Guide to the Top Marketing and Advertising Strategies for Advertising Firms

When advertising consultants or firms hope to develop their businesses and expand their client bases, an increase or change up in advertising strategies is a good place to start. 

However, finding the most effective advertising options can be difficult, even for professionals. A few questions that are important to consider while directing advertising marketing in a productive direction are:

  • Why are you advertising your business?
  • Who is your target audience and what do they want?
  • What makes your business different from your competition?
  • What is the most direct route available to catch your audience’s attention?

Depending on your business, there are a wide variety of ways to answer these questions. The most effective advertising strategies will change depending on your targeted audience and on the singularities of your business. But, there are a few tips and marketing strategies that merit consideration.

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Business-to-Business Advertising Is Specialized

When advertising firms market themselves, this is a form of business-to-business advertising because their clients are exclusively other businesses.

Advertising strategies aimed at other businesses need to be approached differently than advertising marketing aimed directly at consumers.

To make sure that you are employing the most effective advertising, keep a few things in mind:

  • Content for business-to-business advertising can be denser than advertising to consumers. It is acceptable to use industry jargon with businesses.
  • Businesses need details and specialized information to choose the best advertising firm.
  • Businesses have more technical needs and make their choices differently than consumers.
  • Businesses want to be educated and know that they will be given an expert’s perspective on their product.
  • Businesses’ decisions involve many processes and people. Many individuals need to be convinced and give approval before a choice can be made.
  • Businesses have more long-term goals that need to be met.

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The cogs of business run slowly. There is a usually huge chain of command that must be followed and many people who must approve the decision to use a marketing firm. Because of this, it is important to focus on the long-term results of advertising strategies. A new client needs to be thoroughly convinced that they can work with or continue to work with, a firm to produce professional, effective marketing.

Business Development Plans Are Key to Marketing and Advertising

A business development plan is an important foundation to creating effective advertising.

A business development plan is like a road map that lays out how the company should grown. It allows businesses, like advertising firms, to develop clear plans and strategies to make those goals reality. A good business development plan will involve four basic steps:

  1. Analyze the business situation and answer the question, “Where is the business now?”
  2. Perform a SWOT analysis that looks at Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in regards to the business. This answers the question, “What will affect the business?”
  3. Develop goals and objectives for the business and answer the question, “Where do we want to business to go?”
  4. Develop tactics such as advertising strategies and answer the question, “How will we get where we want to go?”

Marketing and advertising are tools to help bring a business development plan to fruition. However, it is important to create the development plan first, so that it is clear what kind of advertising strategies will work best to achieve the goals set by the plan.

A good business development plan will clarify why advertising and marketing is needed and what it is supposed to accomplish. It will illustrate how the business is supposed to grow and provide detailed goals.

It would be very difficult to successfully develop a marketing plan without knowing whom you are supposed to attract and what the marketing is supposed to accomplish.

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Brand Advertising and Development

A well-developed brand makes your company instantly recognizable to your customers. The American Marketing Association offers this >definition of the term “brand”: “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” Brand advertising, at its core, is a way for you to distinguish your firm from your competition.

This is accomplished through the effective advertising and development of your company’s reputation. Brand advertising becomes a way to define your place in the advertising industry.

The goal of advertising strategies like this is to explain what a company does, show how well it does it, and bring that to mind instantly when a customer is exposed to your logo or name.

When a solid brand is coupled with effective advertising, the brand embodies the perception that your customers have of your company, but it is a perception that you have designed for yourself.

However, professional performance is a crucial part of brand development. In order to market your company’s reputation, you must perform well for your customers so that they can associate your brand with satisfaction.

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Freebie Advertising and Marketing

Freebie marketing and advertising is one way to propagate your brand and attract new clients. This involves advertising strategies that target your intended audience and anticipate their needs. Freebie marketing provides a small good or service for free in anticipation that the client will be led to a true good or service for which a company will charge.

Freebie marketing and advertising goes hand in hand with effective branding. Receiving something, almost anything, free of charge can make customers feel important, valued, and respected.

When customers feel valued and respected, they are much more likely to seek out a business relationship with that company. These feelings of respect increase the reputation that branding is meant to promote.

There are three things that a company can offer for free:

  • Services can create new connections and positive feelings toward your company.
  • Products, like mugs or mouse pads, can promote your physical brand.
  • Offering your company’s consulting time can create networking opportunities.

Offering goods or services for free requires some special attention. It is important with advertising strategies like this to balance offering something free of charge with maintaining the value of your firm’s services. It is important that the internal cost of these things outweigh the profit that can be made through effective advertising.

Cause-Based Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Cause-based marketing is an advertising strategy that involves the collaboration of a for-profit business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit, both marketing and advertising.

