Finding the Top Accounting Firms in Boston, Massachusetts

Have you come to the conclusion that now is either the time to establish a relationship with a professional accounting firm or perhaps shift your business to a firm that will better understand your needs?

If you find yourself in either position, you’ll likely find the list of accounting firms in Boston is overwhelming to say the least.

When the options are extensive, the question then becomes how do you select an accounting firm in Boston that’s going to provide you with the highest level of service, a partner-style relationship, and expertise in the service areas most pertinent to your business or personal finances and requirements?

You may find yourself wondering:

  • Which are the top CPA firms in Boston?
  • Who are the best tax accountants in Boston?
  • Which Boston accounting firms provide the best service?

With those questions in mind, the following list highlights the top accounting firms in Boston as well as specific reviews of what it is that makes them unique in a competitive marketplace. The below rankings highlight how each firm is distinctive and able to stand alone as a top firm based on its business structure, philosophy, and client approach.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 10 Best Accounting Firms in Boston, MA

This list is sorted alphabetically (click any of the above names to go directly to the detailed review for that accounting firm).

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Top 10 Accounting Firms in Boston, MA| Brief Comparison

Accounting Firms in Boston


Alexander Aronson Finning CPAsForensic Accounting, Business Valuation, International Tax, etc.
Baker Newman NoyesRisk Adjustment Coding, Revenue Management, Healthcare Consulting, etc.
BlumShapiroReal Estate Cost Segregation, Consulting, Business Tax, etc.
Daigle & Associates LLP.Business Advisory, Tax Compliance, Tax Consulting, etc.
DiCicco, Gulman & Company LLP (DGC)Stock Option Planning, Retirement Distribution, Family Trusts, etc.
Edelstein & Company LLP.Global Advisory, Audit & Assurance, Budget Monitoring, etc.
Gray, Gray & Gray, LLPMerger and Acquisition Consulting, Overhead Rate Audits, State & Local Tax Services, etc.
KLRForecasts & Projections, Cyber Risk Program Development, Charitable Giving Strategies, etc.
Raphael and Raphael LLPRegulatory Reporting, Not-for-profit Reporting, Prospective Financial Statements, etc.
Walter & Shuffain, P.C.Due Diligence, Litigation Support, Tax Credit Studies, etc.

Table: Top 10 Best Accounting Firms in Boston, Massachusetts | Above list is sorted alphabetically

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Accounting Firms in Boston, MA

Below, please find the detailed review of each of the top Boston accounting firms on our list of the top 10 accounting firms in Boston, Massachusetts. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these top accounting firms in Boston to score so well in our selection ranking.

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Alexander Aronson Finning CPAs (AAF) Review

Positioning itself as a viable alternative to the Big 4 and national CPA firms, AAF is a Boston accounting firm that provides a combination of quality and value. This Boston CPA firm provides best-value assurance, tax and business consulting, and IT advising to clients, which include nonprofits, commercial companies, high-net-worth individuals, and estates.

AAF has been one of the top accounting firms in Boston since 1973, founded by entrepreneur Herbert Alexander. Today, AAF is made up of a team of more than 170 financial professionals located in three Massachusetts offices.

Alexander Aronson Finning CPAs (AAF) - accounting firms in boston

Image Source: Best Accounting Firms in Boston, MA

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm

While it was difficult to narrow down, below are some of the key deciding factors that led AAF CPAs to rank as one of the 2017 top 10 accounting firms in Boston.

Women Leadership

In 2010, Carla McCall CPA was named a co-managing partner of AAF, and this Boston firm emphasizes its belief that having a female in a high-ranking leadership position improves the firm in significant ways. Carla is frequently recognized by the prestigious Boston financial community and media outlets such as the Boston Business Journal.

As well as having a female managing partner, AAF has also created the Women’s Opportunity Network (WON) initiative, which provides a way for females to discuss issues they face in the workplace while taking on informative and educational opportunities. Currently, WON is led by Carla McCall and consists of 45 team members from AAF.


AAF has consistently been recognized as one of the top accounting firms in Boston by many associations and media outlets.

