Finding the Top-Rated Wisconsin Financial Advisors (Madison, Milwaukee & More)

The state of Wisconsin is known as “America’s Dairyland” and it is also home to several great financial advisors and wealth management firms.

When you’re planning for retirement, funding a child’s education, or planning for any future life aspiration, having an experienced professional to help you chart the right course can make all the difference.

Good Madison and Milwaukee financial advisors understand how to balance risk versus reward when creating a tailored financial portfolio. The best advisors also always put their client’s best interests ahead of their own.

So, how can you tell the great advisors from those that might not have your best interests at heart? You can search for a financial advisor in Madison, WI, Green Bay, or another town and spend hours researching, or you can shortcut the process by reviewing AdvisoryHQ’s list of the top financial advisors in Wisconsin.

Our list is made up of well-respected financial advisors in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, and other areas. These top firms represent the highest standards when it comes to integrity, trust, and unbiased financial guidance.

Read on to learn about each of these top 10 best Wisconsin financial advisors and get some tips on things to consider when searching for the perfect financial advisor for your needs.

Best Financial Advisors in Wisconsin Red Award Emblem

Award Emblem: Best 10 Financial Advisors in Wisconsin

Top 10 Best Wisconsin Financial Advisors | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Financial Advisor in Wisconsin

2020-2021 Ratings
Annex Wealth Management5
Creative Planning5
Financial Planning & Information Services5
Financial Service Group, Inc.5
I.A.G. Wealth Partners5
Landaas & Company5
McCarthy Grittinger Financial Group5
PJS Investment Management5
Savant Wealth Management5
North Star Asset Management3

Table: Top 10 Best Wisconsin Financial Planners | Above list is sorted by rating

Things to Consider When Choosing a Financial Advisor in Wisconsin

When you’re reviewing several different firms that provide Milwaukee or Madison wealth management, it can be difficult to know what to look for if you’re not an experienced investor.

Here are some things to consider that can help when trying to find the best financial advisor in Milwaukee, Madison, or another Wisconsin city.

What Asset Levels Do They Work With?

One of the first questions to ask when reviewing financial planners in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin is whether or not the firm has a minimum investible asset limit. Some Wisconsin financial planners only work with high-net-worth clients, while others have affordable options for any level of investment.

Is the Firm Fee-Only or Fee-Based?

A fee-only financial advisor in Wisconsin does not accept any 3rd party commissions or financial incentives for selling you a particular product. This means you can be assured the advice you receive is completely objective.

milwaukee financial advisors

Best Financial Advisor in Wisconsin | 2020-2021 Ranking

A fee-based financial planner in Madison, WI, or another town does accept commissions from companies that sell financial products. This can cause a conflict of interest, which is why many fee-based firms are fiduciaries. This means the firm has a legal obligation to always put the client’s best interests first.

What Types of Services are Offered?

Do you need tax planning services in addition to portfolio management? The types of services offered for wealth management in Milwaukee and Wisconsin may be another factor that moves you towards one advisor over another.

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2020-2021 AdvisoryHQ’s Selection Methodology

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Detailed Review – Best Financial Advisors in Wisconsin

Below, please find the detailed review of each firm on our list of 2020-2021 top Wisconsin financial advisors. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these financial advisors in Milwaukee, Madison, and other towns to score so high in our selection ranking.

Click on any of the names below to go directly to the review section for that firm. (The list is sorted alphabetically.)    

Click below for previous years’ rankings:

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Annex Wealth Management Review

Annex Wealth Management is an elite, privately-held financial advisor in Wisconsin that combines cutting-edge technology and an expert financial planning team to help its clients achieve their financial life goals.

This fee-only, fiduciary financial advisor in Madison, WI has a total of 6 offices throughout the state, in addition to one in Florida and one in Illinois.

Key Factors That Enabled Annex Wealth Management to Rank as one of the Best Wisconsin Financial Advisors

Large, Experienced Team

The annex has a large, diverse team of seasoned associates, each with distinct specialties that offer a depth of experience in a number of financial areas.

This Wisconsin and Madison wealth management team also comes from a wide variety of backgrounds. This benefits clients because they have access to professionals skilled in marketing, law, and client relations in addition to having financial expertise. 

