Teespring, Can You Make It Work For You? Is Teespring Legit?

The internet is filled with sites inviting designers and creatives to use their respective services to design and sell custom logo merchandise. These sites often offer everything from t-shirts, to mugs, to hoodies, to caps, and many more.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to start your own eCommerce business, or if you are searching for custom merchandise, you might have encountered Teespring website or stumbled across the Teespring app.

There are a couple of questions that we always want to answer when it comes down to our shopping reviews – “Exactly what is Teespring?” and “Is Teespring legit?”

In this Teespring review, we will answer those questions and many more so you’ll know what this custom t-shirt site is all about and what makes it different from its competitors.

There are lots of sites around the web that allow you to design and sell custom logo items, just like Teespring does. So, why is Teespring different? And is Teespring reliable?

teespring reviews

Teespring.com Reviews

As a savvy shopper who’s buying from a company they’ve possibly never heard of, you would likely want to know who you’re check associated Teespring reviews before committing to any purchase.

Finding answers to questions such as, “is Teespring reliable?” would perhaps go a long way in determining whether you might want to do business with this company.

In addition to Teespring site and merchant reliability, online privacy and security are critical concerns to anyone engaging in business online, so  you’ll want to ensure that you can undoubtedly confirm that. Teespring is safe and legit.

We will explore these and other questions in this overview of Teespring reviews, as well as examine the value proposition and key differentiators of the Teespring offering.

What Is Teespring?

According to the company’s About page, Teespring is an eCommerce site where anyone can “create and sell anything”. The appeal lies in the fact that Teespring takes care of all the end-to-end heavy lifting from inventory, to marketing, to logistics and even customer support, thereby allowing users to run their business without costly overheads.

Since its creation in 2012 by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayon, Teespring has expanded its offerings from merely selling custom Teespring shirts to a wider array of other custom-made merchandise.

teespring review

Teespring Review

The Providence, Rhode Island, company now markets itself as a platform for creators, artists, and sellers, providing eCommerce for everyone. Their on-demand print service is touted as offering an unlimited range of products which ship globally. Essentially, anyone can sell anything, anywhere.

In addition to their website, the company also offers the Teespring app for shoppers on the go. So far, the Teespring app appears only in the GooglePlay Store.

In a section entitled “Success Stories” on the Teespring blog, the company features several heartwarming testimonials of happy Teespring customers. These stories can be deemed de-facto positive Teespring reviews as they indicate how individuals have used the platform to launch their businesses, as well as the difference that Teespring has made in the pursuit of their dreams.

In the following section we’ve highlighted some snippets from these Teespring reviews on the company’s website to hopefully help you gain further insight into the key question – what is Teespring?

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Teespring Customer Review Highlights

  • I loved the ease of the platform and the variety of products and options available on Teespring.” So said Michaela, a beauty and lifestyle creator producing make-up and fashion content. Her Teespring review recalls her experience designing and marketing her merchandise on Teespring, sales of which allowed her to help pay down some recent medical bills.
  • Margaux melded her passion for feminism and clothing design to create a range of Teespring shirts, bathing suits, caps and bags. She credits the company with helping her to turn her “political passion into a successful brand”.

Naturally, any review housed on a company’s website will tend toward the positive, and Teespring.com reviews on their own website are no exception.

To find more balanced and non-biased Teespring reviews, including those discussing the Teespring app, we scoured the internet to find other real-world examples that will help us answer the question – “Is Teespring legit?”

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Teespring.com Reviews Around the Web

Customers who write a Teespring review are usually measuring their positive or negative interactions with Teespring, from shipping speed and accuracy, quality of the merchandise (including Teespring shirts), customer service from Teespring.com, and various other factors. Use of the Teespring app counts among their overall experience.

We looked at reviews on three websites – TrustPilot, SiteJabber, and BBB (Better Business Bureau). Here are our findings.

