2017 Review: Finding the Top Accounting Firms in Vancouver, BC

If your personal, company, or business finances have become too much for you to manage alone, hiring an accountant in Vancouver may be the perfect solution.

Vancouver accounting firms can help facilitate efficient business operations for your company, as well as help you turn your pile of tattered receipts and messy records into a clean, organized set of numbers.

CPA services are invaluable because they help clear your mind as well as your banking and business records. It’s easier to sleep at night knowing that your finances are in order.

However, searching for an accountant or an accounting firm in Vancouver is an arduous task. With so many accounting firms in Vancouver, choosing the right Vancouver CPA firm could be intimidating.

That’s where AdvisoryHQ comes in.

Provided here is our list of the best accounting firms in Vancouver. We’ve also provided a breakdown of the services offered by these Vancouver accounting firms, making it easy to determine which Vancouver accounting firm can best suit your needs.

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Award Emblem: Top 10 Best Accounting Firms in Vancouver, BC

AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 10 Best Accounting Firms in Vancouver

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the firm names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that accounting firm):

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Top 10 Best Accounting Firms in Vancouver, BC | Brief Comparison & Ranking

FirmHighlighted Features
Buckley Dodds Parker LLPWide selection of accounting services for Canada & the U.S.
D&H Group LLPTailored services for Aboriginal organizations
Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte, LLPVariety of industry specializations
Davidson & Company LLPStrong company mission & philosophy
Galloway Botteselle & CompanyComprehensive code of company ethics
Lohn Caulder LLPLarge selection of accounting services
Manning Elliott LLPStrong company culture & community involvement
Rolfe, Benson LLPDedication to core values
Smythe LLPGlobal affiliations 
Wolrige Mahon LLPStrong sense of corporate responsibility

Table: Top 10 Best Vancouver Accounting Firms | Above list is sorted alphabetically

AdvisoryHQ’s Selection Methodology

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Please click here “AdvisoryHQ’s Ranking Methodologies” for a detailed review of AdvisoryHQ’s selection methodologies for ranking top-rated credit cards, financial accounts, firms, products, and services.

Detailed Review – Top Ranking Accounting Firms in Vancouver, BC

Below, please find the detailed review of each firm on our list of top accounting firms in Vancouver. We  have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these Vancouver accounting firms to score so highly in our selection ranking.

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Buckley Dodds Parker LLP Review

Founded over 30 years ago, Buckley Dodds Parker LLP is a Vancouver-based accounting firm with a wide range of accounting and tax services.

On staff at this firm are Chartered Accountants, Certified General Accountants, accounting students, technicians, and bookkeepers.

They have planted firm roots in the Vancouver community and regularly give time and money to local charitable organizations.

Buckley Dodds Parker LLP - vancouver accountant

Image Source: BigStockPhoto

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Vancouver Accounting Firm

Below are key factors that enabled Buckley Dodds Parker LLP to rank as one of 2017’s top accounting companies in Vancouver.

Large Selection of Accounting Services

Buckley Dodds Parker (BDP) offers clients a wide range of tax, accounting, and business advisory services to both individuals and corporations.

Some of Buckley Dodds Parker’s services include:

Tax Accounting – Canada

Buckley Dodds Parker is an experienced tax accountant in Vancouver and offers tax preparation, audit, and advisory services to individuals and businesses.  

If you are audited, a BDP team member can represent you and help smooth over the unfortunate circumstance of having to deal with tax authorities.

 Buckley Dodds Parker can also assist with typical Canadian tax needs, including:

  • Corporate and personal tax planning
  • Corporate finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • SR & ED
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Cross border tax planning
  • Assistance in complying with federal and provincial income taxes, goods and services tax, and other sales tax laws

Tax Accounting – U.S.