Some of the professional designations held by this team of financial advisors in Wisconsin include:

  • MBA
  • CFP®
  • CRPS®
  • CIMA®
  • CRPC®
  • CSRIC™
  • ChFC®
  • CASL®
  • CLU®
  • CDFA®

Broad Range of Services

If you want to enjoy as many financial services as possible from your financial advisor in Wisconsin, you’ll appreciate the broad range of offerings from Annex Wealth Management.

Each client has a dedicated strategist that is their main conduit to the rest of the professionals in multiple areas that they may need.

Services offered by Annex Wealth include:

  • Financial & Retirement Planning: Setting goals, portfolio development, ongoing management, and monitoring
  • Estate & Legacy Planning: Examining goals, preparing a plan for guardianship and beneficiaries, keeping estate plans updated
  • Investment Management: Employing a core and tactical investment strategy, best-in-class investment managers, and low portfolio costs
  • Tax Preparation & Planning: Distribution planning, Roth conversions, tax-loss harvesting, and more
  • Insurance Assessment: Researching and analyzing potential outcomes and scenarios to give you a comprehensive view of financial risks and solutions
  • Financial Education & Discovery: Annex creates in-house educational content and leverages radio, video, and digital to promote financial literary
  • 401(k) Plans for Businesses: Working beside employers to offer guidance for their employer retirement plans

Annex financial advisor in wisconsin

Annex Wealth Management | Top Wisconsin & Madison Wealth Management Firms

Rating Summary

Annex Wealth Management offers custom-tailored and well-crafted financial planning and wealth management solutions. Its large and diverse team ensures that each client has the benefit of many great minds working together to help them achieve their dreams.

This top financial planner in Madison, WI, as well as other cities throughout the state, makes a fiduciary commitment to each client to always put their best interest first.

With a focus on financial education and a broad range of helpful financial services, Annex Wealth Management earns a 5-star rating as one of the top Wisconsin financial advisors to consider.

Creative Planning Review

Creative Planning is a large, nationwide financial advisory firm that has offices in just about every major metropolitan area in the U.S. Its Wisconsin offices are located in Milwaukee, Madison, Brookfield, and Oconomowoc.

These fee-only fiduciary financial advisors in Milwaukee and Madison collaborate with high-net-worth individuals and offer customized investment and wealth management playbooks.

Key Factors That Enabled Creative Planning to Rank as One of the Top Wisconsin and Milwaukee Financial Advisors 

Private Wealth Management

The advisors at Creative Planning are driven to help their clients accumulate, retain, and expertly manage wealth. These financial planners in Milwaukee, Madison, and throughout the country focus on three key elements when delivering expert counsel.

These are:

  • Providing clear, uncomplicated guidance
  • Educating clients on all aspects of wealth management
  • Making significant, tangible progress toward a client’s financial goals

Behind the expert guidance at Creative Planning is a lot of intellectual firepower from an award-winning team. Clients working with this firm for wealth management in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin will find the team always available to talk or meet when needed.

Focus on Partnership & Transparency

When working with Creative Planning, you know your financial advisor in Madison, WI is dedicated to developing and maintaining client relationships. As a fee-only firm with a fiduciary commitment, clients will find a high level of transparency, fostering trust between each client and their advisor.

These Wisconsin and Milwaukee financial advisors create a collaborative atmosphere, working side-by-side with clients to create strategic financial planning and wealth management playbooks designed to evolve as life changes.

You’ll find the following from these top financial advisors in Wisconsin:

  • The effort to truly understand your financial situation and goals
  • Assistance with family financial conversations and education
  • Integration of career and financial planning
  • Helpful and trusted assistance during transitions
  • Access to expert, personal advice

Rating Summary

Few Wisconsin or Madison wealth management firms have the scope and depth of Creative Planning. With a nationwide team, this firm has the economies of scale to offer a wide range of customized financial services.

This financial planner in Madison, WI, Milwaukee, and other towns offers a personalized touch and works to become a lifetime financial partner for its clients, there as a foundation to help them weather any storm.

With a mission to help its clients succeed and a wide range of services, Creative Planning scores a 5-star rating and is one of the best Wisconsin financial advisors to consider.     

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Financial Planning & Information Services, Inc. Review

Founded in 1985, Financial Planning & Information Services, Inc. (FPIS) is located in Depere, WI, and is committed to serving customers with a fiduciary commitment and forward-thinking financial guidance.

The firm is a fee-only financial advisor in Wisconsin that specializes in financial planning, investments, retirement planning, and tax planning. Its advisors also have expertise in many other financial service areas.

