Intro – Finding the Best Online Shopping Sites for Women

Why is shopping online for women’s clothes advantageous for consumers? Relying on online shopping sites as your primary source of clothing is simple, doesn’t require a lot of time, and opens you up to a world of fashion possibilities you might not otherwise have access to, particularly if you live in a small town.

Many online retailers are also able to eliminate the overhead costs a traditional brick-and-mortar store might have, meaning the costs are much lower for the consumer.

There’s also a tremendous variety of clothing available when you find the best online shopping sites. Whether you want clothes for work, fun clothes for a night out, or simple, comfortable weekend wear, it’s all at your fingertips when you’re an online shopper.

Best Online Shopping Sites for Women Red Award EmblemAward Emblem: Top 13 Best Online Shopping Sites for Women​

But how do you choose the best online shopping sites? With so many available options, how do you narrow down the millions of sites and choose the ones that have the best reputations for quality, selection, and customer service?

The following list of the best online shopping sites for women is designed to guide your online shopping experience and give you a complete overview of some of the top sites for women’s clothing.

Each of the reviews has in-depth information not only about the retailer, but much of the information contained in these reviews is based on input from actual customers.

List of the Best Online Shopping Sites for Women

This list is sorted alphabetically (click any of the below names to go directly to the detailed review for that website).

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Methodology for Selecting Online Shopping Sites for Women

The process of determining the best online clothing stores was one that first began with an exhaustive online search of other media outlets and customer reviews. We looked first at general reviews of the world’s top online retailers for women’s clothing. We then considered websites, blogs, and media sources that previously ranked these popular clothing stores online.

Then, to narrow down the list to the 13 included in this ranking, we considered only the top online clothing stores with monthly traffic of one million visitors or more.

Top Online Shopping Sites for Women

Online StoresWebsite
Forever 21http://www.forever21.com/
Nasty Galhttp://www.nastygal.com/
Rent the Runwayhttps://www.renttherunway.com/

(List is sorted alphabetically)

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Online Shopping Sites for Women

After carefully considering online shopping sites for women, we created the following list of the top 13. As you continue reading, you’ll find detailed reviews for each of our picks, as well as some of the  specific factors we used in our decision-making process

ASOS Review

ASOS bills itself as a “global fashion destination for 20-somethings,” offering a range of cutting-edge styles, as well as fashion-driven content. ASOS strives not just to be an online retailer, but also the premier online fashion destination for discerning buyers. There are more than 80,000 branded items for sale on ASOS.com; some are big names, and some are ASOS-branded items.

As well as a convenient online format and site design, ASOS also features a robust mobile shopping experience, and for fast shipping and convenience, there are fulfillment centers throughout the world, including the U.S., U.K., Europe, and China.

Key Factors That Enabled This to Rank as One of the Best Online Shopping Websites

Below are some of the specific reasons ASOS was included on this online shopping websites list.


As mentioned above, ASOS strives to be more than just one of the best online shopping websites. ASOS is designed to be an active, thriving community of creative fashion-lovers, which is why they offer ASOS Marketplace. The Marketplace features a combination of new, up-and-coming brands from around the world, as well as top-quality vintage items from global sellers.

Much like the format of a site like Etsy, through Marketplace, customers of ASOS can find one-of-a-kind pieces from independent designers, as well as vintage pieces, in an easily searchable format.

This is just one of the many ways ASOS differentiates itself from other popular clothing stores online.


According to feedback from many customers, the ASOS App is a great perk of shopping with this leader among online shopping sites for women. The ASOS Shopping app is available for iOS or Android, and it includes access to more than 850 brands directly through a mobile app.

The mobile app features a card scanner that makes checkout fast and easy, and users can save items through the app if they’re deciding whether or not to buy them. The mobile app also includes customized recommendations based on a shopper’s previous browsing and buying history.


The hashtag #AsSeenOnMe seems to be a popular way for ASOS shoppers and browsers to gain fashion inspiration from real people, and also share their favorite looks.

Through this hashtag, users can upload their pictures of themselves wearing their newest or favorite ASOS outfit, and then share it on Instagram. Users can share this not only with the hashtag, but also by visiting the ASOS website and hitting the “add look” button.

Users can see not only who uploaded and was inspired by their outfit, but it also includes direct links to the items for sale on the ASOS website.

Free Shipping

Global ASOS buyers seem impressed with the availability of Free Standard Shipping, which is offered for any order that’s at least $40. With Free Standard Shipping, ASOS says the items will be delivered to mainland U.S. customers within four business days. This shipping option is fully tracked as well.