Buckley Dodds Parker also offers assistance with a wide range of U.S. tax-related issues and concerns. Such services include:

  • Corporate and personal U.S. tax return
  • Partnership and LLCs
  • Cross-border planning
  • Cross-border tax returns
  • FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) filings
  • State tax returns
  • Fiduciary tax returns
  • Exempt organization
  • Estate taxes and estate planning
  • Responding to IRS letters
  • Calculating estimated tax payments
  • Calculations of sole proprietorship income and expenses
  • Capital gains and losses
  • Rental property income, expense, and depreciation calculation
  • Household employment income  
  • Income tax filing extensions
  • Incorporation and dissolution in all 50 states

Entrepreneur Services

BDP offers a wide range of cohesive services to entrepreneurs at all development phases. Some of the services offered to entrepreneurs are:

  • Succession and estate planning
  • Tax planning including stocks, capital gains planning, and tax credits
  • Management information systems
  • Human resources
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and divestures
  • Going public

The services described above are just a fraction of the large selection of programs offered to clients through this Vancouver accountant. Some of the other services and programs available at BDP include:

  • Assurance
  • Non-profits
  • Public companies
  • Family business and succession planning
  • Advisory services
  • Film tax credits

Community Involvement

Buckley Dodds Parker appreciates the Vancouver community and feels a strong obligation to give back to the city.

As one of the best Vancouver accounting firms, they contribute time and money to many deserving organizations in Vancouver, including:

  • Canadian Institute for the Blind
  • Arthritis Society
  • Vancouver Opera Association
  • The Missy Foundation
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • The Salvation Army
  • Vancouver East Cultural Center
  • Pacific Assistance Dogs Society
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Autism Speaks Canada
  • Dentistry with Heart

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D&H Group LLP Review

D&H Group has operated as an accounting company in Vancouver for over 60 years. Founded in 1951 by David Dyke and Ian Howard, the firm has a strong connection with the local Vancouver community.

Today, D&H Group employs 80 team members and associates who provide clients with a wide range of tax, accounting, and related financial services.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm in Vancouver

Below are key factors that enabled D&H Group LLP to rank as a top Vancouver accounting firm in 2017.

Personalized Treatment

D&H strives to provide individualized tax and accounting services to each and every client.

Their wealth of experience in the accounting industry allows them to create personalized services that are backed with the skills and knowledge you expect from an accounting firm.

Taxation Services

D&H has a large selection of taxation services available for clients in Canada and offers some tax services to non-residents as well.

Examples of personal taxation services for Canadian residents include:

  • Canadian (T1) personal income tax return preparation
  • Canada Revenue Agency inquiries and audit support
  • Voluntary Disclosure Program/taxpayer relied request assistance
  • Immigration/emigration planning
  • Residence for income tax purpose
  • Estate planning
  • Handling death of a taxpayer
  • Purchase and sale of business
  • Self-employed taxpayers
  • Rental properties

Above and beyond personal tax issues, D&H provides many other tax programs for a variety of clients. Such services include:

  • Corporate tax
  • Trusts and estates
  • Partnerships
  • Sales tax
  • Non-residents of Canada tax concerns

Aboriginal Services

As a top accounting firm in Vancouver, D&H specializes in providing tax, accounting, and business advisory services tailored specifically for aboriginal organizations.

They have experience working with many of these organizations and seek to foster long-term, personalized relationships in order to provide the best service possible.

Some of the services provided to Aboriginal organizations are:

  • Economic development advice
  • Planning business structures
  • Tax planning and compliance issues unique to Aboriginals
  • Ongoing advisory services
  • Operation and strategic planning
  • Income and sales tax services
  • Assurance services
  • Advising on treaty negotiations
  • Implementing technology

Additional Services

This Vancouver accounting firm also offers a large selection of further accounting services above and beyond the services mentioned above. A glimpse of these services are:

  • Financial statements: Includes accounting, assurance, and special reporting services.
  • Advisory and outsourcing:  Includes business valuations and other support and preparation services.

Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte LLP Review

Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte LLP was founded in 1978 and is a tax and accounting firm offering services to the Vancouver, Surrey and Tri-city areas.

The Vancouver accounting firm has 16 employees associates, including partners, consultants, and CPAs. They offer financial-related services to public and private companies, non-profits, and small businesses.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm in Vancouver

Below are key factors that enabled Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte LLP to rank as one of 2017’s top accounting firms in Vancouver.

Firm Mission and Culture

As stated on the firm’s website, Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte LLP’s (DMCL) core values include fairness, trust, and integrity. Team members are committed to providing these core values when providing services to clients.

They aim to help clients reach their goals by offering excellence in service, expertise and knowledge, simplicity, professionalism, and value.

