Intro to Thrift Books Online

If you’re an avid reader, you may have already heard of Thrift Books Online. 

If you’re like a lot of people, you might be wary of purchasing your books from a lesser-known website that offers used books. Perhaps you’re afraid to take the plunge from your favorite brick and mortar bookstore.

thrift books reviews

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Will the books arrive in good condition? Is Thrift Books safe? What about Thrift Books free shipping? Is it really free? These may be some of the questions you have when it comes to Thrift Books Online.

The company has been around since 2003; needless to say, there are a multitude of professional and consumer Thrift Books reviews online. It may be confusing to look through all of the information and opinions.

If you’re considering ordering from Thrift Books, you’ve come to the right place. We hope to provide you with a thorough and concise Thrift Books review that will give you the facts you need to help you make a decision. 

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What Is Thrift Books? Pros and Cons

thrift books review

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Thrift Books Online is a website that allows a consumer to purchase new and used books at supposedly rock bottom prices. As referenced in the image at the beginning of this article, you’ll notice that the search bar on the top of each page on Thrift Books states that there is an extensive collection of books to search from, with multiple ways to find the book you’re looking for.

We will look at the different goals and values of the company shortly, but its main goal is to sell you used books for cheaper.

It certainly seems that the company has set values when it comes to selling books. You’ll notice that the company promotes recycling and reselling of books, and environmentally responsible practices.

According to Thrift Books Online, the company has donated over “1 Million Books internationally, to combat illiteracy.” They also take books that were previously used by libraries and resell them to consumers to avoid filling landfills with wasted books. Lastly, any material that they cannot use are reportedly sent to recycling plants.

Another pro of Thrift Books Online seems to be the user-friendly interface when you view books to purchase. When you find the book you’re looking for on the site, you are able to see many options for buying your selected book.

Depending on the book and type, can choose from paperback, hardback, mass marketing paperback, or if available, a copy for school and library with binding meant for that purpose. In addition, you can see how many copies are available in case you are buying copies of a book en masse, as teachers do. In fact, the company provides a Thrift Books coupon code meant to give teachers discounts.

Finally, you may be able to find rare, out-of-print books from Thrift Books Online that you wouldn’t be able to find in a store or that would be hard to come by even at a large online retailer like Amazon or eBay.

Because Thrift Books receives shipments of books formerly used at libraries all over the country, it is possible that they will have what you’re looking for, even if you can’t find it anywhere else. Since the purpose of this company is primarily focused on reselling used books, it is likely the selection is much larger on Thrift Books than on any other website.

You may be wondering at this point how Thrift Books prices compare to major competitors in the online used book arena. You may also be curious to know what other users think of Thrift Books Online.

The cons of using Thrift Books could possibly be found in the prices that Thrift Books offers for the product, and also in consumers’ Thrift Books reviews, which will be discussed in more depth below.

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How Does Thrift Books Online Compare?

When it comes to price, it is important to compare Thrift Books to its major competitors. After all, Thrift Books claims on its About Us section of its website to provide “cheap, used books at the lowest prices anywhere.” 

Many might be inclined to turn to a trusted mega-retailer like Amazon to purchase books, or they might even look on eBay or eBay’s to find a copy for dirt cheap. Just how do the prices on Thrift Books Online compare?

The exact answer to that question is complicated at best. Not all used books are equal, since the exact edition or age of the book may be newer or older depending on the inventory at any retailer on any given day.

Since these websites are selling used books, each individual book differs in regards to any wear or damage the book has sustained over the years.

More importantly, companies like Amazon, eBay, and allow members to sell their own items. If you’re looking for the lowest prices available for acceptable, readable books, then you may find lower prices by searching other providers.

However, if you are uncomfortable with making a purchase from a third party hosted through Amazon or eBay, you may want to purchase from Thrift Books to avoid dealing with someone you don’t know.

