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From an old piece of furniture that doesn’t match your new apartment style to a cluttered closet full of clothes you’ll never wear again, your home probably has a few items you wouldn’t mind parting with. But some people don’t want the hassle of selling items on craigslist. What if there was a better way?

Online consignment shops are popping up everywhere, offering you a place to sell your gently used items from every category. You can use online consignment stores to pawn that purple velvet chair onto another excited owner and get some extra spending money all at the same time.

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With the renewed interest in both buying and selling secondhand goods, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the online consignment market to help consumers answer their most pressing question: what are the best online consignment shops?

We’ll take a look at consignment shops online for a variety of categories (adult clothing, children’s clothing, furniture, and home items) to help you find the best online consignment stores for the items you have in your home.

AdvisoryHQ’s List of Top 6 Best Online Consignment Shops

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that advisor):

Criteria for the Best Online Consignment Shops

In order to accurately assess which online consignment stores would make it into the very best category, we had to have a few initial criteria for evaluating them.

Consignment stores online operate very much the same as consignment stores in your local neighborhood: they each have a unique set of rules including how much effort you must make and how much you get paid at the end. Take a look at what we determined were important factors to consider:

  • Effort: How much effort do you have to put into listing with the consignment stores online? Some companies allow you to send your goods directly to them, allowing them to handle the photographs, pricing, listing, and selling. Other online consignment shops put the ball in your court, allowing you to handle every aspect of the sale from beginning to end.
  • Commission: The real question everyone wants answered about online consignment stores is how much money they will make when their items sell. What percentage do the online consignment shops take off the top? Some will charge a set fee while most charge a percentage. None of them will offer their services for free, so evaluating the commission that online consignment shops charge is an important criterion.
  • Items: The best online consignment shops usually have one or two main areas where they focus the majority of their goods. They might be online clothing consignment shops or they may sell mostly furniture. We’ve tried to round up a wide selection of the best online consignment shops across all categories so you would know where to go for every item in your home.

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Best Online Consignment Stores

The RealRealhttps://www.therealreal.com/

 (List is sorted alphabetically)

Chairish Review

While clothing consignment shops have been around for a while, consignment stores online are just beginning to take a closer look at home goods and furniture. Chairish is one of several up and coming consignment shops online that will carry furniture from cabinetry and tables to chairs and lighting. Online furniture consignment shops make it easy to get rid of unwanted or bulky pieces of furniture quickly.

Online consignment shops like Chairish allow you to list your own items, set the rock bottom price you would accept, and accept offers for your products. They recommend pricing items at 30 to 40 percent off the retail value of your items. The other major bonus to this online consignment service is that it will handle all payment and shipping details for you.

If you’re selling furniture, how much can you expect to receive in commission? Local stores will sometimes take up to 50 percent of your sale price, but what about online consignment stores? Chairish claims up to a 20 percent commission fee from each sale. For amounts less than $2,500, the shop will claim 20 percent and for amounts over $25,000, they will claim just 3 percent with a sliding scale in between.

Chairish - online consignment shops

Image from Chairish 

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Kidizen Review

Some online consignment shops will specialize in just one particular type of item. Online clothing consignment shop Kidizen has found its niche as one of the best online consignment stores for children’s clothing. Particularly with children, clothing is outgrown quickly and needs to be replaced regularly; Kidizen is designed to help minimize the cost of outfitting your child’s wardrobe several times each year.

Kidizen is one of several online consignment stores (some would consider this the best online consignment type) that requires you to do most of the work. You are responsible for photographing, categorizing, describing, and pricing each of your items for their consignment shops online. In essence, Kidizen is a collection of individual online consignment stores from its users.

As you’re pricing, you will automatically see what you will receive for each item: 82 percent of the sale. The other catch? You’ll be responsible for paying the shipping on your items.

What makes Kidizen one of the best online consignment stores for kids? Not only does it  carry clothing items (approximately 90 percent of its offering), but you can also purchase toys and books.

Poshmark Review

Poshmark is like the Instagram of clothing consignment shops, a place for individuals to congregate and sell their higher-end brands. While this is one of the clothing consignment shops that does require more effort than sites like thredUP, Poshmark has a few features that lead some sellers to prefer its brand.

