Researching the Best Banks in Florida

How do you save? Plan for the future? Achieve your goals? Live the life you want?

The bank you choose to do business with plays an integral role in each of these areas. Today’s banks and leading financial institutions go far beyond merely serving as a place to store money.

The banks in Florida that are selected by consumers become an essential part of their financial present and future.

Florida consumers can save money by shopping for the best banks in Florida that charge the lowest fees or those that offer the highest checking/savings account interest yields.

Best Banks in Florida

Award Emblem: Top 16 Best Banks in Florida

You can be better prepared to achieve your financial goals through insightful guidance and innovative tools when selecting one of the top banks in Florida.

A great bank can provide simple, convenient, and streamlined points of access to help you keep an eye on every area of your finances.

All of these are factors we considered when compiling this ranking of the best banks in Florida. Whether it’s banks in Tampa or the best banks in Miami, this ranking is in-depth and covers all areas of the state.

This exclusive list highlights not only the best banks in Florida but also details those standout features that led to their inclusion on this list.

These banks combine technology, low fees, competitive interest rates, and excellent customer service to create a valuable, beneficial, and positive experience for customers searching for great banks in Florida.

AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 16 Best Banks in Florida

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the bank names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that Florida bank):

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Top 16 Best Florida Banks | Brief Comparison & Ranking

 Top Florida Banks

 Highlighted Features

BankUnitedConcierge banking for high-net-worth investors & their families
BBVA Compass BankRobust, comprehensive mobile app
Branch Banking and Trust Company (BB&T)Account recommendation tool
Capital Bank CorporationFinancial guides & resources for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families
Centennial BankSignature budgeting tools & calculators
CitibankSplit tax refund program
Fifth Third BankDynamic identity theft protection programs
Florida Community BankDiverse range of savings account & product options
IberiabankExtensive online banking services
PNC BankVirtual Wallet online & mobile budgeting features
Regions BankComprehensive Switch Kit to guide new members
SunTrust BankExclusive checking account offerings & benefits
Synovus BankFrequent recognition for banking excellence & innovation
TD BankWide variety of financial tools & tips for members
Valley National BankDiverse checking & savings options
Wells Fargo BankSavings plans to assist members with savings goals

Table: Top 16 Best Banks in Florida | Above list is sorted alphabetically

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Banks in Florida

Below, please find a detailed review of each bank on our list of top banks in Florida. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these Florida banks to score so high in our selection ranking.

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BBVA Compass Bank Review

BBVA Compass is one of the top banking franchises in the country, with locations throughout the Sunbelt. BBVA Compass is ranked as one of the top 25 largest commercial banks in the U.S based on deposits, and there are 672 branches nationwide.

BBVA Compass is also consistently recognized as one of the premier Small Business Administration lenders, and this top Florida bank provides banking services underneath four categories: Personal, Small Business, Commercial, and Global Wealth.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of BBVA Compass Bank as One of the Top Banks in Florida

Detailed below are highlights of why BBVA Compass was selected as one of the best banks in Tampa, as well as  all of Florida banks.

BBVA Compass Bank Review: MoneyFit

Building a secure financial future as well as maintaining a viable present situation requires education, knowledge, and information, which is why BBVA Compass offers the Financial Fitness Center.

This online resource center features guides, tips, alerts, and general information to help clients in many ways.

Some of the overall topic areas included in the MoneyFit center include savings and budgeting, credit management, owning a home, family and career, retirement, and travel and adventure.

BBVA Compass Bank Review: Premier Personal Banking

Premier Personal Banking is a specialty program that offers some of the highest level rewards and benefits to certain clients. Some of the features of Premier Personal Banking include:

  • Premium 24/7 Service: For convenience and peace of mind, the Premier Personal Banking program offers easy access to an assigned team
  • Platinum Visa Debit Card: This debit card is considered a “membership card” with increased ATM withdrawal and purchase limits no international service fees charged by BBVA Compass, and Visa Concierge service
  • Premium Pricing: You receive ClearChoice Premium Checking and Money Market accounts with no monthly service fee.
  • Customizable Benefits: Waive the annual fee on your BBVA Compass Select credit card or choose from other rewards and benefits.

BBVA Compass Bank Review: BBVA Wallet

As one of the top Florida banks, BBVA provides valuable mobile apps, like BBVA Wallet. This app allows users to conveniently access and manage their accounts, even on the go.