These advertising marketing plans promote both the business and the charitable cause. This also involves an ongoing relationship between the two organizations and, often, gifts of profit percentages, goods, or services from the business to the charity.

In 2006, a study preformed by Cone Communications showed that 83% of consumers in the United States would be swayed to choose a brand in favor of a cause marketing campaign.

They also found that young people were more likely to seek out employment with a company that they perceived to be more socially responsible. In 2015, a different study conducted by Cone found that 62% of millennials, defined as people between the ages of 18 and 34 in 2015, were willing to earn less money if they were able to work for a company tha they perceived as virtuous.

This data shows that cause marketing and advertising strategies are powerful. A relationship with an advertising consultant that is socially upright can make a company more appealing to their customers as well as their employees. Cause marketing can also carry the benefits of freebie marketing because the client feels like they are getting more in the bargain than just marketing.

Content Marketing and Advertising

Content marketing and advertising involves the creation and distribution of informative marketing content designed to educate potential clients. This content can be digital or print, but digital media content is much easier to distribute, which makes this a good internet marketing and advertising option. This is effective advertising because it saturates the intended market with relevant, informative content that can lead to an increase in website traffic.

Content is good for business-to-business advertising because it can help clients assess their own needs and streamline the service process. Your company can answer questions before they are even asked. Like freebie advertising strategies, your customers can feel more valued because their needs have been anticipated.

In the advertising industry, content can take many forms. Some are more effective than others, and it is important to consider your target audience as you choose the best mediums for your online content. Internet marketing and advertising content includes but is not limited to:

  • Email
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Video

Funneling traffic to your website and publishing effective professional content will display your company’s technical abilities and build your reputation. Content acts as proof of your expertise in the advertising industry.

There is also the possibility that your content can be admired and picked up by third parties for publication. What if your content goes viral? This is a public commendation of your talents; it is proof that the public finds your work appealing.

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Word of Mouth Marketing and Advertising

Word of mouth is a very effective advertising strategy because it is the result of genuine customer satisfaction. It happens when a client shares their positive recommendation with another prospective client. This leads clients to a company without traditional marketing and advertising strategies.

Word of mouth marketing revolves around trust. A client vouches for the company’s good service and stakes the reputation of their judgment in order to make a recommendation of that nature. Clients feel like they can trust word of mouth advertising because the information passes to them from another client. This is an effective advertising idea because a company is praised by customers rather than themselves. This appears to be more genuine to prospective clients and shows the company’s true merit.

Word of mouth depends on your company’s performance and is the most solid measure of your reputation. If you are reputable and consistently perform well, clients will be more inclined to refer other clients to your company. This is the primary idea behind customer ratings and reviews: to allows your work to speak for itself — or really, your customers to speak for your work.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Social media permeates so many aspects of people’s lives. It is not a huge surprise that it has been adapted to work as a platform for professional networking. Social media marketing is a very effective advertising strategy because it is already well-established and popular with many professionals.

When employing social media in advertising strategies, it is important to remember the differences between business-to-business advertising and direct-to-consumer advertising. The use of social media marketing needs to be well thought out. This is because consumers prefer social media marketing to be very casual, but businesses are still going to require a professional voice.

marketing and advertising

Image Source: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is very similar to content marketing at its bones. Effective advertising through social media involves producing and publishing similar kinds of content. However, it has the added dimension of interaction and engagement with potential clients. Some sites are considered to be more professional than others; business-centered social marketing can be focused on three major sites:

LinkedIn is a big player here. They offer discussion groups that can be used for engagement and content distribution. It is important that, though social media marketing needs to be professional, it also needs to feel organic and like a conversation or seminar, not like a promotion or commercial.

It can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of internet marketing and advertising of this nature. To some, it can feel like sending content out into a void without really knowing if it ever returns in the form of leads or new business. It is possible to track the number of engagements and increased web traffic, which is a good indicator of the number of potential clients being reached by this kind of advertising and marketing.

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Conclusion: The Best Ways to Market an Advertising Firm

When advertising consultants and firms work to market their own services, it is important to create a little distance between the two. That is to say, it is important to treat the project with the same level of professionalism and objectivity as any other endeavor. It is crucial that each step taken and each strategy employed serves to directly advance the company toward the development plan. It can be deceptively easy to lose direction. To help keep your team on mission, keep some of our larger points in mind:

  • Have a business development plan.
  • Understand your audience and market to them directly.
  • Remember that business-to-business advertising is unique.
  • Utilize internet marketing strategies like social media and content marketing wisely.
  • Build a good brand and reputation.

It is also important to consider your company as an individual entity. It is unique, and its advertising needs are specialized. What works for your competition might not work for your company. In fact, it would be better to focus on distinguishing your firm as much as possible from other competing organizations. Consider your business’s strengths and market what it is that you do best and what it is that you do differently.

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