When it comes to price alone, a lower price is often found at a different provider. For example, if you search for the book, The Giver, by Lois Lowery on Thrift Books Online, you will find it (as of the time of this publication) priced at $3.59 for copies considered to be in “Good” condition. On Amazon, you can find the same book currently offered at $2.50 for a book also labeled to be in “Good” condition. Check over at, and you can find this book offered in “Like New” condition for $0.75!

Since it’s clear that lower prices can be found elsewhere, you might be wondering about the availability of Thrift Book coupon codes or deals. After all, this might make the difference as to the truly cheaper retailer, and any good consumer would want to know about offers available to save money.

Thrift Books coupon codes come in the form of a reader loyalty program that rewards members for shopping at Thrift Books. For every $50 spent, the company will email you a $5 Thrift Books coupon code that can be used on the next purchase. In addition, Thrift Books will also give members a 20% discount each time they refer the company to a friend, after the friend’s first purchase.

Lastly, if you scroll down to the very bottom of their home page, you will find a sign-up form for “Special Offers.” This seems to be a separate entity from the customer loyalty program and an additional opportunity for Thrift Book coupon codes.

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Image Source: Thrift Deals

Finally, Thrift Books Online offers particular selections as a part of their “Thrift Deals,” as shown in the above graphic. You can browse the specific titles that are offered as Thrift Deals and select from the list to purchase books for a lower price.

It may be possible to find Thrift Books coupon codes, like those shared on (though that is certainly worth the try), but your best bet is to find lower prices and coupons through email, the loyalty program, and the Thrift Deals if you’re looking to save on Thrift Books Online.

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Thrift Books Free Shipping: Is It Really Free?

It depends. According to the Thrift Book free shipping policy, shipping is only free if you select standard shipping (4-14 business days), and if your order totals over $10. If you want to purchase only one book that costs less than $10, you will have to pay shipping for your order.

In addition, if you would like to expedite shipping or need 2-day shipping, you will pay a flat fee for each item, according to the site. Additionally, Thrift Books free shipping is not currently offered for international shipment outside of the U.S.

Overall, if you’re located in the U.S. and are purchasing at least a few books, Thrift Book’s free shipping really is free. It is worth mentioning that one common complaint among Thrift Books reviews is that books are shipped in thin envelopes that reportedly do not protect the book.

According to one blogger’s experience, her hardback books arrived dented because of the lack of packaging or packing. Only you can decide how important the appearance of the book is to you and your personal library.

Thrift Books Reviews: What Do Others Have to Say about Thrift Books Online?

You don’t have to look far to find Thrift Books reviews. On a popular online business site review website, Site Jabber, Thrift Books Online was given 3.5 stars, or a 65% positive rating based on 22 reviews. One common complaint among Thrift Books reviews is that the company sent them the wrong book. Another common complaint is the condition of the books did not match the condition as stated on the website.

If you check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, you’ll notice that Thrift Books Online gets a B- rating with the BBB for 34 complaints in the last 3 years. The most common reason for this rating seems to be the length of time that the company has taken to respond to complaints and for delivery issues. It is important to note that all complaints against the company are currently closed at the time of this publication.

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Thrift Books Review: Conclusion

One last question that hasn’t yet been addressed: is Thrift Books safe? For a company that has been around for over a decade, Thrift Books Online certainly is a safe choice for purchasing books. Thrift Books sells its product directly to the consumer and does not utilize individuals to sell their own books through its site. Is Thrift Books safe? Absolutely.

Whether or not you decide to purchase books from Thrift Books Online depends on your individual needs and wants. If you are looking for a company with a philanthropic purpose that donates to charity and supports responsible environmental practices, you might feel confident giving your money to a company like Thrift Books.

If your love for reading leads you to purchase many books at once, Thrift Books Online might be the right choice for your budget. Thrift Books free shipping and Thrift Book coupon codes might help to widdle down prices to make them more competitive with other providers. However, if you are looking simply for the lowest prices on individual books, it is wise to shop around and compare current prices to find the best deals.

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