Finding the Best Atlanta Credit Unions (The Shift to Credit Unions in Atlanta)

Credit unions in Atlanta aren’t a new concept, nor are they a novel idea throughout the U.S., but they have become increasingly appealing to a larger base of consumers.

Many consumers are moving from conventional, for-profit banks to credit unions in Atlanta, Georgia. What is the reason for this shift in how consumers bank as well as the move toward credit unions in Atlanta?

Customers have become frustrated with conventional banks in many ways, including their tendency to charge high fees for basic services and access to money. Many consumers also express their frustration in terms of the level of customer service they receive at big name banks and the low interest rates they’re paid on their savings and deposits.

When a consumer feels that sense of frustration, one of the first places he or she may turn to is an Atlanta credit union. Atlanta credit unions are owned by its members, and, as a financial cooperative, they’re able to offer benefits not accessible to customers of big banks.

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Award Emblem: Top 11 Credit Unions in Atlanta, Georgia

Once a consumer begins working with a credit union in Atlanta, he or she will find that there is a greater sense of transparency, fees which are either nonexistent or incredibly low, and an improved level of customer service.

Also unique to credit unions in Atlanta, GA is that, due to being owned by the members who bank there, there is no sense of corporate responsibility to outside shareholders. The goal of credit unions in Atlanta is to provide the products and services the members want and need, above all other priorities.

When looking for credit unions, Atlanta residents can utilize this ranking to not only find the best credit unions in Atlanta but to also see a comparison of the top credit unions in Atlanta and specific reasons why they’re among the best. 

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List of the Best Credit Unions in Atlanta, Georgia

This list is sorted alphabetically (click any of the below names to go directly to the detailed review for that Atlanta credit union)

Top Rated Best Credit Unions in Atlanta:

Best Atlanta Credit Unions

Homepage Links

1st Choice Credit Unionhttp://www.1stchoicecu.org/
Atlanta Postal Credit Unionhttps://www.apcu.com/
CDC Federal Credit Unionhttps://www.cdcfcu.com/
Coca-Cola Company Family Federal Credit Unionhttp://www.creditunion.coca-cola.com/
Credit Union of Atlantahttps://www.cuatlanta.org/
Delta Community Credit Unionhttps://www.deltacommunitycu.com/home.aspx
Georgia’s Own Credit Unionhttps://www.georgiasown.org/
Mutual Savings Credit Unionhttps://www.mutualsavingscu.org/main.php
Piedmont Plus Federal Credit Unionhttps://www.piedmontplus.org/services/online.php
Pinnacle Credit Unionhttp://www.pinnaclecu.org/
Powerco Federal Credit Unionhttps://www.powerco.org/home/home
Table: Top 11 Credit Unions in Atlanta, Georgia | above list is sorted alphabetically

Methodology for Selecting the Best Credit Unions in Atlanta

How does AdvisoryHQ create its comprehensive reviews and rankings of financial services organizations, including this list of the leading credit unions in Atlanta, Georgia?

Our process is one that is top-down, meaning we start by looking at all the Atlanta credit unions. We research them based on publicly available information, and then, once we’ve done that, we begin comparing them against a set of predefined criteria.

The criteria is entirely based on the needs of the average consumer, which is why our rankings and reviews are so informative but also useful. Then, we create the final list of the top Atlanta credit unions.

Click here for a detailed explanation of our methodology: AdvisoryHQ’s Methodology for Selecting Top Banks and Credit Unions

Detailed Review – Top Ranking Credit Unions in Atlanta, Georgia

After carefully considering credit unions in Atlanta, GA, we created the following list of the top 11. As you continue reading, you’ll find detailed reviews for each of our picks as well as specifics of some of the factors we used in our decision-making process.

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1st Choice Credit Union Review

1st Choice Credit Union, a top credit union in Atlanta, GA, is like other credit unions in Atlanta – a not-for-profit financial cooperative. This credit union in Atlanta offers competitive interest rates on loans and dividends on savings.

