2020-2021 Guide: Everything you need to know About “The World’s Brightest Flashlight”

There are certain problems that arise which require powerful, instantaneous light to be solved. Whether searching for a lost item in the dark or fixing a vehicle at night, a powerful flashlight is an invaluable tool to have.

Tactical flashlights, also known as tac lights, are military-grade flashlights designed to give their users clear visibility in any given situation. When compared to an average everyday flashlight, these powerful tac lights boast improved quality, durability, and performance.

A brand known as Bell and Howell has gained a reputation in recent years as one of the best flashlight brands. The Bell and Howell high-performance flashlight claims to be 40 times brighter than their competitor’s flashlights, cementing its place as one of the brightest LED flashlights – if not the brightest on the market.

The question is, just how good is the Bell and Howell Tac Light? Is it actually superior to the other high-quality flashlights out there? Is there any truth to the claim of producing the “world’s brightest flashlight”? Can it be proven to be the most powerful flashlight available?

powerful flashlight

Bell and Howell’s “As Seen On TV” flashlight

Founded more than a century ago in 1907, the Bell and Howell brand is globally renowned for its high-quality flashlight production. They have built a solid reputation as one of the best flashlight brands in production today.

But before you purchase their infamous “As Seen On TV” flashlight, it is important to investigate whether their products are indeed the best option for your needs. Is the hype justified, or is the Tac Light just a product of clever marketing? Can this product really claim to be the world’s brightest flashlight?

In our review of this particular Bell and Howell flashlight, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of the product so you can determine if the “As Seen On TV” flashlight is a worthy purchase.

By gathering information from Tac Light reviews written by real customers, we will be able to answer a variety of questions, such as:

  • Who is Bell and Howell?
  • Are the Tac Light’s claims justified?
  • What can we learn from reviews of the Bell and Howell flashlight?
  • Is the Bell and Howell Tac Light worth buying?

If you are in need of a powerful flashlight but feel unsure about which product is the best one for your needs, read on – our Bell and Howell Tac Light review will provide you with all of the necessary information to make a decision.

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Bell and Howell Taclight Review | Who is Bell and Howell? Are The Bell and Howell Tac Light Claims Justified?

Established in Chicago in the early 1900s, Bell and Howell is the brand behind the high-powered flashlight known as the Tac Light. Originally, the company focused on manufacturing a variety of film projectors, but as time went on the company delved into other electronic products. Their focus eventually shifted to creating one of the brightest LED flashlights on the market.

It is worth noting that Bell and Howell is not actually responsible for the distribution of the Tac Light product – they simply take care of the manufacturing process. This is common in many industries and is not necessarily a bad thing – but it is important to note that some of the marketing claims surrounding the Bell and Howell Tac Light may be sensationalized by those trying to sell the product.

Bell and Howell also produces a range of humidifiers, pest repelling electronics, and lanterns, so their expertise is not only in the field of high-powered flashlights. It is interesting to see how the company has evolved over time in order to keep up with the fast-paced developments of technology in the previous decades – the Bell and Howell flashlight is a good example of this.

Are the Tac Light claims justified?

You may have seen the TV advertisements for Bell and Howell’s Tac Light. Of course, it is completely reasonable to be a little skeptical when you are bombarded with bold claims such as “40x brighter than other flashlights” or “the world’s brightest flashlight”.

From the previously mentioned info we’ve gathered on Bell and Howell, it’s fair to conclude that an electronics business that has survived for over a century must have some legitimacy regarding the quality of their products.

However, the company behind the marketing campaign of the Bell and Howell flashlight obviously has the motive to sell as many products as possible.

This company, E. Mishan & Son, has been involved in marketing and selling products for over 70 years. There have unfortunately been some controversies in the past regarding their marketing techniques – with some even resulting in lawsuits.

This isn’t a reflection on Bell and Howell’s Tac Light, though. Their history of manufacturing quality products speaks for itself. The only way for us to find out if the marketing company’s claims are justified is by diving into some genuine reviews from buyers.

