Introduction to Tobi Dresses and Tobi Clothing: A Complete Guide to Reviews

Everyone loves shopping for new clothes, and online stores can offer a selection that appears to be endlessly diverse. 

Many women have forsaken the trips to the mall or the department store for hours of browsing through catalogs offered by online fashion stores.  Many of these online retailers bombard potential clients with online advertising, and Tobi dresses and Tobi clothing are often some of the most recognized. 

But what do reviews really say about the quality of Tobi dresses and Tobi clothing?

One of the obvious downsides of shopping online is that you can’t take a trip to the dressing room before deciding to buy.  AdvisoryHQ has done the research for you and has all you need to know about Tobi clothing and especially about Tobi dresses.

This Tobi review will look at the quality of Tobi clothing and Tobi dresses as well as inform you about the Tobi return policy and Tobi coupon codes. 

Lastly, we will look at other Tobi reviews and especially Tobi dress reviews so that you can see what others are saying about Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses. 

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About Tobi Dresses and Tobi Clothing

One of the reasons that Tobi Clothing has close to one and a half million followers on Facebook is because the prices of Tobi dresses and other types of Tobi clothing are simply hard to beat. 

The majority of Tobi dresses that are priced for under $10 and the company even offers to give you half off your first purchase. Who wouldn’t want a pair of  five dollar Tobi dresses?

Unfortunately, many Tobi dress reviews reveal that the quality of Tobi dresses and Tobi clothing are simply not up to par.  Another common complaint has to do with the fact that the sizes on Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses are often not correct.

tobi reviewImage source: Tobi

On a positive note, Tobi does offer a very diverse variety of clothes.  Besides Tobi dresses, women can find pretty much any type of clothing they are looking for, from intimates to footwear. Tobi clothing offers its  customers the ability to search a variety of styles and sizes for every season of the year. 

One of the perks of this well-known online fashion store is that they offer 50% off of your first purchase and sometimes 24-hour shipping on your first purchase for no extra charge.

To apply for these perks, however, you will have to become a member through an email or Facebook account, meaning that Tobi clothing will be bombarding your inbox or home page with hundreds of advertisements from now until eternity. 

Tobi Return Policy

Tobi clothes does offer a return policy for items purchased from their website.  According to their website,

“Returns must be sent (or postmarked) within 30 days of your order’s original shipment date.  Please return the items in original condition (unworn, unwashed, unaltered) with the tags, including Tobi hangtags attached.  Carefully review the Non-Returnable Items policy below to make sure your item is eligible to be returned.” 

The list of non-eligible items for return on Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses, however, is long and extensive, thus making returns or exchanges rather difficult.  Furthermore, it seems like Tobi clothes has been reading a number of negative reviews posted around the internet because their web page dealing with their return policy also mentions that “if you believe you have received defective or incorrect merchandise (style, size, color), you must contact Customer Care within 5 days of receipt and provide a photo of the defect.”

Many people who have posted a Tobi review on the internet have complained how difficult it is to get a refund from Tobi clothes. 

Though their return policy states that it is possible, many Tobi reviews state that they wasted hours on the phone without ever being able to talk with someone from the company to get a refund or return for the Tobi clothes or Tobi dresses that they bought. 

Tobi clothes also mentions as part of their return policy that “final sale” clothes cannot be returned.  Since the majority of the Tobi clothes that catch people’s interest are “final sales,” this means that it is impossible to return clothes if they don’t fit or aren’t to your liking.  The publicity and Facebook ads that Tobi clothes offer are most often final sales.

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Tobi Coupon Codes

Tobi clothes does offer a variety of Tobi coupon codes that you can find online on different websites. The most popular Tobi coupon code found online is the 50% off of your first purchase. On it is easy to find Tobi Coupon codes for 30% off of Tobi clothes new arrivals. Furthermore, you can receive a coupon for free shipping on purchases over $50 dollars.

