Intro: Finding the Best Healthcare Consulting Companies & Firms

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, evolving, and subject to growing regulations, compliance complications, and the need to reduce the cost of services while improving the quality of care.

It’s certainly a difficult industry, and, each year, new and more complex problems arise. To encourage success, healthcare consulting companies must possess the ability to proactively find solutions while keeping budgets reasonable while demand increases.

Below, we present a list of this year’s top healthcare consulting firms, including an overview of what to look for in a healthcare consultancy.

Each healthcare consultancy firm on our list includes a detailed review to demonstrate why they’ve been selected as the best healthcare consulting firms this year. 

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Award Emblem: Top 8 Best Healthcare Consulting Firms

Top 8 Best Healthcare Consulting Firms | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Top Healthcare Consulting Firms

2019 Ratings
Alira Health5
FTI Consulting5
Health Advances, LLC5
Huron Consulting Group, Inc.5
McKinsey & Company5
Putnam Associates3

Table: Top 8 Best Healthcare Consulting Firms | Above list is sorted by rating

What is a Healthcare Consultant?

There are many different types of consultants that bring their expertise and experience in operational efficiency, cost reductions, and problem-solving to assist companies with achieving their goals. Many of these consultancies have specialty areas of expertise.

Healthcare consulting companies specialize in working with those in the medical and healthcare field. They generally deliver services on a temporary basis to healthcare-related organizations, which include everything from pharmacies to device manufacturers.

A healthcare consultant can work with medical organizations in multiple operational areas, including administration, finance, and customer service to help them with things like lowering overhead, improving their patient care, and implementing new solutions.

What should you look for in a great healthcare consulting firm? Next, we’ll discuss a few of the key qualities that you should watch out for when seeking out the best healthcare consulting firm to work with.

Top Healthcare Consulting Firms

Best Healthcare Consulting Firms

What to Look for in a Healthcare Consultant

There is a large, well-respected trade association connected with professionals in this industry who work for healthcare consulting firms, and that is the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC).

As the largest trade association of its kind in the U.S., they help their members gain an in-depth understanding of the constant changes happening in the healthcare industry and they share insights and best practices to help their members stay at the top of their game.

The top healthcare consulting firms will be affiliated with the NSCHBC, showing a commitment to ongoing education, leadership, and knowledge-sharing within the healthcare field.

Aside from credentials, there are a few core elements that should align with the top medical consulting firms. When selecting from the best healthcare consulting firms, consider the following criteria:

Innovative Methods

Technology is vastly changing the way that healthcare providers and patients interact and freeing up more time for a doctor to be away from their computer updating charts and in front of a patient providing one-on-one care.

A good healthcare consulting company will be forward-thinking and focused on concepts of innovation and how to do things in new and more effective ways. They will understand how to successfully implement technologies with high adoption rates and positive outcomes.

When you’re hiring a firm of this type, you certainly don’t want a company that relies on outdated models, because this is such a constantly changing and fast-paced industry.

Instead, you want to look for a healthcare consulting firm that embraces not only new ideas but also new methodologies and technology as a whole to benefit both the providers and their patients.

Client-Centric Focus

The best healthcare consulting firms are not going to take a cookie-cutter approach, coming in and just telling you what should be done. They’re instead going to listen to their clients to fully understand their inner workings, needs, and goals.

Top consultants in the medical industry craft custom solutions based on their vast experience to fit each clients’ distinct needs. And they only do this after gaining a complete understanding of an organization’s operations, challenges, and mission.

Hiring a healthcare consultancy should become a partnership, and the only way to do that is by having consultants who truly listen to their clients.


Of course, reputation and prestige factor heavily when choosing between healthcare consulting firms. You want to find one with a track record of success working with similar client types.

Look at healthcare consulting firms not just for offered services or industry specialties, but also for what clients have said about their services, how many rehire them for other projects, and the type of impact they have in each area of healthcare consulting.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Healthcare Consulting Firms 

Below, please find a detailed review of each firm on our list of 2019 healthcare consultancy firms. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these top healthcare consulting firms to score so high in our selection ranking.

Click any of the names below to go directly to the detailed review for that firm.

Click below for previous years’ rankings:

Alira Health Review

With a focus on innovation and transformation, Alira Health has a strong history in healthcare consulting that began in Germany in 1999 under their original name, CMC Consulting Group.

This global health consultancy has seven offices throughout the US and Europe and brings international expertise to help healthcare organizations meet unique clinical, scientific, and business-oriented challenges.