Also available are free, fully tracked returns. All customers need to do is attach pre-paid return labels to their package and drop it off at the USPS or a post box.

Also available is Premier Delivery, which is an offering that includes unlimited two-day shipping with no minimum order value for a year, with a cost of only $19 annually. Two-Day Shipping is an  expedited option that’s only $12 or free for those customers who spend more than $140.

Boohoo Review

Based in Manchester, U.K., Boohoo is one of the top online shopping sites that considers itself a leading “international e-tailer.” Boohoo features stylish, leading-edge designs at an affordable price. The philosophy of Boohoo is “not taking fashion or life too seriously,” and available products range from trendsetting and eye-catching original pieces to basics that serve as the foundation of a wardrobe.

Boohoo features up to 100 new pieces of clothing, accessories, and other fashion items each day, and there’s also a new exclusive collection added every week — one of the perks of shopping on this site is that you’re always getting something fresh and new.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This as One of the Top Online Clothing Stores for Women

Highlighted below are reasons Boohoo is an excellent online shopping site for women, according to customers and media outlets.

Boohoo Brands

Boohoo offers what they call “Boohoo Brands,” which are their own branded clothing collections, separated by usage and style of clothing. For example, Boohoo Basics is designed to offer the very best in wardrobe staples, all at excellent prices. This collection includes essentials and jersey basics.

Also available through Boohoo Brands are:

  • Boohoo Night
  • Boohoo Blue (denim and more)
  • Boohoo Boutique
  • Boohoo Plus & Curve
  • Boohoo Petite
  • Boohoo Fit (workout and active clothing)

Sale Selection

Not only are Boohoo prices very competitive, and generally inexpensive, but there are frequent sales. Most items do end up going on sale if you wait for a few weeks, so the Sale selection at this popular clothing store is extensive. You can shop by the newest sale items, or by size, price, what type of item you’re searching for, color, brands, and occasion.

As well as an extensive general sale section available on the Boohoo website, there are also regular promotional specials, such as percentage discounts on new men’s and women’s clothing items.

According to consumers, Boohoo is a great site to shop if you’re looking for fashionable and trended pieces at excellent prices.

Global Shipping Options

Boohoo focuses on being a retailer that doesn’t just serve the needs of buyers in one country or region of the world, but on a global scale. As a result, they have many flexible shipping options, including the USA Super Saver.

This option is for those shoppers who want free shipping. Packages will be delivered within eight working days, and this option is available for orders over $50. Some of the other shipping options include:

  • USA Super Saver
  • USA Express
  • U.K. Saver
  • U.K. Next Day Delivery
  • Australia Super Saver
  • Australia Express
  • Russian Federation Express

Shoppers can also quickly and easily track the journey of their order as it makes its way to their front door.

Twitter Customer Service

Customer service is important at Boohoo, and they offer many methods customers can use to reach a service team member. One of these channels of communication is through Twitter. Boohoo has an official customer service page that’s available anytime and anywhere.

Users can hashtag their questions and comments with #WeAreUs, and voice their concerns or share something they love about this online retailer. Users can almost instantly connect with a service representative if they have a question, and according to recent users, on  the Boohoo Twitter CS page, the response time is very prompt and attentive.

Forever 21 Review

Forever 21 is ranked as the 5th largest U.S. specialty retailer, and it has experienced explosive growth over the years, with projections showing it could be an $8 billion company in 2017. As well as a strong online presence, Forever 21 also has stores throughout the world, and there will likely be as many as 600 new brick-and-mortar locations that open in the next three years.

Social responsibility is important at Forever 21, and they work to source clothing and products that are from ethical and social compliant sources, through their Forever 21 Vendor Audit Program. Forever 21 items include women’s clothing, plus-size items, menswear, accessories, and girls’ clothing.

Key Factors That Enabled This to Rank as One of the Best Clothing Stores

The list below highlights some of the unique elements of Forever 21 that make it such a popular clothing store, particularly for online shoppers.


Forever 21 is distinctive in many ways, including their brands. Much of the clothing available from this popular clothing store is the Forever 21 brand, which is beneficial because not only is it inexpensive, but there’s also relatively consistent sizing; once you’ve purchased items from this store, it’s easier to buy things in the future. In addition to the Forever 21 brand, however, there are also well-known designers that will create specific lines just for this store.

For example, current exclusive designer lines for Forever 21 include Raga, Selfie Leslie, and Boho Me. This is ideal for shoppers because they can take advantage of both inexpensive and more high-end clothing, and designer labels become more accessible in terms of not only pricing but also convenience.


