Global Service, which is 24/7 service to help with lost and stolen card reporting, emergency card replacement, emergency cash advances, and assistance locating ATMs
  • MasterCard Airport Concierge which includes a Meet and Greet agent who assists with flight connections
  • Extended Warranty Protection doubles most manufacturer or store warranties for up to an additional year

Online Banking

For most checking account holders, the ability to access a 2nd chance checking account online is incredibly important. Online banking options ensure it’s convenient to manage money, and this also offers consumers the opportunity to maintain more visibility and control over their money, helping them make stronger financial decisions.

Axiom Bank offers access to second chance checking accounts online. Features of online banking from Axiom include:

  • No cost when you have a personal checking or savings account
  • Secure encryption for the utmost protection of financial information
  • You can see if a check has cleared
  • Transfer funds between your Axiom Bank accounts
  • Download your account information into financial management software
  • View account balances

Bill Pay

Also available to consumers who hold a second chance checking account from Axiom is the Bill Pay feature.

With Bill Pay, there is no reason to write checks or use stamps to pay bills. Instead, you can manage your payments quickly and easily online. Bill Pay from Axiom is available at no cost to account holders, and it’s accessible 24/7. It’s possible to set up advance and recurring payments, and payments are usually credited faster than with checks.

Payee information can also be saved for the next time, making it even easier to make payments.

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BBVA Compass Easy Checking Review

One of the largest US banking franchises, BBVA Compass has branches throughout the U.S., mainly concentrated in Arizona, California, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas. BBVA Compass is recognized as a leading Small Business Administration lender and also offers services for individuals under personal banking, small businesses, commercial products and services, and global wealth management.

The second chance checking account available from BBVA is called Easy Checking and it offers standard features that are appealing to checking account holders to help them regain their financial standing.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This as One of the Best Second Chance Checking Accounts

Below are key reasons BBVA Compass was included as one of the best banks with second chance checking accounts.

Account Features

For most consumers, particularly those people searching for the best 2nd chance banks, features are important. Second chance banking customers don’t necessarily want to sacrifice on the features that make a checking account so useful and beneficial. This is something understood by BBVA Compass.

Its Easy Checking account includes the following features:

  • Unlimited check writing
  • Complimentary online banking
  • Complimentary mobile banking and bill pay
  • One complimentary Visa debit card
  • No fee to use any BBVA Compass ATM

Account Upgrade Benefit

Easy Checking account holders can take advantage of an upgrade benefit when they’ve had an open account for 12 months. These account holders can request an upgrade from a BBVA Compass Easy Checking account to another consumer checking account if they meet a few requirements at the time of their application.

The first requirement is that their BBVA Compass Easy Checking account is in active status. The second is that the account has a positive balance.

This account provides an excellent opportunity to build your checking history, more effectively manage your finances, and ultimately upgrade to a premium account option from BBVA Compass.

BBVA Compass ClearChoice Savings

Along with an Easy Checking account from BBVA Compass, another beneficial account is the ClearChoice Savings account, which is a basic savings option that includes earned interest on the entire balance as well as flexibility and access to funds when needed.

The minimum opening deposit is only $25, and the quarterly service charge can be waived if account holders have an automatic, monthly recurring transfer of $25 or more from a BBVA Compass checking account.

Features include online and mobile banking access as well as direct deposit options.

Direct Deposit

The BBVA Compass Easy Checking account offers the opportunity to enroll in direct deposit, which is a convenient way to receive your paycheck, Social Security or other income by an automatic, direct electronic deposit into your checking account.

Your money is available the same business day as a deposit is requested, without the worry of a cut-off time, and users of this second chance bank don’t have to worry about lost or stolen checks.

It’s also easy to set up direct deposit with BBVA Compass, and online forms are available for regular paychecks/retirement and pension payments as well as a form for Social Security/VA/government payments.

Capital One 360 Checking Review

With a broad selection of financial products and services for consumers, small businesses, and corporations, Capital One delivers high-quality service as well as a strong reputation. The company is one of the nation’s top 10 largest banks based on deposits, and its headquarters are in McLean, Virginia.