To join this Atlanta credit union, consumers have to complete a membership card and make an opening deposit of just $25 to a share/savings account. One someone joins this credit union in Atlanta, GA, he or she, as well as family members, have a lifetime membership, even if they move or change jobs.

Membership at 1st Choice Credit Union is open to a variety of employee groups, such as Archive America, Atlanta Life Insurance Company, the Atlanta Metropolitan Bank Chamber of Commerce, Morehouse School of Medicine, and more.

Key Factors That Allowed This to Rank as a Top Credit Union in Atlanta, Georgia

When comparing Atlanta credit unions, the following are details of why 1st Choice is ranked as a best credit union in Atlanta.

Checking Accounts

When selecting credit unions, Atlanta consumers often search for options that offer a range of products and services with valuable benefits. That’s certainly true with 1st Choice, which features a full selection of banking products and services. This includes checking accounts, and members of this credit union in Atlanta have the opportunity to choose from two different checking plans.

The first is the basic Share Draft Checking account with no monthly service fees, no minimum balance, and no per-check charge. There’s also the Money Market Checking account, which allows members to earn dividends on their balances, and there are no monthly fees if they have an average daily balance between $1,000 and $10,000.

Both checking plans also include features like overdraft protection options, direct deposit availabilities, and account access through online banking.

Homeownership Education and Counseling

A significant reason credit unions in Atlanta are so popular with consumers is because they offer products and services aimed at helping members create and maintain financial well-being. This is true at 1st Choice, which is why, among credit unions, Atlanta consumers tend to favor this one. One way this credit union demonstrates its concern for the financial well-being of members is through its homeownership and counseling programs.

1st Choice Credit Union is a HUD-approved intermediary Home Counseling Agency. This means it is committed to certain objectives, including increasing homeownership and creating affordable housing opportunities for low-income individuals and families.

It is also a preferred counseling agency with community partners that offer down-payment assistance programs to people in the community.

Mortgage Lending

This credit union in Atlanta is one of the leading regional lenders of home mortgages, and it strives to make it into an experience that is hassle-free and straightforward for members.

Once a member is ready to apply for a loan, he or she will then receive a written pre-qualification letter from 1st Choice to show realtors and sellers that the individual is serious. 1st Choice features loans with low fixed and adjustable rates, including first and second mortgages, and there are no prepayment penalties.

To deliver excellent, seamless mortgage lending, 1st Choice has partnered with Independent Mortgage Associates, and members receive special rates just because of their credit union affiliation.

Credit Cards

Important in the creation of this ranking of Atlanta credit unions is the availability of not only basic banking services, like checking and savings accounts, but also credit cards that are convenient without having high fees and costs attached. All of the credit cards available from this credit union in Atlanta, GA have a 25-day grace period, no annual fee, and no transaction fee on cash advances from the credit union.

Options include the MasterCard Personal, Secured, Gold, and Platinum. The Platinum has the lowest APR, and none of the cards carry a minimum finance charge or transaction fee.

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Coca-Cola Company Credit Union Review

Leading the way among Atlanta credit unions is Coca-Cola Credit Union. This credit union in Atlanta, GA was founded in 1965, with the principle of partnering with members to achieve financial success. Since that time, this leader among credit unions in Atlanta, GA has been serving the best interests of members.

Coca-Cola Credit Union serves Coca-Cola Company associates and their immediate family members. New members can conveniently join this best credit union in Atlanta by completing an application online, or they can contact the credit union or fax or mail in the necessary documents.

Key Factors That Led to the Ranking of This as a Best Credit Union in Atlanta

Primary reasons Coca-Cola Credit Union is included in this ranking of leading credit unions in Atlanta, Georgia are cited below.