Some customers may feel as if Forever 21’s sizes run a bit small, but there is a Plus-Size line available that provides trendy items, affordable prices, and a wider range of sizes.

While some of the plus-sized designs available from this top online clothing store are the same as the standard size designs, there are also custom-created pieces that are intended to fit a curvy customer.

There is one complaint that many plus-sized customers have, however, and that’s the limited selection of these items in stores, which may make it necessary to shop exclusively online for these sizes.

Outfit Envy

Outfit Envy is a section of the Forever 21 website that focuses on helping shoppers put together trendy outfits from head-to-toe. Shoppers can visit the Outfit Envy section of the site or use the #outfitenvy hashtag on social media to see how stylists put together the trendiest and hottest pieces currently available from the retailer into an outfit.

In addition to Outfit Envy, which is really focused on the hottest fashions that are up-to-the-minute, shoppers can browse other style categories, including Best Sellers, Date Look Goals, and The Occasion Shop.

The Basics Shop is another option, where customers will find essential wardrobe basics at very reasonable and even inexpensive prices.

Sales and Specials

As well as pricing that is generally inexpensive, Forever 21 also regularly features special sale pricing, discount options and more. For example, right now there are jewelry items that are available for less than $4 and back to school deals that start at $3. There are also specials on dresses under $20.

Forever 21 is one of the best clothing stores for anyone seeking not only inexpensive  clothing but also accessories, jewelry, bags, shoes, and more.

GoJane Review

GoJane is one of the best online shopping sites featuring a variety of shoes, clothing, and accessories. These items are aimed at fashion-forward women who like to set trends and be ahead of what everyone else is wearing. GoJane has been one of the best online shopping sites for women since 1999, and their team of expert buyers is always looking for pieces that are a step ahead of what everyone else will offer.

GoJane’s unique and diverse inventory is divided into a few primary categories, which are “What’s New,” “Heels,” “Shoes,” “Dresses,” “Clothing,” “Accessories,” and “Sale.”

Key Factors That Make This One of the Best Online Shopping Sites for Women

When considering customer opinion as well as media review, below are some of the reasons GoJane was selected for this online shopping websites list.

Size Charts

One of the primary concerns many consumers have when they shop online is that they won’t choose the right size, and they’ll then have to go through the process of returning the items through the mail. GoJane tries to eliminate this problem as much as possible through the inclusion of a detailed size chart.

The size chart includes measurements for bust, natural waist, and hips, and there are also clear instructions on how to measure body parts to get accurate measurements.

Customers can then use these measurements to determine what size of GoJane clothing they should order. There are also shoe and jewelry size charts available on the website of this top online clothing store.

GoJane - Top-Ranked Online Shopping Sites for Women

Image Source: GoJane


This pick for one of the best online fashion stores includes a subcategory of clothing called “Trending.” It’s here that style-conscious shoppers can go to see the hottest looks in the fashion world, and they’ll find several categories of items, all based on the biggest looks happening at any given moment in the world of clothing.

The categories listed right now include Floral, Two-Piece Dresses and Matching Sets, Ti-Dye, Basics, Sheer & Now, and Off-the-Shoulder. These categories regularly change, so consumers can see what’s hot and shop the looks quickly and easily.

Money-Back Guarantee

According to GoJane, the focus along with providing the items fashion-conscious buyers are looking for is the provision of superior customer service. For customers who aren’t happy with their order, they can send it back within 30 days of the ship date for a refund or exchange.

This option gives customers a bit more peace of mind when it comes to ordering clothing online, and the retailer recommends shipping items back with insurance and a tracking number.

If an item is damaged or defective or if a customer receives an incorrect order, GoJane asks that they contact customer service to make sure everything is properly and adequately handled for the customer.


One of the biggest concerns many people have when buying items online is whether or not they’re buying from a safe, reputable source. GoJane is both of those and has been considered one of the best online shopping websites since 1999. That makes it one of the longest-running online shopping sites on this list. Additionally, customers report mainly good experiences working with GoJane, and safeguards are in place, such as online tracking once something is ordered.

Overall, most people would say GoJane is an entirely legitimate and safe source to  shop for top fashion trends that will be delivered directly to their door.

H&M Review

One of the most recognized names in fashion around the world, H&M was founded in 1947 in Sweden. Today, the H&M Group includes not only the namesake but also the brands COS, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday, and Other Stories. H&M serves more than 62 markets and has over 4,000 stores as well as a robust online presence, making it one of the best online clothing stores as well as a top brick-and-mortar retailer.

Along with quality and fashion-forward clothing, H&M is also dedicated to sustainability and social consciousness, which is emphasized in how they source manufacturing and the materials they use in their designs.