Accounting Services

Accounting services offered by Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte include:

  • Accounting
  • Audit & assurance
  • Canadian compliance tax
  • US compliance and expatriate tax
  • International tax
  • Estates and trusts
  • Business advisory

Industry Specializations

Over time, Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte has learned the ins and outs of particular industries and understands the tax, accounting, and business advisory factors of each sector that lead to business success.

A full list of industry specializations at DMCL includes:

  • Fishing and aquaculture
  • Transportation and marine services
  • Real estate and construction
  • Technology, software, and gaming
  • Sports and entertainment accountants
  • Professional and personal services
  • Restaurant, retail, and hospitality
  • Non-profit organizations

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Davidson & Company LLP Review

Davidson & Company is a full-service Vancouver accountant and one of the largest independent Vancouver accounting firms in British Columbia, including one of the largest public auditors in Canada.

Over 100 team members and associates are available to provide clients with highly-skilled and experienced accounting and tax professionals.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm in Vancouver

Below are key factors that enabled Davidson & Company LLP to rank as one of 2017’s top Vancouver accounting firms.

Firm Mission and Philosophy

Davidson & Company prides itself on being large enough to offer high-level accounting skills and expertise, yet small enough to care about the personal needs of each and every client.

This Vancouver CPA firm works to promote an environment of growth and learning, to earn trust and respect from every client, to offer the highest standards of service for quality and financial reporting, and to provide regulatory compliance and sound business practices.

As a top Vancouver accounting firm, they work to offer a client experience that:

  • Promotes open and honest communication
  • Cultivates in-depth knowledge and understanding of your unique needs
  • Promises an on-going involvement of the partners responsible for serving you
  • Makes a valuable contribution to proactive and administrative practices


Davidson & Company is a member of Nexia International, a global organization of independent accounting and consulting firms that offers a broad collection of assurance, tax, and advisory services.

Nexia International has over 570 offices in over 100 countries and touts a major presence in the global financial and economic marketplace.

Davidson & Company’s affiliation with Nexia International is specifically advantageous for international clients and high-net-worth individuals.

Large Selection of Services

Davidson & Company offers a wide range of financial services, which includes:

Tax Accounting

Davidson & Company offers a comprehensive array of tax services to both individuals and businesses.

Business tax 

Davidson & Company assists businesses with domestic and international income tax, GST, commodity and value added tax, government tax at all levels, international transfers and related tax planning and compliance, payroll and benefits tax, and more.

Personal tax

Services for personal taxes include tax returns, estate and succession planning, and CRA audits and disputes.

Estate planning

Associates at Davidson & Company can assist you will estate planning services such as succession planning, trusts (alter-ego, joint, spousal or common law, inter-vivos, testamentary), including probate and estate taxes.

This top Vancouver accountant also provides assistance to executors or trustees, and handles charitable giving and private foundations.

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Galloway Botteselle & Company Review

Galloway Botteselle & Company (GB) is a Vancouver-based accounting firm offering services to a large selection of businesses, professional practices, trusts, proprietorships, and partnerships.

Partners and staff bring well over 100 years of experience to the table when working with clients and seek to offer the highest level of customer service possible.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Vancouver Accounting Firm

Below are key factors that enabled Galloway Botteselle & Company to rank as one of 2017’s top accountanting firms in Vancouver.

Firm History

Galloway Botteselle & Company was founded in Vancouver in 1946 by J. Edward Black. The firm started as Black & Company and saw a few name changes on the road to finally becoming Galloway Botteselle & Company in 1988.

Galloway Botteselle & Company - vancouver accounting firms

Image Source: Galloway Bottoselle & Company

Today, the GB team consists of 28 staff members, and is led by 8 partners. The partners are supported by senior accountants, accounting associates, accounting staff, and administrative employees.

Mission and Values

GB strives to offer clients customized, sound financial management services that earn the trust, respect, and confidence of clients and the community.

They believe that the growth and success of GB and its clients is reinforced by their commitment to sustaining a motivated, skilled team with an unending culture of learning.

They also believe in providing individualized services so that each client receives the most from GB’s deep skill set and experience.

This approach keeps GB team members focused on meeting every client’s particular financial needs and goals.

This mission, approach, and philosophy is also reflected in GB’s code of ethics:

  • Responsibility to society
  • Trust and duties
  • Due care and professional judgment
  • No deceptive information
  • Practice of the profession
  • Responsibilities of the profession
  • Independence

PHI Affiliation

GB is a member of Porter Hétu International (PHI), which is the second largest CPA group in the world and among the top fifteen accounting groups in Canada.