Some of the recent awards AAF has been the recipient of include:

  • Boston Business Journal Best Places to Work
  • The Boston Globe Top Places to Work
  • Accounting Today #37 on list of Top 100 Firms
  • INSIDE Public Accounting Top 200 Firms
  • INSIDE Public Accounting 200 Fastest-Growing Firm
  • Wellesley Chamber of Commerce Professional Services Firm of the Year Award
  • Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants Women to Watch Leadership Award

A Spirit of Teamwork and Collaboration

AAF works to make sure clients and employees have not only a productive accounting experience but also one that’s pleasant and smooth. AAF’s corporate values center around the concept of teamwork and collaboration, which it finds are the best ways to exceed the needs and requirements of a client.

Rather than having partners compensated on individual business books, everyone shares equally in the success of the firm at AAF – which ensures client needs are at the forefront of everything it does. AAF also prides itself on delivering client service that’s attentive, flexible, and responsive.

Nonprofit Donation Program

One of the reasons AAF makes the list of the top accounting firms in Boston is because of its 10% Back to Nonprofits Program. This program demonstrates this Boston CPA firm’s dedication to impacting and improving the community.

Each year, the company donates 10% of its net income back to local nonprofits. Money has gone to local charities and direct-giving programs, and all employees also participate in a paid service day each year. Employees are also encouraged to participate in pro bono lecture and speaking engagements. 

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Baker Newman Noyes (BNN) Review

Baker Newman Noyes, a New England accounting firm, not only maintains offices in Boston but also in Portland, Maine as well as multiple locations in New Hampshire. BNN is ranked as one of the top 100 accounting and consulting firms in the country, and services include not only general accounting but also health care consulting, tax services, risk and business advisory, and employee benefit plan services.

Industries served by this accounting firm in Boston include banking and financial, life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, real estate and professional services.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This Firm as a Top 10 2017 Accounting Firm in Boston

Below are specific reasons Baker Neman Noyes was chosen as one of 2017’s top accounting firms in Boston.

Core Values

When narrowing down the list of the best Boston accounting firms, core values are often an essential part of the equation.

BNN defines its core corporate values as being the following:

  • Excellence in all activity
  • Teamwork in both serving clients and working with one another
  • Integrity and objectivity
  • Building strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and the community
  • Commitment to personal growth fostered through mentoring, development opportunities, and recognition
  • Respect for individuals and their uniqueness
  • Innovation and embracing change
  • Leadership in the accounting and financial professions

Recognition and Honors

As not only one of the most reputable Boston CPA firms but also an accounting firm with a significant presence in all of New England, BNN has been the recipient of many awards and honors highlighting its excellence.

Some of these include:

  • Accounting Today ranked BNN #96 on its list of Top 100 Firms in the U.S. for 2016
  • Accounting Today also named BNN as the 8th Fastest Growing Firm in the U.S.
  • Accounting Today has named BNN as one of the Best Accounting Firms to Work For
  • INSIDE Public Accounting has named BNN as a Best of the Best Firm and one of the country’s fastest growing firms

Baker Tilly International

BNN is part of Baker Tilly International, an expansive and far-reaching network of independent accounting and professional services firms. Baker Tilley International is the 8th largest network in the world by combined revenue and is represented in 133 countries.

All firms that are part of this network are required to adhere to the strictest of quality standards, and, as a result of membership, the participating firms have the ability to collaborate and exchange skills, knowledge, and resources, ensuring best practices.

Being part of Baker Tilly allows BNN to maintain a global network and reach, so clients can receive localized and expert guidance in worldwide marketplaces.

Professional Development

As one of the notable accounting firms in Boston, BNN maintains an understanding that its services and reputation depend on having the best employees. It’s with that in mind it focuses heavily on professional development. By offering extensive employee development opportunities, clients benefit because there’s a more in-depth focus on industries served.

There are also mentorship opportunities, in-house seminars and workshops as well as training and education guidelines put in place based on industry standards. BNN supports employees as they work  toward advanced-level certifications, all of which contribute to the quality of service enjoyed by clients.

BlumShapiro Review

As well as being a leading Boston CPA firm, BlumShapiro also maintains offices and works with clients in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Office locations include West Hartford and Shelton, CT; Boston, Quincy, and Newton, MA; and Providence, RI.

BlumShapiro is the largest regional business advisory firm in New England and delivers services including accounting, tax, and business consulting. Industries served by BlumShapiro include manufacturing, retail, distribution, construction, health care, real estate, and auto dealerships.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm in Boston

Laid out below are some of the criteria used when selecting BlumShapiro as a top 2017 accounting firm in Boston.