Key Factors That Make This One of the Best Online Shopping Sites for Women

When considering widely available public resources, the following are some highlights that led to the inclusion of H&M on this list.

Free Shipping and Returns In-Store

When customers shop at this popular online shopping site, they can take advantage of a free shipping offer for all orders that are $40 or more. For orders under $40, there is a flat rate shipping fee of $5.95.

As part of this offer, customers can also make in-store returns for free. They can bring their items to an H&M store in the U.S., along with the packing slip and the card used for the purchase, and there will be no charge to make a return or obtain a refund.

H&M does request, however, that customers who have a problem with shipping, such as a missing item, make returns by mail.

Modern Classics

Modern Classics is a section of this popular clothing store that features clothing items that have a tailored fit, are in neutral color palettes, and are silhouettes and styles that are timeless.

The Modern Classics area of the H&M website is divided into categories including Tops, Shirts and Blouses, Blazers, Dresses and Jumpsuits, Pants and Skirts, and Cardigans and Sweaters. This is a great area of the website to shop if you’re searching for clothing that can be worn to work, that will serve as an investment, or that will be versatile and can be worn in a variety of situations.

H&M App

The H&M App makes it convenient to shop the site and gain fashion inspiration from your mobile device, including both an iPhone and an Android device. The Mobile App is easy to use and includes the following features and functionalities:

  • Users can browse through the newest and trendiest fashions
  • There are opportunities to access promotions and offers exclusive to mobile app users
  • The app features videos, trends, and news for shoppers who love soaking up fashion
  • Users can share their favorite items and outfits with their friends through email and social media
  • The GPS feature helps customers locate the nearest store

My H&M

When users create an H&M online account, they can easily manage all of their purchases and the transactions they make through this leader among online shopping sites.

Users can create a profile so they can check out after placing an order quickly and efficiently using stored information. They can then log in with their username and password so they can see their pending orders and check the status of open orders. My H&M also includes the option to see your complete  order status and view and make changes to your stored payment information.

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Missguided Review

Missguided is one of the best online clothing stores based on customer reviews, and their philosophy is based on building a bold and forward-thinking online fashion resource. There are thousands of styles always available at any one time through this online shopping site for women, and all of the items available through Missguided are created by in-house designers, meaning they’re original and exclusive.

Missguided features not only affordably priced and fashion-forward pieces, but also delivery to 160 countries throughout the world.

Key Factors That Led to This Retailer’s Inclusion on This Online Shopping Websites List

Elements of Missguided that help set it apart as one of the best online fashion stores are highlighted below.

Delivery Options

Reviewers and customers of this leader among the best clothing stores for women online seem to like the variety of delivery options available. In particular, Standard Shipping is free. Standard Shipping orders usually arrive within four business days after an order is placed, and customers can track them throughout the period they’re being shipped.

Along with free Standard Shipping, customers can also select Express Shipping, designed to offer delivery within 1-2 business days with a trackable service. This option is $9 unless your order total is more than $200, in which case, it’s free.

Student Discount

Many shoppers who search for the best clothing stores online tend to be looking not only for quality and style but also great prices. This is somewhere Missguided excels, just like many of the other names included on this list.

Any student who’s studying in the U.S. is eligible to receive a 15% student discount, although this isn’t valid for sale items.

Also available is a percentage discount for customers who sign up to receive emails and updates.

Seasonal Collections

Since all of the clothes offered by Missguided are designed in-house and are exclusive to this top online clothing store, they have the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind seasonal collections that are on-trend and also in-line with a particular theme.

The theme of the Spring/Summer 2016 collection, for example, is Peace + Love. This premium collection was designed to exemplify a strong and empowered female. The collection is complete with everything from clothing to footwear and accessories.

Size Guide

Much like some of the other online shopping sites included on this list, Missguided features an online size guide for customer reference, and it’s one of the more comprehensive listings available. It includes U.S. sizes from 0 up to 20, with a range of bust, waist, and hip measurements offered in both centimeters and inches.

There’s also a conversion size chart for single sizes, and one specifically for trousers and jeans, as well as lingerie fitting.

On top of the size conversion charts, shoppers can use the measuring guides to make sure they’re accurately and properly measuring themselves to get a good fit on the items they order from this  selection for one of the best online shopping websites

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Nasty Gal Review

Nasty Gal is a retailer based in Los Angeles. They curate a variety of collections and lines from some of the most talented rising designers, but they also design and manufacture their own items including clothes, shoes, and accessories, in downtown LA. The site was founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2006, and it initially started as an entirely curated vintage store operated on the eBay platform.

