Teespring Review | Is Teespring Legit? Is It Safe for Your Personal Information? What You Need to Know About Teespring

If you’re looking to buy or make money from selling custom t-shirts, then you may have run across a site called Teespring and are wondering what kind of Teespring reviews might be out there.

A few questions we also had when we found this site were, “Is Teespring legit?” and “Exactly what is Teespring?”

In this Teespring review, we will answer those questions and many more so you’ll know what this custom t-shirt site is all about and what makes it different from others.

There are lots of sites around the web that allow you to design and sell custom logo items, including Teespring shirts and Teespring hoodies, but why is Teespring different? And is Teespring reliable?

For this article, we have scoured the web for the most pertinent Teespring.com reviews to find out what customers and t-shirt sellers are saying about the service, its website, and the Teespring app. 

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What Is Teespring?

According to Teespring’s About Us page, it is a platform that makes it easy for anyone to create and sell high-quality products with no cost or risk.

Founded in 2012, by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayon in Providence, Rhode Island, the company provides a way to simplify the process of selling custom t-shirts.

The company has several Teespring reviews on its own website in the form of  “Teespring Stories,” which can give you a feel for the goals of the company in serving its customers.

In each Teespring review on its site, it highlights a t-shirt campaign that allows the customer to raise and earn money. In the section below, we have highlighted a few of these campaigns involving Teespring shirts and Teespring hoodies that you’ll find on the site.

Teespring Customer Reviews Highlights

  • Noah’s Bandage Project – Raised over $15,000 for “kid cool” bandages so kids like him, that had cancer or other illnesses, could benefit.
  • Lauren Flake is Texas Strong – Lauren, a 7th generation Texan and avid blogger, raised over $120,000 to support those affected by floods in her home state.
  • Milk (tee) Funk – A passionate community of home beer brewers has raised over $5,000, commercializing their brand and supporting other homebrewers. 

These are just a sample of the heartwarming Teespring reviews on its own website. The company does give the feeling that it really cares about its customer stories.

But we all know that any company is going to put the best reviews on its own website, and surely the Teespring customer reviews are no different.

So we have many other sources that we are going to take a look at so we can answer the questions, “Is Teespring safe?” and “Is Teespring legit?”

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Teespring.com Reviews Around the Web

To get a better feel for what customers that write a Teespring review are saying and how many are positive and negative, we took a look in detail at the Teespring reviews around the web on some of the main review sites.

Here is a recap of what we found, both positive and negative.

Negative Teespring Reviews

We will take a look first at some of the negative Teespring.com reviews to see what issues people had with this site and what some of the main problems were.

TrustPilot Teespring Reviews

  • One Teespring review that gave just 1 star said the customer paid extra for premium processing and shipping but never received the order.
  • Another of the 1-star Teespring.com reviews complained that the t-shirt size was mislabeled that was ordered and the customer service was also very poor.

SiteJabber Teespring.com Reviews

  • One Teespring review that gave just 1 star stated that the customer ordered two t-shirts, never received them, and had trouble getting a refund.
  • Two others said very similar things in their Teespring reviews: that the material in the t-shirt was cheap and very thin, and both gave it just 1 star.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Teespring Reviews

  • One complaint was about never receiving the product due to the company shipping to the wrong address.

In total, the BBB has 127 total complaints, and most of the negative Teespring reviews had an issue with the product or service(112).

Positive Teespring Reviews

Now, let’s delve into the positive Teespring.com reviews. Despite the negative comments, there are plenty of consumers out there who truly love Teespring shirts and clothing, and who have made money selling custom orders. 

TrustPilot Teespring Reviews

  • One 5-star Teespring review stated that the customer had been ordering from the company for three years and was happy with the quality, comfort, and fit of the shirts.
  • Another customer said, “really love my tee-shirts from Teespring.” In her Teespring review, she said the company was generous in sizing, and the quality was “superb!”

SiteJabber Teespring.com Reviews

  • One reviewer that gave 5 stars in her Teespring review said that the customer support was excellent when she needed to exchange a shirt due to ordering the wrong size.
  • Two other Teespring.com reviews that both gave 5 stars complimented the excellent service and noted they’ve been ordering from the company for years.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Teespring Review

  • One positive Teespring review says it is “the best company I have ever worked with online” and that the customer loved the quality and customer service.
  • Most people go to the BBB to file a complaint, so it is noteworthy that one person felt strongly enough to go there to add a positive Teespring review.

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Teespring Customer Reviews – Overall Ratings

To get a good feel overall and compare the good Teespring reviews to the bad, let’s take an eagle’s eye view to look at the star ratings and other online mentions for Teespring to learn the answers to, “Is Teespring reliable?” and “Is Teespring legit?”

