Teladoc Reviews & The Truth about Using Teladoc Doctors

With a growing demand for online access across a variety of industries, it’s no wonder that patients can now schedule virtual doctor visits for their aches and pains. During a viral infection outbreak (such as COVID-19) and an increasing social distancing demand, many of us won’t have another choice but to talk to a doctor online.

But how does a virtual doctor visit work? Will you be sacrificing convenience for value when using virtual doctor services?

talk to a doctor onlineWhat is Teladoc?

Teladoc is one of the major online doctor options available, and in our review, we’ll cover everything you should know before using this online doctor visit service.

Our Teladoc review will help you in answering questions like:

  • What is Teladoc?
  • How does Teladoc work?
  • How much does Teladoc cost?
  • Can anyone use Teladoc?
  • Is Teladoc worth it?

We’ll also look at Teladoc reviews from patients and industry experts to give you a complete picture and help you determine whether Teladoc services are worth your time and money.

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AdvisoryHQ Teladoc Review | What is Teladoc?

An online doctor visit offers the convenience of bypassing the inconvenience of calling for an appointment, traveling to the office, and waiting to be seen—and this ease of access is precisely what Teladoc aims to offer.

Online doctor visits are still a relatively new addition to the healthcare industry, prompting many consumers to ask: What is Teladoc?

Founded in 2002, Teladoc is an online platform that connects doctors to patients across all 50 states and Canada. Teladoc services utilize a broad national network of over 3,100 board-certified professionals, including:

  • Dermatologists
  • Pediatricians
  • Primary care physicians
  • Physicians
  • Therapists

Patients can access their accounts through the desktop site or the Teladoc app, available for Android and iPhone devices. As Teladoc continues to grow as a top source of virtual doctor visits, the Teladoc family of services now includes:

  • Best Doctors—Online access to doctors for a second opinion on treatments or diagnoses
  • BetterHelp—Online therapy sessions with no insurance requirements
  • HealthiestYou—24/7 access to doctors and service/price comparisons for insurance, local doctors, prescriptions, and more
  • Advance Medical—Now a part of Teladoc Health, this virtual doctor is available in 125+ countries

virtual doctor visitOnline Doctor Visits with Teladoc

What Does a Virtual Doctor Visit Cover?

Teladoc can be used to address a wide range of services, primarily beneath the umbrella of “General Health.” A few examples of patient concerns that have been treated through Teladoc services include:

  • Acid reflux
  • Allergies
  • Bronchitis
  • Cold
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Pink eye
  • Sore throat
  • Sinusitis
  • Tonsillitis
  • Yeast infection

Our Teladoc review found that an online doctor visit may also include specialist services, like Therapy, Dermatology, Sexual Health, and Tobacco Cessation.

Potential users should also consider that the company disclaimer clearly states that Teladoc services are not intended to replace a primary physician, and are meant to provide supplemental services only.

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AdvisoryHQ Teladoc Review | How Does Teladoc Work?

Our review found that Teledoc works by giving patients 24/7 access to a national network of doctors (independent contractors) by phone, web, or the Teladoc app.

Here’s a quick overview of how the process of scheduling an online doctor visit with Teladoc works:

  • Request a consult by either video or phone
  • Teladoc searches their network for a physician or specialist in your state
  • Your doctor reviews your medical history
  • Within minutes, connect with a doctor via phone or video
  • Speak with your doctor for as long as you would like with no time restrictions
  • Your doctor will discuss your health issue, answer your questions, recommend the next steps, and electronically submit a prescription (if necessary) to the pharmacy of your choice

There are some limitations, however, which means that Teladoc is not right for everyone. DEA-controlled substances and non-therapeutic drugs (like Viagra and Cialis) are also not available through a Teladoc virtual doctor visit. Teladoc doctors can only prescribe certain medications, like antibiotics and antihistamines.

Similarly, mental health therapists can only prescribe mild antidepressants and antianxiety medications.

While these types of regulations may be frustrating for some, setting limitations is a good idea for Teladoc doctors. Restrictions on prescriptions offered through a virtual doctor visit not only prevent misuse, but it also shields physicians from potential malpractice.

teladoc servicesTeladoc Reviews

Can Anyone Use Teladoc?

The idea of having an online doctor visit is a big draw for anyone who has suffered through long wait times, or for those who have yet to find a dependable primary care physician.

However, perhaps the most important thing to note is that not everyone will be able to use Teladoc services. Virtual doctor visits are not available for anyone who does not have access through a Teladoc provider, which may include:

  • Employers
  • Health plans
  • Brokers and consultants
  • Health systems
  • Public, labor, and education organizations
  • Third-party administrators and resellers

As such, Teladoc is not available as a standalone service. The exception to this rule is for those who want to access therapy services through BetterHelp, which has no insurance restrictions.

How Much Does Teladoc Cost?

It’s difficult to tell how much Teladoc costs, as there are no estimates provided. According to the website, Teladoc costs will vary depending on your specific plan design.