Exclusive lines include the Nasty Gal Collection, which was launched as the retailer’s independent label in 2012. This is reflected in about half of the online inventory available to shoppers. After Party by Nasty Gal is a vintage renewal label, and they also have a fully vintage label. As well as being one of the best online shopping sites, Nasty Gal also operates two stores, one in Hollywood and the other in Santa Monica.

Key Factors That Led to This Retailer’s Inclusion on This Online Shopping Websites List

Nasty Gal is often considered one of the best online shopping sites for a number of reasons, including the following.


Considering the deep vintage roots of Nasty Gal, it’s difficult to comment on what shoppers love about this top online clothing store without mentioning their extensive vintage collection. Visitors to the site will find a large section dedicated to carefully curated vintage pieces, which might include a vintage Chanel bag or a pair of embroidered pants.

The vintage offerings available from Nasty Gal certainly aren’t inexpensive, but they are one of a kind and add a unique flair to this leader among popular clothing stores for women.

Simple Returns

For customers of any online shopping site, the return policy is a big factor in whether or not they’ll make a purchase or continue as a loyal customer. At Nasty Gal, returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase on most items that are sent back in new condition. Certain things are final sales, such as makeup and vintage accessories, but otherwise, the return process is straightforward.

Also, you can receive a one-time price adjustment if you ordered an item and it goes on sale within seven days of that purchase date. A refund of the price difference is offered as online store credit if you bought the item online or to the original payment method if purchased in a store.

Returns for online store credit are processed for free. You can start the return process and print a label for the package by visiting the Nasty Gal website.

Nasty Gal Collection

The Nasty Gal Collection is the exclusive label designed and created in-house at the LA facility of the company. What’s great about this collection, which was started in 2012, is that it’s entirely unique, and you’re not going to find these items anywhere else.

It’s also something many customers like about Nasty Gal because the pieces have the vintage inspiration of the authentic vintage items, but with a much lower price tag. Nearly every piece in the collection is less than $200, compared to some of the vintage items that often have price tags in the thousands.

Final Sale

Nasty Gal is one of the more expensive online shopping sites included on this list, but there is a reprieve for the cost-conscious buyer, and that comes in the form of the site’s very ample sale section.

Site visitors can go to the regular sale area to find items that are newly added, including clothing, shoes, and accessories, and these prices range from 20% off for most of the newly added items up to 50% off. There’s also a final sale area where users will find prices that are at least 60% off, and often more. These items can be filtered by size, brand, color, and price.

While Nasty Gal wouldn’t be considered a discount retailer by most shoppers, there are opportunities to find good deals.

Nasty Gal - Best-Ranked Online Shopping Sites for Women

Image Source: NastyGal

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While many of the names on this online shopping websites list are low-cost and discount retailers that focus on trends for women, NET-A-PORTER is in its own league. This is one of the best online shopping sites for women in terms of luxury and high-end designers. It was founded in 2000, and it now has a monthly audience of more than six million visitors. It offers global express shipping to more than 170 countries, and there is a multi-lingual customer service team available.

NET-A-PORTER offers same-day delivery to customers in Manhattan, London, and Hong Kong, and next-day delivery is available in many countries, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Australia, and Singapore.

Key Factors That Led This Online Retailer to Be Named One of the Best Online Shopping Sites

Unique elements of NET-A-PORTER that often lead to its consideration as one of the best online shopping sites for women are detailed below.

Editorial Layout

One of the many notable things that sets NET-A-PORTER apart is their ability to rank not only as one of the world’s best online clothing stores, but they’re also a premier online destination for all things related to luxury living and fashion.

The entire website has an incredible, editorial-inspired layout, with a beautiful design that looks similar to a high-end fashion magazine. This makes the shopping experience feel exciting and original.

Also unique to NET-A-PORTER is that, in addition to having an editorial site design, the company also has an online magazine called The Edit, which features not just the newest and hottest in fashion, but also details on travel and beauty.

Customer Service

As one of the best online shopping websites, it’s important for NET-A-PORTER to cater to the style needs of site visitors and clients while also tending to their service-related needs.

Customer service is something this luxury online shopping site takes incredibly seriously, and they have a customer service team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This customer service team doesn’t just help with returns or technical issues; they can also provide information and guidance on size and fit, details on products, and information regarding deliveries.

There’s also a team of fashion consultants that customers can access to help them pick the perfect outfit regardless of the occasion or help them hand-select a gift.

Premier Service

In addition to the regular customer service offered by NET-A-PORTER, as well as the fashion consultant team that can assist in making purchasing decisions, this leader among popular clothing stores also features a Premier Service, which is something customers regard very highly.