Some of the rewards and benefits that come with BBVA Wallet include:

  • The ability to keep track and organize purchases in real-time and on-the-go
  • Options to activate BBVA Compass cards including debit and credit cards
  • You can use Wallet to pay on BBVA Compass credit cards
  • Change the pin on your cards directly from your Wallet app
  • Report a lost or stolen card quickly
  • Temporarily block transactions if a card is misplaced
  • Redeem rewards in real-time at merchants
  • Receive custom offers and cash back based on how much is spent with the Simple Cash Back program

BBVA Compass Bank Review: Safety and Security

BBVA Compass is one of the top banks in Florida not only because of their product availability but also because of their dedication to maintaining customer safety and security.

Using online banking, customers can stop payment on checks that have potentially become lost or are being used fraudulently.

There are also many other online and traditional banking safeguards in place, and for BBVA Compass clients who want to go the extra step, the bank offers Rapport Security Software, to create additional security against online fraud.

Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) Review

Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) is ranked as one of the largest financial services companies not only in Florida, but the entire U.S. While there are many BB&T Florida banks, its headquarters are based in Winston-Salem, NC, and it maintains more than $219 billion in assets.

BB&T is a Fortune 500 company and is often highly rated for its high level of client satisfaction by the U.S. Small Business Administration. BB&T is a full-service bank and financial services provider.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank BB&T as a Top Florida Bank

Key reasons BB&T is included in this comprehensive ranking of the best banks in Florida are listed below.

BB&T Review: Account Alerts

The availability of account alerts and customizable set-up can be an incredibly valuable option for customers of any bank.

BB&T places a high level of importance on these account alerts, which was essential in their selection as a contender for best bank in Florida. Alerts allow BB&T customers to do the following:

  • Customizable alerts can be programmed to notify customers of certain activities on any eligible account
  • To avoid overdraft fees, customers can use balance-limit alerts
  • Users have the ability to receive alerts by email or text message
  • You can set quiet times for your mobile text alerts
  • Get your ATM receipts sent directly to your email inbox or mobile phone
  • Alerts can be sent in English or Spanish
  • Automatic security alerts notify customers of any important account changes
  • Bill payment alerts keep you updated on what you owe
  • Credit card alerts are also available to manage spending

BB&T Review: BB&T Bright Banking

BB&T Bright Banking is a featured checking account from this leading Florida bank. Bright Banking checking accounts are designed to fit a wide variety of banking needs, and these accounts have many useful features.

For example, when customers meet a qualifier, they can avoid checking fees. Additionally, online and mobile banking is available with the personal finance tools of U by BB&T, and debit cards are available with this account.

To avoid monthly maintenance fees, customers should have one of the following:

  • Combined ACH direct deposits totaling $500 or more per statement cycle or
  • $1,500 average checking account balance per statement cycle or
  • $6,000 in combined personal deposit balances including all accounts at BB&T or
  • A personal BB&T mortgage in any amount

BB&T Review: Checking Recommendation

One of the unique and highly valuable services offered through the BB&T website is their account recommendation tool. To find the right BB&T account for their unique needs and goals, a client begins by entering their state of residence.

They then answer simple questions, including the type of account they’re interested in opening, the age range of the person who will be using it, the estimated monthly checking account balance, and whether or not they hold a mortgage with BB&T.

Then, based on the customer’s answer, they’re given a recommended account, along with the features of that account, and they have the option to open it quickly online.

BB&T Review: Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available through BB&T so you can store your BB&T card in Apple Wallet. All you do is open Wallet and click on the plus icon. You then take a photo of your card or manually enter the information, and you’re walked through a fast card verification process.

Once you’ve included your BB&T card, you can make purchases at more than one million locations using your iPhone 6 or later version phone. Your card is kept secure, and purchases are faster.

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Citibank Review

Citibank is part of Citi Group, which is an organization that provides financial services to consumers and international businesses.

Citi maintains around 200 million customer accounts and works in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Along with consumer banking, Citi works with governments and corporations.

The mission of Citi is to protect people’s savings and help them make the purchases and financial decisions that improve the quality of their life, making them one of the best Florida banks to consider.

Key Factors That Enabled Citibank to Rank as One of the Top Banks in Florida

Highlighted below are reasons Citibank was named as one of the best banks in Florida.

Citibank Review: eBills

To simplify the management of paying bills, as well as overall budgeting and financial management, Citibank offers the eBills service.

EBills lets you receive electronic versions of paper bills and statements from many merchants, and they’re delivered automatically online through your Citi online banking.