With a holistic lifecycle approach, Alira Health is one of the best healthcare consulting firms for every state of a client’s corporate and product evolution.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Include Alira Health on Our List of Top Healthcare Consulting Firms

Interdisciplinary Approach

As a top healthcare consulting firm, Alira Health utilizes an interdisciplinary approach, looking at healthcare and life science challenges from multiple angles and intersects.

Healthcare consultants at Alira come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, which allows their team as a whole to offer expertise as strategists, bankers, doctors, and scientists.

Clients can benefit greatly from multiple points of view from each of these disciplines, supporting success through every point of the business life cycle. These top medical consultants embrace the entire healthcare ecosystem, including providers, patients, suppliers, and payers.

Alira Health - Top-Rated Healthcare Consultancies

2019’s Top Healthcare & Medical Consulting Firms

Key Differentiators

While many top healthcare consultants offer similar services, it’s their full spectrum of special features that set them apart.

When comparing Alira Health to other top healthcare consulting firms, there are four key differentiators that make Alira a standout:

  • Strategic plans revolve around science and medicine, two key components for results-driven healthcare consulting
  • Value stems from teamwork and collaboration through strategy, execution, and innovation
  • Healthcare consultants bring global insights and expertise as clinicians, scientists, business experts, and those that understand a variety of regulatory concerns
  • Onsite Drug and Device Discovery Lab helps move innovative technologies from initial concept to market release efficiently

Rating Summary

Alira Health says that “innovation is in our DNA,” so you’re not going to get old or outdated ideas from these healthcare experts. Their holistic approach looks at all aspects of an organization to find solutions that give the biggest positive impacts overall.

This top healthcare consulting firm also has an impressive background of assisting clients with the regulatory landscape and helping them navigate the path from idea to an innovative product.

With a strong focus on strategy, execution, innovation, and a team of experts from multiple health industry disciplines, Alira Health scores a 5-star rating as a top healthcare consulting firm to consider partnering with this year.

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Deloitte Review

With a history that spans more than 150 years, Deloitte is one of the most recognized global consulting firms that offers guidance in multiple areas, including healthcare consulting.

Deloitte’s workforce of approximately 245,000 people across 150 countries and territories strive to help their clients reach their greatest ambitions and to make an impact that matters to the world.

From reducing costs to improving the patient experience, this top life sciences and healthcare consultancy guides clients through transformations that put them on the cutting-edge of the marriage between technology and healthcare.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Include Deloitte on Our List of Top Healthcare Consulting Firms

Health Consulting Services

The team at Deloitte guides professionals and companies, as well as those entering a new market, through complex situations faced by both the U.S. and international healthcare systems, with a focus on political and legislative issues.

As it pertains to being one of the top healthcare consulting firms, Deloitte separates these services into client subcategories for a greater focus on specialization, including:

Health Care Providers

For healthcare providers, Deloitte focuses on areas of government regulation and compliance, particularly within a value-based framework that’s paired with the challenge of controlling costs.

Services for healthcare providers include:

  • Technology Enabled Transformation
  • Health Care Regulatory Solutions
  • Strategy / M&A
  • Talent Optimization
  • Sustainable Margin
  • Value-Based Care
  • Physician Enterprise & Ambulatory Services

Health Plans

Healthcare consulting specialists at Deloitte can help organizations create insightful objectives and adjust to the new roles that health plans are playing in innovative care. They help clients shape their future while understanding the past and present health care industry trends.

Services pertaining to health plans include:

  • Analytics
  • Government programs
  • Growth & scale
  • Retail consumerism
  • Risk & compliance
  • Technology
  • Value-based care

As one of the world’s largest healthcare consulting firms, Deloitte can also assist clients with a full understanding of retail health and make the seamless move to value-based care.

Life Sciences

Under the broader umbrella of healthcare consulting is Life Sciences, which includes pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotech firms, among others. Deloitte brings to the table what’s necessary for life sciences companies to not only respond but remain competitive in the global community.

Global Scale

One prime reason why we have included Deloitte on our list of notable healthcare consulting firms comes from their global outreach. 

While many of the names on our list of healthcare consulting firms have a substantial presence in the U.S., Deloitte is one of the few that can provide consulting to global companies. They have over a hundred office locations around the world.

Navigating the global healthcare market can be even more complex, and Deloitte has the tools, resources, and people to do that.

Rating Summary

Deloitte is a consulting firm that offers a full range of support in a number of healthcare and life science areas. Through The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, they look at the biggest industry issues and provide cutting-edge research to bring unique insights to their clients.

