2017 Ranking: Finding and Using the Best iPhone Budgeting Apps

Do you feel like you’re out of control when it comes to your budget and personal finances? Does it feel like you have no definite concept of what’s coming in versus what you’re spending?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many consumers report needing budgeting help to better manage their money, and it’s often because they don’t have a centralized way to organize all of their accounts, spending, and bills.

That’s where the value of the best budgeting apps for iPhone becomes part of the equation.

Budget apps for iPhone are valuable budgeting tools that can help you learn how to budget your money and stay on top of monthly bills. 

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Review of the Best iPhone Budgeting Apps

When consumers use financial apps for iPhone as budgeting tools, they find that they’re empowered, they have peace of mind, they grow personally and financially, and they have better control of their money.

The following is a list of the best budgeting apps for iPhone users to consider in 2017. Each takes into consideration the importance of simplicity, convenience, advanced features, and the ability to unite multiple accounts in one location.

They also are designed for anyone to use, regardless of income, spending habits, or the stage of life or career they’re in.

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Advisory HQ’s List of the Top 5 Best Budgeting Apps for iPhone

This list is sorted alphabetically (click any of the budget planner app names below to go directly to the detailed review of that iPhone budgeting app)

How Does a Budget Planner App Work?

Finance and budget apps for iPhone are designed to provide budgeting tools for comprehensive money management, all accessible from the convenience of a smartphone or mobile device.

Rather than managing finances or balancing checkbooks manually or analyzing account balances by logging into individual accounts, budget apps for iPhones allow users to manage all of their accounts and transactions in one location.

These financial apps for iPhone allow users to view their transactions, categorize spending, and manage their money quickly and easily.

Many of the best iPhone budgeting apps also let users do things like create personalized budgets and spending limits, set financial goals, add information for cash transactions, and even view their net worth in a centralized dashboard.

Features to Look for in Budget Apps for iPhone

Some of the key features of the best budgeting apps for iPhone are listed above, but more specifically, what should you look for when you’re making a selection?

There are so many great options available that it really comes down to understanding what you need on a personal level.

Linking Accounts 

This is a significant consideration for most consumers, and most budget apps for iPhone will let users connect their checking and savings accounts, even from multiple institutions.

At the same time, you may also want a budget app for iPhone to integrate all of your accounts, including credit cards, mortgages and other loan debt, and even investments.

Many of the best budget apps for iPhone will also offer information about your net worth, which is a comparison of your assets versus your liabilities.

Automatic Features 

Do you want an iPhone budget app that will automatically categorize your transactions into pre-determined groups, or would you rather personalize all of your transactions?

Do you want automatic syncing across all of your devices? What about automated alerts that will let you know if there’s fraud suspected or if you’ve gone over your set spending limits? Some consumers may prefer to set up their own parameters, while others may want it to be done for them.

Some budget apps for iPhone may simply serve as spending trackers, while others may offer more comprehensive features. These may include identity theft protection or even credit scores and reports within your user dashboard.

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Tips for Choosing the Best iPhone Budgeting App 

The above features are important to think about in your search for the top budget app for iPhone, but there are also a few general considerations to take before selecting the best iPhone budgeting apps. 

Price is an important aspect to consider, since not all budget apps for iPhone are free of charge. Many of the best iPhone budgeting apps can be downloaded at no cost, while others may have a one-time download fee. There are also budgeting apps that charge a monthly subscription fee, or budget apps for iPhone that charge for use of advanced features. 

While free apps can be a great deal, some may have advertisements within the platform that may not appeal to all users, so this is something to think about.

Reliability should also be taken into consideration, since no one wants to download a budget planner app that is full of bugs, difficult to use or generally frustrating. That’s why user reviews are so important to consider. Before downloading financial apps for iPhone, you may also want to read what customers have to say.

Reviews are a great source of information if you’re unsure or are trying to decide between a couple of budget apps for iPhone. 

Usability should also be examined, since not every budget planner app will appeal to every user. When possible, try to take a tour of the available budget apps for iPhone to get a feel for the interface, ease-of-use, and how much the layout of the dashboard and other features work for you on a personal level.

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Detailed Review—Top-Ranking Best iPhone Budgeting Apps

Below, please find a detailed review of each iPhone budgeting app on our list of best iPhone budgeting apps. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these budget apps for iPhone to score so high in our selection ranking.   

CountAbout Review

CountAbout is a great iPhone budgeting app for those who want a simple, straightforward, and secure way to keep their finances organized. 

Some of the primary features of this iPhone budgeting app include seamless integration, automatic download and syncing, and simple use on both mobile and desktop formats. 

Key Factors That Enabled This App to Be Named as One of the Best iPhone Budgeting Apps 

Below are the reasons why we chose CountAbout to be listed among our ranking of the top budget apps for iPhone users to consider in 2017. 

