Best Financial Advisors in Nashville, Franklin, and Memphis, Tennessee in 2021-2022

While the Tennessee area is a draw for music lovers, it’s also home to nearly seven million residents, many of whom have their own hopes for the future, like an early retirement or dream home.

During these challenging times, many people are looking for expert guidance on how they can grow and preserve their money to fuel their future goals. Our selection of the best financial advisors in Memphis, Nashville, and Franklin, TN can help you do just that.

Looking for a good Tennessee financial planner can be a daunting task at first. How do you know which financial advisory firms best fit your needs? What should you look for when evaluating the best wealth management firms in Nashville or Memphis? What should you consider before partnering up with a wealth management firm in Tennessee?

We know it sounds like a lot! But don’t worry, AdvisoryHQ is here to help. Our team regularly reviews the top financial advisory firms across the country to come up with a list of the best options in many different cities across the United States.

Simply review our rankings of the top financial management firms in Franklin, Nashville, and Memphis to choose the ones you feel would be the best fit for your needs.

After some consideration, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the best candidate(s), booking those initial consultations, and getting started on your financial path forward.

Read on to see who made our top rankings for Memphis, Franklin, and Nashville, Tennessee financial advisory firms in 2021-2022, and learn what makes each one a standout.

Best Financial Advisors in Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee Red Award Emblem

Award Emblem: 12 Best Financial Advisors in Memphis, Nashville, & Franklin, TN

Top 12 Best Financial Advisors in Nashville, Franklin, & Memphis, TN | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Financial Advisors in Nashville, Memphis, & Franklin2021-2022 Ratings
Kraft Asset Management, LLC5
Legacy Wealth Management5
Red Door Wealth Management5
Reliant Investment Management, LLC5
Summit Asset Management5
Tillman Hartley5
Waddell & Associates, LLC5
Abound Wealth3
Family Wealth Management, LLC3
Silverleafe Capital Partners, LLC.3
Woodmont Investment Counsel., LLC.3

Table: Top 12 Best Financial Advisors in Memphis, Nashville, & Franklin | Above list is sorted by rating

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What’s the Difference? Fee-Only vs. Fee-Based Tennessee Financial Planners

There are two terms that are important to know when you’re evaluating the top wealth management firms in Franklin, Nashville, and Memphis, TN. These terms have to do with how a firm is paid:

  • “Fee-Based”
  • “Fee-Only”

It’s important to know the difference between the two because it informs how your account may be handled and the quality of the financial advice you’re given.

Below, we’ll give you a brief overview of everything you need to know about the differences between fee-only and fee-based financial advisors in Nashville, Memphis, and Franklin.

nashville financial advisor

Top-Rated Financial Advisory Firms in Memphis, Nashville, & Franklin

Fee-Only Financial Advisors

A Tennessee financial advisory firm that states they are “fee-only” is letting you know that they do not accept any form of compensation other than client fees.

This means they don’t accept any commissions or referral incentives from companies that sell financial products. This helps to significantly minimize any inherent conflicts of interest that could come along with recommending and selling investment products.

A fee-only Nashville financial planner is in a better position to act solely in the interests of their clients while providing completely unbiased financial advice.

Fee-Based Financial Advisors

On the other hand, a firm that is “fee-based” does receive some direct compensation from clients but is also free to accept commissions or incentives from third parties who provide their financial products.

Utilizing a fee-based structure can naturally create some potential conflicts of interest, which is why many fee-based firms are also fiduciaries. Being a fiduciary helps to counteract the potential for conflict. 

Wealth management firms in Nashville, Franklin, and Memphis that adopt a fiduciary commitment take on a legal responsibility to fully disclose any conflicts of interest and put the interests of their clients ahead of their own. 

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2021-2022 AdvisoryHQ’s Selection Methodology

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Please visit “AdvisoryHQ’s Ranking Methodologies” for a detailed review of AdvisoryHQ’s selection methodologies for ranking top-rated credit cards, financial accounts, firms, products, and services.

Detailed Review – Best Financial Advisors in Nashville & Memphis, TN

Below, please find the detailed review of each firm on our list of 2021-2022 best financial advisors in the Nashville, Memphis, and Franklin areas.