The firm focuses on research-driven solutions that look beyond the present into what the future holds for the healthcare industry so their clients can stay a step ahead of the pack.

With a significant global perspective and a long history of successfully helping their clients succeed, Deloitte is awarded a 5-star rating as one of the best healthcare consulting firms to consider working with in 2019.

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FTI Consulting Review

Focused on making meaningful impacts for their clients, FTI Consulting has expertise in multiple industries, including as a top healthcare consultant. They help clients manage change and mitigate risk in areas such as financial, legal, operations, regulatory, reputational, and transactional.

Founded in 1982, the company boasts 2 Nobel Laureates and has over 4,700 employees working from 75 offices around the world. Nearly half of Global 100 companies are clients of this top healthcare and multi-industry consulting firm.

FTI Consulting is one of our top healthcare consulting companies that works at a global level to solve challenges created by tumultuous financial markets, constantly changing regulations, and globalization.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Include FTI Consulting on Our List of Top Healthcare Consulting Firms

Specific Healthcare Consultancy Services

Healthcare providers are facing a mounting number of issues and challenges in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. FTI provides consulting services that allow them to not only address those challenges but also identify valuable short and long-term solutions and opportunities. 

As one of the top healthcare consulting firms, FTI specializes in a variety of healthcare sectors. Below, we have listed a few that our review found particularly notable:

Performance Improvement & Transformation

Uniquely, FTI takes a distinctive approach to performance improvement by searching beyond the bottom line to include multiple aspects of operations, from the revenue cycle to retention and employee morale.

The ultimate goal is to infuse hospitals with new energy and innovation and to cultivate human capital, which will then lead to long-term financial success.

Clinical Solutions

Accurate documentation is essential for hospital and medical settings and partnering with FTI allows clients to put in place the best possible documentation procedures that take advantage of the efficiencies that technology offers.

Perioperative/Procedural Services

Operating rooms are a significant source of revenue for hospitals and other care centers and keeping peak performance in them is crucial to ensuring financial success.

Perioperative services from FTI include volume growth, capacity management, surgeon scorecards, service evaluation, and more.

Strategy, Planning, & Revenue Growth

FTI implements scalable, flexible methodologies for academic medical centers and health systems that are both large and small. Results are measurable and supported by proprietary resources.

Some of the services that fall into this category include portfolio asset evaluation, comprehensive due diligence, hospital-physician alignment, and governance support.

FTI Consulting - Top Healthcare & Medical Consulting Firms

Best Healthcare Consultants

Pharmacy Business Transformation

An example of how FTI helps clients realize new opportunities is its Pharmacy Business Transformation service that helps realize revenue generation and expense reduction through an often untapped resource.

Services in this area offered by this top healthcare consulting firm include:

  • Inpatient Expense Reduction
  • Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Business Development
  • 340B Audit, Compliance and Strategic Optimization
  • Drug Diversion Risk Assessment
  • Revenue Integrity Analysis
  • Compliance-related Guidance

Rating Summary

FTI Consulting has the expertise to assist clients in virtually every segment of the healthcare and life sciences industries. They go beyond just solving problems to helping clients take advantage of innovative solutions and optimizing the resources they already have.

With a dedication to helping their clients succeed and a track record of success, including being named a “Best Firm to Work For” by Consulting Magazine, FTI consulting scores a 5-star rating among the top healthcare consulting firms to consider working with this year.

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Health Advances, LCC Review

Health Advances works exclusively in the healthcare industry, giving this top-rated medical consulting firm a unique expertise that comes from focusing all their resources on a single industry.

The firm has over 150 scientists, clinicians, and business professionals that share a passion for driving adoption of innovations that improve healthcare.

As one of the best and most specialized healthcare consultants, Health Advances serves clients from four offices that are located in Boston, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Zug, Switzerland.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Include Health Advances on Our List of Top Healthcare Consulting Firms

Healthcare Consultancy Industries

One of the reasons we selected Health Advances as one of the best healthcare consulting firms is due to its focus on getting to know clients right away so they can immediately start delivering results rather than having a long “breaking-in” period.

Healthcare consulting services provided by Health Advances are separated into industry sectors, which include:

  • Biopharma
  • Medtech
  • Diagnostics & Life Sciences Tools
  • Health IT & Digital Health
  • Service Businesses
  • Investors

As an additional benefit, Health Advances provides a wide variety of supplemental information to demonstrate expertise in each industry sector, making it easy for potential clients to evaluate this healthcare consultancy to see if it’s right for them.