Global Reach

In today’s competitive global marketplace, an accounting firm often needs to have an extensive reach to international markets, and BlumShapiro offers that. Regardless of where your business may be located, this Boston CPA firm wants to be able to deliver the access and resources you need, which is why it’s part of Baker Tilly International.

Baker Tilly International is a global network of 165 leading, independent firms in countries throughout the world. The common thread between all member firms is a dedication to delivering the highest level of service to clients.

Through this association, this top accounting firm in Boston can tap into international resources and expertise, so there are no geographical limits to the service it can provide clients.

Client-Centric Values

Driving BlumShapiro’s success and rise to becoming one of the most prominent Boston accounting firms is its client and people-centric approach to doing business.

Its corporate mission is defined as being able to continually use its particular skills and talents to improve the lives of clients, colleagues, and the community.

Along with that, the BlumShapiro corporate values are defined as the following:

  • Valuing People: The focus is always first and foremost on people, which means delivering unparalleled respect and cultivating and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships. This speaks to relationships between not only the team and clients but also colleagues, referrals, vendors, and members of the community.
  • Client relationships: Rather than fleeting client interactions, this leading accounting firm in Boston bases its work on long-term client loyalty, derived through gaining an understanding of each client’s business and personal goals.
  • Quality and Integrity: Ethical standards are pivotal to success at BlumShapiro, including honesty, respect, and fairness.
  • Sustaining stewardship: The entire team at BlumShapiro, one of the most respected accounting firms in Boston, MA, has the goal of leaving clients, as well as the community, better off than they were before their engagement with this CPA firm.


Passion isn’t a term that’s often used in accounting or financial services, but BlumShapiro strives to create an environment and business approach that’s different and is derived from having a sense of excitement toward the work being done.

The uniting passion of everyone making up the BlumShapiro team is helping clients succeed. This is achieved through calculating opportunities, solving problems, delivering insights, and putting viable, value-creating solutions to work.

Extensive Services

As one of the most prominent Boston accounting firms, BlumShapiro offers a broad base of services and areas of specialty for clients. These service areas include:

  • Accounting and auditing
  • Tax: business tax (state and local tax) and individual tax
  • Consulting: technology, management and operational, process and controls, project and portfolio management, financial, business, business valuation, litigation, bankruptcy
  • Real estate cost segregation
  • Financial, estate, and trusting planning
  • Employee benefit assurance services
  • Financial staffing services
  • International services 

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Daigle & Associates Review

Daigle & Associates is one of our picks for the top accounting firms in Boston. Since 2004, Daigle & Associates has been delivering tailored tax and financial services to clients, and, thanks to its investment in long-term client relationships, it has managed to grow significantly over the years.

This Boston CPA firm is headed by Anthony Daigle, who launched his career in 1991. Mr. Daigle is a licensed certified public accountant, as well as a licensed real estate agent in Massachusetts, and he’s a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in addition to being an adjunct professor at Merrimack College. Anthony has a wide breadth of experience as a tax accountant serving the Boston community for over two decades.

Daigle & Associates - accountant boston

Image Source: Pixabay

Key Factors That Allowed This Firm to Rank as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm

Below are some of the factors considered when selecting Daigle & Associates as one of 2017’s top accounting firms in Boston.

Female Leadership

Having a diverse workforce is a valuable characteristic in any industry, and that includes accounting and financial services.

This seems to be a concept Daigle & Associates takes very seriously, as the majority of its leadership positions are filled be women.

This includes Melissa Peirce, who serves as a partner, as well as partner Catherine A. Hayes. Nicole L. Cyr serves as director of operations, and Ann E. Beale is the firm’s operations manager.

Boutique Approach

While some of the larger Boston accounting firms certainly have advantages, so does Daigle LLP, which is a smaller firm offering a carefully structured, boutique approach to client engagement.

This firm is big enough to have a base of knowledgeable professionals and a broad resource base, but, at the same time, as a client of this top Boston CPA firm, you’ll also find you receive the specialized service and attention that comes with a boutique agency.

Paperless Approach

Daigle works to create processes and workflows that are mostly paperless. It relies heavily on technology, and clients can log onto the website to directly upload and exchange documents with their accounting team.

This is advantageous not only from a eco-friendly and sustainability perspective, but it also allows the processes between clients and the Daigle team to be streamlined, efficient, and centralized. This improves organization and communication over more outdated forms of working with clients that primarily rely on traditional means of communication.