RetailMeNot also offers a variety of Tobi coupon codes for a variety of Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses. When Advisory HQ revised their website, we found an offer for up to 70% off of certain summer items. 

One of the perks that most attracts people to Tobi clothes is their wide variety of coupons.  Tobi clothes actively advertises these Tobi coupon codes online and much of their sales volume comes from these flash sales. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that final sales are not returnable. Reviews

From the research that Advisory HQ hasdone on a number of consumer review sites, the vast majority of reviews were negative. Most customers who offered a Tobi review complained of one of three major issues:

  • Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses were cheaply made and fell apart quickly
  • Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses weren’t sized correctly
  • It was almost impossible to return the Tobi dresses or Tobi clothes that they purchased 

One Tobi review from this website said that Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses“aren’t the best quality at all and actually start to fall apart eventually.”  Many consumer review websites like Site Jabber echoed this sentiment in their own reviews. 

tobi dressesImage source: Pexels

The majority of Tobi reviews stated that though the prices were appealing, Tobi clothes were made with thin and inexpensive fabrics that were not very durable.  Other reviews mentioned that the Tobi return policy was deceitful since most clothes were final sale and thus ineligible for returns. 

One client named Marcia C.offered a Tobi reviewthat was pretty straightforward in her critique of Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses: “Buyer beware! Cheap materials, untrue sizes, and absolutely the worst customer service.” is also filled with mostly negative reviews as clients continue to express similar frustrations at lack of quality in Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses and the overall customer service of this well known online fashion store. 

One Tobi review mentioned that “when I made an order I had no idea Tobi was located in China! I did receive my clothes and was absolutely disgusted with the terrible quality! The clothes are not worth whatever bargain you are getting them for. This website is a real nightmare.” 

Another Tobi review on the same website said, “So I ordered 2 dresses from Tobi and it took about 3 weeks to get here. The quality of their clothes is TERRIBLE!! I recently bought a white tunic and wore it once, washed it and it was ruined!! I didn’t even put it in the dryer and it shrunk about 4 sizes.” 

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Should I Trust the Reviews?

For all of the negative Tobi reviews on the internet, there are also positive reviews that can be found.  YouTube is filled with a number of Tobi reviews where customers show off their “haul” of Tobi clothes. 

So who should you believe? The only way to find out is by purchasing Tobi clothes yourself.

However, it might be smart to buy an inexpensive item as your first purchase. You can even use your 50% coupon for the Tobi clothes you purchase as long as you don’t mind sifting through dozens of promotional emails that Tobi clothes will send you over the coming months. 

Furthermore, based on the number of reviews that expressed frustration at the Tobi return policy, we recommend not expecting to try and return Tobi clothes that you purchase.  You should probably expect to keep whatever Tobi clothes or Tobi dresses you do end up purchasing. 

If the Tobi Clothing Reviews Are for Real, What Other Online Fashion Store Is Trustworthy?

If this Tobi review has left you wondering what other online fashion stores you can find for your clothes shopping needs, there are a number of alternatives to Tobi clothes.  A recent Huffington Post article on the top 12 online fashion stores didn’t mention Tobi clothes.  Forever 21, Mod Deals, Styles for Less, 10 Dollar Mall, and Necessary Clothing rounded out the top five choices for your budget online shopping.

If you are on a seriously tight budget, then Tobi clothes might very well be a good option for you.  Tobi coupon codes do offer deals that are hard to beat.  However, if you are looking for quality, durable clothing, thenTobi clothes and Tobi dresses probably aren’t what you are looking for. As we’ve shown through various reviews, the quality of Tobi clothes simply isn’t comparable to other options that tend to be more expensive.

Furthermore, this Tobi review has shown that if you are simply interested in expanding your wardrobe in the most inexpensive way possible, then Tobi clothes and Tobi dresses will probably offer you the cheapest available route.  If you’re looking for higher quality clothes and have the money to spend, there are other online fashion stores that might be a better match for your interests. 

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