Convenient Importing

CountAbout stands apart from the competition from their smooth integration with other budget apps for iPhone. It is the only iPhone budget app on our list that allows users to import data from Mint and Quicken. 

For users who are interested in trying something new, this is an important feature. Rather than lose past financial data and go through the process all over again, CountAbout makes choosing another best app for budgeting into a seamless, convenient process. 

Downloading Capabilities

All budget apps for iPhone should allow users to download financial data, but CountAbout casts an exceptionally large net. This makes it one of the best iPhone budgeting apps for those who have multiple financial accounts. 

Users can sync their checking or savings accounts with the iPhone budgeting app, allowing for constant monitoring. CountAbout supports more than 12,500 financial institutions, so users shouldn’t need to worry about finding their bank on the list.

Investment balances, like 401k savings, can also be downloaded and integrated into financial data, making CountAbout a comprehensive iPhone budgeting app.

Customized Features

Like many of the best iPhone budgeting apps, CountAbout provides users with the ability to customize their budgeting tools. This budget app for iPhone allows its users to:

  • Add, delete, and rename categories
  • Add, delete, and rename tags
  • Rename transaction descriptions

As an additional benefit, CountAbout also provides running register balances, a feature that comes with the best iPhone budgeting apps. Users no longer have to manually balance their checkbook.

After uploading bank information to the iPhone budgeting app, CountAbout will provide real-time data on exactly how much has been spent and how much is remaining. 

Combining customization and running register balances creates a thorough, daily overview of where your money is going, how much is gone, and how much is left. 

For those who need a budget app for iPhone that truly keeps them informed on their spending habits, CountAbout is a great option.

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Goodbudget Review

Goodbudget, formerly known as EEBA, is a budget app for iPhone based on the envelope system, where money is earmarked for particular purposes. There are also app versions for Android and a web-based platform.

There are five simple steps to getting started with Goodbudget, including creating a budget, adding accounts, adding income, filling “envelopes,” and recording expenses. This iPhone budget app is unique because it’s a technology-driven version of a traditional budgeting approach.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank This as One of the Best iPhone Budgeting Apps

Highlighted below are details of why Goodbudget was selected for this ranking of the best budget apps for iPhone.

Simplified Budget Creation

The thought of creating a budget can be daunting and overwhelming for many people, and Goodbudget is one of the best budget apps for iPhone because it makes learning how to budget your money into a simple, accessible process.

Users can decide between basing their budget on their income or their past spending habits. Then, spending is organized into categories for tracking. These categories become customizable envelopes, which can be edited at any time. 

The Approach

Goodbudget is a unique budget app for iPhone because the focus isn’t just on the technicalities of budgeting, but also on a philosophy of money management.

According to the Goodbudget approach to personal finance, the way we handle money demonstrates and impacts our character, values, relationships, emotions, and habits. Goodbudget is designed to reflect that importance and to help you learn how to budget your money while simultaneously growing in character. 

Some specific aspects of the Goodbudget approach to budgeting and personal finance include:

  • Budget with a why
  • Live out your budget
  • Talk with people you trust
  • Give generously

Automatic Syncing

One of the primary benefits of a an iPhone budgeting app is the ability to see your money and finances wherever you are, and at any time. This level of convenience is reflected in Goodbudget, which is why this was selected as a best app for budgeting.

Goodbudget syncs all of a user’s mobile devices where the app is present, as well as the web. This ensures not only flexibility in how users view their finances, but it’s also ideal for couples and families who share financial accounts and want to make sure they’re always on the same page.

Flexible Pricing

The Goodbudget iPhone budgeting app is also flexible in its pricing structure. With the Free Forever option, users receive features such as ten regular envelopes, ten additional envelopes, linking with one account, syncing to two devices, and community support.

For users who want to upgrade and receive access to even more features, there is a $5 a month subscription plan. This includes unlimited envelopes and accounts, as well as automatic syncing across five devices, five years of history, and personalized email support.

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Mint Review

Mint is a free app and web-based financial management platform from Intuit, which is the company known for products such as Quicken and QuickBooks.

Mint offers both simple and more complex features to meet a range of needs for budgeting help, is highly customizable, and along with being one of the best iPhone budgeting apps, is also available for Android.

Mint can be up and running in just a few seconds, and its value is really in its simplicity. It requires very little effort to create and maintain a budget, regardless of your goals or objectives.

Key Factors That Allowed This App to Rank as one of the Best iPhone Budgeting Apps 

Highlighted below are some of the reasons Mint was selected as a contender for the top budget app for iPhone.

A Complete Picture

Mint is a great pick for a top iPhone budgeting app if you want a complete, comprehensive view of all of your financial information in one quickly accessible location.

Mint allows users to integrates all of their balances and transactions in one place, and along with the actual numbers, there are graphics and images that make everything as easy to understand as possible.