Accuracy, best practices, and quality service delivery are all essential components of being recognized as one of the best accounting firms in Boston, and Daigle takes all of those things incredibly seriously.

For that reason, this Boston CPA firm is enrolled in an approved practice-monitoring program under the Massachusetts State Board of Accountancy.  Daigle has complied with Peer Review requirements set forth by the Massachusetts State Board of Accountancy as well.

DiCicco, Gulman & Company LLP Review

DiCicco, Gulman & Company (DGC) is a regionally certified, independent public accounting and consulting firm. Areas of specialty include privately-held commercial businesses, real estate, and high-net-worth individuals as well as family groups.

Since its launch in 1995, this respected accounting firm in Boston has grown to include clients throughout various industries as well as clients located not only in New England but around the country. Many of these clients also have an interest in international business operations.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank This Firm as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm

Below are some distinctive elements of DGC, leading to its selection as one of 2017’s top 10 accounting firms in Boston, MA.

Moore Stephens Association

DGC is affiliated with the Moore Stephens Association, lending not only to its credibility but also its borderless service capabilities. Moore Stephens International Limited is a network of accounting and consulting firms from more than 100 countries.

This affiliation provides a global resource network to the team at DGC, and the expatriate services team of this Boston CPA firm collaborates with international firms on a regular basis. This can aid in the seamless delivery of services like international tax advising, host country tax return preparation, and international payroll.

Guiding Principles

Central to the service and corporate environment at DGC are a set of guiding principles. These principles are simple yet have a tremendous impact on how business is done at DGC, one of the most reputable Boston accounting firms.

These principles include:

  • The delivery of “unparalleled business counsel and client service”
  • The treatment of all employees with respect as well as placing value on their viewpoints and work-life balance
  • The truth is defined as what holds all relationships together at DGC

Tailored Practice Areas

Rather than casting a wide net in term of practice areas, the concept at DGC relies on specializing in particular areas to provide the most specific expertise possible to each client and situation.

The practice areas are structured in a certain way to improve efficiency and performance, and there isn’t an obstruction between the tax and audit groups. The result of this structure is a sense of collaboration that unites accounting, audit, and tax service for a streamlined result.

Private Clients

DGC does work with private clients, which have included executive teams from Fortune 500 companies, owners of closely-held businesses, family office investment managers, and high-net-worth individuals.

When working with private clients, DGC operates as a partner and a member of its advisement team. It collaborates alongside other key members of this team, which can include investment professionals, lawyers, insurance representatives, and other advisors that may play a role in the complete financial picture.

Private client services include:

  • Income tax planning
  • Consulting for wealthy individuals and families
  • Stock option planning
  • Equity-based compensation agreements
  • Executive compensation and benefits advisement
  • Estate and gift tax planning and strategy
  • Family trusts
  • International tax planning
  • Retirement distribution
  • Alternative minimum tax strategy
  • Charitable issues 
  • Family limited partnerships

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Edelstein & Company LLP Review

Edelstein is an accounting firm in Boston with a long history. Since 1968, Edelstein has been carrying on a strong sense of values and has grown to become one of the preeminent Boston CPA firms.

Now, 50 years after its inception, Edelstein operates from an office in the Boston Financial District and has more than 70 employees. Edelstein also employees 35 Boston CPAs – 10 of whom are partners – that operate under William D. Mahoney, managing partner. Edelstein serves the needs of privately-held businesses, wealthy individuals, and nonprofits.

Key Factors Leading Us to Rank This Firm as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm

Below are some factors that played a role in naming Edelstein as one of 2017’s top 10 accounting firms in Boston, MA.

Powerful Insight and Information

The Edelstein team aims to have each and every service area guided by the power of business information. Businesses require meaningful financial information and insights to succeed and operate efficiently, and it’s within that framework that Edelstein operates.

These measurable insights allow companies to make value-based decisions, all stemming from reliable, timely financial reporting.

Regardless of where a client may be in the business cycle, Edelstein can deliver the expertise and resources to help that individual not only manage operations more efficiently but also make stronger decisions and strategic plans.