We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these wealth management firms to score so high in our selection ranking.

Click on any of the names below to go directly to the review section for that firm.    

Click below for previous years’ rankings:

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CapWealth Advisors, LLC Review

Founded at the turn of the century, CapWealth Advisors, LLC is a top-rated financial advisory firm in Tennessee that’s based just 15 minutes outside of Nashville.

As an independent, fee-based wealth management firm in Franklin, TN, CapWealth specializes in working with high-net-worth clients. Other key specialty areas include life-long preservation, growth, and distribution of assets.

We’ve included the firm on our 2021-2022 list because of its innovative approach to simple financial management and its wide range of services.

Key Factors That Enabled CapWealth Advisors, LLC to Rank as One of the Top Franklin Financial Advisors

Sophisticated Simplicity® Approach

CapWealth’s Investment Committee oversees all asset management research. Those looking for innovation will appreciate the fact that this financial advisor in Franklin, TN has created its own Sophisticated Simplicity® model.

This unique model incorporates macro-economic data and analysis into a broad range of exotic, alternative, and private investment landscapes.

Independent discovery allows CapWealth to offer their clients:

  • Change in competitive position
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Potential for earnings
  • Hidden or unrealized value
  • A theme-driven nature
  • Exceptional management
  • New product development and technology advancement

nashville wealth management

2021-2022’s Best Wealth Management Firms in Tennessee

Broad Range of Services

Clients can greatly benefit from having multiple financial needs handled by the same company. As a top expert financial advisor in Tennessee, CapWealth provides a full range of integrated financial services, each backed by the knowledge and expertise of the firm and its team.

Choosing a financial advisor is not an easy task, but you’ll generally want to ensure they offer a wide range of services.

This Franklin financial planner’s service offerings include:

  • Tax Planning: This top wealth management firm in the Nashville area offers integrated tax planning and income tax design services. 
  • Family Wealth Planning: The firm works to protect intergenerational wealth, train younger generations about good stewardship, and promote collaboration within the family.  
  • Investment Services: As you enter CapWealth’s wide world of investments, you’ll have the opportunity to work with your advisor to establish investment goals, rebalance your portfolio, coordinate with other professionals, plan for insurance, and more.
  • Retirement Income & Distribution Planning: A retirement plan through CapWealth covers all aspects of retirement, including an analysis of your current and future financial situation, ongoing reviews of IRA beneficiaries, tax-effective planning and asset management, and more.
  • Client Services & Communication: Good communication is essential to financial success. Not only will you have access to cutting-edge information on the market, economics, and laws, but you can also join in seminars on tax planning, estate planning, and other helpful financial topics.

Rating Summary

CapWealth’s trademarked investment approach provides a lot of value for their clients. Rather than just taking a static approach, this Franklin wealth management firm forges ahead with its own innovative path to quality investment management.  

The firm is also nimble enough to handle multiple needs and works with retirees and Millennials alike to help each with the financial needs pertaining to their life events.

With a customized process, a wide range of services, and an expert team, CapWealth Advisors earns a 5-star rating as a top financial advisor in Franklin, TN to consider partnering with this year.

Kraft Asset Management, LLC Review

With a mission to give their clients confidence, reassurance, and peace of mind, Kraft Asset Management, LLC (KAM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of KraftCPAs, has been serving clients since 2002 from their Nashville-based financial advisory office.

The firm is a fee-only Nashville financial advisor that believes in providing the best professional advice possible, rather than focusing on products. This ensures that each portfolio addresses every client’s distinct individual needs and goals.

Key Factors That Enabled Kraft Asset Management, LLC to Rank as One of the Top Financial Advisors in Nashville, TN

Holistic Approach to Wealth Management

As a top financial advisor in Nashville, KAM understands that establishing good financial health often involves multiple factors. For the Nashville financial advisors at KAM, this means assisting clients with multiple endeavors, including:

  • Building Wealth
  • Preserving Wealth
  • Transferring Wealth
  • Donating Wealth

Clients that need a variety of financial services can rest assured that the experts at KAM can assist them with the following wealth management challenges:

  • Investment Management
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Re-Balancing
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management

Talented Advisory Team

If you’re looking for a well-trained team that is also up-to-date on all the latest industry knowledge, you’ll appreciate these Nashville wealth managers.