Depending on the industry sector, supplemental information may include specific healthcare consulting services, team members, core competencies, recent publications, and testimonials from the firm and industry experts.

Specific Healthcare Consultancy Services

Because Health Advances is a consulting firm that only works within the healthcare industry, they’re able to offer detailed services that cover a variety of operational areas for health professionals.

Services available from this top healthcare consulting firm include (but are not limited to):

  • Clinical Development Strategy
  • Due Diligence
  • HIT & Digital Health Business Strategy
  • Launch & Salesforce Strategy
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Market Assessment & Forecasting
  • Product Positioning
  • Reimbursement & Pricing Strategy
  • Strategic & Business Planning
  • Valuation & Financial Analysis

Within the realms of these services, Health Advances offers its clients new perspectives, knowledge, and insights that can easily be turned into strategy and action.

Rating Summary

Health Advances strives to create personalized and customized solutions for their clients that produce results right away. Their expertise in the industry allows them access to industry thought leaders that provide valuable insights for their clients.

Values of this top healthcare consultant include analytical rigor, strategic perspective, and developing high-integrity collaborative relationships.

With a laser-focus on the healthcare industry, senior leadership that actively work with clients, and a focus on integration, Health Advances is one of the best consulting firms in the healthcare industry to consider partnering with and scores a 5-star rating. 

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Huron Consulting Group, Inc. Review

With a goal to drive growth and enhance performance, Huron Consulting Group is one of the largest U.S. consulting firms that serves multiple industries, including healthcare and life sciences.

This top healthcare and medical consultancy is headquartered in Chicago and has 24 offices across the globe.

Huron believes in the values of integrity, collaboration, and intellectual curiosity. They work with healthcare professionals and others to improve fundamental performance and generate new growth platforms.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Include Huron Consulting Group on Our List of Top Healthcare Consulting Firms

Services & Expertise

For Huron, a key factor in healthcare consulting success is helping healthcare organizations successfully transform and adapt as the healthcare industry continues to change and evolve.

With this in mind, areas of healthcare consulting services are divided into six core groups:

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Care Transformation
  • Financial and Operational Excellence
  • Technology and Analytics
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Valuation

Each group of healthcare consulting services contains multiple capabilities and service offerings, providing clients with a complete and integrated array of options.

Services are offered to a range of organizations, with an emphasis on academic medical centers, children’s hospitals, community hospitals, and public hospitals.

Outreach Through Studer Group

The Huron Group also maintains Studer Group, which works with healthcare organizations not only in the U.S. but also in Canada and Australia.

The goal of the Studer Group is to help institutions achieve and sustain exceptional clinical outcomes and develop strategies and solutions to fuel their future growth.

When healthcare companies partner with Studer Group they work to create a culture highlighting accountability, innovation, quality and the best patient experience. This is all based on an execution framework called Evidence-Based Leadership.

One of the many reasons Huron Consulting Group is on our list of healthcare consulting companies is because of Studer Group. This solution is a reliable methodology that can be used by diverse healthcare organizations to achieve valuable results.

Huron Consulting Group, Inc. - Best Ranked Healthcare & Medical Consulting Firms

2019’s Top-Rated Healthcare Consultancies

Rating Summary

Huron is dedicated to strong principals designed to foster client relationships based on respect, transparency, and collaboration. They start from the core fundamental performance of an organization and from there, build a bridge to new opportunities.

This top-rated healthcare management consulting firm has a keen awareness of the industry and offers services that are tailored to help organizations succeed amidst continual change, giving clients a valuable foundation.

With a dedication to intellectual curiosity that discovers innovations and a wide range of experience in multiple facets of healthcare and life sciences, Huron Consulting Group is awarded 5-stars and is a top healthcare consultancy to consider in 2019.

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McKinsey & Company Review

Helping public and private organizations chart a path towards their most important goals, McKinsey & Company is a global healthcare consulting firm founded in 1926. They work with companies from multiple industries as well as the medical fields.

For firms with a global reach, McKinsey & Company offers a worldwide team of 30,000 working in 130 cities around the world.

