The Search for the Best Banks in Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, and Across Georgia

What are your financial goals? Perhaps your goal is to set aside money to travel, to create a viable college fund for your children, or to create a healthy retirement fund.

Maybe you just want to improve how you manage money and more successfully budget your expenditures versus your income.

You might just be starting out in your career and want to learn the fundamentals of successful money management, or maybe you’re well into your career and want to boost your savings strategies.

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Award Emblem: Top 14 Best Banks in Georgia

Whatever your goals, much of your success depends on how your finances are handled and having a bank you can rely on.

With that significance in mind, the following is a list of banks in Georgia that excel at what they do.

Some of the names on this list of Georgia banks are intimate, community banks with deep roots and history in the state, while others are large-scale national or international financial institutions with a significant presence in the state.

From the best banks in Atlanta to the top banks in Savannah, GA, this list covers the entirety of the state (including banks in Augusta) and speaks to many unique financial needs.

Regardless of the differences between the banks in Georgia included on this list, each one has an excellent reputation, is reliable and consistent, and offers a wide variety of products and services.

AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 14 Best Banks in Georgia (Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, etc.)

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the bank names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that bank in Georgia):

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Top 14 Best Banks in Georgia | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Banks in Georgia

Highlighted Features

Ameris BankCreates & promotes access to financial resources, tools, & guides
Bank of the Ozarks      Free My Change Keeper feature to help customers save money
Farmers and Merchants BankFinancial calculators for better financial management
Fidelity BankConvenient & accessible personal checking accounts
PNC BankVirtual Wallet enhances financial awareness
Regions BankAbility to link accounts to Quicken software
Renasant BankHigh Yield Money Market Account with competitive interest rates
State Bank & Trust CompanyOnline services for deposits, payments, & transfers
SunTrust BankCash Rewards Credit Card offers multiple ways to earn rewards
Synovus BankVersatile ATM Banking options
The Heritage BankFraudWatch Plus feature keeps an eye out for suspicious account activity
United BankSwitch Kit available for new members
United Community BankDynamic fraud prevention tools
Wells FargoComprehensive mobile banking features

Table: Top 14 Best Banks in Georgia | Above list is sorted alphabetically

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Best Banks in Georgia

Below, please find a detailed review of each bank on our list of best banks in Georgia, banks in Savannah, and best banks in Atlanta. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these best banks in Georgia to score so high in our selection ranking.

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PNC Bank Review

PNC Bank has been serving the needs of customers and account holders for over 160 years.  The goals of this financial institution have always been to provide superior customer service along with knowledge and expertise that can help customer reach their individual goals.

PNC serves the needs of more than six million small business and retail customers throughout 19 states, including Georgia, and the banking system of PNC includes over 2,500 branches and 9,000 ATMs.

Key Factors That Enabled PNC Bank to Rank as One of the Top Banks in Georgia

Detailed in the list below are the essential reasons PNC was selected for this list of banks in Georgia, top banks in Columbus, GA, and best banks in Atlanta.

Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet is an exclusive offering from PNC that gives customer and account holders an innovative way to view their finances and be empowered in their decision-making and planning.

Virtual Wallet includes the following features:

  • The Calendar brings together everything in one centralized place, including bill reminders and upcoming payments. Danger Day shows users where expenditures could outweigh incoming money.
  • Spend, Save and Grow is a tool that helps users see their primary checking account, long-term savings account, short-term savings account, and if they choose, a PNC credit card — all in one place.
  • Punch the Pig is a fun aspect of Virtual Wallet that is used to transfer money.
  • You can also use the Wallet App to create a Wish List, which highlights spending and life goals and helps users reach them.

WorkPlace Banking

PNC features options under the WorkPlace Banking program, which is valuable for employees, employers, and current PNC customers.

Under this program, employees receive exclusive discounts on banking products, paycheck direct deposit, and convenience banking. Employee customers also receive savings and rewards on certain banking services and access to robust technology and tools.

For employers, the WorkPlace Banking program offers the ability to attract and retain employees while increasing their overall satisfaction through enhanced benefits packages, plus it offers opportunities to help employees save time and money.

If you’re a current PNC customer and tell your coworkers about the WorkPlace Banking program, you can receive $100 for each co-worker who joins.

PNC Wealth Insight

Since PNC is not just one of the best banks in Georgia but is also a full-service financial provider, they offer wealth management options as well.

With PNC Wealth Insight, customers have the unique opportunity to see their assets online and to work with an advisor to understand where they are and what they need to do to reach their objectives.