The team of financial advisors at KAM brings decades of experience in the financial industry, including professional designations such as:

  • CPA—Certified Public Accountant
  • CFP®—Certified Financial Planner
  • PFS—Personal Financial Specialist
  • CEPA—Certified Exit Planning Advisor
  • Series 65 License
  • Series 66 License
  • Series 7 License

Many of these designations include strict requirements for fiduciary responsibilities and ongoing education, solidifying the industry knowledge brought by these Nashville financial advisors.

financial advisors in nashville tn

Top Nashville Financial Planning Firms

Rating Summary

With services for individuals and business owners, as well as multi-family office support, Kraft Asset Management provides a full range of personalized services for a variety of financial planning and wealth management needs.    

These advisors also have a strategic network that offers them access to experts in multiple areas of financial planning, which is a value-added resource for clients.

With an experienced team of leaders, a focus on their clients’ well-being, and a fee-only structure, Kraft Asset Management earns a 5-star rating as one of the best financial advisors in Nashville, TN to consider partnering with this year.

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Legacy Wealth Management Review

Serving clients since 1982, Legacy Wealth Management is a top-rated Memphis financial advisory firm that is strongly guided by a mission to always put their clients first.

The firm serves a wide range of clients throughout the country and specializes in working with FedEx pilots.

This fee-only, fiduciary wealth manager in Memphis helps to simplify the complex world of investments and financial planning so their clients can focus on enjoying their lives.

Key Factors That Enabled Legacy Wealth to Rank as a Top Financial Advisor in Memphis

Comprehensive Financial Planning

For many clients, the best financial advisors in Memphis are those firms that offer a broad and diverse range of services.

Financial goals and needs are subject to adjustments over time, so to meet the varying needs of their clients, Legacy Wealth offers the following integrated financial planning services:

  • Identification of Life Goals
  • Retirement & Income Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Gift Planning
  • Trust Services
  • Tax Planning
  • Entrepreneur Advisory Services
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Education Planning

Specialty Services for FedEx Pilots

Financial planning can be a complex matter when it comes to navigating contracts and benefits packages, especially for clients working within a particular career field. The Memphis financial planners at Legacy Wealth offer specialized financial planning for FedEx pilots, which includes:

  • Pre-Retirement & Post-Retirement Planning
  • Explanation of A-Plan Retirement Benefit Options
  • PRSP Retirement Account Management

This specialization helps Legacy Wealth stand out from competing Memphis financial planners, due to their unique expertise assisting FedEx pilots.

Additionally, the firm holds monthly no-obligation presentations to help FedEx pilots and their spouses better understand their corporate retirement packages. This program works to support financial literacy and assist the community in making informed decisions.

Rating Summary

Those seeking a top financial management firm in Memphis will find that Legacy Wealth offers a variety of robust wealth management services. The team’s commitment to always putting their clients first is an additional benefit.

A promising statistic is that 98 percent of Legacy clients choose to stay with the firm, which says a lot about how well the firm manages money and treats its clients.

With a commitment to trust and transparency as well as a client-centered philosophy, Legacy Wealth Management easily solidifies its 5-star rating as one of the best financial advisors in Memphis to consider partnering within 2021-2022.   

Red Door Wealth Management Review

Created through a strategic partnership with the Memphis-based accounting firm Cannon Wright Blount in 2010, Red Door Wealth Management works to grow and preserve wealth for their clients in order to ensure a lasting positive impact.

This top Memphis financial advisory firm operates with a fee-only structure in order to reduce any potential conflicts of interest. Red Door provides expert wealth management to individuals, families, retirement plans, and business owners.

Key Factors That Enabled Red Door Wealth Management to Rank as a Top Memphis Financial Advisor

Wide Range of Financial Planning Services

Clients looking for a Memphis wealth management firm that offers services for multiple areas of their financial life will find a wide range of offerings from Red Door. These top Memphis financial advisors look at financial planning through a “wide lens” in order to develop strategies for a comfortable present and goal-oriented future.

Whether you are working to manage an estate, trying to save for a successful retirement, or looking to mitigate risk through insurance, the knowledgeable team of Memphis financial advisors at Red Door can help you address a multitude of needs.