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Bell & Howell Taclight Reviews

A total of 1,117 customers have reviewed the Bell and Howell Tac Light on Google Reviews, with the product averaging an impressive 4.1 stars out of 5.

Bell & Howell Tac Light Positive Reviews

The vast majority of reviewers gave the high-powered flashlight a 5-star rating. The second largest group rated it at 4 stars, so it is clear to see that the overall consensus is very positive.

taclight reviews

The Bell and Howell Tac Light is useful for nighttime commutes

When analyzing these reviews, a commonly praised feature of the Bell and Howell Tac Light is the power of the light and the distance it is capable of illuminating. One example given by a reviewer of the product stated:

“When I walk to my car at night it is very dark. I wanted to get this light for safety. All the different modes are really good. I was amazed at how far & bright the light shines.”

Another equally pleased reviewer said:

“Exactly as advertised. I have no intention of freezing it or running over it with a dump truck to verify that claim; however, the illumination is very strong and I am pleased.”

Most positive comments regarding the Bell and Howell Tac Light seemed to focus on its lightweight design and impressive illumination capabilities.

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Bell & Howell Tac Light Negative Reviews

Although the majority of online reviews of Bell and Howell’s Tac Light are positive, there are still a number of negative reviews. These are mainly based on functionality issues with the military-grade flashlight.

One customer on Google Reviews wrote:

“I used it a few times and it changed from the high mode to the flashing mode on its own after about 5 minutes. It has too many functions. Maybe if it only had on-off-high-low, then it would be a good flashlight for work.”

Another reviewer stated:

“You have to push the button through other level to get to the one you want. A switch that would stay on your favorite level (I like to keep mine on high) would be much easier on the flashlight and the user. Other than that, the flashlight is great, bright and lightweight yet solid.”

Although the number of controls undoubtedly makes the Bell Howell Tac Light more complicated than if it just had an on/off function, it is advertised as being a high-powered military-grade flashlight so it makes sense that it has more settings than a standard flashlight. These advanced features are really just part of what makes it a high-quality flashlight.

The product description clearly states that the high-powered flashlight has 5 modes, so a more complex functionality is an inevitable product feature.

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Bell & Howell Taclight Review | The Overall Picture of Positive & Negative Taclight Reviews

Manufacturers obviously believe in their product and aim to make sales, so we must turn to the customers in order to get the real truth. Reading both positive and negative customer reviews is a great way to get a reliable general overview of the Tac Light’s legitimacy.

To summarize the findings from reading both positive and negative Bell and Howell Tac Light reviews, here are the attributes most commonly praised by customers:

  • High-powered lighting with a long-range
  • Lightweight, mobile construction
  • Durable design
  • Good value for the price

On the other hand, there are several customers who were more disgruntled in their Tac Light reviews. The most common pain points that these people feel could be improved about the Bell and Howell flashlight are:

  • The number of modes makes the light complicated to use
  • It requires you to toggle through all the settings to change modes
  • The batteries drain quickly with frequent usage

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Conclusion: Is the Bell & Howell Tac Light Worth Purchasing?

The general opinion gathered from researching customer reviews of the Bell and Howell Tac Light is that the product is in fact a worthy purchase. Many consumers recommend the Tac Light based on its performance.

However, there are many other options on the market when it comes to high-powered flashlights. Is the Tac Light truly the brightest LED flashlight out there? The sheer volume of competitors out there makes it difficult to definitively say which is the most powerful flashlight. But from our Tac Light research, it is clear that the illuminating capabilities of Bell and Howell’s product make it at least one of the best on the market.

In terms of value for the money, of course, there are cheaper options than the Bell and Howell flashlight available. But the long history and positive reputation of the Bell and Howell flashlight’s manufacturer provides some verification of its quality.

Based on the customer Tac Light reviews, if you require a simplistic flashlight with straightforward and limited functions, this product may not be for you. However, the Bell and Howell Tac Light is clearly advertised as having multiple functions, so this is no fault of the manufacturer.

It’s fair to say that the product’s capabilities may have been slightly inflated by its advertisers, but as far as high-powered flashlights go, the Bell and Howell Tac Light is certainly one of the leading options on the market.

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