Clients of PNC Wealth Insight have access to a full team of experts to manage every area of their finances and investments. These team members include a relationship strategist, wealth strategies, investment and fiduciary advisors, and a banking advisor.

Quicken and QuickBooks Integration

Using PNC allows customers to integrate their accounts and financial information with Quicken and QuickBooks. This makes it easier than ever to make budgets, track spending, and manage data for savings and tax purposes.

Features and benefits of Quicken and QuickBooks integration options from PNC include:

  • Constant access to accounts and financial information
  • The ability to download transaction and balance information
  • An electronic register for checking management
  • Options to track spending, net worth, and other financial details

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SunTrust Bank Review

SunTrust is one of the most well-known banks in Georgia, particularly among banks in Atlanta. This is where the bank was founded in 1891,  and the headquarters remain here.

SunTrust has total assets of $205 billion, and along with being one of the best banks in Georgia, SunTrust also provides comprehensive services ranging from retail banking to mortgage and investment management.

SunTrust is a leader in high-growth markets throughout the U.S., and there are over 1,300 retail branches of the bank located in states across the country.

SunTrust Bank - banks in atlanta

Image Source: Best Banks in Georgia

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank This Bank as a Best Bank in Georgia

When comparing Georgia banks, the following features of SunTrust led to their inclusion on this list of banks in Georgia, top banks in Columbus, GA, and best banks in Atlanta.

Debit Cards

SunTrust offers many debit card options with varying features determined by the needs of customers and account holders.

These cards have built-in features such as embedded chips (which improve security), fraud monitoring, account alerts, and also international acceptance.

Debit card options from SunTrust include:

  • SunTrust MasterCard® Classic Debit Card included with Essential Checking and Balanced Banking
  • SunTrust MasterCard® Gold Debit Card is included with Select Checking
  • SunTrust MasterCard® World Debit Card is included with Signature Advantage Checking
  • Delta SkyMiles® MasterCard® World Debit Card is also available through Signature Advantage Checking

With all debit cards, benefits include extended warranties, price protection, and Zero Liability to protect against fraud.

Cash Rewards Credit Card

As a best bank in Georgia, SunTrust offers many excellent credit card options to retail banking customers, and one of those is the Cash Rewards Credit Card. This card offers 5% cash back on up to $6,000 spent on gas and grocery qualifying purchases in the first 12 months.

After the promotional period, there is a rate of 2% cash back on gas and grocery qualifying purchases, and all other qualifying purchases feature an unlimited cash back rate of 1%.

When you take advantage of this card, you can also get a cash back bonus of 10%, 25%, or more, depending on your deposits held with SunTrust.

Premier Banker Program

The Premier Banker Program is available to select SunTrust customers, and it includes the utmost in personal attention and service.

You are linked with a Premier Banker who will take the time to listen to needs, understand objectives, and then offer customized insight and recommendation.

Along with having a dedicated Premier Banker, participants in this SunTrust program also receive an Action Plan, a no-obligation second opinion review of all retirement, investment, savings or borrowing plans, and benefits such as preferred rates, rewards, and discounts.

Simplified Transfers

SunTrust offers simplified banking options, and this includes transfers between eligible internal accounts. You can also use External Transfers options to move money to accounts at other institutions, and you can send money to other people regardless of where they bank, as long as it’s in the U.S.

SunTrust offers access to Popmoney, a money transfer service. All of these streamlined, simplified money transfer options and solutions are available to enrollees of the bank’s online banking program.

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Synovus Bank Review

Having been one of the top banks in Georgia since 1888, Synovus has been serving the needs of Georgia residents for 125 years. This longevity is largely based on the cultivation of trusting relationships, and Synovus has grown to be one of the premier financial institutions in the entire Southeast Region.

Along with banks in Columbus, Georgia, and locations throughout the state, Synovus now has almost 200 locations, yet still maintains the feeling of being a local, personal bank.

Key Factors That Enabled This Bank to Rank as a Top Bank in Georgia

In the list below are critical reasons Synovus was included in this ranking of the best banks in Georgia, top banks in Atlanta, and best banks in Columbus, GA.

Bill Pay

If you’re not paying your bills on time, it can add up to significant fees, and it can also damage your credit and your financial history. To avoid the challenges that come with organizing your bill payment, Synovus offers Bill Pay with enhanced features.

Using Synovus Bill pay allows users to set up and manage bills directly from the payment center while viewing each biller and account number securely.

You’ll have a clear picture of how and when each bill is getting paid, and you can organize your payments and recent activity.

ATM Banking

A great feature of banking with Synovus, one of the best banks in Georgia, is their convenient ATM banking.