Red Door Wealth Management’s comprehensive financial planning services include:

  • Family & Small Business Consulting
  • Investment Services
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Charitable Gift Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Income Creation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Pension, Deferred Compensation & Stock Option Planning
  • Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Accounting & Bill Pay
  • Liability Management
  • Risk Analysis

financial advisor in nashville

Best Financial Advisory Firms in Memphis, Tennessee

Unique Investment Philosophy

The top Memphis financial advisors at Red Door Wealth Management don’t just take a cookie-cutter approach to manage your investments. Instead, these expert Memphis wealth managers use a philosophy that focuses on both global and domestic market trends to make strategic, customized recommendations.

Red Door operates with a 3-pronged approach designed to better serve clients’ needs while offering them a depth to their financial portfolios that few top-rated Tennessee financial advisory firms can match.

This 3-pronged approach includes:

  • Combining their knowledge of the world’s economies with fundamental analysis.
  • Measuring market temperature with a wide range of technical indicators.
  • Using an Investment Advisory Board to provide intimate, real-time insights into economy-driving industries.

Rating Summary

The team at Red Door believes in taking the time to build long-term relationships that are founded on trust and respect. Clients looking for peace of mind for their families will find that these Memphis financial planners will go the extra mile to help them plan for a successful future.

With a full range of services, a fiduciary commitment, and a fee-only structure dedicated to always acting in their clients’ best interests, Red Door Wealth Management easily scores a 5-star rating as one of the top financial advisors in Memphis to consider working with in 2021-2022.

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Reliant Investment Management, LLC Review

Founded in 1986, Reliant Investment Management, LLC is an SEC-regulated Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with offices in Memphis, TN, and Shreveport, LA. The firm believes in providing expert, objective solutions based upon diversified strategies.

Reliant is a fee-only wealth management firm in Memphis that does not accept commissions and is not affiliated with any broker or other financial services firm. With such a commitment, you can rest assured that these advisors will always recommend products in your best interest.

Key Factors That Enabled Reliant Investment Management, LLC to Rank as a Top Memphis Financial Advisor

Experienced & Independent Team

The team at Reliant boasts over 125 years of combined experience in disciplined and knowledgeable portfolio management. Advisors at this top Memphis wealth management firm also hold several community affiliations, including taking on public speaking roles and holding seats on a variety of committees. 

Reliant is managed in accordance with its founding principles and remains independent of any other brokerage firms or financial institutions. This expert Memphis financial advisor prides itself on following the core values of consistency, customization, efficiency, and service.

nashville financial planner

Best Wealth Management Firms in Memphis, TN

Services for Clients

As a top-rated Memphis financial advisor, Reliant caters to an impressive range of clients. The firm offers personalized investment management strategies for those in the public, institutional, and private sectors.

A few examples of clients served within these groups include:

Public Clients

  • Development Authorities
  • Local Municipal Governments
  • Special Districts
  • Housing Authorities
  • Development Authorities
  • School Districts
  • County/Parish Governments
  • Transit Authorities

Institutional Clients

  • Educational Institutions
  • Health Care Entities
  • Corporations
  • Trusts, Foundations, & Endowments
  • Banks & Depositories
  • Non-Profit & Religious Entities

Private Clients

  • Investment Consultants
  • Individual & Family Clients
  • Trusts/Estates/Foundations
  • Retirement Assets & Retirement Plans
  • Other Financial Advisors
  • Donor-Advised Funds

Rating Summary

Clients looking for personal attention and customized investment strategies will enjoy working with the expert team at Reliant. The firm takes a disciplined approach to investing and uses time-proven strategies to build high-quality portfolios.

With a focus on independent research, a customer-centric philosophy, and a “no commissions” commitment to accountability, Reliant Investment Management also solidifies its 5-star rating as a top fee-only Memphis financial advisor to consider partnering with in 2021-2022.  

Summit Asset Management Review

Deeply rooted in the community, Summit Asset Management is a top-rated financial advisor in Memphis, Tennessee that’s been providing expert financial guidance to its clients since 1991.

This fee-only wealth manager in Memphis, TN, operates with a mid-sized structure that allows them to employ a deep bench of professionals while also maintaining a personal touch.

