2017 Guide: The Best Commerce Bank Credit Cards to Consider Using This Year

Choosing a credit card is not always an easy decision. There are multiple factors to keep in mind, like interest rates, rewards, or introductory offers. The key is to find the right credit card that combines value and rewards to fit your financial needs.

Many consumers have found that Commerce Bank credit cards bridge the gap between simply having a line of credit and having credit that benefits them.

Commerce Bank credit cards have long been recognized as bringing value to each and every Commerce credit card. In fact, for the past four years, Commerce Bank has been ranked as one of the top 10 in Forbes’ list of America’s Best Banks.

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Award Emblem: Top 5 Best Commerce Bank Credit Cards

Using a Commerce Bank credit card means joining a network of leadership, growth, and commitment to quality service. With 374 locations in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Colorado, Commerce credit cards come in a wide array of financial products for consumers and business partners alike.

As 2017 rapidly approaches, our review will highlight the best Commerce Bank credit cards to consider using in the upcoming year. Whether you are looking for a Commerce Bank rewards card, a secured, business, or travel card, chances are that there is a Commerce credit card that can fit your financial needs.

Each of these Commerce Bank credit cards comes with high levels of value and reward, making them wholly worthwhile and beneficial credit cards to have.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 5 Best Commerce Credit Cards

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the credit card names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that credit card):

Top 5 Best Commerce Bank Cards | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Credit Card Name

% or Low Intro APR Offer?

Intro Duration

Annual Fee

Commerce Bank Business Rewards Card

None offered

None offered


Commerce Bank Mastercard® World Elite


6 months


Commerce Bank Secured Visa® Credit Card

None offered

None offered


Special Connections® Visa® with Rewards


6 months


Visa® Business Platinum Rewards Card

None offered

None offered


Table: Top 5 Best Commerce Credit Cards | Above list is sorted alphabetically

How Do I Determine Which Commerce Credit Card Is Right for Me?

To determine which Commerce Bank credit card is the best fit for your needs, there are two things to consider: spending habits and financial goals.

Each of these Commerce Bank credit cards comes with their own unique set of terms, conditions, and rewards, and it’s important to match a Commerce credit card with your own financial habits and goals.

For example, if earning cash back on purchases is part of your financial goals, then you will want to focus on Commerce bank rewards cards. These cards focus on providing direct value by offering ranges of cash back, making them into Commerce Bank credit cards that you may actually earn money through using.

The same is true for financial habits that revolve around travel or business expenses. Commerce Bank credit cards specifically cater to these categories, so be sure to analyze the benefits and terms for each and every card.

Before looking through Commerce Bank cards, there are a few questions to ask yourself in order to pinpoint your spending habits and financial goals:

  • How do I plan on using my credit card?

If you spend most of your money on general purchases like groceries and gas, you will want a Commerce Bank rewards card that offers cash back for the purchases you are already planning to make.

  • Do I need to rebuild my credit?

If your credit score is low or damaged, your best bet is to choose a Commerce Bank secured credit card to rebuild credit.

  • Will I be carrying a balance each month?

If your financial habits lead you to keep a balance on your credit cards each month, you will want to keep in mind that APR rates on Commerce Bank credit cards will play an important role. A higher APR rate means that you will accrue higher debt for keeping a balance on your Commerce credit cards.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Commerce Credit Cards

Below, please find a detailed review of each credit card on our list of Commerce Bank credit cards. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these Commerce Bank cards to score so highly in our selection ranking.

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Commerce Bank Business Rewards Card Review

The Commerce Bank Business Rewards Card strives to offer businesses with flexibility and rewards for spending. In fact, it’s worth noting that finding a business card that also offers cash back rewards is rare. Thankfully, Commerce Bank rewards cards are not just limited to personal lines of credit.

For those looking for a competitive line of credit for their small business, this Commerce Bank business credit card is a valuable option.

Key Features

The Commerce Bank business credit card comes equipped with a few select features to benefit cardholders. These features include:

  • 1% cash back on purchases

Commerce Bank credit card rewards points can be earned on any purchase made on the card, regardless of the purchase category.

  • Enhanced point redemption options

While cash back will provide the greatest value, points can also be redeemed for airline travel, gift cards, or merchandise.

  • Additional ways to save

Visa SavingsEdge® enrollment offers automatic discounts on business purchases, offering as much as 15% off.

A few additional Commerce Bank rewards with this card include unlimited points and online redemption available 24/7.

Additional Considerations

While this Commerce Bank credit card rewards program does come with enhanced features, there are some additional considerations to take when evaluating this Commerce Bank business credit card.

Although points can be earned through the card, it is worth noting that Commerce Bank credit card rewards points expire after 4 years. Additionally, the cash back rate is relatively low. It is certainly possible to earn cash back through Commerce Bank rewards, but it may take a little extra time in comparison to other cards.

By and large, the most significant advantage of this Commerce Bank rewards card comes from enrollment into Visa SavingsEdge®. Enrollment is free and allows for enhanced savings and discounts on select business purchases.

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Commerce Bank Mastercard® World Elite Review

For cardholders who are constantly on the go, the Commerce Bank Mastercard® World Elite is one of the best Commerce Bank credit cards to have. With zero foreign transaction fees and a competitive rewards program, this Commerce Bank credit card offers high value.

commerce bank credit cards

Photo courtesy of: Commerce Bank

Key Features

When looking at Commerce Bank credit cards, this particular line of credit comes with a handful of features that make it stand out above the rest. These features include:

  • Introductory APR

Cardholders will enjoy a 0% APR for the first six months after opening a line of credit.