PHI is a professional network consisting of over 50 accounting and consulting firms and offers a further benefit to both domestic and international clients.

Tax and Accounting Services

GB offers  a wide selection of tax, accounting, and advisory services. GB works seamlessly alongside corporations, individuals, estates, and non-profit organizations.

Lohn Caulder LLP Review

Established in 1978, Lohn Caulder LLP is an independent firm of Chartered Professional Accountants based in Vancouver.

Lohn Caulder LLP is a representative of BKR International, a global network of accounting firms with affiliated offices all around the world.

The firm staffs over 30 associates and support staff members, offering valuable tax and accounting services to the Vancouver community.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm in Vancouver

Below are key factors that enabled Lohn Caulder LLP to rank as one of 2017’s top Vancouver accountants.

Large Selection of Accounting Services

As a top tax accountant in Vancouver, Lohn Caulder offers a large selection of tax and accounting services to individuals and businesses. A complete list of their services includes:

Assurance and Accounting

This firm understands that oftentimes the complexities of accounting can weigh a business down.

Lohn Caulder works with clients, sometimes on the client’s premises, to smooth over the complexities of financial reporting and overall accounting needs.

Some of their financial reporting services are:

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Trust auditing and statute compliance
  • Cash flow projections
  • Financing needs
  • Banking proposals
  • Purchase and systems reviews

Additional services:

  • Tax planning
  • Consulting
  • Info tech
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Bookkeeping
  • Estate planning

Industry Specializations

Over time, Lohn Caulder has established itself as an expert in various industries by developing accounting solutions applicable to fields like:


Lohn Caulder works closely with doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, architects, and optometrists.

Private Corporations

Professional corporations, holding corporations, and limited participation shares can find worthy services through this Vancouver accountant.

Real Estate

Real estate was one of the first specializations at Lohn Caulder. As a top accountant in Vancouver, they commonly assist real estate professionals with:

  • Developing real estate for sale or lease
  • Selling real estate for third-party vendors
  • Operating a real estate brokerage
  • Managing the rental of real estate on behalf of owners
  • Managing operation of strata corporations for properties subject to the strata title act
  • Locating real estate opportunities for developers
  • Performing real estate trust account audits
  • And much more


Lohn Caulder also specializes in the technology sector. They have learned the particular factors that an accountant must address in order to successfully manage an emerging or existing technology company.

Some of these issues and concerns are:

  • Income tax in multiple countries and states
  • Sales and withholding taxes
  • Tax return liabilities
  • Hiring remote staff
  • Cash grant applications
  • Subsidy applications
  • Research and development tax credits

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Lohn Caulder realizes that profits (income taxes) are not a major factor concerning not-for-profit organizations. Instead, these organizations have other specific concerns: non-profit tax returns, funding, and reporting requirements.

As a top Vancouver accountant, the firm strives to develop effective strategies for non-profit organizations.

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Manning Elliot Review

Founded in 1952, Manning Elliot is a Vancouver-based accounting firm that consists of over 150 team members including chartered accountants and business advisors.

Manning Elliot offers accounting services to small to medium-sized owner managed private businesses, public companies, and not-for-profit organizations.

They are proud of the team-centered approach taken when serving clients and take time to learn about each client’s needs, industry, and business to provide the highest quality services possible.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Vancouver Accountant

Below are key factors that enabled Manning Elliot to rank as one of 2017’s top Vancouver accounting firms.

Team-Centered Environment

Although their team has expanded significantly over the years, Manning Elliott continues to foster a family- and team-centered environment within its firm.

They have formed an internal social committee that plans fun events year-round to promote friendly communication among team members at all levels.

Employees also enjoy team lunches, hockey game nights, ski weekends, hiking trips, and reality show pools.

Community Involvement

Manning Elliot is also dedicated to serving the community by giving to philanthropic causes. Employees are encouraged to volunteer through both employer-supported programs and outside of work.