Mint can be used to track patterns, investments, and almost every type of account, and everything displays on the user-friendly dashboard. Mint connects to virtually every U.S. financial institution, and setup takes just a few minutes.

Custom Tips and Advice

Mint goes well beyond being a simple or basic spending tracker. Instead, Mint is often named the top budget app for iPhone because it offers a wealth of valuable features free of charge.

As a part of these services, users receive custom budgeting help and advice. Mint looks at thousands of offers including checking, savings, credit cards, and brokerage and IRA options, and then delivers personalized recommendations to help users maximize their savings and achieve their goals.

Also, Mint provides users with a free credit score report displayed on the dashboard, including guidance on how to interpret that score and improve it.

Mint Bills

Mint Bills is an easy-to-use service offered through this iPhone budgeting app. With Mint Bills, users can organize their bills in one location, and it requires a brief set-up time.

After set-up, Mint will track and monitor all of your accounts and credit cards, ensuring that the iPhone budget app keeps you well-informed. 

Features and benefits of Mint Bills include:

  • Quickly see what you have and what’s owed
  • Connect an unlimited number of accounts, credit cards, and bills—all for free
  • View your available cash and credit as compared to your upcoming bills
  • Avoid paying late fees and penalties when you miss a bill payment
  • Receive automated reminders when bills are due
  • Pay with the bill payment feature
  • Pay on the go using mobile bill pay
  • Schedule bill payments for free
  • Utilize the Expedited Payments feature to pay within a day
  • You can set up alerts so you’ll know when you have low funds or are nearing your credit limits
  • Free bill statement storage is available for supported providers

Easy Transaction Tracking

Mint automatically tracks transactions from linked cards and accounts and displays them in a way that’s easy to read and understand. This best app for budgeting also automatically detects the category a transaction falls into so you can see spending totals across each linked account.

There are hundreds of existing categories in Mint, and you can rename them or categorize transactions to meet your needs. You can also create your own original categories, and Mint will still be able to apply them automatically when it’s relevant.

In addition, add tags and organize transactions in any way you choose, and view all of the details of a transaction. For example, if you make an ATM withdrawal, Mint will display how much cash you actually took out, as well as the ATM fee you paid.

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Personal Capital Review

Personal Capital is a budget app for iPhone that is used by more than one million people, featured in media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times.

The mission of Personal Capital is defined as bringing together the power of technology to transform the financial industry, improving accessibility, affordability, and honesty.

Along with being a top budget app for iPhone, Personal Capital also offers software and web-based functionality.

Personal Capital - budget app for iphone

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank This as a Pick for Best iPhone Budgeting Apps

The list below represents some of the reasons Personal Capital was chosen as a top budget app for iPhone.

Discover Hidden Fees

The Personal Finance iPhone budgeting app features several signature tools, and one of those is the Fee Analyzer. Many people don’t realize how much fees are costing them, particularly hidden fees charged to retirement accounts, mutual funds, and stock market investments.

Personal Capital’s Fee Analyzer is a tool designed to bring these fees to light so users can save thousands of dollars or more over the lifespan of their investments.

The Fee Analyzer doesn’t just show what fees are being charged, but also the impact of these hidden costs on lifetime savings totals, and the tool offers projections for what they may end up costing over the years.

Cash Flow Tools

With Personal Capital’s cash flow tools, users can manage their daily expenditures and income while also creating and following a budget.

These budgeting tools are designed to show you whether you’re spending more than you’re making and to help you monitor your balances on credit cards. They also offer full income and spending breakdowns based on category or payee.

You can go into detail within categories to see what transactions you’re making and also review transactions in the last 24 hours with the Recent Transactions Today extension.

Investment Intelligence

Personal Capital is unique from the other budget apps for iPhone included on this list because there is a significant emphasis not just on general budgeting, but on investments.

The Investment Checkup tool is an advanced feature that lets users compare their current portfolio allocation to their ideal allocation.

Users can also get a real-time view of how investments are performing, and the iPhone budgeting app shows tips and ways the user can minimize their risk, alleviate hidden fees, and turn to new diversification strategies.


Personal Capital is a pick for the top budget app for iPhone not only for the features, net worth calculators, and investment options, but also for the high-level security inherent in the design.

This iPhone budgeting app boasts bank-level security, including a two-step remote authentication process that is one additional measure to verify the identity and device of the user.

You can complete all tasks related to your money and finances in a completely safe and secure environment when you use Personal Capital.  

QuickBooks Review

QuickBooks is one of the most recognized names in business financial and budget management.

The iPhone budgeting app version of QuickBooks lets business owners manage every area of their operations from their smartphone or tablet, and it integrates with the cloud-based online version of the software platform for the utmost in convenience and accessibility. 