In addition, Summit is 100% employee-owned, which means there is much less risk for a potential conflict of interest.

Key Factors That Enabled Summit Asset Management to Rank as a Top Financial Advisor in Memphis

Investment Management at a Glance

Investment portfolios through Summit are designed based on a client’s current financial situation and their future goals. The firm then utilizes a team-driven approach with an Investment Committee dedicated to oversight and adherence to company disciplines.

After a plan is set in motion, the Investment Committee continuously monitors portfolio performance and recommends changes when necessary.

Each client portfolio takes the following factors into account:

  • Time Horizons
  • Taxes
  • Risk Tolerances
  • Income
  • Life Goals

Summit’s most commonly utilized asset classes include:

  • Individual Securities (Stocks, Bonds, & CDs)
  • Mutual Funds
  • Alternative Hedge Funds
  • Private Partnership Options
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (EFTs)

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Creating a custom-tailored financial plan requires insight, experience, and dedication on the part of your financial advisor.

Through a coordinated approach, these top Memphis financial advisors work together with you to create a long-term plan for your family, business, or non-profit organization.

Typical areas of financial planning include:

  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Family Partnerships
  • Business Succession
  • Tax Issues
  • Estates & Trusts
  • Charitable Giving

financial advisor in franklin tn

2021-2022 Best Memphis, Nashville, & Franklin Wealth Management Firms

Rating Summary

Summit Asset Management has a strong commitment to providing completely conflict-free advice and keeping all recommendations solely focused on their client’s needs. The firm believes in providing exceptional service, not selling products.

Summit’s long-standing ties to the community reflect their goals to form relationships with their clients and help them achieve lasting financial success.

With an expert and attentive team as well as a comprehensive approach to wealth management, Summit Asset Management also earns a 5-star rating as one of the best Memphis financial advisors to consider partnering with in 2021-2022.     

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Tillman Hartley Review

Founded in 1998, Tillman Hartley is an independent, partner-owned wealth management firm in Nashville, TN with additional offices in Gainesville, FL, Denver, CO, and Asheville, NC.

This full-service, fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm in Nashville provides its services to successful individuals and multi-generational families. As a fiduciary, Tillman Hartley receives no commissions or third-party incentives, and it will never offer its clients any outside investment products or services.

Key Factors That Enabled Tillman Hartley to Rank as a One of the Top Financial Advisor in Nashville

Diversity of Services and Clients

Depending on their current financial situation, clients may need a variety of wealth management services to best meet their long-term goals. Tillman Hartley’s clients have diverse professional backgrounds, including careers in:

  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Venture Capital
  • Hedge Fund Management
  • Luxury Goods (Wine, Art, Etc.)
  • Public Company Executive
  • Philanthropy
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures

Whether you’re looking to save for retirement, contribute to your children’s college funds, make charitable gifts, or anything in-between, the team at Tillman Hartley can create a suitable solution for your needs.

Some of the services offered by this top Nashville wealth management firm are:

  • Wealth Management
  • Variable Compensation Management
  • Alternative Asset Management
  • Family Board of Directors™
  • Trusts, Estates, and Foundations Management
  • Estate Planning and CPA Professionals

Family Board of Directors™

By integrating investment advice, estate and tax planning services, and a wide variety of administrative and specialty solutions, the team at Tillman Hartley aims to help families throughout generations with its signature Family Board of Directors™ model.

This model is designed to empower successful multigenerational families to make smart investment and business decisions – and to ensure that the family is in control.

Furthermore, it aims to improve coordination between financial, legal, accounting, compliance, and other advisors, which leads to more efficient decision-making.

nashville financial planner

Best Wealth Management Firms in Nashville, TN

Rating Summary

Knowing that your Nashville wealth manager doesn’t have any interest in outside investment products and services means they will always work towards your best interest. Over the past 23 years, Tillman Hartley has been doing just that.

The firm’s diversity of services and clients, highly experienced team, and proactive approach to seeking creative solutions earned Tillman Hartley a 5-star rating on our 2021-2022 Ranking of Best Financial Advisors in Franklin, Memphis, & Nashville, TN.