Industry Focus

Edelstein feels it’s a CPA firm in Boston that fits into the equation by helping businesses successfully navigate complex issues related to reporting, regulation, and government. Some of the financial services that Edelstein, one of the top accounting firms in Boston, offer to clients include the following:

  • Edelstein can partner with clients to help them identify ways to reduce or control costs, ultimately improving profitability. The audit and tax professionals on the Edelstein team have extensive experience in the areas of regulation, investment, and financial technicalities.
  • Your audits and tax returns will be accurate and on-time as Edelstein maintains a firm goal of having K-15s mailed to investors no later than March 15.
  • Partners and principals all take an active role in client engagement and relationships, ensuring service and responsiveness are at the highest possible level, as is overall access.

Professional Affiliations

To ensure it’s always ahead of industry standards and best practices, as well as to expand its networking, Edelstein is a member of exclusive professional associations. Some of these professional association affiliations include:

  • AGN International, Ltd.
  • The Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • The Private Companies Practice Section
  • The Medical Group Management Association

Women’s Initiative

Edelstein takes seriously the goal of making its workplace an environment where everyone can thrive. Edelstein Partner Kerry Johnson launched the Edelstein Women’s Initiative in 2011, which aims to attract, develop, promote, and support top female talent while cultivating an encouraging internal and external network.

The Women’s Initiative also strives to support work-life balance and career development for female employees.  Through this effort, women are equipped with resources to better navigate challenges in the workplace and develop into leaders in both a personal and professional sense.

Gray, Gray & Gray Review

Gray, Gray & Gray is one of the top accounting firms in Boston, with a motto of “we go beyond the numbers.” Founded in 1945 by Robert Gray, this accounting firm in Boston has been operating in New England for more than 70 years.

Since its beginnings, Gray, Gray & Gray has sought to operate in a unique way. Rather than communicating with clients one or two times a year, its philosophy hinges on ongoing contact with clients and building close relationships throughout the year. It specializes in services for closely-held and family-owned businesses.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as One of the Top 2017 Accounting Firms

Below is a short list of some factors leading to the inclusion of Gray, Gray & Gray as one of 2017’s top 10 accounting firms in Boston.

Ethics, Values, and Guiding Principles

For more than 70 years, Gray, Gray & Gray has based its business approach on maintaining the most stringent of ethical standards and following core principles in every aspect of its operation. Guiding principles include objectivity, integrity, and the utmost in quality service.

Its core values include the following:

  • Clients and colleagues are treated with respect, and the Golden Rule is adhered to in engagements and interactions.
  • Gray, Gray & Gray delivers the highest service level that goes beyond compliance and numbers.
  • The corporate culture is defined by working to cultivate helpfulness.
  • The team is committed to embracing innovation, training, and new ways of thinking to foster continuous improvement.


Gray, Gray & Gray, as one of the top accounting firms in Boston, maintains affiliations with prestigious professional associations, including CPAmerica International, which is one of the largest CPA association firms in the world.

Through its affiliation, this leading Boston CPA firm has access to more than 2,500 CPAs across the country and more than 28,000 CPAs and consultants around the world.

This affiliation allows the team at Gray, Gray & Gray to deliver powerful solutions without extensive bureaucracy that leads to higher costs for the clients.

Beyond the Numbers

As mentioned briefly above, Gray, Gray & Gray was selected as one of the top-ranking Boston accounting firms due to its “beyond the numbers” approach. While the team recognizes the importance of technicalities and compliance, as well as tax returns, financial statements, and audit reports, it also looks beyond these elements to help businesses uncover actionable ways to become more successful and more profitable.

The approach depends on the idea that accounting is a gateway to a deeper understanding of what makes a business successful and what needs to be done to drive its growth.

It provides services, insight, and resources necessary to help business owners make stronger, more informed decisions.

Educational Resources

As part of the quest to create value for clients and go beyond the basics of accounting, Gray, Gray & Gray also creates original educational resources that can provide extensive value for clients.

These resources include webinars, which are recorded and maintained on the company’s website.

Some of the webinar topics available through Gray, Gray & Gray include:

  • How to Sell and How to Buy
  • Repair Regulations
  • Last Minute Tax Considerations
  • Survive and Thrive
  • Understanding the New National Franchising Standards
  • Beyond the Fiscal Cliff—The Good and the Bad 

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Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co. (KLR) Review

For more than 40 years, KLR has been a leader among Boston accounting firms as well as providing tax and auditing services. In addition to the Boston location, KLR maintains offices in Newport and Providence, RI; Waltham, MA; and Shanghai.

