Intro: Finding the Top Banks in Ohio

Choosing the right financial institution to store your money is not a task to be taken lightly.

Sorting through the long list of banking options available can be overwhelming no matter where you are located, but it can be especially so when looking for Cincinnati banks, banks in Columbus, and other banks in Ohio.

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Award Emblem: Top 14 Best Banks in Ohio

Ohio enjoys a strong presence from many banks and is home to a competitive banking industry. This influx of banks in Ohio is good news for citizens of the Buckeye state, as more market competition often equates to better interest rates, more convenient locations, more access to loans, and more competitive service offerings.

With over 230 banks operating in Ohio, there is certainly no shortage of Ohio banks to choose from. Ohio is home to a wide range of different banks; everything from big name national banks to regional and local community banks can be found here.

The top Ohio banks on this list represent banks across many categories and encompass Cleveland banks, Columbus banks, and the best banks in Cincinnati, as well as other areas of the state.

The banks in Ohio found within this list truly do represent the best banks in Ohio.

Whether you are looking for banks in Cincinnati or banks in Dayton, Ohio or another part of the state, our detailed reviews can help you narrow down your search of top Ohio banks to the best bank in Ohio that is right for you.

AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 14 Best Banks in Ohio

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the bank names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that bank in Ohio):

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Top 14 Best Banks in Ohio (Statewide) | Brief Comparison & Ranking



Civista BankValue checking account with a wide range of benefits & extras
Dollar Bank, Federal Savings BankGovernment lending program supports home improvements for electrical, plumbing, & heating 
First Federal Bank of the MidwestProfessional trustee services available
First Federal Savings and Loan AssociationWide range of CD term options
First Financial BankRobust online banking tools
First National Bank of PennsylvaniaStudent-friendly checking options
New York Community BankDynamic cash back rewards program
Park National BankNo Term IRAs allow for retirement savings without heavy commitment
Peoples Bank Comprehensive financial planning services
The Farmers National Bank of CanfieldHigh-interest yield for checking accounts & CDs
The Home Savings and Loan Company of Youngstown, OhioEasily open a new account online
Union Savings BankFree checking with no hidden fees or requirements
WesBanco Bank, Inc.A+ Checking helps young adults better manage their finances
Woodforest National BankDynamic business banking solutions

Table: Top 14 Best Banks in Ohio | Above list is sorted alphabetically

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Banks in Ohio

Below, please find the detailed review of each banking firm on our list of top banks in Ohio. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these Ohio banks to score so highly in our selection ranking.

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Civista Bank Review

Civista Bank first opened its doors in Sandusky, Ohio, in 1884. Known back then simply as Citizens Bank, Civista Bank is an Ohio bank that has continued to honor its mission of providing premier service to the citizens of Ohio for well over a century.

Civista Bank - banks in ohio

Image Source: Best Banks in Ohio

Civista Bank is considered to be one of the premier community banks in Ohio and serves the financial needs of consumers and businesses throughout Northern and Central Ohio.

Backed by assets totaling $1.4 billion, this bank in Ohio has the resources it needs in order to properly serve its customers’ financial needs.

As a best bank in Ohio, Civista Bank proudly supports many economic, cultural, education, and health initiatives within the communities that they serve.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top Ohio Bank

Below are key factors that enabled Civista Bank to be rated as one of this year’s best banks in Ohio.

Choice Checking Account

Civista Bank’s Choice Checking account is a value checking account that packs a big punch. Consumers who choose this checking account option at this bank in Ohio receive many valuable extras in addition to traditional checking account services.

While the account does require a monthly maintenance fee of $7, the payoff is well worth it. Consumers who choose to utilize Choice Checking enjoy:

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • A free box of checks annually
  • Up to 2 free cashier’s checks a month
  • Cell phone protection
  • A deposit box
  • Free coin machine use
  • Identity theft services
  • Shopping, dining, and travel discounts at BaZing.com
  • Pharmacy, hearing, and vision discounts

KidCents Savings Account

KidCents is a program for kids under the age of 18 to help them move forward by learning how to save at an early age. Kids can open a savings account with as little as $5 to start and begin earning interest on the first penny that they deposit.

Children aged 4-12 receive a coupon for a free ice cream upon opening the account. An annual educational newsletter also goes out from this Ohio bank that provides financial education tips for kids.