Premier Savings Account

The Premier Savings Account is an exclusive offering available to members of this credit union in Atlanta, with opportunities to invest and save wisely. This high dividend-bearing account is available to any members seeking a higher, more competitive interest rate than they would receive with a regular savings account.

Along with competitive dividend rates calculated on a tiered balance, this account also features no monthly service charges. Withdrawals are permitted at any time, and overdraft protection can be provided for checking accounts.

This account gives members of this leader among credit unions in Atlanta the opportunity to save money more quickly while also having stability and guaranteed returns, unlike the stock market.

Auto Loans

When considering credit unions, Atlanta consumers frequently search for great rates on loans, and one of the most common consumer loans are auto loans. The auto loan from Coca-Cola Credit Union features competitive interest rates and the personalized service that can come only from working with a credit union.

These loans can be used with an on-site buying service for convenience, helping members get excellent deals on both new and used vehicles. There are also options such as service warranties and GAP insurance for qualified vehicles.

Up to 100% financing is available for new and used vehicles, and there is the option to get Credit Life and Disability insurance. Terms vary depending on the amount of the loan, and there are no application fees or prepayment penalties.


In an effort to provide members with peace of mind and a sense of flexibility, Coca-Cola Credit Union offers the ability of Skip-A-Payment on a monthly loan payment. This program is available year-round to help free up funds when a member needs it most.

Members simply select the month they want to skip a payment on any qualifying loan, and they can skip eligible loan payments up to two times each calendar year.

Then, members of this credit union in Atlanta complete the Skip-A-Pay form and make sure it’s received at least 30 days before the requested skipped payment.

Visa Platinum Card

Available to members of this best credit union in Atlanta is the Visa Platinum Card, featuring low costs and high levels of convenience. This card has no annual fee, no additional fees for cash advances, and no transaction fees for purchases.

There is a 25-day grace period for repayment of the balance of purchases, no minimum finance charge, and it includes worldwide cash and ATM access.

This credit card from Coca-Cola, one of the top credit unions in Atlanta, features credit limits up to 20% of the cardholder’s annual salary, no transaction fees on cash advances from the credit union, and easy balance transfer.

The interest rates are as low as 10.25%, and computation is based on average daily balances. Members can access their card account information online as well. 

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Mutual Savings Credit Union Review

Mutual Savings Credit Union, one of the top Atlanta credit unions, features membership that’s open to AGL Resources active or retired employees and its subsidiaries such as Southstar. To start an account at this credit union in Atlanta, GA, just a $5 opening deposit is required, and once someone becomes a member of this best credit union in Atlanta, he or she is always a member.

Mutual Savings Credit Union - Best Credit Unions in Atlanta, GA

Image source: Bigstock

The mission of Mutual Savings, as an established and respected credit union in Atlanta, is to become an innovative primary financial institution serving member needs with services that are delivered in a way that’s courteous and responsive.

Key Factors That Enabled This to Rank as One of the Top Atlanta Credit Unions

The list below highlights reasons Mutual Savings is ranked as one of the leading credit unions in Atlanta.

Holiday Loans and Christmas Cash

An exclusive and unique loan product available from Mutual Savings, one of the best-rated Atlanta credit unions, is called Christmas Cash. The Christmas Cash program is designed to provide members with the opportunity to have the money they need to make holiday purchases, without having to pay the high interest rates of store cards. This is a consumer loan product, and one month’s payment can be deferred.

These holiday loans feature a 12-month term and a low APR, and the automatically drafted payments make it easy to ensure payments are made on time, with minimal effort on the part of the borrower. The application is simple and requires minimal personal information and a pay stub or proof of income.

Payment Protection

Another exclusive offering available to members of Mutual Savings, one of the top credit unions in Atlanta, is Payment Protection. This is credit life and credit disability insurance offered through CUNA Mutual Group.

This insurance is designed to pay the outstanding balance of a loan if the loanholder dies before it’s paid off. Credit disability insurance provides funding to help members make their loan payments if they can’t work due to an illness or accident.