This is for customers in New York City (plus certain areas in New York and New Jersey), and it offers in-person service from a member of the Premier team. When you make an order, you have access to this team until the moment your order arrives.

Certain Connecticut towns are also included in Premier Service, including Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, and Westport, although this is through a third-party courier service.

Mobile Apps

NET-A-PORTER is also a favorite among customers because of their creative, accessible approach to online shopping and fashion in general. As part of this concept, they have several fashion-centric apps.

These include:

  • NET-A-PORTER: This app provides a way for customers to shop looks from the world’s top designers and create and manage a wish list of the items they can’t live without.
  • The Edit: This app, for mobile devices including tablets, offers free access to the modern fashion magazine from NET-A-PORTER. It’s packed with advice and inspiration, and the issues are completely shoppable as well.
  • TheNETSET: This app offers a social shopping network where you can shop with a Celebrity Style Council and gain inspiration from a community of like-minded fashion lovers.
  • PORTER: This is a bi-monthly global magazine featuring a curation of the  very best in not just fashion, but also art, beauty, and travel.

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PrettyLittleThing Review

PrettyLittleThing was founded by brothers in 2012, and it was centered on providing fast, affordable yet stylish accessories to shoppers. Since that time, PrettyLittleThing has grown to become one of the largest and most popular clothing stores that’s only online. The products are geared toward women who want to be trendsetters yet want convenient access to top fashions.

The inspiration for the carefully curated items on PrettyLittleThing is derived from the runways, celebrities, and anyone who’s seen as a style influencer. The site is regularly updated with new items, so the inventory and selection are always fresh.

Key Reasons This Is One of the Best Online Clothing Stores

Details of key reasons consumers and media outlets often rank PrettyLittleThing as one of the best online clothing stores are listed below.

Student Discount

As part of an effort to not only make top fashions affordable for a broad base of shoppers but also to appeal to young women, PrettyLittleThing features a regular student discount of 20%. Users can access this available discount by registering with PrettyLittleThing and then verifying their student status with the UNiDAYS system.

In addition to the standard student discount, special discounts, like this 40% off vacation essentials, are also frequently available by entering a code.

Shop Instagram

As part of the push to appeal to young, ultra-fashionable girls and women, PrettyLittleThing has a significant social media presence. Part of this social media work is the OfficialPLT Instagram. Shoppers can visit the Instagram to gain not just inspiration, but also to shop the looks they see in the pictures.

Many of the PLT Instagram pictures are actually of celebrity outfits that have been styled and recreated with pieces from the store. There are also some celebrity Instagram pictures where the star is wearing an actual piece of PLT.

Also part of this online community is the PrettyLittleThing blog which covers not only all things fashion, but also beauty, lifestyle, and music.

Occasion Shop

As well as offering clothing that can be worn on a daily basis, there is also an Occasion Shop that’s part of this website. Here, shoppers will find a range of dresses and other outfits designed for any special occasion.

What’s great about this Occasion Shop is that you can not only find fantastic pieces like full-length dresses, but they’re all offered at incredibly affordable prices.

In fact, pricing, in general, is one of the biggest perks of PrettyLittleThing as compared to many other online shopping sites for women.


While PrettyLittleThing states their flat shipping rate for standard options in the U.S. is $10, and the same for Canada, what’s great about this site is that they frequently offer events where they waive the cost of shipping altogether.

For example, PrettyLittleThing is currently offering free shipping on all orders over $40; in addition, duties and taxes are paid as well. If customers are willing to wait for one of these opportunities to come around, they can save $10 on their purchase. 

For express shipping to the U.S., the cost is $15.

Rent the Runway Review

Rent the Runway is a technology-driven, innovative fashion company that’s a leader regarding its business model and the way it provides access for high-end and designer fashions to customers. Rent the Runway provides the opportunity for shoppers to have the world’s top designer fashions temporarily as part of their closet, at a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase them. There are almost 65,000 items listed on the app and the site, and returning rented items back to the fulfillment center is incredibly easy.

Rent the Runway started as a way to gain access to special occasion outfits, but that model has since expanded, and some of the categories include “Night Out,” “Daytime,” “Party,” “Work,” and “Vacation.”

Key Features that Led to This Company Ranking on This Online Shopping Websites List

When considering the best online fashion stores, some of the reasons Rent the Runway is always a favorite among customers, bloggers, and the media are below.

A Simple Process

Rent the Runway is entirely different from all the other picks for best clothing stores included on this list because it’s a rental model, but it works in a really simple, convenient way.