  • TrustPilot: 7.4 rating stars out of 10 from a total of 15,519 Teespring reviews.
  • SiteJabber: 2.5 stars out of 5 from a total of 674 Teespring.com reviews.
  • BBB: Its overall grade in its Teespring review is an A+.
  • GlassDoor: 2.9 stars out of 5 from employees giving 69 total Teespring reviews.
  • ScamAdvisor: Is Teespring Safe? It gives it a 30% safe rating in its Teespring review.

teespring reviews

Photo courtesy of: Teespring

Teespring App Reviews

One thing that does point toward a big YES to the question, “Is Teespring legit?” is that the company has taken the time and effort to integrate its service into a Shopify app.

Integrating a platform and developing apps that work with other programs isn’t usually something done by a company that is just trying to rip people off.

Fulfillment by Teespring App

This app works within the Shopify platform, an all-in-one, e-commerce-focused website application. The Teespring app allows you to sell Teespring shirts, Teespring hoodies and other assorted apparel, sending orders directly to them.

With a total of 12 Teespring reviews, the Teespring app has a rating of 2.5 stars.

In one of the positive Teespring reviews, the user said the Teespring app was very easy to use and that its customer support was excellent.

In a negative Teespring review, the user cited issues with delivery and not knowing when its customers received their Teespring shirts.

Can You Really Make Money from Teespring?

When you do a Google search on “What is Teespring?” you’re likely to find headlines such as, “How I made $6,034.38 so far with Teespring,” “How I made over $100 with my first Teespring campaign,” and “Teespring Says It’s Minting New Millionaires Selling Its T-Shirts.”

Reading these makes it sound like an attractive option to just quit your job and start designing and selling t-shirts for a living, but not all the hype is what it is cracked up to be.

We’ve gone through several of these headlines to give you a realistic picture of these money-making Teespring customer reviews.

Many of those with “sounds too good to be true” headlines are websites making money by selling you their guide or eBook on how you can make money. Whether their Teespring selling program works or not, they’ve already made some money off you.

Is Teespring Legit? The Positive…

Now, there are legitimate cases where a Teespring review gives details on successes that people have had either making money for themselves or raising money for a charity with Teespring shirts.

One story from Business Insider tells about a 51-year old sales director who had to change careers and ended up making millions. The secret given in this and many other Teespring.com reviews was using Facebook ads to sell.

The Realistic…

Of course, for each Teespring review that brings a success story, there are many others where people didn’t earn much at all – if anything. It seems it all comes down to the basics of selling.

Some people have a knack for it and put in the time and work while, when reading other Teespring customer reviews, it’s obvious that others don’t put in the same effort.

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Teespring Review Tips for Selling

Here are a few selling tips we gleaned from several Teespring reviews:

  • Use Facebook Adverts to sell
  • Find a unique niche for your designs
  • Advertise through more than one site
  • Keep trying new designs regularly
  • Review best-selling designs on Teeview for ideas

Is Teespring Safe? Is TeeSpring Reliable?

We’ve looked for answers to these questions and have included some overall takeaways from various Teespring.com reviews. Overall, the company does look to provide a legitimate service that is safe and reliable.

However, our Teespring review did find a repeating theme among many of the negative Teespring reviews that cite shipping issues: either t-shirts not showing up or the company not knowing when the customers they sell the t-shirts to receive them.

There seem to be many more positive notes in Teespring.com reviews about great customer service and the ease of designing and selling the shirts without any upfront cost.

Many a Teespring review is from parents who easily made t-shirts for band or school fundraisers and really loved the interface and quality of the shirts.

What Is Teespring? Facts You Need to Know

Here are a few key facts you should know before you start designing and selling with Teespring from an FAQ at ShirtTest:

  • Shirts aren’t printed or charged for if you don’t meet your preset sales goal.
  • Campaigns have a time frame of 3–21 days that they run.
  • It’s completely free to launch a campaign, and there is no upfront cost.
  • Shirts do not ship until the campaign is over and take 10–14 days US and 14–18 days international.
  • Profits you make can be withdrawn once the shirts have been delivered.

Be sure you have the rights to the design you use.

Conclusion: Wrapping Up Our Teespring Review

Our overall view of Teespring, from taking a look over multiple Teespring reviews, is that the site is an innovative platform for designing and selling t-shirts.

Teespring allows you to get started with no upfront costs and makes it fairly easy to design and sell custom items. However, just as with any type of selling, as the Teespring.com reviews show us, the shirts won’t just sell themselves.

So if you want to be successful, do a search on “What is Teespring” and look for step-by-step guides – there are plenty of them out there.

Reading both negative and positive Teespring.com reviews online will help to give you some good pointers and things to avoid if you are planning to make some money on the site.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with Teespring FAQs to ensure you completely understand the platform and tips you’ve read in Teespring reviews, including the length of shipping times, what campaigns are and how they work, and how and when you get paid.

Teespring.com reviews are overwhelmingly positive about the company, and they have a lot of great success stories.

In our final Teespring review analysis, its platform does provide a great opportunity to do “crowd-funded” t-shirt sales and make money for yourself or for a charity or school but don’t forget that sales fundamentals still apply.

If you’re looking to sell t-shirts online through Teespring, keep in mind that your Teespring shirts will only be as successful as your marketing campaign.

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