This top healthcare consultant invests over $600 million each year in knowledge development, learning and capability building. The firm also has the distinction of being named by Vault as the #1 Best Consulting Firm for Health Care in their 2019 ranking.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Include McKinsey & Company on Our List of Top Healthcare Consulting Firms

Areas of Expertise

McKinsey is a global leader in healthcare consulting, working to advance healthcare outcomes through the following areas of expertise:

  • Clinical Operations Excellence: Uses a value-based approach to transform operations, improving quality while reducing costs
  • Healthcare Value: Ensures affordable healthcare by enhancing the value
  • Integrated Care: Helps clients create and manage integrated delivery of primary and secondary care
  • National Health Systems: Supports healthcare transformations around the world
  • Organizational Excellence: Improves performance by boosting organizational health
  • Payor Strategy: Enhances the quality and reduces costs for payor organizations
  • Provider Performance: Implements strategies that create sustainable improvements in quality of care and cost-efficiency
  • Technology and Information Strategy: Enhances analytic capabilities, operational transparency, and healthcare delivery
  • Understanding the Consumer: Offers insight into consumer behaviors, beliefs, and requirements

Center for Societal Benefit through Healthcare

As a top healthcare consulting firm, McKinsey makes it a priority to serve clients better than anyone else by investing in issues deeply relevant to society, including rural health, material health, and behavioral health. 

To amplify their efforts, they created the Center for Societal Benefit through Healthcare. Through this entity, this top-rated healthcare consulting firm collaborates with other organizations to drive innovation in areas of health and well-being that have historically been underserved.

McKinsey has four main strategies to accomplish these objectives:

  • Conducting and sharing research
  • Co-investing with other organizations to launch new innovations
  • Partnering with others to convene and support multi-stakeholder projects
  • Focusing on achieving tangible impacts while serving clients in these areas

Rating Summary

McKinsey & Company is one of the top-tier health consulting firms in the world. Their large team with a vast array of talent ensure that no matter what area of healthcare or life sciences are pertinent to a client, they’ve got experts to offer guidance.

Healthcare consulting strategies are constantly shifting and changing, which means that a partnership with a research-driven firm can provide organizations with a competitive advantage. McKinsey invests millions each year to ensure their team stays knowledgeable and innovative.

With a solid track record of success serving multiple industries and an award-winning healthcare consulting team, McKinsey & Company solidifies their 5-star rating as a top medical and health industry consulting firm to consider partnering with this year.

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Navigant Review

Working to build and protect business value, Navigant is one of the best healthcare consulting firms working to pinpoint emerging opportunities for their clients.

The firm has multiple offices in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Their 5,950 professionals serve clients in 37 different countries around the world.

Navigant upholds a strong set of values that support their vision and employee culture. These include respect, integrity, innovation, stewardship and excellence. Clients will appreciate that they work in close collaboration to deliver powerful and thoughtful results.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Include Navigant on Our List of Top Healthcare Consulting Firms

Build, Manage, & Protect

Navigant partners with clients to help them build, manage, and protect their businesses. Their comprehensive approach is realized in the following ways:


Navigant’s consultant team will partner with organizations to not only handle present challenges but anticipate what may happen in the future and then create value-enhancing solutions to help them be prepared.

Some of the general services offered as part of the “build” phase of what Navigant does include strategy consulting, operations consulting, infrastructure consulting, and valuations and financial advisory.


Navigant works with clients to seamlessly move through complexity, with the ultimate goal of creating a greater sense of productivity and to maximize efficiency. This includes solutions to manage business processes and revenue cycles.


This area aims to manage essential issues and protect clients against potential future problems. Proactive risk management is one of its tenants. It also includes disputes and forensics, legal technology solutions, investigations, and compliance services.

Navigant - Best Consulting Firms in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Best Consulting Firms in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Expertise in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Navigant has distinct divisions that handle healthcare and life sciences, ensuring that clients get the customized solutions that will provide them with the best positive results for their needs.

This award-winning healthcare consulting firm has clients that include over 300 health systems including 11 of the 15 “Honor Roll Hospitals” recognized as exceptional by U.S. News & World Report.

Healthcare sectors that Navigant works with include:

  • Health Systems
  • Government Healthcare
  • Physician Groups
  • Payer
  • Pharmacy

In the life sciences sector, Navigant has built a reputation as a trusted partner and expert. They help pharmaceutical companies and those in the medtech field overcome a variety of challenges in an ever-changing global healthcare market.

Services that this top healthcare management consultant offers in the life sciences sector include:

  • Disputes
  • Franchise, Business Unit, and Corporate Strategy
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity
  • Product Commercialization
  • Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement
  • Product, Planning and Development
  • Strategic Market Development
  • Risk, Regulatory and Compliance

Rating Summary

The team at Navigant works with 80% of the largest health systems in the U.S. and has a reputation of providing highly seasoned and skilled professionals that tailor solutions to each client’s distinct needs and possibilities.