There are thousands of styles from more than 300 top and most-wanted designers. Users can view the website to rent items, or they can use the mobile app. Users can add a free backup size to their order to make sure they get the right fit, select a time frame they’d like to rent the item and return it for free.

All the details, including dry cleaning and insurance, are included with the price of the rental. There are also in-person Rent the Runway stores in Chicago, D.C., Manhattan, and Las Vegas.

The Style Pack

Recently introduced is the Style Pack. The Style Pack currently just costs $25, and it includes a styling appointment that can be used online or in-store. Then, once you work with your stylist, you then get access to three complete looks for $99 each.

These looks include any dress, a backup size, and two accessories.

There are no exclusions based on style, price, or designer.

The Style Pack is ideal for customers who want some guidance to get dressed for a big event and want to do it on a budget and almost effortlessly.


Unlimited is another Rent the Runway option that customers seem to love. Essentially, it means you get to have a full designer wardrobe all year for a low monthly price. This package includes no rental fees, free shipping, dry cleaning, and insurance, and the plan can be canceled anytime.

With Unlimited, users subscribe to receive their designer items and then select three pieces for the initial shipment. You can then keep each piece for as long as you want, and you can make exchanges anytime.

You can send 1, 2, or 3 items back and select the same number for the next shipment. As with everything on Rent the Runway, the dry cleaning is handled.


For shoppers who’d like to make a more permanent addition to their closet, Rent the Runway offers that option as well. Customers can shop the Clearance section of the website, where they’ll find outstanding and like-new designer pieces that are for sale.

These items are available at a huge discount compared to their retail price, so shoppers can add high-end pieces to their closet at a fraction of the price they would otherwise pay. Designers include  Badgley Mischka, Erin Fetherston, Trina Turk, Halston Heritage, Milly, and Rachel Zoe.

RoseGal Review

RoseGal is one of the best online shopping sites for women as well as men, and it was founded by a group of friends who shared a love of fashion. RoseGal strives to bring together a site that fuses both modern and vintage style, and they offer clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The designs available from this leader among the best online shopping websites are all fashion-forward but also unique from one another. They are individualized and range from casual basics to special occasion dresses and outfits.

Key Factors That Led This Company to Rank as One of the Best Online Shopping Sites

Reasons RoseGal is frequently considered one of the world’s top online clothing stores are detailed in the following list.

Share It and Get It Free

RoseGal offers a program where customers can share items, and then get things for free. Through this program, you can click a button to share an item, then invite friends to register through a custom link. Your invited friends then complete an order, and each of the friends who joins the RoseGal community has the chance to get the item you shared for free.

This option is available for quite a few products on the RoseGal site, and those products that are eligible are designated with the “Share & Get It Free” logo.

Plus Sizes

For many shoppers, one of the important considerations when selecting from the popular clothing stores is having a range of size availability. That’s something offered by RoseGal. You’ll find that in addition to standard sizing, there is a full section of plus-sized clothing pieces.

The plus-sized options from RoseGal include tops, dresses, bathing suits, and more. All of these items are trendy and fashionable.


RoseGal is often named as one of the best online shopping websites because, in addition to women and men’s clothing and accessories, bags are also available on the site.

Shoppers will find quality bags that are designed with today’s key trends in mind, yet the prices are also incredibly affordable.

In fact, affordability is one of the prime reasons so many people say they love this online shopping site. There are many items, including bags, that are less than $10 on the RoseGal site.

Mobile App

RoseGal recently launched its own app brand called YoShop. This mobile app is available for Android and iOS users, and it boasts more than 400 items that are uploaded daily.

The app features the Most Popular Essentials as well as top trending styles. Shipments purchased through the app usually leave the fulfillment center within 24 hours. There are also many promotions that are available only to app users, and there are more than 5 million customers that are part of  the RoseGal mobile app community

Tobi Review

Tobi is one of the top online shopping sites, originally established in 2007 and based in Los Angeles. The goal of this site is to offer accessibility to women who love fashion and clothes that are cool, casual, and sexy. Tobi operates its own design studio, and fashionistas wear their designs in more than 100 countries.

Some of the signature items include dresses as well as crop tops, jumpsuits, rompers, and bodysuits. New, exclusive designs are released daily and are only available on Tobi.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Best Clothing Stores Online

Unique features of Tobi that lead to its frequent ranking as one of the best online shopping sites for women are covered below.

Site Membership

One reason so many fashionable online shoppers consider this popular clothing store as one of the best is because of the advantages and benefits that come with signing up to be a member of the site. You simply have to enter your email address, and you then receive 50% off your first order.