Key Factors That Enabled Financial Planning & Information Services, Inc. to Rank as One of the Top Wisconsin Financial Planners 

Wide Range of Services

As a top-rated Green Bay area financial advisory firm, FPIS offers a wide range of helpful financial services. Clients can choose from the following financial offerings:

  • Retirement Analysis & Planning
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Estate Planning & Insurance Concepts
  • Education Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Investment Advice and Asset Management

Each area of service is fully tailored to match each client’s needs while also being flexible to adjust to changing life situations over time. This ensures that strategies are in tune with each other as well as with whatever may be happening in the world

Professional Affiliations & Designations

One way for potential clients to evaluate a financial advisor in Wisconsin is to review any affiliations and designations carried by the firm and its team. FPIS maintains membership in a variety of well-respected financial organizations, including:

  • FPA—Financial Planning Association
  • NAPFA—National Association of Professional Financial Advisors
  • NATP—National Association of Tax Professionals

Many of the firm’s advisors also hold the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) designation.

Each of these affiliations has stringent requirements for membership, including continuing education, a demonstrated fiduciary commitment to clients, and more.

Rating Summary

FPIS is serious about the financial success of its clients and makes it a priority to be available to them anytime for questions and guidance.

These top-rated financial advisors in Wisconsin are well-versed in a wide range of financial service areas and customize them to fit each client’s financial picture.

With a focus on trust and transparency and an experienced team, Financial Planning & Information Services scores a 5-star rating and is one of the best Wisconsin financial advisors to consider partnering with.

Financial Service Group Inc. Review

Delivering compassionate and professional financial planning services, Financial Service Group Inc. is a fee-only wealth management firm based in Mount Pleasant, WI, just south of Milwaukee.

The team takes a visionary approach coupled with offering a “no-pressure” space to discuss your life, money, and goals for the future. These top Milwaukee financial advisors make a fiduciary pledge to always put the client’s best interests first.

Key Factors That Enabled Financial Service Group Inc. to Rank as One of the Top Milwaukee Financial Advisors 

Value-Based Approach

A factor that makes Financial Service Group stand out among other top-rated financial planners in Milwaukee is its value-based approach. All financial services come from a comprehensive foundation of core values, delivered compassionately. These values include

  • Do everything with heart
  • Honor commitments
  • Maintain transparency
  • Be collaborative
  • Never stop learning

Each financial advisor in Milwaukee at FSG takes a relationship-first approach and works to form mutually beneficial life-long relationships with clients.  

Financial Service Group in wisconsin financial advisors

Financial Service Group | Top Wisconsin & Milwaukee Financial Advisors

Client-Centric Process

FSG makes wealth management in Milwaukee easy and also keeps it centered around the client. As top-rated Milwaukee financial advisors, Financial Service Group implements the following strategy for its clients:

The Beginning – Getting the Relationship Started

  • Finding your fit
  • Discovery & goal setting
  • Alignment meetings
  • Implementation

The Middle – Living Your Great Life

  • Review meetings
  • Tax advice & preparation
  • Investment management
  • As needed meetings
  • Trusted providers

The End – When It’s Time to Part Ways

  • End of the relationship
  • Death
  • Estate distribution to heirs
  • Financial decisions of heirs

Rating Summary

If you’re looking for a comforting and no-pressure discussion with Milwaukee financial advisors, then FSG is a top pick for your financial needs. The firm stresses client comfort and a team-based approach.

With a comprehensive range of services that follow a client’s natural lifecycle, these financial advisors in Milwaukee ensure clients benefit from a holistic long-term financial strategy.

With a client-centered focus and a visionary team, Financial Service Group is one of the top Wisconsin and Milwaukee financial advisors to consider. We’ve awarded the firm a 5-star rating.

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I.A.G. Wealth Partners Review

Focusing on relationships and family rapport, IAG Wealth Partners is a top-rated financial advisor in Wisconsin with offices in Janesville, and just outside of Milwaukee, in Waukesha.

IAG is a fee-only financial advisor in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. However, its ADV states that staff also serve as Registered Representatives of LPL, an independent broker-dealer, and may receive commissions for certain LPL transactions.

We always recommend you clarify fee structure with any financial advisor before hiring them.