Some of the charitable activities done by Manning Elliot employees are:

  • Volunteering
  • Financially supporting charities
  • Activities to advance the accounting profession
  • Community involvement
  • Mentoring students

Major Practice Areas

Manning Elliot offers services in six major practice areas:

  • Private companies
  • Private companies
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Estate planning
  • Business succession
  • Domestic & international taxation

Industry Specializations

Manning Elliot has a large selection of niche specializations. They provide accounting services, keeping in mind the particular needs and concerns of each of industry, for the following sectors:

  • Not-for-profits, foundations, and charities
  • Agriculture and food services 
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Construction and real estate
  • Craft breweries accounting, assurance, and tax
  • Education
  • Financial services
  • First Nations accounting and business advisory
  • Forestry
  • Healthcare
  • Life sciences
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Mining and exploration
  • Oil and gas
  • Power and utilities
  • Professional services
  • Real estate investment
  • Renewable energy production
  • Retail, wholesale, and distribution
  • Technology company 
  • Transportation and logistics

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Rolfe, Benson LLP Review

Locally founded in 1958, Rolfe, Benson LLP provides accounting, business consulting, tax advice, and bookkeeping services to individuals and businesses in Vancouver.

They strive to offer personalized services to each and every client and operate with the mantra, “Our business is numbers. Our clients are not.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm in Vancouver

Below are key factors that enabled Rolfe, Benson LLP to rank as one of 2017’s top accounting firms in Vancouver.

International Affiliation

Rolfe, Benson is an affiliate of AGN International, a worldwide association of independent accounting and advisory businesses.

This membership offers Rolfe, Benson clients access to global business advice, a valuable trait in a Vancouver accountant.

Long Firm History

This firm was established in 1958 by David Rolfe with a handful of associates. Today, Rolfe, Benson has changed its office location and grown to a firm of 50-plus total staff members.

Despite this long history, this top accountant in Vancouver remains humble, grateful for their success, and true to their professional philosophy and values. 

Core Values

Rolfe, Benson remains dedicated to the core business values that have motivated them from the beginning. These core values include:

  • High-level service for every client
  • Long-lasting relationships
  • Personalized services
  • Earning trust through integrity and honesty
  • Community involvement
  • Respect and professionalism to colleagues, clients, and competitors
  • Diligence and technical excellence

Community Service

Rolfe, Benson is dedicated to the Vancouver community. Partners and staff take an active role in charitable causes by serving as volunteers or board members and donating time and money as well.

Some of the organizations that Rolfe, Benson team members have supported are:

  • BC Cancer Foundation
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Canuck Place
  • Family Services Greater Vancouver
  • Fringe Festival
  • Inclusion BC
  • JDRF
  • Salvation Army
  • Touchstone Theatre Society
  • United Way of the Lower Mainland
  • VHG & UBC Hospital Foundation

Wide Selection of Services

Rolfe, Benson offers clients a large selection of accounting services, including:

  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Accounting and assurance
  • Estate planning
  • Management advisory services
  • Non-residents
  • Charities and not-for-profits

Industry Specializations

This firm specializes in a wide range of industries. A complete list of these niche services includes:

  • Professional services
  • Real estate and construction
  • Manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution
  • Retail and hospitality
  • Technology
  • Not-for-profits, foundations, and charities 

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Smythe LLP Review

As a top Vancouver CPA firm, Smythe LLP has provided assurance, taxation, and business advice to individuals and businesses for over 35 years within BC and across Canada.

They have three locations across Canada and employ a total of 185 team members. This accounting firm in Vancouver is one of the largest independent CPA firms in British Columbia.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm in Vancouver

Below are key factors that enabled Smythe LLP to rank as one of 2017’s top accounting companies in Vancouver.

Professional Affiliations

Smythe is a member of Allinial Global. This connects Smythe with over 250 independent firms throughout 13 major countries.

Clients can benefit from this professional network because it connects Smythe professionals with global experts providing quality accounting advice.

General Services

As a top tax accountant in Vancouver, Smythe offers a full list of accounting services that are conveyed to clients with knowledge, experience, and personalization.

Services provided by Smythe include:

  • Accounting and assurance
  • Tax planning
  • Advisory services
  • Insolvency
  • Niche Specializations

Industy-Specific Services

Since Smythe was founded in 1980, they have established themselves as accounting experts in a number of industries.

Their Vancouver accountants can deliver experienced services to niche industries, including:

  • Unions, Benefits, & Pension Plans
  • Mining & Exploration
  • Oil & Gas
  • Technology
  • Real-Estate & Construction
  • Farming & Agriculture
  • Private Enterprise
  • Public Sector

Over time, Smythe has developed a reputation for bringing precise skills and advice to clients within these sectors.