You also get first looks at new arrivals, and the best deals and sales. Members can also take advantage of lookbooks and features that non-members might not have access to.

Tobi - Top Sites for Shopping for Women

Image Source: Tobi.com

When you’re a member, you can also save likes and view your order history quickly and easily.

Pinterest and Instagram

Tobi leads a very active social media community that includes Pinterest and Instagram. Users can visit the Tobi Pinterest page to find outfit ideas and inspiration divided into categories including:

  • Girls Night Out
  • Best of the Best
  • Let’s Keep It Casual
  • The New New
  • Boho Chic
  • Bring on the Night
  • Skater Dresses
  • Mad for Maxes
  • Lace Be Honest

On the Tobi Instagram page, there are styled outfit inspirations, as well as pictures from real customers who want to share their Tobi looks.

Frequent Sales

When researching reviews from real customers, you’ll find a couple of things are pretty consistent across most reviews. The first is that customers find the clothing to be aesthetically appealing, and for the most part, made well. They do find that sizes can run a little small, but if a shopper knows that ahead of time they can order appropriately.

However, one thing that is particularly beneficial in the eyes of Tobi shoppers are the regular sales they hold to make items even less expensive. It’s not uncommon to shop the site when there is a 50% off sale happening, making many of their items available at competitive, excellent prices.


As well as featuring the Tobi brand, what’s great about this pick for one of the best online shopping sites is that they also curate items from up-and-coming designers and well-known names so shoppers will get diversity in terms of styles, labels, and pricing.

Some of the designers available on Tobi include:

  • Beach Riot
  • Blank
  • Chinese Laundry
  • Honey Punch
  • Finders Keepers
  • Free People
  • Raga
  • Mustard Seed
  • Steve Madden
  • Tiger Mist 
  • Vanessa Mooney

Zara Review

Zara is a Spanish retailer that was founded in 1975. It’s part of the Inditex group, which is the largest apparel retailer in the world. Zara is not only one of the best online shopping sites for women, but they also carry men’s and children’s clothing. Zara is known for consistently featuring new designs, for relative affordability, and the designer-like quality and look of the clothing they sell.

As well as being one of the best online clothing stores, Zara also maintains more than 2,000 stores around the world in top markets, including Fifth Avenue in New York and Oxford Street in London.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This as One of the Best Online Shopping Websites

Among popular clothing stores, below are some of the reasons Zara ranks highly in the eyes of many shoppers.

Globally Inspired

What a lot of people find so inspiring about Zara and the offerings found on this online shopping site for women is the global infusion found in the designs. There’s especially a lot of European influence in the clothes and accessories, because Zara is based in Spain.

This makes European fashion accessible to a broad audience thanks to Zara’s robust online shopping model.


If you have a genuine love for fashion and all the beauty and aesthetics that surround clothes, shopping on Zara can be a great experience. As well as featuring European-inspired designs, Zara also has a beautifully designed website with regular campaigns and editorials introducing their new lines.

It’s much like you would find in the pages of a fashion magazine, but it’s all part of the experience offered by this top online clothing store.

Sale Prices

In comparing the best online fashion stores and online shopping sites for women, Zara would probably rank somewhere in the middle in terms of pricing. Some items would be largely considered inexpensive, while other special pieces may be on the higher end.

At the same time, Zara does offer excellent sales on many of their items. You can find sale items that are much as 50% off or even more, and this is particularly true if you’re able to buy items off-season.

Ordering Process

For many shoppers who are looking for the best clothing stores to buy from online, a significant concern can be whether or not they’re going to receive the same item as pictured on the site.

With Zara, this isn’t an issue. Zara is a reputable, well-established online shopping site, and they guarantee that items you receive in your order will be the same as what you see on their website, except in the case of handmade items, where there may be some small differences.

This gives many shoppers peace of mind when they rely on Zara, which is a big reason they’re included on so many online shopping websites lists.

Conclusion—Top 13 Online Shopping Sites for Women

Regardless of your style or your budget, there are some things most women want to know when they’re selecting the best online shopping sites. They want to know whether or not the site is legitimate and will deliver the items they order, they like to know the prices they can expect to pay, and they want details of the shipping and returns policies.

Conclusion - Top Online Shopping Sites for Women

Image Source: Pixabay

All of these topics and many others are addressed in this list of the best online shopping sites for women. Each of the names on this list represents the best regarding customer opinions, reputation, quality, and selection.

This ranking of the best online shopping websites is based on a unique combination of customer reviews, media and blog reviews and rankings, and also overall traffic, providing a complete overview of each for shoppers.

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