Benefits of eBills include easy, convenient access, as well as the ability to customize alerts and reminders so you can always ensure you’re making payments on time.

It’s also convenient to save, view and print up to 18 months of past bills, and this improves overall security since you don’t have the risk of bills getting lost or stolen through traditional mail delivery.

Citibank Review: Split Tax Refund

Citibank offers the unique option for customers to manage their IRS tax refund more effectively using the split tax refund program.

With this service, which is free, the IRS directly deposits your federal income tax return in up to three accounts, which can include a Citibank IRA, a money market account, a checking account, or a savings account.

This ensures customers receive the fastest possible access to their refund without the risk that it will be lost or stolen.

To take advantage of this free Citi service, customers complete IRS Form 8888 and include it with their federal income tax return. Then, they direct the IRS on where to deposit their refund.

Citibank Review: Global ATM Network

Something notable about Citi, and a big reason it was included in this ranking of the best banks in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and throughout all of Florida, is their accessibility.

This includes their worldwide network of ATMs. Banking with Citi means access to over 2,400 fee-free ATMs in the U.S. alone. This includes more than 700 branch-based Citibank ATMs and thousands more that are part of the network.

There are also Citibank ATMs in more than 20 countries, which is excellent for overseas travelers who want to remain connected to their accounts and have easy access to money.

Citibank Review: Popmoney

Popmoney capabilities are available to Citibank customers so they can send money quickly, easily, and directly from their account. With Popmoney, you can use your Citibank checking, savings, or money market account to send or deposit money.

This is ideal if you want to send money to a child at college, send gifts, pay friends back if you split a bill, or send money as a wedding gift.

It can also be used for businesses and includes the ability to send invoices to vendors and payments to employees. As well as sending invoices, you can also receive electronic payments for those invoices.

Regions Bank Review

One of the most well-respected banks in Florida, Regions, has $125 billion in assets and is a member of the S&P 500 Index. Regions is also recognized as one of the largest full-service banking services providers in the U.S., delivering a full line-up of consumer and commercial banking as well as mortgages, insurance products, and wealth management services.

Regions works with customers throughout Florida as well as the South, Texas, and Midwest, and it operates about 1,600 total banking offices.

Key Factors That Enabled Regions Bank to Rank as a Top Bank in Florida

Highlighted in the following list are reasons Regions was selected as one of the best banks in Florida.

Regions Bank Review: Rewards Programs

When considering the best banks in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, or anywhere in the state of Florida, rewards programs are always an excellent indicator of a top institution.

Regions offers several rewards program, one of which is their Cashback Rewards option.

With Cashback Rewards, users make everyday purchases using their Regions Visa Check card or Now Card, and they receive cash back.

Offers to redeem those Cashback Rewards are included within the customer’s online or mobile banking account, and these offers are based on customized spending. To take advantage of offers is incredibly simple. Users just click, shop, and enjoy.

Regions Bank Review: Switch Kit

When consumers decide to move their banking business to Regions, the bank wants to make it as streamlined and fast as possible for them to do so.

That’s why they created the Regions Bank Switch Kit, which includes step-by-step instructions to move any account from another bank to Regions. The steps are laid out in a way that’s clear and easy to follow, and along with moving accounts, the guide also includes instructions needed to close old accounts the correct way.

The kit offers not only instructions, but all necessary forms are also included.

Regions Bank Review: Priority Banking

Regions Priority Banking is a program designed for the bank’s top customers. This preferred customer program aims to deliver the highest level of personalized attention, as well as many opportunities for saving and earning money and rewards at no extra cost.

Some of the features the Regions Priority Banking program include:

  • Personal attention and service from a Priority dedicated Banker
  • Fast assistance from the Regions Priority Banking Center available seven days a week
  • Timely and relevant financial information

To become part of Regions Priority Banking, a customer needs to have a consumer checking account as well as either a first-lien home mortgage loan or at least $50,000 in assets or loans at the bank. Business customers are eligible as well, by meeting similar standards.

Regions Bank Review: Chip Technology

Regions Visa Debit and Prepaid Cards now include ultra-secure chip technology. Chip-enabled cards are accepted at terminals throughout the world, and they’re easy to use but are one of the best ways to keep debit card transactions secure.

Each card features an embedded chip, which is harder to duplicate, making fraud and theft more difficult.

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TD Bank Review

TD Bank calls itself “America’s Most Convenient Bank,” and it’s one of the ten largest banks in the country, with a history spanning more than 150 years.