Waddell & Associates, LLC Review

Offering expertise and intellectual capital without restrictions, Waddell & Associates, LLC (W&A) is a top financial advisory firm with offices in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. The firm believes in treating its clients like family and building long-term relationships.

The firm is a fee-only financial advisor in Nashville and Memphis that has 3 key goals when providing financial guidance to clients. These 3 goals are: to improve their lives, provide clarity, and remove fear.

Key Factors That Enabled Waddell & Associates, LLC to Rank as a Top Financial Advisor in Nashville

The Investment Compass

This top Nashville wealth management firm refers to its investment philosophy as its “compass.” While it offers direction during difficult times, this principle-driven compass is also an asset during stable times, because it provides a “north star” to keep the firm and its clients on track. 

This expert financial advisor in Nashville and Memphis has stayed true to the following investment principles for over 20 years:

  • Simplicity.
  • Owning what its clients own.
  • Prioritizing liquidity.
  • Seeking transparency.
  • Balancing asset management with risk management.

Dedicated Client Services

Clients looking for a full range of financial services will find that W&A offers just about everything they could need. This Nashville/Memphis wealth management firm provides flexibility within the following services:

  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Executive Benefit Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Concentrated Stock Positioning
  • Education Planning
  • Tax Strategy Planning
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Employee Benefit Planning

Additionally, W&A employs the following investment vehicles to diversify and reduce risk in each client’s investment portfolio:

  • Individual Securities
  • No-Load Mutual Funds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (EFTs)
  • Money Market Funds & CDs
  • Corporate Bonds
  • U.S. Treasury Bonds

Rating Summary

If you enjoy walking into your financial advisor’s office and being treated like family, then Waddell & Associates will be a great fit. The firm believes in taking the time to get to know each client and all aspects of their financial life so they can steer them in the right direction and help them secure a sound future.

With high ethical standards for all associates, an experienced team, and a foundation of transparency and trust, Waddell & Associates is one of the best financial advisors in Nashville to consider partnering with this year. The team has earned a 5-star rating.

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Abound Wealth Review

Focused on providing simple and smart financial guidance, Abound Wealth is a top-rated wealth management firm in Franklin, TN. These wealth managers work to help their clients create abundance in their lives through expert financial management.

Abound Wealth is a fee-only, fiduciary financial advisor in the Franklin and Nashville area that emphasizes low costs, low taxes, and longevity. The firm recognizes that success is about more than money.

Key Factors That Enabled Abound Wealth to Rank as a Top Financial Advisor in Franklin, TN

Fee-Only Wealth Management Firm

Most people don’t mind paying more for expert financial advice. However, they also don’t want to pay top dollar for someone to upsell them products that don’t work in their best interests. This is all too common in the financial industry, but it’s something that Abound avoids.

The top-rated financial advisors at Abound Wealth operate with a fee-only structure. This means the firm only receives compensation via the fees that you pay them, which is usually a percentage of the assets they manage for you.

As such, the firm’s success is directly tied to your success. The better their advice is – the more likely you are to come back. And the more returns they help you realize – the higher the value of the assets they can charge a percentage on. 

Additionally, the firm is a fiduciary, taking on a legal obligation to always be completely transparent and to act in their clients’ best interests at all times. 

Simple and Smart Wealth Management

This wealth management firm in the Nashville area offers what it calls simple and smart financial advice. Their mission is to provide a safe haven for people looking for intelligent, straightforward wealth management that is free from sales pitches and quotas. 

Their Nashville-area financial advisors work only for clients and don’t have any outside influences based on incentives from third parties. They believe in acting as a “personal CFO” for clients by helping them manage every area of their financial lives.

As a top-rated Nashville wealth management firm, Abound Wealth provides tailored plans that are specifically designed to the needs of their clients, instead of trying to squeeze individuals into cookie-cutter solutions. Additionally, the team is focused on keeping costs and taxes low.

The firm also takes full advantage of technology, working with clients both locally and virtually. This enables the team to bring their financial advice to wherever clients are – whether it’s in Nashville, or across the country. 

Rating Summary

With its uncomplicated approach to wealth management, Abound Wealth is a great fit for those new to investing. This Franklin, Tennessee financial advisor also hosts a bi-weekly podcast, The Money Guy Show, which seeks to demystify financial topics.