KLR has more than 200 employees and offers services to both businesses and individuals. The firm is one of the largest in New England and is the frequent recipient of awards recognizing it as a great workplace, an excellent company, and one of the most innovative accounting firms.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank This Firm as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm

The following list cites distinctive reasons KLR was chosen as one of 2017’s top 10 accounting firms in Boston.

Leading Edge Alliance

KLR, a widely recognized accounting firm in Boston, is a member of the exclusive Leading Edge Global Alliance (LEA Global). LEA Global is the second largest international association of independently-owned accounting and financial advisement firms.

Through this relationship, KLR can access global resources, which improves its level of expertise, training, and education. The affiliation also offers abundant networking opportunities on a national and international scale.

As members of LEA Global, the KLR team has access to the best advisors around the world – a knowledge resource for both industry expertise and multi-disciplinary information. Services are expanded thanks to the presence of a global network of top firms.

Awards, Honors, and Recognition

With such a robust and respected reputation, KLR has been the recipient of many awards and honors over the years. Some of the recent recognitions include:

  • Inside Public Accounting: 2015 Top 100 Firms
  • FitSmallBusiness.com: Top 20 Small Business Accounting Blogs
  • Accounting Today: Top 100 Firms of 2015
  • Providence Business News: Best Places To Work 2015
  • Sloan Award for Excellence in the Workplace: Effectiveness and Flexibility Category

KLR has also been awarded three Practice Innovation Awards and has been named a Best Place to Work for ten consecutive years.

Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co. (KLR) - boston accounting firms

Image Source: KLR

These awards ensure KLR can retain and recruit incredibly talented accounting and support professionals to maintain its high level of service and integrity.

Women’s CPA Business Exchange Group

The Women’s CPA Business Exchange Group of KLR was put in place to ensure the firm is always able to attract and retain the best female talent. The Exchange Group works to achieve the following objectives:

  • Pave the way for successful women to connect with business leaders and foster relationships both inside and outside of the firm.
  • Internal programs and resources are developed under the Exchange Growth to help aid in the development of female employees. These development programs are specifically designed to help employees cultivate essential business skills for winning and working with clients.
  • The Exchange Group leads to an environment where information and issues can be shared between professional women as they form connections and network with one another.

A Client-Centric Mission

KLR defines its mission as providing the very highest level of accounting, advisory, and tax services, with each firm member working to go beyond client expectations in all areas. This is facilitated through a focus on timeliness, personalized service, and the implementation and use of advanced technology and innovation.

The value statement of KLR highlights the desire to be a firm of innovative, expert professionals well-equipped to not just meet but anticipate client needs. It actively listens and then dives in full-force to find the solutions needed by clients to achieve their goals and strategic objectives. 

Core values  include not just being client-focused but also integrity, specialization and the utmost in knowledge, and taking a creative, entrepreneurial approach.

Raphael and Raphael LLP Review

Founded more than 70 years ago, Raphael and Raphael has remained one of the top accounting firms in Boston, even in the face of tremendous changes not only in accounting but in the overall global marketplace.

Some of the client services offered by Raphael and Raphael include audits, compilation and reviews, prospective financial statements, cash flow and budgeting services, auditing of employee benefit plans, not-for-profit reporting, regulatory reporting, and a range of tax services.

Key Factors Considered When Ranking This Firm as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm

Below are some of the elements of doing business with Raphael and Raphael that weighed heavily in its selection as one of the top 10 accounting firms in Boston.

Flexible Approach

There are no two accounting clients that are the same. The recognition of this and the willingness to embrace it as a central tenant of its strategy, are part of what has led Raphael and Raphael to become one of the most respected accounting firms in Boston.

The philosophy of this accounting firm in Boston is that unique clients are best addressed with a flexible approach, which is what it delivers with every engagement.

Employees from Diverse Backgrounds

The goal at Raphael and Raphael is to go beyond the traditional accounting perception, which is that everyone is simply a “number cruncher.” Instead, the employees at Raphael and Raphael, one of the top accounting firms in Boston, come from distinctive and diverse backgrounds.

Along with being CPAs and accountants, there are also employees with strong business experience, MBAs, and even attorneys. This creates a collaborative, holistic approach to the handling of clients’ accounting and financial needs.

The broad array of experience available through having a diverse workforce is a primary strength of Raphael and Raphael.