TD Bank serves the needs of more than 8.5 million customers with 1,300 locations located throughout not only Florida but also the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Metro DC areas, as well as the Carolinas.

TD Bank features services ranging from personal banking to private banking and wealth management.

Best Banks in Florida

Image Source: Top Banks in Florida

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of TD Bank as One of the Top Banks in Florida

Some of the most pertinent reasons TD Bank was selected for this ranking of the best banks in Florida are cited below.

TD Bank Review: Financial Tools and Tips

As a full-service banking institution and a leader among banks in Miami and other major Florida cities, TD offers not just financial products, but also tools and tips that guide consumers to make the best decisions when it comes to managing money.

From calculators to tutorials and articles, there are extensive resources available through TD Bank to help a diverse array of consumers.

Some of the calculators and topics covered include:

  • What do I need to consider a 401(k) rollover calculator?
  • How much can I spend each month in retirement?
  • How long will my retirement savings last?
  • Managing cash flow in retirement
  • College Planner
  • How much should I save each month calculator?
  • How much do you need to retire?
  • Monthly budget worksheets

TD Bank Review: Bill Pay

Paying bills can become a significant obstacle, and it can lead to late bills which are problematic and may require consumers to pay expensive fees. The centralized Bill Pay options from TD can help consumers avoid these adverse situations.

Features of Bill Pay from TD Bank include ease of use so that you can pay anyone in the U.S. without visiting many websites or writing checks. It’s easy to set up and make payments, and you can schedule next-day payments, plus you’ll have the option to receive many of your bills electronically.

TD’s Bill Pay options are completely secure as well, and paying bills without paper statements or checks can reduce the likelihood of fraud and identity theft.

TD Bank Review: Savings Options

Consumers are not all the same, and neither are their savings needs, which is something TD takes into consideration with its savings account options.

With TD Simple Savings, customers can build their savings even if they’re just starting out. This account has no monthly maintenance fees if you have recurring transfers set up from another TD account.

If you meet the minimum daily balance requirement, are 18 or younger, or are 62 or older, you also qualify to have the monthly maintenance fee waived.

With the TD Growth Money Market options, there are tiered interest rates, and higher rates when customers set up a recurring transfer and increase their savings by $50 a month.

With TD Select Savings, the higher the balance, the more customers earn, based on tiered interest rates.

TD Bank Review: Health Savings Accounts

Along with the more traditional savings options listed above, TD Bank also offers Health Savings Accounts, which allow customers to earn tax benefits while simultaneously saving for medical expenses.

Features of Health Savings Accounts from TD Bank include:

  • Easy access and payment options that include HSA checks, a no-annual-fee HSA Visa Debit Card, and complimentary bill pay
  • Customers who use this option will receive an in-depth, year-end summary showing contributions and payments made throughout the year
  • The HSA Hotline helps customers when they need it
  • Interest rates are competitive
  • Only $25 is required as a minimum deposit to open an HSA with TD Bank, and monthly maintenance fees are as low as $4 and can be waived with a linked TD Relationship Checking account

Valley National Bank Review

A long-standing and established bank, Valley National has been serving the needs of Florida consumers since 1927. The bank also has locations in New Jersey and New York, and the Valley National Bank-Florida Division is the exclusive service provider to residents of the state.

This regional bank is one of the largest commercial banks headquartered in New Jersey, and it has more than $21 billion in assets. Valley National Banks operates 209 branch locations currently.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of Valley National Bank as One of the Top Banks in Florida

Reasons leading to the inclusion of Valley National Bank on this ranking of the top banks in Florida are highlighted below.

Valley National Bank Review: Personal Money Market

As one of the leading banks in Orlando and other areas in Florida, Valley National offers excellent savings account options, and one of those with numerous perks and benefits is the Personal Money Market account.

When consumers sign up for a Personal Money Market account, they receive free online banking and bill pay, as well as free telephone access to their account information.

The initial opening deposit is only $1,000, and there is only a $2,500 minimum daily balance required to waive any maintenance fees. It’s an interest-bearing account at a variable rate, and participants receive free electronic statements as well.

Valley National Bank Review: Easy Checking

One of the many checking account options available from Valley National is the Easy Checking Account. This simple,, affordable account includes the following features and benefits:

  • Free online banking
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Unlimited check writing privileges
  • Free non-Valley ATM withdrawals
  • Low initial opening of $100
  • Free electronic statements
  • $3 paper statements, if preferred

Valley National Bank Review: Asset Management and Investments

For Valley National customers who want a truly comprehensive experience, the bank is associated with Hallmark Capital Management.

