Caring for Your Pets with Top Pet Insurance Quotes

It’s no secret that we tend to treat our furry companions as members of our families. We feed them table scraps, take them for trips to the doctor, and take them for long walks.

Why not look into covering them with affordable pet insurance as well?

Pet insurance can be purchased in a variety of forms and coverages. Whether you want a wellness only plan or a pet health insurance policy that covers medical emergencies, you can find pet insurance quotes to cover it.

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We recognize how much you love your pets, and we want to help you answer the key questions surrounding pet insurance plans. Is pet insurance worth it? Where can you go to find the best pet insurance and to compare pet insurance rates?

In our detailed ranking and breakdown of the top websites for a pet insurance comparison, we’ll be able to answer these questions and more. By the time we’re finished, you’ll know just which pet insurance comparison site will get you started on finding coverage for your furry friends.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Sites to Compare Pet Insurance

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the websites below to go directly to the detailed review section for that pet insurance comparison):

compare pet insurance

Image Source: Pexels

Top 6 Best Sites to Compare Pet Insurance | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Websites for Pet
Insurance Comparison

Areas Covered




-No contact information required

-Educational resources

-Easy to filter through various types of coverage with specificity

-Links you to provider’s site with detailed premium information

Compare the Market

United Kingdom

-Educational resources

-Various types of coverage available


United Kingdom

-Coverage for different types of animals

-Thorough application


United States

-Links you to provider’s site with detailed premium information
Policy Genius

United States

-Can provide an insurance checkup

-Some discounts may be applied for using this site

-No contact information required

Value Penguin

United States

-Easy to fill out information
-See real-time updates

-No contact information required

Table: Top 6 Best Sites for Pet Insurance Quotes | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

While pet medical insurance has certainly been around for a while, many consumers are still uncertain about its function. Is pet insurance worth it or is it just another bill to pay at the end of each month? Having a thorough understanding of what it can cover is a step toward making a decision on whether a pet insurance quote should be in your near future.

Just as there are varying degrees of health care coverage for humans, health insurance for pets functions much the same way. Consumers opt for a variety of plans that are designed to meet the needs of their specific four-legged friend. The major types of pet medical insurance include major medical coverage and wellness plans.

Purchasing your dog is a big upfront commitment, but it can pale in comparison to the potential for emergency medical fees. When your new puppy swallows his chew toy, a veterinarian’s solution may not be the most cost-effective. This is where it can be important to compare pet insurance.

Major medical coverage can assist you in paying these bills. However, the amount covered will be based on the policy itself and your deductible amount. Some policies have exclusions for items like:

  • Congenital defects
  • Breed-specific ailments such as hip dysplasia
  • Dogs and cats over a certain age
  • Chronic diseases
  • Cancer

You want to look closely at what the policies include and exclude when you compare pet insurance. This, as well as the deductible, is a big indicator for price discrepancies among various pet insurance quotes.

Wellness only plans help to offset the cost of routine veterinary care to keep your pet in tip-top shape. They typically include some coverage for routine vaccinations, medications, and other things that pop up regularly throughout the year.

The best pet insurance plans often offer this as an add-on to pet medical insurance, but you may be able to find this type of plan separately.

Consider what ailments may crop up more regularly with your precious pet. What does pet insurance cover that could assist you with vet bills, both the expected and unexpected? Knowing what type of health insurance for pets you need will allow you to compare pet insurance in greater detail and with more accuracy when it comes to shopping for affordable pet insurance.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Sites to Compare Pet Insurance

Below, please find the detailed review of each site on our list of websites for pet insurance quotes. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these sites for pet insurance comparison to score so highly in our selection ranking.


For Australians who adore their pets, CANSTAR has compiled a tool to help consumers compare pet insurance when they need it most. This website comes equipped for every possible scenario, educating you about pet ownership and the various types of pet insurance.

CANSTAR even offers educational resources to help pet owners understand the costs, features, and yearly trends related to pet insurance quotes. Ranging from safe foods to feed your pet to popularity of names, there is a ton of information for avid pet owners to sift through.

Searches require only a handful of details, including the type of pet, the breed, age, and the type of coverage you want in your pet insurance quotes. From here, you can automatically view pet insurance plans that match your preferences. They even include the customer satisfaction ratings that correspond to each company.