Client-Driven Success

The firm offers services such as historical rate of return calculations for pension investments, analysis of selected listed financial institution HST reporting requirements, and more.

Some Smythe clients receiving such services are:

  • Retail Wholesale Union
  • Telecommunications Workers’ Union
  • Hotel Employees Union 
  • BC Construction Association Group Benefit Plan

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Wolrige Mahon Review

Wolrige Mahon LLP is an independent accounting firm in Vancouver offering accounting, assurance, tax, litigation support, corporate finance, US cross-border tax, business consulting services, and more to their accounting clients.

Founded in 1962, Wolrige Mahon LLP has grown to one of the largest independent accounting firms in Vancouver with over 90 associates and team members.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm in Vancouver

Below are key factors that enabled Wolrige Mahon to rank as one of 2017’s top accounting firms in Vancouver.

International Affiliations

Wolrige Mahon LLP is a member of Baker Tilly International, a global organization consisting of independent accountancy and business advisory firms.

Baker Tilly is comprised of 28,000 professionals in 141 countries. Wolrige Mahon is dedicated to Baker Tilly’s core values of integrity, leadership, transparency, and ethics. 

Wide-Ranging Services

A list of services available at Wolrige Mahon includes:

  • Insolvency & restructuring
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Audit
  • Public companies
  • Corporate finance
  • Valuations & litigation support
  • Technology & risk advisory

Industry Specializations

Some of the industries that these top Vancouver accountants specialize in include:

  • Auto dealership
  • Financial services
  • Entertainment and new media
  • Professional services
  • Natural resources
  • Real estate development

Corporate Responsibility

Wolrige Mahon is committed to running its business in a conscious manner. They believe that a mindful and positive corporate citizen should focus on four core areas, outlined below.

Corporate Governance

Wolrige Mahon believes that business should be conducted responsibly and with sound ethics, compliance, accountability and transparency.

In order to achieve this, all team members at this top accounting firm in Vancouver must agree to firm policies that include anti-bullying, behaving fairly and honestly, and acting lawfully.

Satisfied Workforce

As a valued accounting firm in Vancouver, Wolrige Mahon is also committed to the happiness of their employees. They promote workplace diversity and a healthy work-life balance.

This top Vancouver accountant also fosters a mentorship program within the firm to provide continuous feedback and training.

Environmental Stewardship

Wolrige Mahon is moving toward a paperless environment and works to conserve energy by introducing greener practices in the everyday operations of their offices. 

Community Service

They also promote giving back through volunteering and donating to worthy causes. The firm has a Community Services Committee that manages the firm’s community involvement.

Aside from volunteerism and fundraising for various charities, Wolrige Mahon has prepared tax returns free of charge for residents at George Pearson Centre, a care facility, for over two decades.

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Conclusion – Top 10 Accounting Firms in Vancouver, BC

The relationship you have with a CPA, an accountant, or an accounting firm in Vancouver should be one that is based on trust, respect, and open communication.

You don’t want to work with a Vancouver accountant who simply sees you and your business as a “number.”

The best Vancouver accounting firms care for clients on an individual level, and work to build a long-lasting personal and business relationship. 

An accountant dives deep into the state of your financials, which is really a door into your personal or company’s business life.

Because the relationship is so essential, the choice of using a particular CPA or a Vancouver accounting firm is a major decision that should not be taken lightly.

Each Vancouver accounting firm has its own firm culture and niche specializations. The only way to learn which accountant in Vancouver aligns with you is to take the time to research and discover which Vancouver CPA offers the particular services that you need.

Be sure to read carefully and do your own research so that you’re confident the Vancouver CPA you choose aligns with your personal beliefs, values, and financial goals.

Whether you’re looking for a firm that offers personal accounting or a firm that specializes in real estate or manufacturing accounting, there is a Vancouver accountant that aligns with your needs.

AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

Reasonable efforts have been made by AdvisoryHQ to present accurate information, however all info is presented without warranty. Review AdvisoryHQ’s Terms for details. Also review each firm’s site for the most updated data, rates and info.

Note: Firms and products, including the one(s) reviewed above, may be AdvisoryHQ's affiliates. Click to view AdvisoryHQ's advertiser disclosures.