This wealth and investment management firm works alongside Valley National to offer solutions and insight that allows clients to reach their personal financial and life goals.

The Hallmark approach is based on collaboration, highly customized investment management, and a process that’s disciplined and transparent.

Valley National Bank Review: Business Services

As well as a full selection of banking services aimed at personal needs, Valley National also works with business clients and even offers Small Business Administration Loans.

Regardless of the phase of business a company may be in, Valley National offers the services they need to manage their daily banking, including checking and savings.

Other service areas provided by the Business branch of Valley National Bank include business loans, merchant services, and auto dealer services.

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Wells Fargo Review

With $1.8 trillion in assets, Wells Fargo is one of the most reputable banks not only in Florida but also in the entire U.S. Wells Fargo provides many services aside from standard banking, including investments, insurance, and mortgage and commercial financial services. The company maintains 8,600 locations and 13,000 ATMs.

Wells Fargo was ranked third by assets among U.S. banks in the fourth quarter of 2016 and is the world’s most valuable banking brand for 2017.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of Wells Fargo as One of the Top Banks in Florida

Some of the primary reasons Wells Fargo was chosen as a contender for best bank in Florida are listed below.

Wells Fargo Review: Apple Pay Compatibility

Wells Fargo is one of the most reputable banks in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and other areas throughout the entire state of Florida and this bank places a significant emphasis on technology.

One way this is demonstrated is through the use of Apple Pay, which is available with Wells Fargo cards.

It’s easy to set up, and once you’ve completed a few simple steps, you have the option to hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near a merchant’s card reader, or you can pay with your fingerprint if retailers participate in Apple Pay.

Wells Fargo Review: Smart Credit Center

The Smart Credit Center is a signature Wells Fargo online offering that helps customers and consumers find the guidance, tips, and resources they need to manage their credit, whether they’re just establishing a credit history, working to improve or rebuild it, or they want to manage debt efficiently.

There are guides for each of these goal areas, and there are also general tips for actions that will help any consumer build good credit.

Along with comprehensive guides, the Smart Credit Center also includes news and updates on relevant financial topics, and information about different lending options consumers can take advantage of, depending on their individual circumstances.

Wells Fargo Review: Mobile Apps

With Wells Fargo’s many mobile options, users can gain convenient access to their account information and enjoy streamlined tools for a better overall banking experience.

These mobile apps don’t have extra fees in addition to standard banking fees, and apps are supported on Android, iPhone, and Windows devices. Apps include the following features and capabilities:

  • Deposit checks using a phone
  • View check and deposit images
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Send and receive money only by email address or mobile phone  numbers
  • View detailed account activity
  • See balance information quickly
  • Use GPS to get one-touch directions and access to Wells Fargo ATMs and locations
  • Gain fast access to the Sign-On Screen

Wells Fargo Review: My Savings Plan

My Savings Plan is a signature offering from Wells Fargo that comes in the form of a free online tool for any Wells Fargo savings customer. With My Savings Plan, users can build their savings with automatic transfers from other accounts based on goal-assigned savings accounts.

Users can sign on anytime to track their progress and see how they’re doing as they work toward their goals.

To get started with My Savings Plan, users first sign up for a Wells Fargo savings account and then Wells Fargo Online. Once that happens, users can identify their specific savings goals, assign one goal to each account, and set the amount they hope to save by a certain date.

The process bar then tracks how close users are to reaching their customized goals.

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Conclusion—Top 16 Banks in Florida | 2017 Ranking & Review

Whether consumers are looking for the best banks in Miami, banks in Orlando, banks in Tampa, or anywhere across the state of Florida, the above ranking represents the best of the best in terms of the state’s financial institutions.

The banks represented in the list above are not only the best banks in Florida, but many also have strong national and even international reputations. Each is backed by a long history, excellent products, and advanced technology to centralize and streamline banking management for customers.

The banks above also excel in the areas of customer service, consistency and reliability, and innovation. These banks in Florida represent exemplary offerings in every field, which is why they are included in this detailed ranking and review.

AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

Reasonable efforts have been made by AdvisoryHQ to present accurate information, however all info is presented without warranty. Review AdvisoryHQ’s Terms for details. Also review each firm’s site for the most updated data, rates and info.

Note: Firms and products, including the one(s) reviewed above, may be AdvisoryHQ's affiliates. Click to view AdvisoryHQ's advertiser disclosures.