Negative Teespring Reviews

First, we wanted to look at negative Teespring.com reviews. These highlighted the pain points that some customers have experienced while using the site or the Teespring app.

TrustPilot Teespring Reviews (22% negative)

  • About 16% of the overall negative reviews were rated 1 star, and these customers often complained about not receiving orders for which they were charged, or being charged for items they did not purchase.
  • Several more voiced their disappointment with the print quality of the merchandise and difficulty in reaching customer care of Teespring.com for a resolution.

Negative Teespring reviews housed on TrustPilot refer to Teespring as a “bad company”, warning potential users to “stay away” because the “company sucks”.They also warned that the Teespring.com website crashes consistently.

SiteJabber Teespring.com Reviews (50% negative)

Complaints from this review site labelled Teespring.com a scam and expressed displeasure with their lack of customer service.

  • Among the 900+ critical reviews, customers gripes included not receiving products they had ordered and being provided bogus tracking numbers.
  • More buyers indicated their belief that Teespring was no longer legit.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Teespring Reviews

  • Over the past year, BBB has recorded approximately 10 negative reviews for every positive review of Teespring.
  • Customers bemoaned Teespring’s lack of customer service and missing orders in the mail.
  • Others still were dissatisfied with the print quality of Teespring shirts, and withlate deliveries (for which there was no recourse or refunds offered).

Better Business Bureau explicitly states that the volume of complaints received about Teespring is high. Of 227 complaints received in the last 3 years, 55% of them indicated problems with Teespring products or the Teespring.com service.

Positive Teespring Reviews

Delving into the positive Teespring.com reviews, we find several happy consumers who are thrilled with Teespring shirts and other offerings. Even more have made money selling custom merchandise using the website or the Teespring app.

TrustPilot Teespring Reviews (71% positive)

  • Users heaped praise on the customer service staff at Teespring.com. They were pleased with the speed and accuracy with which their issues were handled and how pleasant and helpful the company’s personnel were.
  • Other customers reveled in the fact that Teespring allowed them to keep items that were either inaccurate or sent to the wrong person (while sending out the correct item), ensuring customers were happy with their purchase.

SiteJabber Teespring.com Reviews (50% positive)

  • Reviewers gushed about the excellent customer service and speed at which they received their items.

is teespring legit

Designs by a customer who left a positive Teespring review

  • Other Teespring reviews on this site mentioned their excellent products and personalized service. Further, several indicated that they would definitely be repeat customers.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Teespring Reviews

  • Positive Teespring reviews here mention the ease at which users are able to navigate the site and the fantastic customer service.
  • Other users praised Teespring for the speed at which they received their order, and for how easy it was to rectify any issues with incorrect or inaccurate orders.

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Consolidated Teespring Customer Reviews

So, what is Teespring? And, is Teespring legit?

To get a good overall impression of the company, and provide answers to questions such as, “Is Teespring safe?”, we have compiled overall ratings of Teespring reviews below.

  • TrustPilot: 2.9 stars out of a possible 5 from a total of 18,392 Teespring reviews. The formula used to calculate the TrustScore considers the number of reviews, the age of the reviews, and the star rating assigned.
  • SiteJabber: 2.8 out of 5 stars from a total of 1,871 Teespring.com reviews. It’s important to note that Teespring regularly responds to customers’ reviews on this site.
  • BBB: Teespring is rated A+ on this site which lends credibility to the company. Customer reviews are not considered in this rating.
  • ScamAdviser: Is Teespring Safe? ScamAdviser purports to use a 40-point computer algorithm to determine a company’s trust score. It gives Teespring a 30% safe rating in its Teespring review, advising users to do their own checks before shopping.

Teespring App Reviews

Very minimal Teespring app reviews exist. This is most likely due to Teespring removing their integration with Shopify and to the fact that they have no presence in the Apple app store.

It appears that the Teespring app, dubbed “Teespring Shopping” is available only in the GooglePlay store. There, users’ most frequent complaints were about the Teespring app being glitchy.