Capital One offers a suite of primarily online-based products called Capital One 360, and among those products is the 360 checking option. Also part of Capital One 360 are savings and investment accounts.

Key Factors That Enabled This Checking Account to Rank as One of the Best Second Chance Checking Online Accounts

Detailed below are reasons 360 Checking was included on this list of 2nd chance checking accounts online.

Fees and Minimums

Capital One 360 Checking is an account option that lets consumers in need of second chance banking earn interest on their everyday cash. At the same time, it also carries no fees and no minimum balance requirements, making it a simple and inexpensive way to bank.

Users have access to more than 40,000 free ATMs throughout the nation.

The annual interest rate earned on this account is tiered, so the more there is in your account, the more you earn.

Capital One 360 Checking - Top-Rated Second Chance Checking Accounts

Source: Capital One

Online Bill Pay

With Capital One’s online bill pay services, account holders save time and money. By setting up Bill Pay they can:

  • Pay bills, view payments, and edit biller info
  • Get eBills delivered direct from billers
  • Receive a heads-up for due dates

Free CreditWise Access

With a Capital One 360 Checking account comes free CreditWise access. CreditWise is a signature mobile product from Capital One that shows consumers their current credit summary, including their score.

CreditWise also features insights that show consumers what impacts their credit score and how much the impact is. It also lets account holders monitor changes in their credit.

This is an incredibly beneficial feature for anyone, particularly for second chance checking customers who want to learn more about staying on track with their finances and building a strong financial future.

Capital One Wallet

Part of being a checking account holder with Capital One is access to Capital One Wallet, which is a mobile app that helps customers keep track of their spending in real time.

Wallet includes instant purchase notifications, receipt photo capture, the ability to digitize gift cards, and in-depth purchase details. Details available on purchases include the merchant’s full name, address, contact information, and map location.

The primary difference between Capital One Wallet and mobile banking is that Wallet lets users see their spending as it’s happening and also maximize any Capital One rewards programs they’re part of.

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Citizens National Bank Clean Slate Checking Review

Citizens National Bank is a local community bank based in Mississippi. CNB has a history dating back to 1888, and since then, it has grown to have more than $1 billion in assets. CNB offers not only second chance checking account options but also a range of personal services, small business banking, and wealth management.

The signature second chance banking product available from Citizens National Bank is called “Clean Slate Checking,” which is specifically aimed at helping diverse consumers get a fresh start when it comes to their finances.

Key Factors That Allowed This to Rank as One of the Best Banks with Second Chance Checking Accounts

Below are some of the primary reasons Clean Slate Checking from CNB was included on this list of second chance banks and accounts.

Account Upgrade

Along with being an excellent second chance bank account because of the option to open an account with as little as $50, with Clean Slate Checking, account holders also have the option to apply for a traditional checking account after 18 months of good standing.

There is also a small monthly maintenance fee of $9.95. This can be reduced by $2 when account holders set up a recurring direct deposit.

Clean Slate Savings

Something that’s unique about the options from CNB is the Clean Slate Savings account. Many banks don’t have dedicated second chance savings accounts in addition to checking accounts. This is something that is distinctive about CNB. 

Consumers complete the Money Smart Program modules available from CNB, which includes “Check It Out,” “Money Matters,” and “Pay Yourself First,” and they can then open a Clean Slate Savings account with no monthly service charge.

The account can be opened with as little as $100, and it helps account holders earn interest on their balance.

Free e-Package

As part of 2nd chance banking with CNB, account holders receive access to a free e-Package.

This includes the following features and capabilities:

  • Free online banking to view account balances, transfer funds, and more
  • e-Statements, reducing clutter and helping you remain organized
  • Free Click for Cash program, which lets account holders activate offers in their Online Banking account and then earn rewards for shopping with their CNB Debit Card
  • Free mobile banking, including bill pay options
  • Free text banking to check balances, transfer funds, receive low balance alerts, and more


FinanceWorks is a Quicken product that helps Clean Slate Checking customers learn more about their money and how to manage it more effectively. Along with being able to connect your Clean Slate Checking account, FinanceWorks can be linked to more than 5,000 financial institutions and creditors so that you can manage all of your accounts in one location.