Key Factors That Enabled IAG Wealth Partners to Rank as a Top Financial Advisor in Wisconsin

Customized Portfolio GPS™

To better serve clients and address various objectives, incomes, and risk tolerances, IAG uses Portfolio GPS, a proprietary system that allows your financial advisor in Milwaukee to align your goals with risk tolerance and time horizon.

IAG also has an Investment Committee that meets quarterly, further insuring that client portfolios are continually monitored and periodic changes are made as needed.

Portfolio GPS entails the following processes:

  • Establish: Determine short and long-term goals and risk guidelines
  • Analyze: Analyze the current portfolio, develop a tactical asset allocation strategy
  • Construct: Craft a portfolio based upon cash flow needs, tax efficiency, financial plan
  • Manage: Evaluate progress, recommend adjustments, and conduct real-time monitoring of “Green Zone” progress

Holistic Wealth Management

One of the founding principles of these financial advisors in Milwaukee is a holistic approach that integrates a client’s financial life with comprehensive and successful wealth strategies. This ensures all financial areas are working in concert toward the same objectives.

When working with IAG for wealth management in Milwaukee, clients will find they have eight categories of diverse and connected services to choose from, including:

  • Financial Snapshot
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance & Liability Management
  • Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Executive Compensation Management

Rating Summary

IAG Wealth Partners takes a strategic, holistic approach to wealth management and investment planning. These top-rated financial planners in Milwaukee work to form meaningful bonds with clients, just like family.

These Milwaukee financial advisors take a detailed and tactical approach to portfolio management, including forming an Investment Committee to keep a watchful eye on all client strategies and adjusting them as needed.

With an experienced team and a mission to help clients succeed, IAG Wealth Partners is one of the top Wisconsin financial planners to consider and is awarded a 5-star rating.  

Landaas & Company Review

Taking an academic approach to money management, Landaas & Company is focused on offering independent and objective guidance to its thousands of clients. This is a fee-based financial advisor in Milwaukee, WI that is also a fiduciary.

Landaas & Company makes client goals and objectives its top priority and it keeps its fees under the industry average. These Milwaukee financial advisors also offer flexible fee arrangements, including by-the-hour consulting.

Key Factors That Enabled Landaas & Company to Rank as Top Financial Advisors in Milwaukee

Wide Range of Services

You’ll have several service options when working with these Milwaukee financial advisors. While Landaas & Company focuses mainly on portfolio construction and management, the firm also offers additional financial services, including:

  • Retirement Planning: Help clients establish retirement income requirements, understand retirement plans and alternative savings options, and more
  • Education Planning: Create strategies to meet education goals without sacrificing other long-term wealth planning
  • Estate Planning: Keep liquid assets in the estate, transferring the maximum percentage of assets, and more
  • Long-Term Care: Protect retirement assets to ensure that long-term care is included in the planning for other long-term goals
  • Pension Planning: Assist business owners with SEP, SIMPLEs, profit-sharing plans, IRAs, 401ks, and more
  • Succession Planning: Work with professionals to ensure smooth business transfers, including buy-sell agreements, use of life insurance, and more

Landaas and Company a top financial planners in milwaukee

Landaas & Company | Top Financial Advisors in Wisconsin

Educational Resources

Few firms invest as much effort in client education as Landaas & Company. The firm’s Money Talk page offers a wealth of financial education resources.

In addition to a Money Talk podcast, this top financial advisor in Wisconsin provides financial education videos, financial tools, and Landaas University, which includes links to multiple investor education resources.

Regular features from the firm’s educational archives include:

  • Ask Money Talk
  • Bob’s View
  • Talking Money
  • What We’re Reading

Rating Summary

The top-rated financial advisors at Landaas & Company are laser-focused on their clients’ financial wellbeing and offer as many resources as possible to help them meet their financial goals in life.

These financial advisors in Wisconsin go above and beyond when it comes to investor education and offering flexible fee options to ensure everyone that wants expert financial guidance has the opportunity to receive it.

With a team dedicated to client success and a wide range of financial service offerings, Landaas & Company earns a 5-star rating as one of the best Wisconsin and Milwaukee financial advisors to consider.   

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McCarthy Grittinger Financial Group LLC Review

McCarthy Grittinger Financial Group LLC offers ongoing investment management utilizing a financial planning approach. These top-rated Wisconsin financial advisors are fiduciaries and also fee-only.  

This team takes a highly personal approach with clients and works to foster life-long relationships. McCarthy Grittinger Financial Group is based in Milwaukee, WI.