The biggest draw for online consignment clothing through Poshmark is that you can set your own prices. In fact, you get to set everything from the picture to the listing. They have an easy-to-use photo-editing program to help you capture quality images and then list them in your “closet” for sale. Posh Parties allow you to compile specific items or brands alongside items in your friends’ closets to make shopping clothing consignment shops even easier. When your items sell, Poshmark will send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send the items out.

Poshmark has a pretty straightforward fee system compared to some online consignment stores: a flat $2.95 for each item that sells under $15. For items over this amount (probably the majority of the items listed in their online clothing consignment because it does feature higher-end name brands), Poshmark  keeps 20 percent of the earnings.

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Rebagg Review

Ladies may find their closet stuffed to the brim with handbags they no longer carry or that haven’t been worked into their rotation in quite some time. The solution? Online consignment shops that specialize in handbags and purses. Rebagg is one of the best online consignment stores for women’s accessories because of its unique niche.

How does it work? Snap a few pictures of the items you want to sell through their consignment shops online and wait for your price quote within one business day. If you’re happy with the online consignment shop’s offer, you can either schedule a time for them to pick it up (if you live in New York City) or request a prepaid shipping box. When they receive your items, you get paid within two to three business days instead of having to wait for your items to sell, which is what makes this one of the best online consignment shops.

The downside to online consignment stores such as Rebagg is that they don’t disclose what percentage of the value you will receive for your items. We would recommend taking the pictures and submitting them, as it’s a pretty easy way with a low time investment to determine if your designer handbags  will score you some extra cash through online consignment stores.

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The RealReal Review

Unique from some other online consignment shops, the RealReal sells used items from a number of categories including clothing, accessories, home goods, and furniture. Many consignment shops online choose to focus on luxury or designer name brands, and the RealReal definitely falls into this category. For every item that you send in or have picked up, they will first authenticate it, photograph it, and price it before listing it under your sales profile.

Luxury online consignment stores can sometimes be particular about the items they will accept. The RealReal, items must be from designers that they have listed in their designer directory. This can apply to goatskin rugs, sleek and modern floor lamps, or designer handbags. The RealReal is particular about which items make the cut into their online clothing consignment and home goods shop.

They do offer decent rates, especially if you have a lot to sell through this consignment store online. Throughout the year, if your sales total less than $10,000, you receive payment for 60 percent of your sales. When your sales cross over that threshold, you automatically receive 70 percent of the net sales price, which can be hefty for items that sell for top dollar in online consignment shops. Your payments can be issued via direct deposit, mailed check, or site credit. Site credit gives you the most bang for your buck, as the RealReal will add 5 percent to your balance.

The RealReal - online consignment stores

 Image from the RealReal

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thredUP Review

This is one of the best online consignment stores for clothing because it covers almost every clothing category. ThredUP is one of the clothing consignment shops that carries a broad range of women’s clothing items (including maternity items, handbags, and accessories) as well as children’s clothing items. Clothing consignment shops online can function in a number of ways, but thredUP is the least involved for you as the seller.

The online consignment clothing from thredUP requires you to request thredUP’s free clean out kit. You will pack up all of your defect-free, on-trend clothing and accessories from top brands and ship it back. Their buyers are experienced with what will sell in online clothing consignment and they will make you an offer.

What can you expect to receive payment-wise from this clothing consignment shop? For items that would sell for under $60, you receive an immediate payout, usually up to 40 percent of the resale value. For items over $60, you are paid a higher rate when the items actually sell. Don’t like the offer they give you? You can always request your items back from this online clothing consignment shop, but return shipping will cost you.

Conclusion – Top Online Consignment Shops

What are the best online consignment store options for you? Well, it really depends on what type of items you need to list in the consignment stores online. Plenty of clothing consignment shops and furniture online consignment shops exist to give you variety and choices for each individual item you have lying around.

You’ll need to decide what level of effort you want to put forth when it comes to creating listings in consignment stores online as well as how much you can sacrifice for the company’s commission fee.

Selling your items in one of the numerous online consignment stores gives you an easy way to earn a few extra dollars for unwanted items without ever having to leave your house. From online consignment for clothing to furniture, there is a new home out there for every gently used item you no longer want hanging around.

You can consult this list of the best online consignment shops to help you figure out where to go first when it comes time to do a little spring cleaning.

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