There are numerous policies to sift through, no matter which option you select. The primary advantage to using CANSTAR to compare pet insurance is the ability to sort through highly detailed options and filter out policies you aren’t interested in. You can see specific details, including:

  • Coverage for surgery or prescribed medication
  • Waiver for the waiting period
  • Tick paralysis
  • Vaccinations
  • Snake bites
  • Discounts for additional pets
  • Coverage for obedience training

CANSTAR allows you to compare pet insurance quickly and efficiently to see exactly what you need. Their pet insurance quotes are thorough and provide you with plenty of options to compare at your leisure.

Most notably, this pet insurance comparison website does not require you to enter any of your contact information prior to receiving pet insurance quotes. This prevents you from enduring annoying emails and follow-up phone calls regarding your interest in pet insurance quotes.

CANSTAR - pet insurance comparison

Image Source: CANSTAR

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Compare the Market Review

Compare the Market is a well-known site for all types of insurance coverage, but they have a great tool for pet insurance comparison as well.

Is pet insurance worth it? The monthly premium would be worth the price if you had affordable pet insurance that was exactly what you needed. Compare the Market has a number of options for coverage plans that should suit your needs:

  • Accident-only: When you compare pet insurance, this policy is only for mishaps you didn’t see coming versus long-term illnesses.
  • Time-limited: With a specific term set, time-limited coverage is for accidents and illnesses during the term length.
  • Max benefit: This type of policy covers almost anything with a maximum benefit level set instead of a length of time.
  • Lifetime: Coverage for your pet’s lifetime covers everything that could arise, including illnesses, injuries, and accidents, but it may be subject to limits.

With so many options available, you’re certain to find the best pet insurance for your beloved companion. You’ll only need a handful of pertinent details about your pet, including their age, breed, and whether they are spayed or neutered.

One of the major disadvantages to this pet insurance comparison site is that you must enter your contact information in order to compare pet insurance. This is a required step before your pet insurance quotes are generated.


Beyond this, there are a lot of educational resources available to help you with a pet insurance comparison. Compare the Market shows you tips for finding pet insurance quotes for puppies and kittens as well as older animals. They even have several articles available regarding how to receive lower pet insurance quotes.

Unfortunately, Compare the Market can only offer a pet insurance comparison for residents of the United Kingdom. Consumers in the United States attempting to compare pet insurance will only benefit from the articles and resources available here.

Money SuperMarket Review

Another United Kingdom-based pet insurance comparison site, MoneySuperMarket.com offers very low rates for affordable pet insurance policies to suit all needs. They boast dog insurance from £2 per month and cat insurance from just £1.64.

Unlike some sites for pet insurance comparison, MoneySuperMarket.com expands beyond traditional cat and dog coverage. You can find the best pet insurance policy for any number of animals, including:

  • Puppies
  • Kittens
  • Horses
  • Rabbits

Consumer reviews have given this pet insurance comparison website a 4.5-star rating out of a total of 5 stars. Ratings were collected over the last 12 months from more than 7,000 consumers.

Coverage extends into two main categories: annual and lifetime policies. Their pet insurance quotes will either give you a short-term policy, valid only for the year selected, or one that will extend throughout your furry friend’s lifetime. Policies are offered only from top-rated companies throughout the United Kingdom.


MoneySuperMarket.com has one of the most thorough applications of any pet insurance comparison. It includes questions regarding your pet’s basic health and their behavioral tendencies. In order to help you find the best pet insurance, they have to be able to categorize your pet to see which companies will be able to offer coverage.

Unfortunately, this site also requires you to enter contact information prior to receiving your pet insurance quotes. Unlike several other sites for a pet insurance comparison, you do not have to include a phone number; only an email address is required.

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PetInsuranceQuotes.com Review

Consumers who want to compare pet insurance from the very top-rated companies will benefit from the PetInsuranceQuotes.com line-up. They offer a pet insurance comparison from twelve well-known companies within the industry for a thorough glimpse at the real cost of health insurance for pets.