Synovus ATMs offer a wide range of banking capabilities, making it possible to complete simple banking tasks without having to visit a physical branch. 

In addition to simple withdrawals and balance inquiries, Synovus ATM banking allows account holders to

  • Make paperless deposits: No deposit slip is required, and up to 30 checks or 50 bills can be inserted
  • Change PIN numbers
  • Receive receipts, mini-statements, and balance inquiries by email
  • Transfer funds across accounts (including credit cards)

Gold Checking

As one of the top Georgia banks, Synovus has many checking account options, designed to fit a range of needs, and one of their excellent checking products is the Gold Checking account.

This is for clients who are aged 55 or older, and it adds benefits not available with standard accounts, including tiered interest rates on higher balances and unlimited check writing.

The Gold Checking account requires only a $100 minimum deposit to open, and if you maintain a $1,000 average daily balance or have $500 in direct deposits made to the account during a monthly statement cycle, the service fee is waived.

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Wells Fargo Bank Review

A well-known bank with locations throughout Georgia and the U.S., Wells Fargo is known for reliability and stability. Based on total deposits, Wells Fargo is ranked as number three by the FDIC.

Recently, this best bank in Georgia was named the Most Valuable Banking Brand in North America and Retail Banking by Brand Finance®, and according to Forbes, Wells Fargo is the 7th Biggest Public Company in the World.

Wells Fargo provides retail banking, investment, and mortgage services to 70 million customers, and it maintains a presence in 42 countries and territories. 

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This Bank as One of the Top Banks in Georgia

Below are reasons Wells Fargo was selected for inclusion in this ranking of the best Georgia banks, top banks in Savannah, best banks in Atlanta, and top banks in Columbus, GA.

My Savings Plan

My Savings Plan is a unique offering available only to customers of Wells Fargo, in which users can not only develop savings goals, but also track them in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

My Savings Plan automatically monitors progress as you work toward your customized goals, and you can also take advantage of features that help you get to those goals faster, such as automatic transfers from other Wells Fargo accounts and goal-assigned accounts.

When you sign in, you’ll see your accounts, goals, and a progress bar right on the main screen of My Savings Plan.

My Spending Report

Another unique offering from Wells Fargo is a tool called My Spending Report, designed to give you an at-a-glance overview of what you’re spending.

My Spending Report tracks each purchase and payment made from all of your eligible Wells Fargo accounts, including credit cards, debit cards, checks, and bill pay.

This free and highly useful money management tool automatically categorizes spending so you don’t have to save receipts or enter data.

It also tracks deposits so you can see how your expenditures compare to your income.

For an even better representation of users’ spending and budget, My Spending Report includes visual elements like graphs and charts. These indicate information such as budget goals and averages over time.

Budget Watch

A notable feature with Wells Fargo and its personal banking options is the availability of so many comprehensive tools. Typically, you would have to use a third-party service, such as Mint, to track spending, budget, and address financial goals, but Wells Fargo integrates all of these options into its banking services for free.

With Budget Watch, it’s quick to create a personalized budget, gain a bird’s eye view of monthly expenses, and take more control over your money.

Along with setting spending goals, you’ll see what’s left from your automatically updated Budget Summary each business day.

Other features of Budget Watch are email alerts and added insight through the inclusion of graphs and charts.

Mobile Banking

Wells Fargo is considered a leader when it comes to comprehensive mobile banking options.

Mobile banking options from this leading bank in Georgia and across the country include text banking so that account holders receive fast information without signing in.

There’s also a Wells Fargo mobile website that makes it easy to access your accounts and banking information from your phone’s browser.

Finally, Wells Fargo features a range of smartphone and tablet apps designed to let account holders do everything necessary, from depositing checks to paying bills.

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Conclusion—Top 14 Best Banks in Georgia

Georgia is a unique, diverse, and vibrant state —qualities that are reflected in the banking and financial needs of its residents.

From banks in Atlanta to banks in Savannah to banks in Augusta, GA, the above list of banks in Georgia is designed to speak to the needs of consumers throughout the state.

Each of the names above is unique from the others in many ways, but they all share an unwavering dedication to maintaining a superior reputation, delivering outstanding customer service, and catering to a wide range of financial needs.

The Georgia banks included in this ranking also tend to embrace technology, paving the way for convenience and accessibility, while working to keep fees and additional charges low for their customers.

The list of banks in Georgia was carefully put together based on the most relevant criteria from the perspective of the average banking consumer, and our choices reflect the care most consumers give to the selection of their bank.

AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

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