Although Abound Wealth is certainly a top financial advisor in Franklin, TN, with much to offer, our review did find an opportunity for improvement with how the firm’s financial planning services are communicated.

The firm’s website lacks clear descriptions of the types of financial planning and investment management services provided by Abound, which means that potential clients may find it difficult to fully evaluate the firm.

For this reason, we’ve awarded them with modest 3-stars.

By including detailed descriptions of the types of services offered, Abound Wealth could easily improve both their value proposition to clients and their rating as a top financial advisor in Franklin, TN.   

Family Wealth Management, LLC Review

Established in 1998, Family Wealth Management is a boutique financial planning firm in Nashville, TN that caters to individuals, families, and charitable organizations. This Nashville wealth management firm is dedicated to providing multi-faceted financial opportunities to all of its clients.

The firm is a fee-only financial advisor in Nashville, Tennessee that takes a client-centered, straightforward approach to wealth management.

Key Factors That Enabled Family Wealth Management, LLC to Rank as a Top Financial Advisor in Nashville

Solid Philosophy

In all that it does, Family Wealth Management is focused on a set of simple yet important driving philosophies which it incorporates into all its business practices. Clients benefit from these philosophies, which are based on this Nashville wealth management firm’s commitment to being:

  • Independent: Being completely independent of any corporate control, you never need to worry that your financial guidance is being compromised due to a conflict of interest.
  • Integrated: This Nashville financial advisor ensures that all the different areas of your life are working together through a comprehensive, expertly curated approach.
  • Team-Based: An expert and diverse team with longstanding ties to the firm and the community is at your service.

Custom-Tailored Experience

Each service offered by Family Wealth Management is meant to give its clients a completely customized experience.

The needs of each and every client coming through the door of this financial advisor in Nashville vary, and the firm utilizes a personalized and unique approach in order to meet them.

These top financial advisors in Nashville, TN incorporate multi-disciplinary tools and a comprehensive review process to customize some of the following services:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Income Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Wealth Succession Planning
  • Family Philanthropy
  • Risk Management
  • Accounting & Record Keeping
  • Ancillary Management Services

Rating Summary

Customers who prefer a personalized touch will appreciate the boutique atmosphere at Family Wealth Management. Their expert team of Nashville financial advisors fosters long-term relationships built on trust and transparency in order to always work in your best interest.

While the firm is an excellent choice, we’ve awarded it a 3-star rating due to the firm’s website still being served over the insecure HTTP protocol. By moving from the insecure HTTP to the secure HTTPS protocol, FWM would increase both their security and the public’s trust in the brand.

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Silverleafe Capital Partners, LLC Review

With a low client-to-advisor ratio, Silverleafe Capital Partners, LLC is a Memphis-based top financial planning firm that was founded in 2004. The firm strives to provide a personalized boutique experience while working completely in the best interests of its clients.

The firm is an independent fee-only Memphis financial advisor that believes in taking a team-based approach, and their seasoned team has over 60 years of combined experience in the financial industry.

Key Factors That Enabled Silverleafe Capital Partners, LLC to Rank as a Top Memphis Financial Advisor

Family Office Approach

Silverleafe Capital offers their family office clients unique access to virtual resources, allowing families to be better served by their own virtual investment firm. Through their innovative cloud-based tools, this top Memphis wealth management firm offers clients total control and visibility of their wealth.

Additionally, Silverleafe is experienced in the integration and coordination of a family’s broadly deployed assets and will work with any other financial custodians (CPAs, attorneys, and brokers) to consolidate your holdings for optimal performance.

Talented Advisory Team

Although the team at Silverleafe Capital Partners may be smaller than that of other competing Memphis financial advisors, the advisors have decades of experience and purposely keep their client-to-advisor ratio low in order to provide personalized service.

Certifications held by the team include:

  • CIMA®—Certified Investment Management Analyst
  • CFA®—Chartered Financial Analyst
  • CFP®—Certified Financial Planner
  • Series 66 Securities License
  • Series 65 Securities License

These designations come with strict requirements for fiduciary responsibilities and ongoing industry education, ensuring that clients receive advice that is both unbiased and up-to-date.

financial advisor in memphis

Top-Rated Financial Advisors in Tennessee

Rating Summary

Silverleafe Capital Partners gives clients the boutique structure and personalized attention that’s not always found at larger Tennessee wealth management firms. Their fee-only structure also ensures that their guidance is free of any hidden agendas.