The inability to upload a design or to log into their Teespring account were other issues users faced while attempting to be mobile with the Teespring app.

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Can You Really Make Money On Teespring?

Teespring is largely marketed as an eCommerce site where it is cost efficient to set up and run your own business. To determine whether this could be a viable option for you, you can find several articles on the internet that regale readers with success stories from those who’ve benefitted from using Teespring.com in this way.

There are several how-to guides advising users on how to make money with Teespring, selling Teespring as more of a side job than actual big money generator.

On the question of “is Teespring legit?”, stories such as “How I Profited $100,000 on Teespring in Just 5 Months” from 2016 certainly hint at a higher potential to earn significant income on Teespring.com.

Teespring itself provides several guides and strategies to guide their users on how to make the most out of their fledgling business and to grow it to something sizeable. This may help you to answer, “is Teespring reliable?”

The success of such a business undoubtedly depends on your creativity, the time that you allocate to working and growing the business, and whether you have the patience to see it through.

Possessing at least a little bit of general business savvy will undoubtably help ensure that your business can thrive on Teespring.

Is Teespring Legit?

There are legitimate cases where a Teespring review gives details on successes that people have had either making money for themselves or raising money for a charity with Teespring shirts. This is especially true on the Teespring.com blog.

One story from Business Insider tells about a 51-year old former sales director who was forced to change careers and who ended up making millions. His secret? Using Facebook ads to sell his products. This was a common theme in many other Teespring.com reviews.

The Realistic…

Of course, for each Teespring review that tells a success story, there are many others indicating that people didn’t earn much at all – if anything. It seems that this could be attributed to the basics of selling.

Some people have a knack for it and put in the needed time and work, while others don’t. According to many Teespring customer reviews, success on this platform requires a lot of passion and effort.

If you’re interested in learning what it takes, you should check out the tools and tips available via myriad sources such as the Training Centre on the Teespring website and Facebook Adverts. In addition, there are several Youtube videos which provide invaluable tips about what sort of Teespring shirts sell well, and which designs resonate with customers.

Key Facts About Selling on Teespring

Here are a few key elements about designing and selling with Teespring from an FAQ on their website:

  • Teespring does not charge you to use their site. It is completely free.
  • Items are made to order so there is no need for capital investment for inventory.
  • Campaigns and promotions are key to boosting sales so these are highly encouraged.
  • Teespring is fully integrated with YouTube, making it easier for you to market your merchandise.
  • Shipping times range from 9-15 days depending on local or international fulfillment.

Be sure you have the rights to the design you use on your Teespring shirts or you could be in violation of Teespring’s terms of use.

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Conclusion: Wrapping Up Our Teespring Review

After examining multiple Teespring reviews, our overall view of Teespring is that the site is an innovative platform for designing and selling custom made products, including their core offering, Teespring shirts.

Teespring allows you to start your own eCommerce business with no upfront costs and supports you with logistics and inventory. However, just as with any type of business, (and as the Teespring.com reviews reiterate), success is not guaranteed.

Reading both negative and positive Teespring.com reviews online will help you to avoid certain pitfalls and manage your expectations while doing business with Teespring.

Teespring FAQs are a good place to start to understand all the intricacies of designing and selling on Teespring.

In general terms, Teespring reviews are largely positive, and you can easily find great success stories from Teespring users.

Overall, the Teespring platform does provide a great opportunity to engage in “crowd-funded” merchandise sales, either as a business or to raise money for a good cause.

As customers who have written Teespring reviews have stated, it is very possible to make money on Teespring.com. Just keep in mind that sales of your Teespring shirts will only be as successful as your marketing efforts.

So, what is Teespring? Is Teespring safe? We trust that this Teespring review has answered these questions and will help you to make informed decisions when working with this company.

Who knows, very soon you could be writing your own Teespring review.

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