Advanced Technology

Along with relying on skills and expert knowledge, Raphael and Raphael backs all client services with advanced technology as well as continuous education and training.

This is important because it ensures efficiency, cutting-edge solutions, and an innovation-driven approach to accounting and tax issues.

Advanced technology implementation also allows Raphael and Raphael to make sure communication is continual with clients. This is a Boston accounting firm that aims to go beyond the status quo and remain versatile in its approach.

Advisory Services

Raphael and Raphael features a full slate of business advisory services, which can be utilized to create value and actionable strategies for organizations in a range of industries.

Advisory services include:

  • Business and succession planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions: tax and advisory services
  • Operational and financial planning
  • Business valuations
  • Business entity selection

Raphael and Raphael is also a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, so it can partner with businesses to work with them through the setup, training, and reporting that comes with use of the software.

Low Employee Turnover

Key to remaining competitive and being a value-creating Boston CPA firm, the belief behind the Raphael and Raphael philosophy is that strong, long-term relationships must be formed between employees and clients.

This relies on service continuity, meaning once you partner with a team at this accounting firm in Boston, you’re going to continue working with that team. It’ll have the opportunity to not just get to know you but your business, industry, and objectives as well. 

To deliver continuity, low employee turnover is a must, and this is something Raphael and Raphael offers.

Walter & Shuffain P.C. Review

Walter & Shuffain (W&S) is a firm driven by getting results and delivering consulting, tax, accounting, and estate planning services within many business sectors. These sectors include real estate, professional services, health care, technology, manufacturing, and construction.

Partners at W&S have a broad range of knowledge and expertise, but they also work in focus areas which provide a level of specialization for the industries in which the firm engages clients. W&S serves many businesses in the Boston area as well as high-net-worth individuals.

Key Factors That Led to Our Ranking of This Firm as a Top 2017 Accounting Firm

Below are highlights of the W&S approach leading to its ranking as one of 2017’s top 10 accounting firms in Boston.

The Alliot Group Alliance

Walter & Shuffain is a member of the Alliott Group, which is an international association of consulting and accounting firms. As members of the Alliott Group, it demonstrates W&S is committed to the utmost in quality control and upholding the highest professional standards.

Also, membership in the Alliott Group provides access to resources, information, and expertise from global firms located in more than 70 countries.

Other professional affiliations include the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the AICPA’s Private Companies Practice Section.

Varied Services

W&S, one of the most highly regarded Boston accounting firms, goes beyond general assurance tax services to offer specific, expert services to clients if needed.

Its varied services include:

  • Benefit plan audits
  • Consulting
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Due diligence
  • Financial planning
  • Services
  • Forensic accounting
  • Global services
  • Litigation support
  • Not-for-profit
  • Research and development
  • Tax credit studies
  • Wealth management

Community Involvement

One element of the philosophy driving W&S to remain as one of the top accounting firms in Boston is its commitment to the community. It involves itself in committees and community groups to stay on top of issues that could impact its clients and to have a positive influence.

Some of these community events and groups include New England Women in Real Estate and the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.

Many team members from W&S also serve on civic committees and are part of trade organizations.

Engaged Communication and Relationships

Very central to everything W&S does are principles of teamwork and collaboration. Every member of the team is empowered to create innovative ideas that will move your business ahead and drive growth.

The team will work with clients and colleagues, as well as its professional network, to uncover new ways of thinking and creative approaches – all of which have the goal of creating new opportunities.

W&S also focuses heavily on constant communication and accessibility. Clients will receive quarterly newsletters as well as updates on pertinent tax topics and new legislation.

Clients are never left out of the loop when they pair with this accounting firm in Boston.

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Conclusion—Top 10 Accounting Firms in Boston, MA

The above list represents 10 of Boston’s premier accounting firms. These are not just the top accounting firms in Boston, but many also maintain a global presence to assist clients with every aspect their local, regional, national, and international financial needs.

Each of these Boston CPA firms and accounting organizations is distinctive, yet they share similar characteristics which include upholding the highest levels of integrity and ethics, a dedication to creating collaborative partnerships with clients, and a desire for innovation and creativity in how they handle client financials.

These firms, again, while different in many ways, also have in common their long and positive reputations in the Boston community, and many of them are also top firms in the Northeast. If you find yourself in need of a Boston CPA firm, the ten on this list might be a good fit for you.

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