However, in comparison to competing Nashville and Memphis advisors, Silverleafe does have an opportunity for improvement when it comes to how their services are communicated.

We’ve rated them with 3-stars due to the lack of more specific information about their investment philosophy or portfolio designs, which may make it difficult for new clients to fully evaluate their capabilities.

By including more details about their financial services, Silverleafe Capital Partners can easily improve both their value proposition to new clients and their rating as a top Memphis financial advisor.

Woodmont Investment Counsel, LLC Review

Blending cutting-edge technology with sophisticated investment advice, Woodmont Investment Counsel, LLC is a top Nashville, TN financial advisory firm. They provide “client-first solutions” to high-net-worth individuals, families, institutions, endowments, foundations, and trusts.

Woodmont is an independent fee-based Nashville wealth management firm that was founded in 2000. They are included on our list because of their fiduciary commitment to their clients, and their personally tailored strategies.

Key Factors That Enabled Woodmont Investment Counsel, LLC to Rank as One of the Best Wealth Management Firms in Nashville

An Experienced Investment Team

Woodmont Investment Counsel prides itself on employing a diverse team with a number of qualifications and real-world experiences.

Woodmont’s advisors have varied backgrounds including:

  • Investment Management
  • Hedge Fund Expertise
  • Self-Side Investment Banking
  • Global Fixed-Income Investment Management
  • Wall Street Brokerage
  • Asset Management

Complimenting their diverse experience, the team also holds several professional certifications and designations, including:

  • CFA®—Chartered Financial Analyst
  • CIC—Chartered Investment Counselor
  • CAIA—Chartered Alternative Investment Advisor

Each client working with Woodmont benefits from the industry knowledge and expertise of these qualified Nashville financial advisors.

financial advisors in nashville

Nashville’s Best Financial Advisory Firms

Tailored Approach to Client Services

The first step in any wealth management plan is getting to know the distinct needs of the client and fully assessing their current financial situation. Next, the firm presents the client with a tailored investment strategy and asset allocation plan.

Each portfolio generally consists of a custom blend of equities, fixed income, and (when called for) alternative investments. Portfolios are regularly monitored, and clients always remain well-informed about the progress of their investments.

Clients of this Nashville wealth management firm can expect:

  • Holistic Wealth Management
  • Sophisticated Investment Management
  • Consulting and Advisory Services

As one of the top wealth management firms in Nashville, Woodmont Investment Counsel uses a client-centered philosophy that customizes everything they do to the objectives and needs of each individual client. 

Rating Summary

For those that like the personal touch of a boutique Nashville wealth management firm, Woodmont Investment Counsel will be a great fit. Woodmont prides itself on using a collaborative, team-based approach to develop custom financial strategies.

Although Woodmont Investment Counsel is a great wealth management firm in Nashville, we’ve awarded it with a modest 3-star rating. While there’s nothing wrong with the services that this Nashville management firm offers, it is concerning that the firm still hasn’t transitioned its website from the insecure HTTP protocol to a secure HTTPS one.  

By improving their website’s security, Woodmont Investment Counsel could definitely improve its ranking on our next publication of the Best Financial Advisors in Franklin, Memphis, & Nashville, TN.

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Conclusion – 2021-2022 Best Financial Advisors in Nashville, Franklin, and Memphis, Tennessee

Whether you prefer a smaller, more personal atmosphere or virtual capabilities, one of these top Nashville, Memphis, or Franklin, TN wealth management firms should be a good fit for you.

Your next step on the path of selecting a firm to manage your money and help you meet your financial goals would be to narrow down this list of the top 12 best financial planning firms in Tennessee to 3 or 4 companies that you’d like to meet and learn more about.

A virtual or face-to-face meeting can help you gain insight into the firm, your current financial situation, and the direction they feel you should take to reach your future dreams and objectives.

After this final step to evaluate your favorite Nashville, Franklin, or Memphis wealth management firms, you should have a better idea of your top choice. You can then turn over the work to your new financial partner who will help you preserve and grow your assets for years to come.

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