Users can manage their cash flow, so they know how much they have available to spend or save until they get paid again. There are budget and graphic visualization tools that show where account holders are spending their money, and FinanceWorks offers tools to help users manage their bills in one place and schedule email reminders to make sure they’re paid on time.

First National Bank and Trust Company Renew Checking Review

First National Bank and Trust Company (FNBT) has a history dating back to 1882, and since then, it has remained a family-run business serving clients throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. FNBT has more than $1 billion in assets and is built on a motto of providing sound advice with best-in-class banking products.

FNBT was included on this list of second chance banks because of its Renew Checking account, which is designed to offer people with a less-than-perfect checking history the opportunity to rebuild their finances and create a fresh start for themselves.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank This as One of the Top Second Chance Bank Accounts

Cited below are key reasons that FNTB and the Renew Checking account were included in this ranking of leading 2nd chance bank accounts.


Renew Checking includes a number of features comparable to what you would enjoy with a traditional checking account so that renewing your finances and creating a fresh start doesn’t mean you have to make sacrifices.

Features of Renew Checking include:

  • Eligibility for an upgrade to other checking accounts from FNBT after 12 months of good standing
  • The minimum balance to open the account is only $25
  • There is no monthly minimum balance requirement
  • The set-up fee is only $15  and only charged one time
  • The monthly service fee is low and can be lowered even further when account holders set up a direct deposit 

Debit MasterCard with Rewards

The Renew Checking account also comes with a Debit MasterCard with Rewards. This debit card allows account holders to get access to cash from more than 70,000 surcharge-free ATMs that are part of the Allpoint and MoneyPass networks.

Users can make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted, and debit card holders are automatically enrolled in FNBT’s free rewards program.

The rewards program lets users shop and make purchases as they normally do, and they then earn points for each purchase. For every $100 in signature-based or credit transactions, users receive one point. For every $100 spent on PIN or debit transactions, cardholders receive a ½ point.

A quarterly points certificate is received by mail, and users can redeem their points for merchandise.

Free Mobile Banking and Mobile Apps

FNBT is a local, community bank, but it offers technology and convenience as well. Renew Checking account holders can use the mobile app for iPhone, iPad, or Android and manage their accounts on the go.

The app also provides options for mobile deposits and simplified money transfers, bill pay, and the ability to send money to other people.

In addition to banking through the mobile app, account holders can receive text alerts that will let them know, for example, if their balance is low.

Apple Pay

Account holders can utilize Apple Pay when they have a Debit MasterCard and an iPhone 6. With Apple Pay, users get contactless payment capabilities and distinctive security features built right into their phone.

Users don’t even have to swipe their debit card to make a payment. Instead, they use their fingerprint and Touch ID to make secure transactions. Rather than using your debit card number to make a purchase, you receive a Device Account Number, which is used to process your payment.

This means your debit card information is never shared with merchants or transmitted when you make a purchase.

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OneUnited Unity Checking Review

OneUnited is a bank with the distinctive mission of empowered black-owned businesses and communities across America. They have branches in California, Florida, and Massachusetts.

As well as Unity Checking, OneUnited also offers a savings account option and a secured credit card. Under the umbrella of United Checking are the United e-Gold Checking account, the Unity e-Style Checking account, and the signature second chance checking account option called United U2 e-Checking.

Key Factors That Led to the Inclusion of This as One of the Best Banks with 2nd Chance Checking Accounts Online

The following highlights some of the reasons that OneUnited and the U2 e-Checking Account were selected for this ranking of the best second chance checking accounts online.


The U2 e-Checking account includes features such as free online banking and free mobile banking.

OneUnited can keep costs and fees low for customers since it is based online, and it doesn’t have the overhead costs of traditional banks that can lead to high fees and expenses just for doing business with a particular financial institution.