Key Factors That Enabled McCarthy Grittinger Financial Group LLC to Rank as a Top Firm for Wealth Management in Milwaukee & Wisconsin

Focused Investment Expertise

As one of the best Milwaukee financial advisors, McCarthy Grittinger is laser-focused on providing core financial services in two main areas. Each area is designed to work together for a holistic portfolio strategy:

  • Advanced Planning: These financial planners in Milwaukee discover and define a client’s financial goals and develop a plan to meet them. Areas considered include education, insurance, taxes, and estate planning.
  • Investment Management: Integrated financial planning and investment management that customizes portfolios to each client’s distinct needs and financial situation.

These financial advisors in Milwaukee apply an integrated approach to investment management, taking into account other areas of finances beyond investments to provide a truly comprehensive experience.

Focus on Trust & Transparency

The financial planners in Milwaukee at McCarthy Grittinger appreciate the value of building long-term personal relationships with their clients.

The firm emphasizes its belief in integrity as well as the importance it places on its fiduciary responsibilities to provide a foundation of trust and transparency to each client-advisor relationship.

The fee-only status of the firm helps support the commitment to honesty and trust held up by each financial advisor in Milwaukee at the firm. The team strives for long-term relationships and giving personalized financial planning experiences.

Rating Summary

McCarthy Grittinger Financial Group focuses on the fundamentals of good financial planning and wealth management. These Wisconsin financial advisors are focused on what’s important to you so they can help you achieve your life goals.

Taking a highly personalized approach and forming mutually beneficial, long-term relationships are both cornerstones of this top-rated financial advisor in Milwaukee.

With an experienced team and a comprehensive and uncomplicated style, McCarthy Grittinger Financial Group scores a 5-star rating. This is one of the best financial advisors in Wisconsin to consider.

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PJS Investment Management Review

PJS Investment Management has a goal of helping clients feel comfortable and confident about their financial decisions. This fee-only fiduciary financial advisor in Wisconsin is located in Cedarburg, just north of Milwaukee.

The firm takes a team-based approach and focuses on simplicity, transparency, and a high degree of personalized attention for each client. It’s proud to have formed relationships with the second and third generations of client families.

Key Factors That Enabled PJS Investment Management to Rank as Top Milwaukee Financial Advisors

Wide Range of Services

As a top Wisconsin and Milwaukee financial advisor, PJS Investment Management commits to providing clear and streamlined processes for each area of financial services.

Not only does this make it easier for potential clients to evaluate the firm and its offerings, but it also demonstrates a commitment to transparency, an important aspect of any successful relationship with a financial advisor in Milwaukee or Wisconsin.

The firm’s wide range of services include:

  • Investment Management
  • Saving and Spending Analysis
  • Taxes
  • Debt Management
  • Insurance Assessment
  • Life Transition Assistance
  • Education Planning

Clear Investment Strategy

The primary emphasis of PJS Investment Management’s investment process is minimizing risk through diversification. This team of Milwaukee financial advisors have a clear strategy based on time-tested principles.

Advisors look at specific information when making stock selections, including:

  • Leading market positions for products and services
  • Strong management team with a clear vision for the future
  • A solid financial position with satisfactory liquidity reserves
  • Essential services or products whose demand is resilient, even in slow-growth economic times
  • International opportunities in countries with a steady political environment and promising growth prospects
  • Attractive dividend yield and potential for continued dividend growth

PJS Investment management and financial advisors in wisconsin

PJS Investment Management | Top Financial Advisors in Wisconsin

Rating Summary

PJS Investment Management is client-centered and takes the time to truly get to know each customer so its advisors can help them develop a strong financial strategy that’s based upon their goal priority.

This team of top Wisconsin financial advisors focuses on the basics of good financial planning and investment management, infusing simplicity into the entire process.

With a focus on personal attention and a collaborative, team-based approach, PJS Investment Management is a top firm to consider for wealth management in Milwaukee and is awarded a 5-star rating.

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Savant Wealth Management Review

Helping to build ideal futures for its clients, Savant Wealth Management is a top-rated financial advisor in Wisconsin that works to provide clarity and instill confidence and peace of mind for its clients.

This financial planner in Madison, WI is a fiduciary and is fee-only. It has offices in Madison and Park Falls, WI as well as in Arizona, Illinois, New Mexico, and Virginia.