Most members are eligible to apply for this service, which provides peace of mind. It’s available for single and joint borrowers and is affordably priced. Premiums are automatically added to loan payments.

Share Draft Checking

Fundamental to the offering available from Atlanta credit unions are checking accounts. At Mutual Savings, this is called the Share Draft Checking account, and there are two versions of this: business and personal.

Both business and personal checking accounts from this best credit union in Atlanta feature no minimum balance requirement, and they earn dividends with a minimum balance. Accounts include a Visa Debit card, there are no per-check fees, and there is an option for an overdraft personal line of credit or Courtesy Pay feature.

These accounts feature streamlined, consolidated monthly statements and direct deposit options as well as the ability to issue stop payments.

Guaranteed Auto Protection

Guaranteed Auto Protection from Mutual Savings, one of the best credit unions in Atlanta, features coverage for members who finance a new or used vehicle. Auto insurance policies will usually just cover the cash value or market value of a vehicle minus the deductible. That can make the settlement much less than the amount owed to a lender or leasing company.

Guaranteed Auto Protection Plus covers the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle and the balance of the loan or lease, minus delinquent payments, late charges, and other insurance-related charges.

It can even cover auto insurance deductibles, and purchase of this coverage is voluntary and can be done when you finance your new or used vehicle with Mutual Savings.

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Piedmont Plus Federal Credit Union Review

Recognized as one of the best credit unions in Atlanta, Piedmont Plus Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative where members become owners when they open an account. Like all other credit unions in Atlanta, GA, members of Piedmont Plus enjoy competitive dividends on savings and lower interest rates on loans.

To join the credit union, interested consumers complete a membership application and make a minimum opening deposit of only $30 to a share/savings account. Once someone joins this Atlanta credit union, he or she is a member for life, as are family members. Membership is open to employees and associates of participating companies and groups, including Piedmont Healthcare, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, and other Piedmont medical centers.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This as One of the Best Credit Unions in Atlanta

Among credit unions in Atlanta, GA, the following are some reasons Piedmont Plus is well-ranked.

Quick Cash Loans

Sometimes, when consumers need fast cash – usually to cover an unexpected emergency expense – they might turn to a solution like a payday loan. Unfortunately, these products tend to have exorbitant fees and interest rates.

Piedmont Plus, one of the premier Atlanta credit unions, offers an alternative called Quick Cash Loans.

To take advantage of this, members of this credit union in Atlanta, Georgia must be in good standing, with no negative balances in any of their credit union accounts. They can take advantage of a credit limit of up to $500, with an APR that’s lower than what’s offered with most other fast and short-term funding solutions.

The terms can be no more than 12 months.

Visa Credit Cards

Piedmont Plus, one of the best credit unions in Atlanta, offers members the option to apply for the Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card, designed to provide convenience without high costs. It helps members ensure they’re not overpaying on interest charges and fees. This car has no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and no foreign transaction fee.

No interest is charged on purchases if the entire balance is paid by the due date each month.

Currently, the interest rate is only 13.9%, which is highly competitive, and the cash advance fee is only %5.

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Free Checking

Free checking is available to qualified members of this credit union in Atlanta, with no minimum balance requirement, no monthly service charges, and no per-check fees. Checking accounts at this leading credit union in Atlanta, Georgia also earn competitive interest.

In addition to the free checking account, Piedmont Plus also features the Regular Checking account, with no monthly service charge if a daily balance of $500 is maintained. This is also an interest-bearing account.

Finally, there is the DDA Checking account, which serves as an alternative to a regular checking account and can be used for direct deposit or payroll. All of these checking accounts include a Visa Debit card, free online banking, monthly consolidated statements, and, as mentioned, they are all interest-bearing.

Club Accounts

Club Accounts from Piedmont Plus, one of the best credit unions in Atlanta, are designed to help members achieve their savings goals. These accounts can be designated to help the member save for whatever goal or goals they have – from a vacation to college savings.