The minimum to open this 2nd chance checking account is only $50, and account holders can receive cash without paying a surcharge at more than 25,000 ATMs throughout the nation.

Mobile Banking

The capabilities and offerings of the OneUnited mobile app are extensive so that account holders can do essentially every banking task right from their mobile device, all for free. With the mobile app, users can gain more control over their money and can also take advantage of conveniences like Mobile Remote Deposit Capture, which provides the ability to take a picture of a check to deposit it.

The mobile app also lets users pay their bills, view and activate any cash back offers they may have, and locate ATM locations.

Users describe the app as being amazing in terms of functionality as well as ease of use.

Unity Savings

As well as being one of the leading banks that offer second chance checking, you can also open a second chance bank account online that’s designed to make saving money simpler.

There are three primary savings account options available from OneUnited.

The first is United e-Gold Savings, which features a higher-tiered interest rate and a $1,000 minimum to open. It also includes a free ATM card, free online banking, and free mobile banking.

The United e-Style Savings is free with direct deposit and requires only a $100 minimum to open.

The United Gold e-CD is a savings option with automatic renewals, competitive interest rates, no monthly account maintenance fees, and monthly deposits of interest to the account you choose. It requires a $1,000 minimum opening deposit.

United Visa Secured Credit Card

What’s excellent about second chance banking with OneUnited is that customers can simultaneously open a second chance bank account online while also taking advantage of second chance credit card options.

The Unity Visa Secured Credit Card provides reporting to the three major credit bureaus, participation in the How to Rebuild Credit Program, and many other benefits.

It’s advantageous when compared to something like a prepaid debit card because it allows customers to rebuild their credit and finances holistically over time.

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Peoples Cash Solutions Second Chance Checking Review

Peoples Cash Solutions is unique from any other name on this list of second chance banks because it’s an online banking institution that’s designed primarily for those people who have been denied a checking account for bad credit, bankruptcy, or ChexSystems or TeleCheck issues.

Peoples Cash Solutions allows customers to receive the benefits of traditional banking in a way that’s designed for second chance needs.

Peoples Cash Solutions is part of Peoples Bank based in Paris, Texas, which has been recognized as one of the state’s top-performing community banks. The Second Chance Checking account offers the benefits of a checking account, particularly as compared to prepaid products and non-bank programs.

Key Factors Leading Us to Rank This as One of the Best Second Chance Banking Options

The list below represents reasons this was selected as one of the best banks that offer second chance banking, as well as a leading second chance checking account.

Account Benefits

Second Chance Checking from Peoples Cash Solutions is one of the most benefits-packed second chance bank accounts. Some of the many benefits available to account holders include:

  • Free point-of-sale (POS) transactions
  • No charge for cash back at POS
  • No load fee
  • No account opening fee
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No per check writing fee
  • Free check book
  • No credit check
  • Free monthly paper account statements
  • FDIC-insured
  • Free customer service support during business hours
  • No application fee
  • Free Debit MasterCard

Also, the monthly service fee is incredibly low, particularly compared to other 2nd chance bank accounts.

Online Money Transfers

If you have the regular need to send money to friends and family members, this checking offers that option for free. This helps customers avoid money transfer fees that are typically charged by other vendors.

As an account holder, you can obtain a separate account for other family members as well and then transfer funds to these accounts without additional expenses. Transfers can also be set up on a recurring basis.

Also part of the features available through this account is Free EZ Bill Pay, which doesn’t have any bill payment vendor fees and is easy and efficient to use.

Debit MasterCard

Peoples Cash Solutions accounts come with a Debit MasterCard. You can withdraw money at any ATM and make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Card holders can also shop online.

These Debit MasterCards come with Zero Liability protection for fraudulent purchases.

Money Essentials

Peoples Cash Solutions aims to bring value to the lives of customers, and one way they do that is through the Money Essentials program.

Money Essentials provides customers with easy-to-understand information about a range of financial services as well as the fundamentals of financial knowledge. This helps account holders manage their accounts in the right way and learn more about money management in a way that will benefit them well into the future.