Investment and Trust Management

Civista Bank is a best bank in Ohio that goes beyond the typical investment options of just CDs and IRAs. This Ohio bank offers a slew of investment and trust management services to help their clients meet their financial goals and objectives.

Investment and Trust Management services offered at Civista Bank include:

  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Trust and estate administration
  • Foundation and charitable endowments
  • Guardianship and special needs trusts

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Dollar Bank, Federal Savings Bank Review

Founded in 1855, Dollar Bank is a regional bank with more than 60 locations in southwestern Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio. This Ohio bank has the honor of being the largest independent mutual bank in the nation.

As a mutual bank, Dollar Bank is not owned by stockholders but is rather funded by the depositors who use their services. Because of this, this bank in Ohio is focused on building long-term, successful relationships with their customers, rather than on making money for shareholders.

There are advantages to choosing to do business with a mutual savings bank. In essence, the bank is owned by its clients, and they all share in the profit.

Recently reporting core capital of over $843 million, Dollar Bank is poised as a secure choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits that a mutual savings bank has to offer.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Best Bank in Ohio

Below are key factors that enabled Dollar Bank to be rated as one of this year’s best banks in Ohio.

Everything Checking Account

An Everything Checking Account at Dollar Bank truly lives up to its name. This checking account not only gives customers great checking benefits, but it also opens the door to even more savings on other great financial products offered by this bank in Ohio.

With Everything Checking, customers receive:

  • No ATM fees ever from Dollar Bank
  • Interest earned on every dollar
  • Free online banking, mobile banking, text message banking, and mobile remote deposit
  • 50% off check orders
  • Dollar Bank Debit MasterCard with Apple Pay

Everything Checking account holders also have access to even greater value by enjoying higher rates on CDs, and rate discounts on loans and mortgages.

Cleveland Action to Support Housing Loan

As one of the best banks in Ohio, Dollar Bank is a participating lender for the government-backed Cleveland Action to Support Housing (CASH) loan program. The program is available for improvements to homes located in the city of Cleveland and has no income restrictions.

The loan program is designed to improve health and safety features of homes, such as updating the electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating systems.

While safety is the primary goal of the program, other improvements such as carpentry, masonry, insulation, painting, and other needed repairs are also eligible.

Dollar Bank is proud to be one of the Cleveland banks offering customers the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.

Workplace Banking

Dollar Bank partners with employers in the communities that they serve to offer their employees valuable discounts.

While many banks offer employees of partnered employers discounts on things like meals and travel, this Ohio bank offers valuable discounts on their financial products instead.

Customers who take advantage of the Workplace Banking program enjoy perks such as:

  • No closing costs on a home equity term loan
  • Free mortgage pre-approval
  • $500 off closing costs on a Dollar Bank mortgage
  • 1/4% off rates on loans and lines of credit 
  • Up to $150 for opening an Everything Checking account.

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First Federal Bank of the Midwest Review

Based out of Defiance, Ohio, First Federal Bank of the Midwest serves the financial needs of those in northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan, and northeast Indiana. First Federal is a community bank that offers an array of services including checking and savings accounts and residential, commercial, and consumer loans.

First Federal Bank of the Midwest is a bank in Ohio that is wholly owned by First Defiance Financial Corp, a multi-million dollar financial company.

With a focus on building strong relationships with their customers, First Federal Bank of the Midwest is a best bank in Ohio that puts their customers first.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Best Bank in Ohio

Below are key factors that enabled First Federal Bank of the Midwest to be rated as one of this year’s best banks in Ohio.

Simple Checking

Simple Checking does just what it promises to: it keeps checking simple. With a Simple Checking account from First Federal Bank of the Midwest, customers don’t have to worry about hidden fees or options they don’t want but are forced to pay for.

This checking account offers everything customers need and nothing that they don’t. With a Simple Checking account, customers of this bank in Ohio enjoy:

  • No minimum account balance
  • Mobile deposit, online banking with bill pay, and mobile banking
  • Debit card earns points with every purchase
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Only $50 minimum to open
  • No monthly maintenance fees

Trustee Services

At First Federal Bank of the Midwest, they truly care about their customers as individuals. To help ensure their customers’ peace of mind that their affairs will be handled the way they wish upon their passing, this Ohio bank offers trustee services to their clients.