Claiming that you can save up to 25% by using their service, you can view pet insurance quotes from companies such as:

  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation
  • Petplan
  • PetsBest Pet Health Insurance
  • Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Nationwide

While some consumers may not feel comfortable using a third-party vendor to view pet insurance quotes, this comparison site is dedicated to giving them great service.

Recognized by the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, a Professional Insurance Agent, Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents, and the Better Business Bureau, PetInsuranceQuotes.com has covered all of their possible qualifications.


The process of comparing the various pet insurance quotes can be a bit cumbersome, but it does give you more control over the pet insurance plans themselves.

After you enter all of your information, it generates a pet insurance comparison that invites you to click each provider to see your quotes. It then links you to specific quotes from that provider’s website to see the prices.

Consumers hoping to see all of the numbers in one convenient location will not find what they’re looking for with this pet insurance comparison website. However, the links do allow you to modify things from some providers, including deductibles, percentages covered, and more to give you the most accurate pet insurance quotes.

You will need to enter an email address before it will generate pet insurance quotes for you to compare.

Policy Genius Review

Policy Genius provides a great way to compare pet insurance, with guidance for every step of the way. For consumers who are just beginning their pet insurance comparison to those who are ready for the prices, Policy Genius has something for everyone.

You can browse through their educational resources to find out the basics of health insurance for pets. They can answer questions such as, “what does pet insurance cover?” and “is pet insurance worth it?” They walk you through common exclusions to keep an eye out for during a pet insurance comparison to help you find the best pet insurance.

This site to compare pet insurance also allows you to complete an insurance checkup, where you can receive advice and assistance from their trained professionals. They will evaluate you for things like:

  • Common insurance questions
  • Analyzing your current finances
  • Giving you a to-do list for all types of insurance needs, including pet insurance quotes


Filling out the application to receive pet insurance quotes takes under five minutes. You’ll be asked how much you want your policy to cover and later adjust your deductible and reimbursement rate. Policies that match your proposed specifications are listed one after another on an easy-to-read list.

Their pet insurance comparison even shows the consumer satisfaction rating with that provider. Only top-rated providers are included in the pet insurance comparison, allowing you to feel comfortable that you are finding the best pet insurance possible.

The major benefit to using Policy Genius is the discount they offer. Consumers who use their service to generate pet insurance quotes and compare pet insurance policies can save up to 15% on their premiums. It also does not request any of your contact information.

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Value Penguin Review

Value Penguin provides an invaluable service that is wonderfully simple to use. Unlike other websites dedicated to helping consumers find the best pet insurance, this company makes it fast and easy all at the same time.

Value Penguin is lacking in some of the frills that are offered by other sites to compare pet insurance. There is no lengthy educational center to help you find and review the answers to frequently asked questions regarding your upcoming pet insurance quote. However, these resources are not difficult to find for those who are still in the research phase.

This website really shines when it comes to the application. In fact, there is no real application available to generate your pet insurance quotes. Unlike other websites for pet insurance comparison, it automatically takes you to a screen where you can adjust your preferences for coverage while watching policies update their pricing.


One of the major advantages to using Value Penguin over a different pet insurance comparison website is that it does not request any of your personal information. If you are still in the research phase, not ready to commit to any provider, this saves you the hassle of junk email and telemarketing calls.

Value Penguin - pet insurance quotes

Image Source: Value Penguin

However, their pet insurance comparison does offer highly detailed options to narrow down potential policies. Beyond just the species, gender, breed, and age of your particular pet, you can also alter the deductible and the reimbursement level. Prices are updated in real time as you make changes.

Conclusion—Top 6 Best Sites to Compare Pet Insurance

When it comes to getting protection for your furry friends, receiving a pet insurance quote is often the very first step. However, with so many top companies available on today’s marketplace, it’s important to conduct a thorough comparison to make sure your pets are getting the affordable pet insurance they need.

The best pet insurance will be different for each family and each animal. Whether you need a policy that covers just accidents and medical emergencies or a wellness plan to offset routine costs, the best pet insurance should be affordable and convenient. You’ll find a range of pet insurance plans available to meet every need.

Evaluate what you can afford to spend monthly and what you could afford to fork over in vet bills in the event of an emergency. What is the best pet insurance for you? Use these websites to compare pet insurance to take a closer look.

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