Key Factors That Enabled Savant Wealth Management to Rank as a Top Financial Advisor in Madison, WI

Assessment-Based Approach

As a top-rated financial advisor in Madison, WI, Savant Wealth is focused both on portfolio growth and also helping you prepare for any of life’s unpredictable events.

The firm’s Ideal Futures Financial Health AssessmentSM is an easy 3-minute assessment that gives people a snapshot of their financial health.

This proprietary process developed by this Madison wealth management team covers 10 key planning areas that all integrate to form your ideal future:

  • Vision & Goals
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management & Asset Protection
  • Debt Management
  • Education Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Estate Planning & Administration
  • Business Planning & Succession
  • Charitable Planning

Focused Clientelle

Savant Wealth Management focuses on serving the needs of high-net-worth individuals who want to preserve their hard-earned capital and pursue continuous and strategic growth.

The international expertise of this top financial advisor in Madison, WI provides a level of sophistication to its portfolios that not all financial advisors can match.

To form a client relationship with Savant, you’ll typically need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • An investment portfolio of at least $500,000 within the next 12 months
  • Expecting a portfolio of $1,000,000 within 5 years
  • Be an immediate family member of an existing Savant client with a portfolio of more than $5,000,000

Rating Summary

Savant Wealth Management is a top Madison wealth management firm that puts client clarity and peace of mind at the forefront. Its advisors are dedicated to getting to know each client and their life goals, so they can help clients chart a strong financial course.

Savant offers a wide range of financial services for affluent individuals and families, as well as business clients. Services include everything from comprehensive wealth management to accounting and consulting services.

With an innovative approach and a client-focused mission, Savant Wealth Management is one of the best Wisconsin financial advisors to consider. We’ve awarded the firm a 5-star rating.

North Star Asset Management, Inc. Review

North Star Asset Management, Inc. is the 2nd largest independent SEC-registered financial advisor in Wisconsin. This fee-only firm is also a fiduciary and is based in Neenah, WI, north of Oshkosh.

Founded in 1996, these Wisconsin financial advisors have carried the principles of continuity, commitment, and personalized client care forward since inception. The firm now has over $1 billion in assets under management.

Key Factors That Enabled North Star Asset Management, Inc. to Rank as One of the Top Financial Advisors in Wisconsin

Experienced Team

North Star is backed by a team of well-credentialed professionals that have over 200 years of combined investment experience.

Clients that work with these top Wisconsin financial advisors will find nine CFA® charterholders, two CFP® professionals, and two CPAs.

By combining a talented team with these core credentials, North Star is well-prepared to help clients with a broad array of investment challenges and build a long-term strategy for their financial health and wellbeing.

Flexible Investment Management

These top financial advisors in Wisconsin build customized portfolios that are designed to fit each client’s circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance.

By using individual securities, North Star can offer clients greater flexibility and control, optimizing their tax outlook and return requirements. Add-on services are also available, such as retirement cash flow projections.

Additionally, North Star offers administrative services, including:

  • Charitable gift transfers
  • Bill payments
  • Record keeping
  • Tax reporting

North Star Asset Management and financial advisor in madison wi

North Star Asset Management | Top Wisconsin Financial Advisors

Rating Summary

North Star Asset Management is focused on building high-quality portfolios with consistent growth equity. These top financial advisors in Wisconsin offer truly customized solutions designed to integrate multiple areas of a client’s financial life.

However, the firm does not provide a detailed picture of its services on its website, making it difficult for prospective clients to fully evaluate the firm. This is why we’ve scored North Star with a 3-star rating. It could easily improve this by adding more detail about its process and services.

With holistic investment management and 401k services and a strong fiduciary commitment to clients, North Star Asset Management is a top financial advisor in Wisconsin to consider for your financial needs.

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Conclusion – 2020-2021 Top 10 Financial Advisors in Wisconsin

Whether you’re looking for Milwaukee financial advisors, a financial advisor in Madison, WI, or wealth management help in another city in the state, Wisconsin has plenty of talented financial guidance to be found.

Just remember, when looking for a top financial advisor in Wisconsin, to first check whether or not the firm has any minimum investible asset requirements. That will help you save time from researching a firm that’s not a good fit.

From accounting and tax services to expert portfolio management, a financial planner in Madison, WI or another city can help you make sense of financial markets and chart a path to reach your financial goals.

The first step on that path is to review top Wisconsin financial planners, such as the ones on this list, to find one that you trust and that fits your needs well.

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