Examples of topics covered by Money Essentials include:

  • How to use checks
  • Steps for writing checks
  • How to use your Debit MasterCard to pay bills
  • What does available balance mean?
  • What are pending transactions and authorization holds?
  • How to reconcile your account
  • Common definitions and terminology

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PNC Foundation Checking Review

PNC Bank has a history of more than 160 years. This leading financial institution has more than 6 million customers including individuals and small businesses. This is a highly accessible national bank, with customers across 19 states and D.C. as well as more than 2,500 branch locations.

PNC includes access to 9,000 nationwide ATMs and has award-winning consumer banking technology. One of its offerings for people searching for second chance banking is called Foundations Checking. Foundations Checking isn’t advertised but is available by visiting individual PNC branch locations. 

Key Factors That Enabled This to Rank as One of the Best Second Chance Checking Accounts

In considering the best banks that offer second chance checking accounts, the following are key reasons PNC and Foundation Checking were included on this list of second chance bank accounts.

Money Management Course

As a condition of opening a Foundation Checking account, according to media outlets like CNN, customers are required to take a 90-minute money management course. This course can be taken in a branch or through a PNC nonprofit partner. This can actually be an excellent resource to help account holders learn the fundamentals of strong money management, and then once the course is completed, the consumer can open a checking account.

The PNC checking account includes many of the benefits of a traditional checking account once you complete the course.

Account Upgrade

As well as the course on money management, the Foundation Checking option is unique from many other second chance bank accounts because it gives account holders the opportunity to upgrade much sooner.

If the account holder demonstrates responsible management and remains in good standing for a period of six months, they can then move on to a standard checking account.

This, paired with the relatively low fee charged for the Foundation Checking account, makes it one of the premier options for a consumer looking for the best 2nd chance banks and accounts.

Quicken and QuickBooks

When you bank with PNC, you can take advantage of opportunities to integrate your account information with personal financial software, including Quicken and QuickBooks.

Users can gain 24/7 access to their PNC Bank accounts, download their balances and transaction information, and track spending, tax data, and net worth. This feature also lets users pay bills, transfer funds between their internal accounts, stop payments, and order checks.

The electronic register can be used to manage checking accounts, and you can build a stronger financial foundation with tools for budgeting and planning your future.

PNC Bank Visa Debit Card

When you open an account with PNC, you receive a PNC Bank Visa Debit Card. This card is not only convenient but also includes money management tools available through online and mobile banking.

There are built-in privacy and fraud protections, and you may become eligible to participate in the PNC Purchase Payback Program, which offers spending rewards and discounts.

The card is also equipped with signature Visa Zero Liability Fraud Protection.

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United Bank Gateway Checking Review

United Bank has been serving communities throughout Florida and Alabama since 1904, making it a well-established community bank that integrates convenience and technology with personalized customer service. Personal banking products and solutions are widely varied at United Bank and include checking and savings accounts, CDs, personal loans, mortgages, safe deposit boxes, and more.

Gateway Checking is an account designed specifically for consumers seeking out second chance checking options, and it’s ideal for people who have not only had issues with other accounts but may also have poor credit history.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This as One of the Top 2nd Chance Checking Accounts

Below are factors leading to the inclusion of United Bank and Gateway Checking on this list of banks that offer second chance checking accounts.

Account Features

Specific Gateway Checking features include the following:

  • Online banking is included
  • Online Bill Pay is available for $4.95 per month
  • There is a dedicated smartphone app that includes Mobile Check Deposit
  • Statements are itemized
  • E-Statements are available
  • 24/7 Telephone BankLine Service is available

Also an option for Gateway account holders is possible eligibility for an account upgrade within six months.

Mobile Check Deposit

While United Bank is a regional community bank, it has many of the technological features and offerings of much larger financial institutions.

One of those is Mobile Check Deposit, which is a relatively unique option at a community bank.

With Mobile Check Deposit, both personal and business customers can take a picture of the front and back of their check, select the account where it will be deposited via the mobile app, and then make the deposit.