  • Dynamic cash back program

This Commerce bank credit card comes with unlimited 1% cash back on purchases, and an additional 2%-3% cash back in select categories.

  • Travel benefits

World Elite cards come with enhanced benefits to make travel easier, like zero foreign transaction fees, shopping protection, and easy account management.

Additional Considerations

World Elite Commerce Bank cards come with competitive rates and points programs, but there are a few additional elements to keep in mind when considering this Commerce Bank rewards card.

While standard purchases earn 1% cash back, categories with a higher percentage are unlisted. It stands to reason that these 2%-3% categories will be explained upon receiving the card, but there are no specific details available on how to earn higher percentages of cash back.

Additionally, at $125, the annual fee may be cost-prohibitive for some. While it is not entirely uncommon for travel rewards cards to come with higher annual fees, it is worth mentioning that other Commerce Bank credit cards carry comparable benefits without steep annual fees.

Commerce Bank Secured Visa® Credit Card Review

For those looking for Commerce Bank cards to help rebuild or re-establish credit, the Commerce Bank Secured Visa® Credit Card is the perfect option. This Commerce Bank secured credit card operates on a collateral deposit, meaning that cardholders will also need to have an eligible Commerce Bank savings account.

Key Features

When considering Commerce Bank cards, this Commerce Bank secured credit card comes with a few notable features, including:

  • No balance transfer fees

As an additional benefit, there are no cash advance fees, either.

  • Access to FICO score

Cardholders can use their Commerce Bank secured credit card to access their FICO score each month. For those looking to improve their credit score, this is a valuable tool to start managing credit.

  • Deposit earns interest

While secured Commerce credit cards do require a deposit into a savings account, that deposit will earn interest throughout the life of the card.

Additional Considerations

Rebuilding credit through Commerce credit cards is entirely possible, though there are a few stipulations for consumers to be aware of. The Commerce Bank Secured Visa® Credit Card does come with an annual fee of $49.

Secured credit cards and annual fees tend to go together, so this is not particularly surprising. What is surprising is that the APR is set at 18.49%, marking a relatively low interest rate for a secured credit card.

It is also worth mentioning that secured Commerce Bank credit cards come with all the features of traditional credit cards, like ATM access, zero liability insurance, and online account access.

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Special Connections® Visa® with Rewards Review

The Special Connections® Visa® with Rewards card is one of the most competitive Commerce Bank cards. With competitive rewards and a great introductory APR, Commerce Bank credit card reviews have been consistently high.

commerce bank rewards

Photo courtesy of: Commerce Bank

In fact, U.S. News & World Report gave these Commerce Bank rewards cards a perfect rating for customer satisfaction. When looking for a personal line of credit, these Commerce credit cards are a great option.

Key Features

When comparing the Special Connections® Visa® with Rewards to other Commerce Bank cards, there are a handful of features that give this card an extra edge. These features are:

  • Introductory APR

Cardholders enjoy 0% APR for six months when using these Commerce Bank rewards cards. This also applies to balance transfers, making it one of the most versatile Commerce Bank credit cards.

  • Cash back rewards

General purchases earn 1% cash back, but select categories can earn between 2%-3%. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or merchandise, though the value may differ from cash back.

  • No annual fee

Without an annual fee, these Commerce credit cards make managing a line of credit into an affordable and simple process.

Additional Considerations

When searching for the best Commerce Bank cards, APR should also be considered. The range of variable APR rates can be particularly beneficial when analyzing the Special Connections® Visa® with Rewards card.

With a starting APR of 10.49%, this Commerce credit card has one of the lowest APR rates, not just among other Commerce Bank cards, but among credit cards as a whole.

For a simple, rewarding line of credit, this is one of the best Commerce Bank rewards cards to consider.

Visa® Business Platinum Rewards Card Review

For businesses that use petty cash funds or would like to enable employees to make business-related purchases, the Visa® Business Platinum Rewards Card is a great option. Its greatest value lies in the simplicity and ease of use, making this one of the most uncomplicated Commerce credit cards for small businesses.

Key Features

As with any Commerce Bank credit card, there are a few particular components that make this card stand out. Commerce Bank credit card reviews have pointed to these features as ideal components:

  • No annual fee

Part of successfully managing a line of credit comes from low fees, and these Commerce Bank cards eliminate annual fees.

  • Individual credit lines for employees

These Commerce Bank credit cards allow for multiple lines of credit. This makes it easy for business owners to distribute Commerce Bank cards to their employees, allowing for business-related purchases.

  • Online account access

When managing multiple lines of credit, having online access is key. This allows for immediate review of purchases and credit limits.

Additional Considerations

For a simple, uncomplicated line of credit, these Commerce Bank cards are perfect options for small businesses.

One important consideration to make is that these Commerce credit cards have limited availability to businesses within a specific lending area. Applications outside of Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, or Colorado will automatically be denied.

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Conclusion – Top 5 Commerce Bank Credit Cards

Whether using Commerce Bank credit cards for travel, business, or personal finances, there are certainly plenty of Commerce credit cards to choose from.

The key to finding the right Commerce Bank cards lies within a close analysis of your financial habits and goals. Whether you want to earn extra rewards for travel, cash back allowances for spending, or rebuild your credit, you’ll want a credit card that is closely aligned with these characteristics.

By looking at Commerce Bank credit card reviews, consumers can gain valuable insight into the key features of the top-rated Commerce Bank cards.

Our review provides a detailed and expert review of each of these Commerce credit cards, acting as a guide for consumers to find the best Commerce Bank credit cards for them.

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