While they do work with a few other industries, such as energy and finance, they remain highly specialized in those and the healthcare arena, which allows them to offer unique strategies and insights based upon their years of experience in the field.

With a research-driven focus and an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, Navigant earns a 5-star rating, as one of the top healthcare consulting firms in the industry to consider partnering with in 2019.

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Putnam Associates Review

Serving global biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device clients, Putnam Associates is a top health industry consulting firm that maintains an exclusive focus on clients in the life sciences sector.

The firm has over 30 years of experience offering customized recommendations to medical clients as well as private equity and venture capital firms. They draw upon cutting-edge methodologies and an extensive network of global healthcare experts and stakeholders.

Putnam is based in the U.S., with offices in Boston and Los Angeles. While smaller than other top healthcare consulting firms, their successful track record and boutique focus offer advantages to clients in the sectors they serve.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank Putnam Associates Among the Top Healthcare Consulting Firms


Putnam Associates offers a depth of intrinsic value for their clients through five core areas of expertise:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Portfolio, Licensing, & Development Strategy
  • New Product Strategy
  • Established Product & Franchise Strategy
  • Pricing, Reimbursement, & Market Access

Each of these strategies is applied with a laser focus on quantitative analytics, enabling the firm to effectively synthesis initiatives for patients, physicians, payers, healthcare institutions, and regulators.

For potential clients, Putnam Associates makes it easy to evaluate whether their healthcare consulting services are a good fit.

Each area of healthcare consulting expertise contains concrete examples of past successes and detailed case studies, supporting transparency between the firm and its clients and potential clients.

Impressive Qualifications

As one of the best healthcare consulting firms, the consultants behind Putnam Associates and the firm itself all come highly qualified, with 38% of their employees having worked on a case involving diagnostics.

Putnam Associates serves 17 of the top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies, marking an impressive validation of their services.

Additionally, 77% of their projects come from clients that have stayed with the firm for over five years, speaking to their level of client happiness and satisfaction.

On the consultant level, Putnam Associates maintains an impressive array of seasoned professionals. The average industry experience is 15 years—and uniquely, the team collectively speaks 22 languages.

Rating Summary

For those firms in the biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, and medical device industries, Putnam associates is a strong choice due to their specialization in these areas and extensive experience and intricate knowledge of their challenges and opportunities.

Despite their comparatively smaller size, Putnam Associates provides an impressive range of professional qualifications, which is why there are among the globally-recognized healthcare consulting firms.

While Putnam is one of the best healthcare consultants for those in the specific industries they serve, they do have a significantly smaller scope of healthcare sectors that they work with and smaller overall footprint than other consultants on our list.

Since our list is dedicated to the entirety of the healthcare industry and the best consultants that serve it, we have awarded with them a 3-star rating overall, as it’s unclear as to whether Putnam Associates can offer the same breadth of global services.

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Conclusion: 2019 Top Medical & Healthcare Consulting Firms

Each firm on this list is the best of the best when it comes to healthcare consulting services. While they may offer similar scopes of services, they also have distinctions that set them apart and can help a healthcare client identify the one that fits their needs best.

AdvisoryHQ’s healthcare consulting firms ranking is by no means an exhaustive list of the healthcare consulting firms available, instead, it is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide to show you the world’s top firms, and offer criteria to measure other firms against.

The healthcare and life sciences industry includes a vast range of different entities, each with their own objectives, challenges, and goals for transformation. Yet they are all still interconnected.

The best consulting firms working in healthcare will understand these differences and connections intimately so they can offer the most innovative and transformative solutions to their clients in all areas of their operations.

Whether you’re seeking smaller boutique healthcare consulting firms or a medical industry consulting company with large global footprint, this list of top healthcare consulting companies should offer expert guidance in your search.

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Image sources:

  • https://unsplash.com/photos/43LwvC-eQPM
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  • https://www.huronconsultinggroup.com/company/about-us
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AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

Reasonable efforts have been made by AdvisoryHQ to present accurate information, however all info is presented without warranty. Review AdvisoryHQ’s Terms for details. Also review each firm’s site for the most updated data, rates and info.

Note: Firms and products, including the one(s) reviewed above, may be AdvisoryHQ's affiliates. Click to view AdvisoryHQ's advertiser disclosures.

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