All of the Club Account options from Piedmont Plus include a competitive dividend rate, no minimum balance requirement, and two withdrawals per term. These accounts are also accessible through Online Banking.

With the College Club Account, members earn higher dividends than they would with a regular share account, and young people under the age of 14 can participate in this program.

Pinnacle Credit Union Review

Among credit unions in Atlanta, GA, Pinnacle has a reputation as one of the best. This leader among Atlanta credit unions is full-service with options for savings, checking, loans, and a variety of conveniences and unique services. Pinnacle has almost 14,000 members and more than $80 million in assets, which signify its financial strength and reliability among Atlanta credit unions.

Pinnacle serves employees of many Select Employee Groups, including educators in the state of Georgia, members of the Georgia Association of Educators, hospital employees, and more.

Key Factors That Enabled This to Rank as One of the Best Credit Unions in Atlanta

When reviewing and ranking credit unions in Atlanta, Georgia, the following are reasons Pinnacle excels and is included on this list.

Peak Investors Club

A signature account option available to members of this leader among credit unions in Atlanta, as well as a reason it was ranked as a best credit union in Atlanta, is called the Peak Investors Club. This account is specifically for members of this Atlanta credit union that are aged 55 and older and who maintain a combined total of $5000 in their Share Savings Account, IRA or CD account.

With the Peak Investors Club, members earn dividends that are compounded and paid monthly on their average daily balance. They get a checking account that earns dividends with no service charges if they have a direct deposit, and the account includes free safety checks.

This account is a great way for members aged 55 and above to get extra perks and earning opportunities.

Investment Services

When looking at credit unions, Atlanta consumers often want a financial organization that truly is full-service, meaning that, in addition to things like checking and savings accounts, they also offer access to investment and retirement services. This makes it easy for consumers to streamline every aspect of their finances.

Pinnacle Credit Union offers excellent financial investment services through CUNA Mutual Group. These services range from full-service brokerage to mutual funds and help developing college savings plans.

Members can work with financial experts to plan for a secure, prosperous financial future and their retirement.

Checking Account Switch Kit

Pinnacle strives to offer the utmost in convenience and user-friendly service to members, and one of the many ways it does this is through the provision of a comprehensive Switch Kit. The Switch Kit is designed to walk new members through exactly what they need to do to seamlessly move their accounts from their old financial institution to Pinnacle.

In addition to a step-by-step guide of exactly what members need to do, the Switch Kit includes templates that aid in the process including forms that can be filled out to have direct deposits changed to Pinnacle. This is just one of many ways this credit union in Atlanta, Georgia manages to make life easier for members, particularly compared to many other financial institutions.

Traditional IRAs

Pinnacle is an Atlanta credit union offering not only checking and savings accounts but also investment options, like traditional IRAs as well as Roth IRAs. These accounts let members have the peace of mind that comes with investing in their future, and they feature long-term compounding and tax-deferred earnings potential so that members can achieve their savings and retirement goals.

Pinnacle can work with members to help them transfer money from previous employers into a rollover IRA. The minimum to open a traditional IRA at Pinnacle is only $25, rates are compounded daily and paid quarterly, and these funds are insured separately by the NCUA up to $250,000. 

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Conclusion – Top 11 Best Credit Unions in Atlanta

Atlanta is quickly becoming one of the most thriving areas of commerce, culture, and financial activity not only in the South but throughout the entire country.

With the influx of professionals in Atlanta comes the need for excellent financial and banking services. Many consumers are finding that big name banks simply don’t work for their needs, in large part because these individuals are paying high fees to access their own money.

That is one of the many reasons Atlanta credit unions are becoming the go-to financial resource.

The above review and ranking of the best credit unions in Atlanta looks at both large and small credit unions in Atlanta, Georgia that have one thing in common: their focus is on providing value to members.

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