For users who are already using QuickBooks online, adding the budget app for iPhone only requires a free download and sign-in with existing credentials.

Users who are new to QuickBooks online can download the app from the iTunes store, create an account, and try it for free for 30 days.

Key Factors That Enabled This App to Be Named as One of the Best iPhone Budgeting Apps 

Reasons leading to the inclusion of QuickBooks on this ranking of the top budget apps for iPhone are highlighted below.

Seamless Business Management

QuickBooks mobile app is not a best personal finance budget app for iPhone. Instead, it’s designed specifically for business owners, and the features allow these users to seamlessly manage nearly every aspect of their business’s budget and finances from their mobile device.

This includes accessing customer information, invoices, and more from a smartphone, sending professional invoices quickly and at any time, and taking photos of receipts and attaching them to relevant transactions.

Business Insights

This leader among budget apps for iPhone lets business owners not only manage daily expenses and do things like send invoices; it also provides valuable business insights.

For example, you can use the iPhone budgeting app to see instantly your profit and loss report, which gives you a bird’s eye view of your performance over time.

The mobile app can also show a Balance Sheet report, listing your current assets, liabilities, and equity account balances. These features allow business owners to maintain a greater sense of control over every aspect of their activities, regardless of where they are.

Automatic Syncing

To simplify all areas of business financial management, the QuickBooks mobile iPhone budgeting app will sync with QuickBooks Online, which is the web-based version of the software.

This  means users don’t have to re-enter information to make sure it’s in both locations, and the syncing is in real-time, so anytime you perform an action or enter information in one place, it will automatically show up in the other.

You can also take advantage of additional features thanks to the inclusion of more than 300 partner apps that integrate with QuickBooks. Some of these apps include inventory management and advanced CRM.

Invoice Features

As one of the best iPhone budgeting apps, QuickBooks offers advanced invoicing features. Business owners can create professional, branded invoices and send them from anywhere, plus they can do the same with estimates. Both can be set up in multiple currencies.

With the activation of QuickBooks Payments, business owners can get paid faster through the use of credit cards or bank transfers, and if you have an overdue invoice, the app will send a notification so you’re aware of any money owed to you.  

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Wally Review

As one of the best iPhone budgeting apps, Wally features centralized, simplified money management while still offering all the functionality needed to maintain complete control over personal finances.

Wally is designed to show users every aspect of their money, including what’s coming in, what’s going out, how it’s being spent, what’s being budgeted, and how much money is saved.

Wally contains comprehensive budgeting features but is free for users, making it one of the best iPhone budgeting apps.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This App as One of the Best Budgeting Apps for iPhone

Features of Wally that led to its inclusion in this ranking of the top budget apps for iPhone are listed below.


The primary principle guiding everything offered by Wally is simplicity, making it an effortless way to control your finances. 

The belief is that managing your finances and budget should be as easy as possible, and with that in mind, users can take advantage of smart notifications.

These automated notifications can let users know whether they have a bill or payment that’s coming up, if they’ve reached a particular goal, or if they’ve exceeded their set budget.


Wally is completely customizable, so you can create budgets and spending categories that are well-suited to your lifestyle and real needs.

In addition to general categories such as dining out, you can go several steps deeper and create subcategories, like what type of restaurant you dined in for a particular transaction. If your category is clothes, you can then categorize the type of clothes or store you shopped.

As well as these categories, you can also group spending into larger, broader selections, such as social, work, and family. This all lets you have a bird’s eye view of your spending, digging past the hows of what you’re spending and drilling down to the “why.”

Daily Budgets

In addition to long-term budget creation and spending tracking, one of the unique features of this budget app for iPhone is the option to see your daily spending versus your remaining budget.

You can set goals for yourself at a micro level for what you spend every day, and on your main Wally dashboard, you can also see your remaining monthly budget in real time.


Advanced technology backs the strength of Wally’s features. As part of this, Wally is designed to adapt automatically to the preferences and behaviors of users through the integration of artificial intelligence and algorithms.

This means that once you start using Wally, much of the work is done for you regarding budgeting and categorization, all based on your real lifestyle.

You can then use those automated preferences as a way to gain accurate insight into your finances and spending, and also to help you reach your individualized money goals.

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Conclusion—Best iPhone Budgeting Apps 

When thinking about the top budget app for iPhone, many factors become part of the equation.

These include convenience and ease-of-use, whether it will be used for business or personal finance, how many in-depth features you require, whether you want to include investments and retirement accounts, and also more general things like cost.

These were just a few of the many factors considered during the creation of this ranking of the best iPhone budgeting apps.

The budget apps for iPhone represented on this list cover options to more effectively manage both business and personal finance. They also vary in complexity and how advanced the features are, yet they have many things in common.

These commonalities include reliability and stability, a strong reputation, and usefulness for the everyday lives of users.

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