For example, when offered through Accenture, Teladoc costs $40 for general medical visits. Behavioral health visits are an initial $160 per evaluation and $90 for each subsequent online doctor visit with a psychiatrist, while counseling and therapy visits with a licensed therapist cost $80.

In contrast, our Teladoc review found that Beth Israel Medical Center offers standalone services for $49 per consultation or ongoing memberships for $39 per virtual doctor visit.

Aetna members using Teladoc won’t pay more than $40 for general medical care services. General medical care services include flu, bronchitis, allergies, pink eye, sore throat, cough, sinus infections, and more.

However, behavioral health and dermatology consults may cost more.

In response to the coronavirus, between March 6, 2020 and June 4, 2020, eligible* Aetna member costs will be waived for all Teladoc general medical, mental health, and dermatology visits.

*To confirm if you are eligible to have your member cost share waived, log in to your Teladoc account via web or app and request a visit to confirm your cost.

The best way to find out what Teladoc costs is to consult with your health insurance provider to ensure that you get healthcare that is both affordable and convenient.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the need for Teladoc care has never been greater and you may experience extended wait times.

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Teladoc Review | Online Teladoc Customer Reviews

For those who are eligible, scheduling an online doctor visit seems like the ideal way to make healthcare accessible, convenient, and comfortable. But what do Teladoc reviews from actual users say? Do Teladoc complaints point to any significant issues with the service that you should be aware of?

In the sections below, we’ll look at Teladoc reviews on the Teladoc app, pricing, and service to help you determine whether online doctor visits through Teladoc are right for you.

Teladoc Customer Reviews on iTunes

The Teladoc app currently has over 200.000 reviews on iTunes, giving the app a total rating of 4.8 out of 5. With such high ratings, many Teladoc reviews are positive, applauding the service for its convenience, ease of use, and the professional nature of their respective doctors.

According to Teladoc reviews on iTunes, average wait times for a virtual doctor visit range between 10-20 minutes. Positive Teladoc reviews suggest that Teladoc is a quick and efficient to diagnose and receive medication for common illnesses, like a sinus infection or strep throat.

Teladoc complaints revolve around experiencing technical difficulties with the Teladoc app, such as dropping calls or choosing pharmacies that cannot fulfill a certain prescription. Other critical Teladoc reviews mention feeling as though the doctor-patient interaction was not as compassionate or connected as an in-person meeting would be.

teladoc therapy reviewsTeladoc App Reviews

Teladoc Customer Reviews on Google Play

There are over 27,000 Teladoc reviews on Google Play, giving the Teladoc app an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Many Teladcoc reviews come from satisfied users who praise the service for being fast, convenient, and affordable. This is particularly true for users who needed to refill a basic prescription but did not have time to schedule an in-person visit with their primary doctor.

Teladoc complaints from users on Google Play report repeated difficulties connecting with doctors, missing calls, or speaking with physicians that do not meet their expectations in terms of diagnosis efficiency or general disposition.

A few negative Teladoc reviews point to issues within the Teladoc app with scheduling, saying that they unknowingly scheduled appointments to discuss medication that Teladoc doctors simply cannot prescribe.

Similarly, there is a significant number of recent Teladoc complaints from Android users describing accessibility issues, saying that the Teladoc app does not save their user name or password.

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Teladoc Customer Reviews on Better Business Bureau

Teladoc is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. Still, there are 32 complaints about Teladoc listed on the site, with over 50 percent of reviewers stating an issue with the product or service.

Teladoc complaints listed on the Better Business Bureau largely deal with either a lack of comprehensive service from doctors or an inability to receive a diagnosis due to the limitations of an online doctor visit.

For example, one Teladoc reviewer states that, despite advertisements saying that users can get prescriptions for strep throat, her Teladoc doctor refused to issue a prescription unless she had already been diagnosed with strep in-person. 

Another Teladoc reviewer echoed a similar experience with a sinus infection, suggesting that Teladoc services are best used for prescription refills, rather than diagnoses.

Some complaints can cause more concerns though. One of the more recent Teladoc complaints on BBB involves some more serious accusations.

teladoc complaintsTeladoc Complaint on BBB

That’s a situation no one would want to experience and may leave you wondering if talking to a doctor online is the best choice for you. None of the complaints (including the one mentioned above) have been addressed by Teladoc on their BBB profile.

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AdvisoryHQ News Conclusion: Are Online Doctor Visits with Teladoc Worth It?

For many users, Teladoc services are quick, convenient, and affordable, setting a new standard in online doctor visits.

Overall, Teladoc reviews from customers reflect high levels of satisfaction with the process of scheduling an appointment and filling prescriptions, making healthcare more accessible than ever.

Despite its positive characteristics, it’s important for users to note that there are limitations to virtual doctor visits. Based on Teladoc complaints, these limitations often include the inability to get prescriptions for a new diagnosis, meaning that Teladoc is best used for simple over-the-counter diagnoses and prescription refills.

With a large foundation of satisfied users and a strong value proposition for increased convenience and accessibility, Teladoc earns a 4-star rating as an innovative supplement to in-person visits with a primary care physician.

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