It is important to note, however, that Gateway Checking account holders may have to pay a $2 fee for mobile deposits, but when they become eligible for an account upgrade, this may be waived.

Online Banking

Online banking is free, and it lets account holders see all of their information and transactions in a centralized location. They can track all of their spending and deposits for better money management, and there are also options for viewing check images, transferring funds, and paying bills.

Some of the specific transfer and bill pay options include Person-to-Person Transfers, Bank-to-Bank Transfers, and Expedited Bill Pay.

With mobile banking, the features are similar, and account holders can also find the nearest ATM or branch location and freeze their debit card if it’s lost or stolen.


Gateway account holders may also want to open a savings account at United Bank, and options include the Personal Savings account, with a minimum opening deposit of $100, and interest compounded and paid quarterly.

The Christmas Club is a flexible savings account with a maximum balance of $10,000 and a competitive APY. The account must be linked to a checking account at United Bank for November distribution.

Also available is the Saver CD, which is a certificate of deposit that can be built upon with an automatic draft that comes out of a United Bank Checking account.

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US Bank Easy Checking Review

US Bank is part of US Bancorp, which is one of the largest banking institutions in the U.S. Based in Minneapolis, US. Bancorp it is the fifth-largest commercial bank in the U.S. Along with personal retail banking, US Bank offers a variety of mortgage, investment, and payment services to commercial and corporate institutions.

The signature second chance checking account from US Bank is called Easy Checking, and it offers fundament features that are appealing to a broad variety of consumers.

Key Factors Considered When Ranking This as One of the Best Second Chance Checking Accounts

In the list below are highlighted key reasons that US Bank’s Easy Checking was included in this ranking of the best accounts and banks that offer second chance checking.

Low Monthly Maintenance Fee

Easy Checking is designed to be a simple account with all the fundamental elements that second chance consumers need. It does include a monthly maintenance fee of $8.95, but this can be reduced to $6.95 for account holders that opt to receive online statements instead of paper statements.

The monthly maintenance fee can be waived altogether with combined monthly direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more, or an average account balance of $1,500.

Online Banking

When considering the top banks that offer second chance checking, accessibility and convenience were important. US Bank offers comprehensive online banking options as part of its second chance bank accounts. Features include:

  • Users can view balances and transfer money
  • Set up account alerts and access online statements
  • Deposit checks from anywhere using DepositPoint
  • Send money online using either US Bank Send Money or Western Union Money Transfer
  • Use Bill Pay online to stay organized and make payments on time

The mobile banking app from US Bank is also available with many of the same features, including US Bank PhotoBanking, which lets users deposit checks and add biller details to their Bill Pay list by taking a picture with their mobile device.

US Bank Visa Debit Card

A debit card is an important part of a checking account and using one offers account holders flexibility and access to many shopping and purchasing opportunities.

The US Bank Visa Debit Card is accepted wherever Visa is accepted, and you can easily track all of your transactions.

The US Bank Visa Debit Card also includes built-in fraud protection in the event your card is ever lost or stolen or any unauthorized purchases are made.

Mobile wallet options are also available, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. This makes purchases as convenient and secure as possible using mobile technology. With these Mobile Wallet options, users don’t have to show their card, their physical card is digitally encrypted, and a fingerprint code is required for a purchase. Additionally, retailers don’t store your payment information.

Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking Review

Wells Fargo is a large scale national financial institution based in San Francisco. This bank was has more than 8,800 locations, 13,000 ATMs, and $1.8 trillion in assets. It’s also frequently ranked as one of the most valuable and admired banks in the world by media outlets, including Fortune and The Banker magazine.

Wells Fargo isn’t just a leading financial institution—it’s also one of the largest national banks to offer 2nd chance banking. Their offering is the Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking account.

Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking - Top Second Chance Checking Accounts

Source: Wells Fargo

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Top Banks with Second Chance Checking

Listed below are highlights of why Wells Fargo and Opportunity Checking were included on this list of second chance banks.