First Federal is happy to work with their customers’ attorney, accountant, or other professionals to ensure that their plan is executed the way that they intended for it to be.

As one of the best banks in Ohio, they also help customers:

  • Maximize their contributions to heirs or charitable funds
  • Minimize their tax exposure and reduce estate tax payments
  • Specifically define how assets are to be distributed
  • Assist their family by taking care of complex estate issues for them
  • Provide instructions in the event they are incapacitated and unable to handle their own affairs

Relationship Savings

A Relationship Savings account with First Federal Bank of the Midwest is an easy way for anyone to get on the road to saving for their future. This interest-earning savings account is perfect for seasoned savers and beginners alike.

This account makes saving simple with only $50 required to open the account, no minimum balance, and no monthly maintenance fees to worry about. First Federal Bank of the Midwest is a best bank in Ohio that realizes the importance of keeping banking simple.

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First Federal Savings and Loan Association Review

Established in 1934, First Federal Savings and Loan Association is a federally chartered mutual savings and loan association. The association accumulates personal and small business deposits in order to fund residential mortgages and consumer loans.

First Federal Savings and Loan Association is an Ohio bank that serves the citizens of Northwest Ohio with a full range of banking products. The bank in Ohio currently operates six locations within Delta, Swanson, Waterville, Holland, Whitehouse, and northwest Toledo.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Best Bank in Ohio

Below are key factors that enabled First Federal Savings and Loan Association to be rated as one this year’s best banks in Ohio.

NOW Checking

A First Federal Savings and Loan Association NOW Checking account is designed to meet all of their clients’ checking needs. This interest bearing checking account comes with unlimited check writing and monthly statements with images of all cleared checks.

As an additional perk, customers of this bank in Ohio can have the low monthly fee easily waived on this account in a variety of ways.

The fee is waived for those who are aged 62 years and older, a full-time student, maintaining a $1,000 balance in a companion savings account, or maintaining a $500 balance in the NOW account itself.

Certificate of Deposits

First Federal Savings and Loan Association offers a wide range of CDs for customers to choose from. All CDs are fixed-rate and require only a $500 minimum to open. There are also many different term options available.

Whether a customer is nervous about having their money tied up for years at a time or a wishes to set it aside and let it grow over several years, there is something for everyone at this bank in Ohio.

Available CD term options are:

  • 91 day CD
  • 6 month CD
  • 9 month CD
  • 12 month CD
  • 15 month CD
  • 16 month CD
  • 18 month CD
  • 30 month CD
  • 36 month CD

IRA CDs are also available as an 18-month variable rate IRA CD or a 30-month fixed rate IRA CD.

Convenient ATM Locations

First Federal Savings and Loan Association may be an Ohio bank that serves the northwest, but they have ATMs located throughout the state of Ohio. This bank in Ohio has an ATM in every Rite Aid store in the state.

With a barrage of Rite Aid stores located throughout Ohio, it won’t be hard to find an ATM nearby while traveling to other parts of the state.

This easy access to ATMs throughout the state is one of the things that makes First Federal Savings and Loan Association a best bank in Ohio.

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Conclusion – Top 14 Best Banks in Ohio

Each bank on this list of the best banks in Ohio possesses their own unique history, brand of customer service, and commitment to the communities that they serve.

Whether you are looking for an Ohio bank to open an account, apply for a loan, or manage your investment portfolio, this list of banks in Ohio is a good place to start.

This list encompasses a wide range of top Ohio banks across all areas of the state, including the best banks in Cincinnati as well as Columbus banks and Cleveland banks. No matter what area of Ohio you are in, this list has a best bank in Ohio that serves your area.

While this list provides many banks in Cincinnati, banks in Dayton, Ohio, and other areas to choose from, it is important to keep in mind that there are many things to be considered when choosing a financial institution.

You should consider things such as which products and services they offer, whether their financial situation is solid, how many locations they have, and whether their social values coincide with yours.

You deserve to partner with a bank that is best suited to cater to your individual financial needs. Choosing a bank is akin to making an investment in your financial future.

This list of Cincinnati banks, banks in Dayton, Ohio, and other Ohio banks provides a good starting point to partnering with a bank that puts your financial needs first.

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