Waived Monthly Service Fee

The Opportunity account does have a $10 monthly service fee, but account holders can enjoy a waived fee if one of the following is met:

  • 10 debit card purchases or payments are made from the account during a statement cycle
  • A minimum daily balance of $1,500 is maintained
  • Total qualifying direct deposits of $500 or more for each fee period

Overdraft Options

Opportunity Checking account holders have the option to get Overdraft Protection for their second chance checking account. 

There is no fee to sign up for Overdraft Protection. A fee is only charged if the need to transfer funds to cover a negative balance arises. 

Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Debit Card

As with a traditional checking account, Opportunity Checking offers access to a convenient and secure Platinum Visa Debit Card. This card includes complimentary Zero Liability Protection, which means you aren’t liable for reported fraudulent purchases or ATM transactions. It also includes 24/7 monitoring.

These cards have chip technology for added security, and you can sign up to receive customized alerts, such as when a purchase is made online or outside the US, or when an ATM withdrawal is made.

My Money Map

When you open a second chance checking account with Wells Fargo, you can also enjoy access to My Money Map, which is a digital suite of tools designed to help consumers with budgeting and money management.

These tools offer the ability to track spending, budgeting and savings in charts that are easy to understand. These kind of tools are empowering for those who are looking for second chance checking accounts in order to regain financial stability. 

My Spending Report shows purchases made with any Wells Fargo account and Bill Pay. Budget Watch provides simplified resources to create and stay on budget, and My Savings Plan includes tools for automatically monitoring your progress as you work toward achieving your savings goals.

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Woodforest National Bank Second Chance Checking Review

Woodforest National Bank has been serving the diverse needs of its customers and the communities it serves for 35 years. As active community bank, Woodforest is privately-owned, and the Employee Stock Ownership Plan is the largest shareholder. Woodforest has more than 740 branch locations in states throughout the U.S., including the South and Midwestern regions.

Personal banking solutions include checking, savings, and loans as well as online and mobile banking. Woodforest also offers the Second Chance account to help customers who want to re-establish their banking history.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Top Banks That Offer Second Chance Checking Accounts

Listed below are reasons that Woodforest and Second Chance Checking were included on this list of second chance banks.

Costs and Fees

While a Woodforest Second Chance Checking account does have some fees and costs associated with its usage, they are relatively low.

The minimum deposit required to open this second chance checking account is only $25, and the monthly maintenance fee is only $9.95 with an associated monthly direct deposit. Without a monthly direct deposit, the fee is $11.95.

There is also a $9 one-time account setup fee to open the Second Chance Checking account.

Online Banking Features

Online banking features available from Woodforest include the following:

  • Bill payment
  • Email notifications of balances, including whether its too low or too high
  • Account alerts based on certain customized criteria
  • Automatic security alerts
  • One-time, recurring, and future transfer options
  • Current activity and statements
  • e-Statements
  • Check images

Using Woodforest’s online banking also allows customers to integrate their account information with Quicken and QuickBooks. All information can be quickly exported or downloaded into one of these software options, providing opportunities for financial planning, budgeting, and tracking of finances.

Overdraft Protection

A Second Chance checking account from Woodforest does offer some opportunities for overdraft protection. They have three options:

  • Account Sweep
  • Line of Credit
  • Privilege Pay

Conclusion—Top Second Chance Checking Accounts

The ability to open and successfully maintain a checking account is an essential part of managing your finances and creating a better future for yourself. That’s one of the reasons second chance banks and second chance bank accounts are so important.

These unique accounts are designed specifically for people who may have had account or credit problems in the past but are ready to rebuild their history. The above second chance banking options are accessible, convenient, and mainly designed for the unique needs of customers who want a new opportunity to open and use a checking account.

They’re also excellent for those consumers who want to learn more about the fundamentals of maintaining a checking account and who want to potentially move onto a standard account.

The above list represents some of the very best options for consumers searching for valuable and beneficial second chance bank accounts that will not only accept their application but also provide them with a wide range of features and benefits.

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